Sharing of two dreams I just had.

I don't feel very often that I want to share my dreams with anyone because they have a rather personal content that's only meant for me and quite often I can decode what the meaning of them are.

Sometimes I do set the intention to specifically remember my dreams and are often more successful that night. But this night I had no such intention and just fell asleep. I could tell I've had many dreams of different character this night, and as usual I can only remember small segments of them. But two small "clips" of them I remember and I want to share them with you because I think they held some significance.

The first dream I remember I was viewing as in a disembodied state, sometimes though I could view it from ground level.

The surroundings looked like a harbour and there were lots of people gathered there. There was some kind of worry in the air and there were what looked like politicians or military personell of high ranking standing on a kind of scene and giving speeches to the masses. Judging from the looks of it all this could've been the 40's to the 60's, because the people wore those brown trenchcoats, either in leather or some kind of cloth material.

The next thing I know is that there is going to be a nuclear launch from this very place. It appears that the harbour has a nuclear silo. The targeted country is unkown to me, because right now I float high above the masses and view the scene from this perspective. The launch is taking place and the warhead is transported to what looks like a large typical rocket in a silvery colour and has several fuel propulsion engines attached to the side. I remember thinking thoughts to myself as in awe and not very concerned "Wow that is a very primitive system the humans have developed" "How can they be sure the missile will hit the destined location?" And just as I have these thoughts one of the engines begin to fail and detaches itself which causes the whole rocket to roll sideways several times due to the unbalance this creates. And it remembered me of that failed Apollo launch scene a bit where it changed destination mid air instead of going right up.

Now I can see there is panic down in the harbour. The warhead is being released from the rocket and has some kind of parachute attached to it. It is the tip of the rocket and it's not very big, white in colour and looks like a snubby cone.

I now become curious and is taken down to ground level and the people that were given speeches to the people have allready understood what has happened and want to adress the situation. They manage to get silence for a couple of minutes and say something like "We are very sorry this didn't happen the way it was intented to. We all have approximately ten minutes before the warhead will reach the ground and on impact it will explode. Those of you that want to flee do it now but the chances of survival are near zero percent. The despair and panic of the people is tangible, and for some moments I feel like I'm one of the persons going to witness being erased. Though I am not scared, I'm just kind of curious, but I can feel all the others emotions.

The leaders have kind of accepted their faith and obviously knows what's coming. They don't move from their positions and want to give the image that in the end they stood tall and strong which kind of impresses me a bit. The thoughts of instant karma run through my mind but then I find this to be faulty. The warhead hits the ground and there is some seconds delay before the first wave hits us all. There is a bright light before there is any sound and I'm in another place now.

What runs through my mind is this "No matter where this nuclear had hit, no one deserved to die. Detached from the human conflicts you understand that no human are worthy of this scenario. Where some might think that karma happened instantly, there were still lots of innocent people that didn't have a say in their fates. Nevertheless on some level this was planned and prepared for by the souls inhabiting the human bodies at this time. Hopefully many lessons have been learned, both on the human plane and the spiritual plane"

This is where my dream came to end, and for the first time I felt like I was observing something significant and more of a spirits perspective. I felt this had a deeper than a personal meaning and this is why I wanted to share it with you.

I also had lots of other strange dreams and one small dream I can remember is the following.

I remember feeling very lost and alone in some place dark. I was being chased by what appeared to me being fiercly looking entities that wanted to harm me. I don't remember the exact scenario but they were now many swarming around me and I remember that the only thing I could do was to believe in myself. That I had tremendous power inside me that I needed to put to use. I remember thinking that there is light within me, and everything that is in creation no matter how bad it looks like, we are still spun with the same fabric to the very core. I also asked myself this question "Are there entitites or biological bodies that is not inhabited by souls?"

The next thing I know is that I see myself from a third person view and a golden light starts to burst out in a conelike fashion through where my heart chakra is located. The light is reaching out into eternity and I aim for all these fierce dark entitites and what I see is all the negativity and darkness they carry is being seared away. This is where I'm thinking "If there's just a tiny little light in them, I will forgive them and nurture this light. I do not have the right to destroy everything they are." And what I see is when everything has been peeled away through my shower of light there are tiny tiny balls of white/reddish light floating in the air. And I'm thinking that this is the core of the entities they had hidden from everyone else and themselves by putting on large walls of intimidation on the outside. I felt a strong love and connection to them and I understood that my fear I first had before I found the courage to believe in myself was unecessary. I didn't feel as if I had harmed anyone in any way, just that I had shown some of them a better way.

I don't remember more details from before, when it happened or after, but I recalled everything as detailed as I could the information and pictures that still was in my mind :)

I really feel that I had significant dreams and that these could very well be something outside of my subconcious.

I hope you find my sharings interesting and feel free to speculate on the meaning of it.

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