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It's often that my parents shout at eachother or at my elder brother. It involves stuff that I would normally not start a fight about. I have learned from experience how to handle a situation that I know could lead up to a quarrel. It is simply to just respect the other part and if needed just agree with the other person without expressing your opinion or to prove you are right. This is the solution to neutralize a bubbling to a quarrel for me at home.

Though the other three, my two parents and my brother, are always getting themselves involved. It can be a small thing that just escalates and sometimes even a fight can break loose. When this happened I feel torn apart because no matter how many times I explain to them that what they do won't solve anything they just don't freaking listen..

So lately I've just been trying to watch the drama from a neutral point and ONLY step in when I see things go physical. But I feel so sad that I can't make them understand.. It just feels like I don't want to be a part of their constant drama, but how to not get involved if I am to explain to them?

Just now I got myself involved this night, I felt I had to step in and share my opinion from a neutral point. Directly it felt like I was being accused of taking a side when I explained the root of the problem. You see, the two parts in this family always want to prove their rights and want to blame EVERYTHING on the other person. Then it's hard to just sit idle and do nothing.

What should I do? Let them solve everything by themselves? Or shall I step in and try to solve THEIR problem? They are my family yes, but I don't feel a very strong connection to any of them. It might sound a little harsh but that's the way I feel for them. After years and years of constant fightning and no real family-bond it feels hard to keep them close to me. I would never try to change them in any way, I have just been explaining things for them and sown seeds, but they never seem to get it.

Was it meant to be this way? Constant fightning, even pure hatred  towards eachother sometimes.. You'd thouht they had learned after all those years, but there is not a single week without a fightning. Thats some slow learning process... I'm thinking this may be a lesson for them, therefor I don't know what part I should take. But it's very draining living like this and don't know what to do about it.

I don't have a great understanding about past lives, karma, life contracts but I've got a small understanding what they might mean and wonder if they could have something to do with this issue?

Luckily I'm tall and strong for being only 20 years of age, so if it becomes any physical violence I am always prepared to neutralize the situation (happened two or three times, would've gone bad if I was smaller or if I was not present I can assure) so that part is basicly solved and nothing I dread for. It's just being around this constant fighting that is really draining. I am not a person that want any drama and I want a peaceful and harmonious life.. and they just can't understand it all..

So what are your thoughts on this? I got a lot of thoughts spinning in my head after these events and I find it hard to relax, any time they can be at it again and I feel uneasy to just relax in times like these.

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  • Thank you hunter :) Yeah it may be so, I will just follow my intuition. Today I have no need for just leaving my family behind, I feel I might be a very good pillar for them if they just some day start to grasp what I'm trying to show them.

  • i honour you

    so smart and well hearted!!

    perhaps youre there to learn to lead by walking forth until they follow

    please protect yourself from lower vibes and challenge yourself to remain high in the midst of the chaos

     i think you know the power of your vision

    and perhaps you find that nature rechrges you. enjoy enjoy enjoy




  • Thanks! Well it would be nice to distance myself from everything to explore my inner wisdom indeed but that's a personal problem I have to deal with.. I would want to live a life in the woods if I had the knowledge how to manage well hehe :). Right now I find myself forgetting what is important in life and tend to get "sucked" into the illusion. You know, working, talking with friends about what they percieve as "normal", partying sometimes.. All these stuffs are not important and I know it deep inside, yet it can be so hard to take an hour or two to just let everything go and just be quiet and alone, maybe out in nature. Why? I don't know honestly, but maybe that's why they say this is a hard place to evolve spiritually with all the surroundings outside of ourselves we have to deal with.. ;P

    But right now I don't feel like leaving my home behind, guess I am too scared of knowing what to do else, like where to go, and I feel comfortable with being here.

    It's not like this arguing and fighting occurs everyday so it's not a huge problem for me, it's just when it starts and I'm surrounded by this drama I can feel so drained being near and I wonder what I should/can do about it. Nor do I feel for just going away when I know I can be needed to prevent things and it's like a responsibility I feel. I would not feel very good if I just escaped, even if it would be healthier for myself you know? But It's nothing like I cannot manage, far from it. :) I have made it this far and nothing can stop me now so don't get me wrong about this. I'm not in a bad situation, just had some thoughts and questions =)

  • Thanks :) That sounded like a nice way to solve a problem !  I just can't understand that it takes such a long time for people to come to terms with what really matters in life and how to respect eachother for who they are. I think you need the insight that we are all one, only that we are a part of that oneness experiencing a unique point of view of "reality". If you have this knowledge you would find out it's pointless to argue :)

    In the future this will be common knowledge, sometime it will be there. It's just for the moment, it's kind of hard sometimes to know what you are "supposed" to do about things. I feel kind of lost and confused sometimes and I would like to have more inner guidance to strengthen myself more. Guess I have to "go inside" for that one ;).. Anyway thanks for your concern it's nice to talk with someone about this <3

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