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Needing alot of sleep because of exhaustion.

This has starting to be a real problem of mine because it only seems to be getting worse. I read the description of Lethargy:   and it seems to be fitting in very well with what I'm feeling.

Ever since this autumn when it starts to be getting very dark here in Sweden (sun is only up for 6 hours) I've been feeling very drained. I know that it has to do with the lack of recieving light, but there has been this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion to the point where I've lost all creativity and energy to manage all the things I want. It's been like no other year before and I want to know if it has something to do with what's happening in the world.

The days I go to work I usually struggle to fall asleep and will only get 6-7 hours sleep, and I feel all week that I would need alot more than that to feel full of energy. On my days off I go to sleep roughly the same time, but I end up sleeping easily for 10-12 hours, and when I wake up I don't feel energized at all. I feel groggy and numb like I could lay in my bed even more.

What has struck me is that when I was younger I had no trouble falling asleep because I got tired in the late hours, and after about 8 hours sleep I would wake up full of energy and it was hard to stay in bed.

What I experience now is that I rarely feel very tired in late evenings but I often go to bed before this and try to force myself to sleep. I am usually laying 1-2 hours before falling asleep and I have tried everything including meditation, going up early at the same time, not drinking anything with caffeine, putting lavender oil on my pillow. But nothing of this have helped me falling asleep easier.

Then during my sleep time, I usually have very intense dreams from the moment I dose off until the moment that I need to wake up. On my working days I have an alarm that wakes me up and I have never one day felt full of energy when I have woken up. Not even those days where I can sleep how much I want, the result is still the same. Feeling normal or even full of energy before going to bed, and feeling dead tired when waking up.

This have recently had a serious impact on my life because as I stated earlier I have not been able to find the energy and creativity during the days because of this feeling of being exhausted all the time. And I also lose very much of the day when during my days off work like today I slept to 12:30 p.m and it takes more than an hour fully feel awake.

I just know some of my friends and family are stating they have been feeling very tired lately as well. I cannot outrule if it only has to do with the darkness, if it has to do with some kind of disease that is causing this for me, if it's something I am missing in my diet or missing a kind of exercise that is making me feel this way or if it has anything to do with the changes that are supposed to be always taking place on our Earth plane. I've read about upgrades being done to the body can cause alot of tiredness and cause you to sleep alot, and it does not sound that far off that the body would need much time resting to adapt to changes being made. Since the sleep time is like maintenance for the body, it cannot really adjust much if you're constantly up and about and using alot of energy.

Any thoughts on this?

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Comment by UniverseMother3 on January 7, 2015 at 6:48pm

Lol , i am not even Vegetarian. I am meat eater and I always eat meat with vegy.  But i know chicken and white meat help you sleep. You can't get the portion eating nothing but vegy. Our body is made to digest meat, we need the protein you get from meat to keep our energy stabilize. Sometime vegy don't give us the energy we need. It ok to eat meat every once awhile. No ET Beings say we had to be Vegetarian. We can eat whatever make us happy. Never stop me from my psychic ability.  

You welcome, thanks for your nice kind feed aback. I hope you get your sleep pattern back, it will come back. 

Comment by Ogdoo on January 7, 2015 at 6:39pm

Thank you Charlotte for your advices :)

It's funny that you say that about diet. Because today I made me some rice and chicken. I don't usually like to eat meat, but I have it once in a while and I will see what kind of effect it has on my body compared to only eating vegetarian.

I do exercise alot. I'm going to the gym mostly 3-4 days a week and try to take walks around my neighbourhood daily for at least 30 minutes a day, in the weekends I take long forest walks that usually last 1-1½hours. And I can tell this makes a huge difference compared to the days you don't move a muscle..

Love your encouraging words :) I will definitely think of this, thank you friend.

Comment by Ogdoo on January 7, 2015 at 6:36pm


Thanks for pointing that out. When I tried to sleep yesterday I went to bed early, earlier than I'm used to but I went on a powerwalk an hour before bedtime and drank hot chocolate. I felt kind of tired but I just couldn't fall asleep. This is when my thoughts start to spin like crazy and before I know it an hour has passed. You are right I need to become better at shutting my chatter off, and I catch myself often thinking this, and before I know it I'm engulfed in engaging with thoughts again. I've noticed that quite often it's about things I haven't had time to focus on in my waking hours and are matters that need to be brought up. Therefore I think the only solution to this is to meditate more often before going to bed to make more peace in my thoughts.

Often there's anxiety about work and my life in general. Then there's another thing when you are sort of annoyed that you can't fall asleep and you know every minute is needed when your alarm starts to go off early in the morning. So I struggle with having trouble falling asleep, and also having trouble to go up in the mornings, I would have it the other way around: Tired when going to bed and energetic when rising out of bed :)

Do you suggest to stop using my iPhone as my alarm device? Because I always have it close to me while sleeping. However I only have a computer in my room that is switched off always when I'm sleeping. I'm wondering if my iPhone can have any effect on me. Maybe I should switch to a regular clock, but then I can't have a sweet melody of waking up to ^^

Thanks Drekx for your input, I really value it :)

Have a wonderful day

Comment by Ogdoo on January 7, 2015 at 6:29pm

Acute, no unfortunately that is a completely uncharted territory for my part :) I can only imagine it. But I do appreciate your genorosity of sharing energy :), isn't it possible to throw some at me by force? ;)

Comment by UniverseMother3 on January 6, 2015 at 10:54pm

Change your diet, by eating more protein such white meat, or rice, something balance your energy health. Exercise, walk once a day, around the block. meditate and relax. You are going thru is awaking symptoms. common energies.

There is once time in my life time, I did not sleep for 1 week when i was 21 years old. Now i am 32 , i remember not sleeping for week. My dad watch me try to sleep on couch during the week i could not sleep, i went to doctor , nothing wrong with me. Completely healthy. Some days i don't sleep for 24 hour, i start speaking cosmo language non stop.  All i can say to sleep peaceful, have positive energy habit. Remove the negative.

Try drinking warm milk or tea at night, relax your self. When you lay on bed and sleep. Think of subject important to you, tell a story in your sleep. help you dream and connective to higher spiritual beings. Get well, your sleeping habit will come back! touch time. bless you!! :)

Comment by Drekx Omega on January 6, 2015 at 10:24pm

There are many people undergoing changes to their chakras and re-allignments, which periodically cause mild fatigue....

However, the fact that you suggest a correlation between the winter season and fatigue, is another factor, more common....and sleepnessness causes fatigue, rather than other factors...

So why the sleepnessness...?? There are several reasons for it and one of the primory ones relates to not disciplining the mind to switch off thought processes, when you go to bed...Mulling over repeated worries, or simply being unnecessarily anxious about a concern, is sufficient to cause sleepness nights...

So learn to switch off the mind, would be my advice....Now, if it were some other factor, then keep a note of alcohol and caffeine consumption....Make sure you don't drink tea or coffee, several hours before bedtime...

For myself I enjoy a very good de-caff tea....As for coffee I prefer the real thing, so will only drink it in the morning....

Also, as Ara suggests, get plenty of exercise in the day....Walking, jogging, etc, all help the body and if the body is fit, the mind can follow suit....providing there are no underlying psychological issues causing anxieties and niggles, causing an over activity of the thoughts....You have tried meditation, but maybe not the right one...You must learn to command the mind chatter....

Sleep is important to everyone, but especially chelas, who receive teaching upon the astral, at night...If you cannot sleep, the teaching cannot be given....So sleep is needed....Ask your own guides for assistance in gleaning a good night's sleep and certainly, banish all electrical apparatus from your bedroom, including cellphones and TVs...


Well, hope this helps, friend Ogdoo....


For myself I enjoy an abundance of energy, as the harder we work and serve, the more spirit affords us avenues to recharge, so we may serve ever more powerfully....It's a cycle that can be establshed for each...You get back what you give out...


Comment by Acute Observer on January 6, 2015 at 9:39pm

I couldn't manage myself to read all of your post, but if it's energy you need, you can have some of mine. I have so much nowadays that if I don't give at least 50% of it away to all who need it, I'll end up wasting it on nonsense. :)

Have you learned how to recieve and utilize energy from others yet?

If yes, then there's a "channel" open for you right now, to draw whatever the ammount you need.

Comment by Ogdoo on January 6, 2015 at 7:56pm

That's so true Ara :)

I have once been in a position where I tried to force everything happening to me spiritually, and I realized that I cannot hurry this process by force. So I slowed down and focused on doing things that I actually love. Such as playing music, photographing nature and animals, riding a motorbike, cooking/baking, exercising through weight lifting, learning new language, painting. I realized that there are so many things I can enjoy here that will fulfill me, but I have this strange feeling that I aspire too many things at once and need to be more direct and focused, and while using my free time to the fullest and not wasting it away doing pretty much nothing.

It's kind of a paradox, when I work I often think of all the things I could have been doing instead that I like so much more, but when I get this time at my hands, it's like I don't know where to start, there are so many things I want to do and most of the times I'm doing a bit of this and a bit of that. On top of it all it's this exhaustion I've been talking about that is causing me to feel sometimes depressed and unmotivated to do anything at all.

But I know everything is cyclical, right now it might be a hard and confusing time in my life, but I am confident that in time it will solve by itself. I just need to have this faith and actively try every day to do the best I can to reach my goals.

I think it's a great life lesson I'm struggling with at this very moment. Through the hardship I feel, that I need to be able to still achieve my goals without letting myself to be dragged down. This can only come from sheer dicipline to spring to action no matter what, like you said Ara, just don't stop ;) I liked that.


Comment by Ara on January 6, 2015 at 7:47pm

i know the feeling, but there is a danger to put things off (especially if it's essential for your well being),  and too many excuses not to do can make you 'lazy' ... i have been there, terrible experience, it would take 'more energy' to start all over again ... and loosing the momentum of 'harvesting your hard work' ...

for me after 27 years of routine it's hard to find motivation, the trick is 'not to expect anything', it's similar to eat, drink and etc (even if you don't want to, you need to - right?) ... But for you ... you still young Ogdoo ... maybe you are moving too fast, can you imagine if you feel this way now, what would happen to you in 20 years? .... spiritual awakening and awareness suppose to bring you self realization, and some form of satisfaction - not burden, that's why it has to be gradual, slow with some brakes in between ... what's the point of any aspiration if you stop LIVING ... ;))

Comment by Crystal Heart on January 6, 2015 at 7:31pm

I do like what you wrote Ara, that is really good advice. My friend who has a very busy mind most of the time drinks hot chocolate before bed many times and it really seems to help her. Personally, I like the candle or soft music or a walk to see the stars on a clear night. 

Ogdoo, you seem to be doing so many good things... I do hope you share the good disciplines that you have already with all you know ; )

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