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Greetings again, nostalgic blog!

I just stumbled upon this site again, buried way back in my concious mind the last couple of years. What a journey since then! This is my first blog post in a long long time and while finding my profile here, and reading my previous posts and messages in my inbox and discussions, I couldn't help but to feel nostalgic.

I do miss connecting with so many beautiful and kind souls here, but I also remember why I had to take a long break. Let's not delve into explanations why, for now.

Who knows if I might check in here more often, because I truly feel I need a spiritual outlet for my thoughts and feelings and definitely needs more spiritual input in my current life if I compare it to 4-5 years back.

If anyone remembers or recognizes me, feel free to send me a hello :) it would be fun to see who's still around. Or anyone new for that matter as well, of course!


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Needing alot of sleep because of exhaustion.

This has starting to be a real problem of mine because it only seems to be getting worse. I read the description of Lethargy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lethargy   and it seems to be fitting in very well with what I'm feeling.


Ever since this autumn when it starts to be getting very dark here in Sweden (sun is only up for 6 hours) I've been feeling very drained. I know that it has to do with the lack of recieving light, but there has been this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion to the point where I've lost all creativity and energy to manage all the things I want. It's been like no other year before and I want to know if it has something to do with what's happening in the world.

The days I go to work I usually struggle to fall asleep and will only get 6-7 hours sleep, and I feel all week that I would need alot more than that to feel full of energy. On my days off I go to sleep roughly the same time, but I end up sleeping easily for 10-12 hours, and when I wake up I don't feel energized at all. I feel groggy and numb like I could lay in my bed even more.

What has struck me is that when I was younger I had no trouble falling asleep because I got tired in the late hours, and after about 8 hours sleep I would wake up full of energy and it was hard to stay in bed.

What I experience now is that I rarely feel very tired in late evenings but I often go to bed before this and try to force myself to sleep. I am usually laying 1-2 hours before falling asleep and I have tried everything including meditation, going up early at the same time, not drinking anything with caffeine, putting lavender oil on my pillow. But nothing of this have helped me falling asleep easier.

Then during my sleep time, I usually have very intense dreams from the moment I dose off until the moment that I need to wake up. On my working days I have an alarm that wakes me up and I have never one day felt full of energy when I have woken up. Not even those days where I can sleep how much I want, the result is still the same. Feeling normal or even full of energy before going to bed, and feeling dead tired when waking up.

This have recently had a serious impact on my life because as I stated earlier I have not been able to find the energy and creativity during the days because of this feeling of being exhausted all the time. And I also lose very much of the day when during my days off work like today I slept to 12:30 p.m and it takes more than an hour fully feel awake.

I just know some of my friends and family are stating they have been feeling very tired lately as well. I cannot outrule if it only has to do with the darkness, if it has to do with some kind of disease that is causing this for me, if it's something I am missing in my diet or missing a kind of exercise that is making me feel this way or if it has anything to do with the changes that are supposed to be always taking place on our Earth plane. I've read about upgrades being done to the body can cause alot of tiredness and cause you to sleep alot, and it does not sound that far off that the body would need much time resting to adapt to changes being made. Since the sleep time is like maintenance for the body, it cannot really adjust much if you're constantly up and about and using alot of energy.

Any thoughts on this?

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My first astral projection experience

Tonight I finally had the privilege to experience first hand what it's like to separate from my body when it falls asleep and my mind is awake. I think due to the unusual circumstances this night and the information I have gathered (and failed tries) I finally was able to recognize what was happening and successfully step out of my body :).

I had been drinking alcohol and went to bed feeling very tired. And some hours in to my sleep I somehow regained a waking conciousness while my body was sleeping. I always sleep on my side, and I have always tried to force astral projections on the back, wich never functioned for me. So I found it strange unusual that I got into the strong vibrational stage while laying on my side.

However the times before I have had the vibrations they have always come to me in the mornings when my body is not so tired and they have usually lasted for 2-3 seconds before disappearing again. This time it was constant and I recall being awake in my mind during this stage of vibrations. So I thought to myself I would try to imagine that I was controlling my astral body and tried lifting my right arm. And the sensation was that I had an arm that was rising out of my body on command, because I had my eyes closed, I could not tell if this was my real arm or my astral arm. So my next step was to rise up to stand in my bed, which was feeling unusually easy. The thought process was the same, but I didn't feel the strain of using any muscles and I felt light as a feather.

As I stood up in my bed I opened my eyes (I didn't know before that you could close your eyes in your astral body).

Immediately I began to glide through my room and for some reason I didn't even bother to look back at my sleeping body, nor was I too exctied or worried, it just felt.. natural.

I flew around and experimented in some areas which had houses. It was quite hard to get a hang of learning to fly fluently. The thing I found the hardest was once I found balance it was hard to fly really fast.

I then had thoughts that I wanted to go to space and see the sun and the Earth, but because this felt so very very real I actually was a bit scared. I still had the worries that I would get hurt if something would go wrong.

Another thing was, that I can now confirm that this feels exactly as the times I have had lucid dreams. You have to be careful to not let your mind wander and be sucked into what feels like mind autopilot. The lucid states loses it's grip if you don't constantly state that you want clarity and sharpness to the experience. 

It's really strange because I can't really feel time in this state. I could have been in my dream for hours but only mintues may have passed in reality.

I have a body which I can alter but not see from a third perspective. Things I alter always return to it's normal state automatically. I can "turn on" all of my senses only that they are more enhanced and intertwined in an unexplanable way.

The things I currently know in my waking conciousness, all of it I take with me. But when I'm trying to reach higher dimensions I am lost and don't know how to do. So I haven't been recalling any experiences with ET's or light beings during this time.

However, I can confirm that this is very very real when it's happening. What makes it feel unreal is the memory of it in the physical body which you bring back. You look back at it as "just a dream". It feels exactly like a dream does, only that you for a brief moment have had control of it.

I am now curious to find out, is all dreams happening in the astral world? Do you have like a personal Astral World which is like a playground for you to go to when you dream? Because alot of the things when we dream are of things we have experienced.

If it's the astral plane, then how come that entities aren't showing up in my world? Is it like a veil I must penetrate myself willfully? I have heard many stories of people who have had Astral Projections are being scared and bothered by lower vibrational beings, or even visited by light beings. This has never happened to me.

I also want to know if those of you who have had an Astral Projection finds my experience to be of similarity to yours. What I can think of this is that it's pretty much of how I imagined it to be from all the reports I have read. All the stages happened to me as they were described and it was so much easier than I had thought. I realize that the overexcitement is ruining the attempts, and I didn't have that this time. 

Please share everything you know about this :) I want to have more experiences and I want more knowledge on this subject. I want to know how I can make this happen without just finding myself in this situation randomly. I feel I was very lucky though to catch myself and recognize what was happening and use this to my advance to leave the body.

Some may argue that this was just a dream. I want to know what then a "real" astral projection is like.

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Synchronisities with four digits "6666" the meaning?

Yesterday I had the most powerful synchronisity when it comes to numbers, and in everyday life I think everyone knows how rare it can be to see the four digit number if you're not actively looking for it, even if you were it can be tricky to come by! 

I work daily with numbers as a technician in datacommunication so I know what I'm talking about here. I am always on the lookout for nice synchronistic numbers and it's actually very rare for me to see three digit numbers on a daily basis.

So yesterday I felt that there really was something special and that deserved special attention. From what I've gathered, synchronisities with these numbers may hold only a personal significance, but the number presented can also hold a special significance, and I'm not sure what this meant for me so now I'm hoping to get some help!

The first synchronisity appeared on a sheat of paper where I have my coordinates for the broadband position and the numbers lined up as 6.6.66. Also as if this weren't enough just some few lines there was also written 66 on a completely different coordinate.

The next and separate synchronisity happened just some hour later after I first discovered this, I was allready quite fascinated because it was my first time working in this job I had got the four digit number after like two years. I never thought another one of these was possible so I stopped looking and went on working as usual. This time I began to do a measurement of a cables total length in meters. Before it was faulty the total length was measured to 7250 meters roughly. When my result popped up of what the current measurement showed I became really startled, guess what? The measurement said "6666 Meters". Why not "6667" or even "6659" or something like that, because this measurement never show the same result after you do it a couple of times. It just happened that the first result gave me the "6666" digit number.

I really wish I had taken pictures of these two, but before I thought about the picture I had allready closed the page. However I do have the paper of the first coincidence but it could easily be printed in word for that matter. Anyway I don't have a reason to lie about this so you just have to take my word for it, it's really hard to prove to someone you've had a synchronisity unless you can't photograph it.

I just know that some really powerful synchronisity had hit me in the way digits appear, and as I said, I don't know exactly what I can make of it other than it's extremely rare. Probably so rare I will never in this lifetime come by it one more time again.

Oh and not so long ago, my car had it's totall running of 111111km, that is also ONE powerful synchronisity that won't ever happen again on that car, and I managed to look down at the instrument board at the exact kilometer it showed 111111, not 111113 ;). and I like to feel good when I catch the 11:11 glimpse at the clock lol.

If you don't know, still please share your stories as well because I'm curious to know! :)

All the best to you, in peace.

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Sharing of two dreams I just had.

I don't feel very often that I want to share my dreams with anyone because they have a rather personal content that's only meant for me and quite often I can decode what the meaning of them are.

Sometimes I do set the intention to specifically remember my dreams and are often more successful that night. But this night I had no such intention and just fell asleep. I could tell I've had many dreams of different character this night, and as usual I can only remember small segments of them. But two small "clips" of them I remember and I want to share them with you because I think they held some significance.

The first dream I remember I was viewing as in a disembodied state, sometimes though I could view it from ground level.

The surroundings looked like a harbour and there were lots of people gathered there. There was some kind of worry in the air and there were what looked like politicians or military personell of high ranking standing on a kind of scene and giving speeches to the masses. Judging from the looks of it all this could've been the 40's to the 60's, because the people wore those brown trenchcoats, either in leather or some kind of cloth material.

The next thing I know is that there is going to be a nuclear launch from this very place. It appears that the harbour has a nuclear silo. The targeted country is unkown to me, because right now I float high above the masses and view the scene from this perspective. The launch is taking place and the warhead is transported to what looks like a large typical rocket in a silvery colour and has several fuel propulsion engines attached to the side. I remember thinking thoughts to myself as in awe and not very concerned "Wow that is a very primitive system the humans have developed" "How can they be sure the missile will hit the destined location?" And just as I have these thoughts one of the engines begin to fail and detaches itself which causes the whole rocket to roll sideways several times due to the unbalance this creates. And it remembered me of that failed Apollo launch scene a bit where it changed destination mid air instead of going right up.

Now I can see there is panic down in the harbour. The warhead is being released from the rocket and has some kind of parachute attached to it. It is the tip of the rocket and it's not very big, white in colour and looks like a snubby cone.

I now become curious and is taken down to ground level and the people that were given speeches to the people have allready understood what has happened and want to adress the situation. They manage to get silence for a couple of minutes and say something like "We are very sorry this didn't happen the way it was intented to. We all have approximately ten minutes before the warhead will reach the ground and on impact it will explode. Those of you that want to flee do it now but the chances of survival are near zero percent. The despair and panic of the people is tangible, and for some moments I feel like I'm one of the persons going to witness being erased. Though I am not scared, I'm just kind of curious, but I can feel all the others emotions.

The leaders have kind of accepted their faith and obviously knows what's coming. They don't move from their positions and want to give the image that in the end they stood tall and strong which kind of impresses me a bit. The thoughts of instant karma run through my mind but then I find this to be faulty. The warhead hits the ground and there is some seconds delay before the first wave hits us all. There is a bright light before there is any sound and I'm in another place now.

What runs through my mind is this "No matter where this nuclear had hit, no one deserved to die. Detached from the human conflicts you understand that no human are worthy of this scenario. Where some might think that karma happened instantly, there were still lots of innocent people that didn't have a say in their fates. Nevertheless on some level this was planned and prepared for by the souls inhabiting the human bodies at this time. Hopefully many lessons have been learned, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane"

This is where my dream came to end, and for the first time I felt like I was observing something significant and more of a spirits perspective. I felt this had a deeper than a personal meaning and this is why I wanted to share it with you.

I also had lots of other strange dreams and one small dream I can remember is the following.

I remember feeling very lost and alone in some place dark. I was being chased by what appeared to me being fiercly looking entities that wanted to harm me. I don't remember the exact scenario but they were now many swarming around me and I remember that the only thing I could do was to believe in myself. That I had tremendous power inside me that I needed to put to use. I remember thinking that there is light within me, and everything that is in creation no matter how bad it looks like, we are still spun with the same fabric to the very core. I also asked myself this question "Are there entitites or biological bodies that is not inhabited by souls?"

The next thing I know is that I see myself from a third person view and a golden light starts to burst out in a conelike fashion through where my heart chakra is located. The light is reaching out into eternity and I aim for all these fierce dark entitites and what I see is all the negativity and darkness they carry is being seared away. This is where I'm thinking "If there's just a tiny little light in them, I will forgive them and nurture this light. I do not have the right to destroy everything they are." And what I see is when everything has been peeled away through my shower of light there are tiny tiny balls of white/reddish light floating in the air. And I'm thinking that this is the core of the entities they had hidden from everyone else and themselves by putting on large walls of intimidation on the outside. I felt a strong love and connection to them and I understood that my fear I first had before I found the courage to believe in myself was unecessary. I didn't feel as if I had harmed anyone in any way, just that I had shown some of them a better way.

I don't remember more details from before, when it happened or after, but I recalled everything as detailed as I could the information and pictures that still was in my mind :)

I really feel that I had significant dreams and that these could very well be something outside of my subconcious.

I hope you find my sharings interesting and feel free to speculate on the meaning of it.

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One picture describing the "Dark Cabal"

How cute :') this is how I view these so called mighty dark forces. I believe humour is a really wonderful expression, so let's stop being so darn serious on "planet soap opera" and have some laughs together while we are here ;).


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Me playing a bit of a song on keyboard

Hello :) I have just found a new source of creativity and doing something I love. I have played guitar for quite a long time, but I've always felt so drawn to piano. I could sit and watch people play and be very fascinated by the powerful and harmonious sound you can create with your two hands hitting different keys together. And just two months ago I asked myself "What is keeping me from learning myself?" so I just decided then and there that I would be getting a keyboard.

In the early November I purchased my keyboard second hand and just dived straight into learning one of the songs that I loved listening to. At first it seemed like an impossible task considering I had almost never touched a piano my entire life learning an advanced song, but as I started experimenting and watching an instructional video it just flowed on.

This is the song I've been working on since then and this is what I've learned so far and I thought it would be fun to show you here and I hope you like it and that I can inspire someone! :)

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Amazing day outside!

Hi everyone :). In just over the course of one day we went from zero snow and damp weather to 50cm snow in some places here in Sweden where I live. Today the sun was shining and I put on all the winters clothing I could find and went out into the forest hoping to capture some amazing pictures, and I did!

There's one in particular that I'm very proud of that I got to capture. As I approached the lake I saw a lone swahn floating around in the not yet frozen water. As I got closer he detected me and started to fly away to a place that probably felt more safe for him. I managed to pull my camera out and poisition myself in the correct angle.


I hope everyone else have had a good day :)

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The bowl and the two apples. A metaphor by me :)

Yesterday this whole metaphor started to build up and connect in my conciousness. Before sleeping I thought that I'd write it down as best as I could today and this is the result. Let me know if you like it and if it resonates with you.

Namste :)

The bowl and the two apples

In front of me there is a bowl, and in that bowl lies two apples.
One of the apples is ripe, fresh and juicy. Wile the other apple is rotten and moldy.
I have tasted both so I know from now on which one is my concious pick; the fresh one.
However I don't approach the rotten one with a bad attitude and imagining it's not present.
Instead I acknowlege it's existence and know that it too used to be a ripe and fresh apple,
just like the one next to it.
It has just been somewhat distorted and clouded from it's natural state of being,
and if apples could return from decomposing to being rejuvenated to the state of ripeness,
this is what I would pray for to happen.

But not everyone knows how both of the apples taste.

Many have grown up having only ever known the taste of the rotten apple
and being convinced it's the only thing the bowl have to offer,
not even seemingly glancing at the fresh one when it's been there all time.

Many have been told lies about the fresh apple in favor of the rotten one,
so their natural pick is to continue to stick to the rotten one
while being held back from exploring the fresh one due to ones comfort zone by doing so.

Many have tasted both and still prefer the rotten one over the fresh.
Maybe because it's sometimes easier trying to fit in among the rest

while trading away your own  willpower, when it's all just a choice away.

So what does the bowl and the two apples symbolize for me?
The bowl being life, and the two apples being the choice between Love and Fear.
A paralell road where one promotes expansion and unity,
while the other promotes stagnation and separation.

What apple do you prefer?


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So I was out today in the nice weather and took my bike out on small roads on the countryside here in Sweden. About halfway through the trip my eyes caught something white sitting at the side of the small road and looking my way, as if it was waiting for me. I got eye contact with this white-squirrel and it took me some really good time to figure out what creature it was because until now I had never ever seen or heard of white squirrels in Sweden.

As I got close like 1-2 meters of it the squirrel got scared and scurried off into the bush. Still not knowing what creature it was (at first I thought it was a baby ferret or something because I think it's more usual that they are white) I tried to follow it with my eyes in the long grass until it finally popped up. I was frozen by this event so I didn't even think about taking my phone up and try to take a picture of it (and without a good zoom it wouldn't have been a good picture at all) and now I could watch it for a few good seconds when it stopped and looked back at me again before continuing until it disappeared from eye-sight. 

I could see the typical tufts on it's ears and characteristic face of a squirrel, the way it sat and the tail made me 100% sure it was a squirrel too :)

The chance of seeing this is very very rare, and I haven't heard of anyone here in Sweden I know that have seen one, so I feel really lucky :) and the event of encountering it made me literally frozen and startled, because my brain could not find a fast way to identify what creature it was.

Now I know this might sound a bit absurd, but reflecting over it on my way home I was thinking that maybe it was a sign of some kind? It COULD be just a random coincidence that I was at the right place at the right time. But could it also have been the other?

I've heard of guides or angels that can disguise themselves as animals, but I don't know much on the subject. The fact that it was white is what really matters here. Would it have been a brown squirrel I would have just enjoyed it as the other animals I see. But this was such a strong impact on me, seeing something I did not know even existed.

And I say, even if it was not a sign or anything, it was a really awesome experience to have, so I'm grateful either way :) I love squirrels by the way, really cute animals!

Here is a picture of how it looked, almost identical!


What do you think? :D


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My drawing of an angel.

Hello :) The creativity in me just wanted to explode so I took the opportunity to attempt to draw one of the hardest drawings I have done. I started earlier this year to rediscover how fun it is to draw and how meditative it actually is, and that you know you have created something with your own hands :)

And one more thing I wonder; I upload photos on my profile in albums, but they keep disappearing? You can also only upload 1 photo per day. I have lots I want to show people, but I just can't upload them, it doesn't help creating new albums either. So anyone else has this problem?

This picture took me 3 hours to draw using a normal pencil. Hope you like it <3


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People are awesome!

Here is a clip of all our lovely brothers and sisters doing what they have a passion for. Really uplifting to watch, hope you all enjoy it as much as I do :)<3

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All my life I have loved animals. They don't judge and they are always there as your friend. They can be really helpful to us humans, sadly for me I have only been allowed two guine-pigs as my own pets in my life (but they gave me so much memories and are really funny animals to be with). I want to come closer to animals but my lifesituation does not allow that very much, so I enjoy watching others animals and watching videos of them and that is not bad either :)


Anyway I have wondered lately since I discovered spirituality some questions about animals. Before I saw them as unintelligent creatures because that's what we were told. But when you understand they also got a soul that can't be the case right? Their soul is no different from our own humans souls? Like they must have their own higher self and so on, and let's say a cat can incarnate as a human in the next life? 

Or are there different soul-groups that are divided just by animals and humanoids? That you are bound to experience physicality as a human or an animal, not the both?

I also understand that you can channel animals as you can channel a human with telepathy, this means they must be very intelligent because now we don't have any use for verbal communication even though body-language works very well for a bond between a human and a animal to communicate. Take for example the dolphins - amazing creatures. I have even read some channelings from them and their wisdom is no different than let's say ascended masters, right? :)


So what can you tell me about animals connected to spirituality? What role will they play in our ascension, will they be with us in higher dimensions too? Will they be more tame to us when we finally get's evolved beyound duality?

Do you have any experiences you want to tell about animals? It can be anything! Everything about animals :)


I'm ending with this lovely picture (feline animals are my favourite, especially tigers and lions ;) )




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Some problem at home..


It's often that my parents shout at eachother or at my elder brother. It involves stuff that I would normally not start a fight about. I have learned from experience how to handle a situation that I know could lead up to a quarrel. It is simply to just respect the other part and if needed just agree with the other person without expressing your opinion or to prove you are right. This is the solution to neutralize a bubbling to a quarrel for me at home.

Though the other three, my two parents and my brother, are always getting themselves involved. It can be a small thing that just escalates and sometimes even a fight can break loose. When this happened I feel torn apart because no matter how many times I explain to them that what they do won't solve anything they just don't freaking listen..

So lately I've just been trying to watch the drama from a neutral point and ONLY step in when I see things go physical. But I feel so sad that I can't make them understand.. It just feels like I don't want to be a part of their constant drama, but how to not get involved if I am to explain to them?

Just now I got myself involved this night, I felt I had to step in and share my opinion from a neutral point. Directly it felt like I was being accused of taking a side when I explained the root of the problem. You see, the two parts in this family always want to prove their rights and want to blame EVERYTHING on the other person. Then it's hard to just sit idle and do nothing.

What should I do? Let them solve everything by themselves? Or shall I step in and try to solve THEIR problem? They are my family yes, but I don't feel a very strong connection to any of them. It might sound a little harsh but that's the way I feel for them. After years and years of constant fightning and no real family-bond it feels hard to keep them close to me. I would never try to change them in any way, I have just been explaining things for them and sown seeds, but they never seem to get it.

Was it meant to be this way? Constant fightning, even pure hatred  towards eachother sometimes.. You'd thouht they had learned after all those years, but there is not a single week without a fightning. Thats some slow learning process... I'm thinking this may be a lesson for them, therefor I don't know what part I should take. But it's very draining living like this and don't know what to do about it.

I don't have a great understanding about past lives, karma, life contracts but I've got a small understanding what they might mean and wonder if they could have something to do with this issue?

Luckily I'm tall and strong for being only 20 years of age, so if it becomes any physical violence I am always prepared to neutralize the situation (happened two or three times, would've gone bad if I was smaller or if I was not present I can assure) so that part is basicly solved and nothing I dread for. It's just being around this constant fighting that is really draining. I am not a person that want any drama and I want a peaceful and harmonious life.. and they just can't understand it all..

So what are your thoughts on this? I got a lot of thoughts spinning in my head after these events and I find it hard to relax, any time they can be at it again and I feel uneasy to just relax in times like these.

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Hello :)

I have wondered about this thing all my life and I have some questions regarding relationships.

Is there possible to have in your life-contract to not engage in a relationship with another soul?

About me, I have never been close to have a relationship with the opposite sex. Even though I'm a nice guy it just seems as if I was not meant to have a relationship this life-time if you know what I mean. Sometimes it can really get boring to be all alone when you see so many others sharing love with eachother. But on the other hand sometimes it feels good to just be for myself too. So I wonder, is it just mere coincidences that I've not been able to go into a relationship with a girl or can it be orchestrated in my contract? I'm really curious about this.

I've also read somewhere I think that twin-flames are going to re-unite this year and therefor you are not to have an existing relationship when this happen. Can this also be the case? I don't know if I am a starseed or anything about having a twin-soul yet. Though I am really curious about this :).

Just want to say that I feel no pain for being lonely, just that I miss sometimes someone I could share my love with in a relationship-way.

Thanks and blessings to you!

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Strange weather-phenomena in the sky this evening.

Hello :).

This evening I was going out for a walk when I noticed a strange phenomena in the sky which I never have seen before. I have asked on a swedish forum and the only answer I could get was that it is rainclouds that is lit up by sunlight.

But after reading so much about energies in our skies lately I could not help to think about it. Could it be this? I got some good photos of it with my iPhone. Not as clear as with your own eyes, but so clear that you can see the beatiful colour and the sweeping-down look of it.

What do you think? I let the pictures speak for themselves.




Sorry if the pictures is too big, I've tried to adjust them to a good size so that you still can see the light.

Even if this is proven to be natural I'm still happy, because it was BEATIFUL to watch ! 

Love you all :)

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Beatiful day!

Hello members of Ashtar command crew :). Today I decided I wanted to post my first blog here by telling about my amazing day out in the nature!

I live in the highland part of Sweden in a small village which lies right next to the nature. For the most part we have long winters, a lot of rain, a lot of wind and a pretty chilly climate except for some months during summertime.

Today was a beatiful sunny day of this early spring, though a little windy. But I decided to go out in the nature and just be one with it, without any music in my ears which I'm used to when I go out. And what an amazing feeling it was! Just to breathe the fresh air, to hear the sound of the wind, to see the sun shine and to hear the birds. That's what I call healing for my soul :).

I sat by the lake and meditated for about fifteen minutes and then decided to carry on into the woods. I took in the fresh smell of the trees and heard the song of the birds. I even 

stumbled on some moose and deer poop heh :D.

But I just realized walking out there in the nature and to clear all thougts of the daily life, how free I was. I felt one with mother nature and for that I expressed my love and gratitude for her. And all this I am able to do just by walking 5 minutes from my house.. Amazing!

Still I am urging to see the rest of the world, I have seen

pictures of beatiful places and I just want to go there as well.

I'm going to upload some photos I took so you can see how it's like to live here in Sweden, But I could just upload one photo today, so that's all I have for now.


Lots of love to you all! It's nice to be here.

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