The bowl and the two apples. A metaphor by me :)

Yesterday this whole metaphor started to build up and connect in my conciousness. Before sleeping I thought that I'd write it down as best as I could today and this is the result. Let me know if you like it and if it resonates with you.

Namste :)

The bowl and the two apples

In front of me there is a bowl, and in that bowl lies two apples.
One of the apples is ripe, fresh and juicy. Wile the other apple is rotten and moldy.
I have tasted both so I know from now on which one is my concious pick; the fresh one.
However I don't approach the rotten one with a bad attitude and imagining it's not present.
Instead I acknowlege it's existence and know that it too used to be a ripe and fresh apple,
just like the one next to it.
It has just been somewhat distorted and clouded from it's natural state of being,
and if apples could return from decomposing to being rejuvenated to the state of ripeness,
this is what I would pray for to happen.

But not everyone knows how both of the apples taste.

Many have grown up having only ever known the taste of the rotten apple
and being convinced it's the only thing the bowl have to offer,
not even seemingly glancing at the fresh one when it's been there all time.

Many have been told lies about the fresh apple in favor of the rotten one,
so their natural pick is to continue to stick to the rotten one
while being held back from exploring the fresh one due to ones comfort zone by doing so.

Many have tasted both and still prefer the rotten one over the fresh.
Maybe because it's sometimes easier trying to fit in among the rest

while trading away your own  willpower, when it's all just a choice away.

So what does the bowl and the two apples symbolize for me?
The bowl being life, and the two apples being the choice between Love and Fear.
A paralell road where one promotes expansion and unity,
while the other promotes stagnation and separation.

What apple do you prefer?


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  • Hehe, yes. My intent here wasn't to focus too much on the real apple ;). But it comes to the part to analyze that there is no good/bad. There is just experiences.

    But my emphasis here is on that you have a choice, and you must ask yourself why you make that choice. I don't know if it's hard to get this metaphor when talking about apples as fear/ love, but it just sprung to my mind :).

    Luke the art is stunning!. But an apple in itself is like looking at art for me :) I love the variety of how fruits/vegetables and all nature takes shape, true unique beauty.

    I wonder, if someone got the task to "invent" a new fruit, how would it look like, what colour would it have, and the hardest part, how would it taste like? The only rule is to not copy something that is allready existant, would it be possible? ;).

  • Great post. Thanks!
  • ... Luke ... lol ... ;) good one

  • Ara .. now I have the song .. "you are the apple of my eye" .. going on in my head .. hehe ..


  • some times the sweetest jam is made from some rotten apples ;)), also rotten apples are remedy for an eye sore ... go figure ... lol ...

  • .. now you got me searching for apple art .. here is a few I found ..



  • Nice one Ogdoo ..

    I have to say, I would rather have a fresh apple .. but worms can often be found inside mouldy apples .. they like it in there.. so there is good in them after all .. Lol .

    Bad apples are like politicians .. rotten to the core.


  • No need to fear the rotten apple. Remember, no matter if you were called a "bad apple", there is always the outcome :)  Perfect example right here of what rotten can apples do :) ...



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