Amazing day outside!

Hi everyone :). In just over the course of one day we went from zero snow and damp weather to 50cm snow in some places here in Sweden where I live. Today the sun was shining and I put on all the winters clothing I could find and went out into the forest hoping to capture some amazing pictures, and I did!

There's one in particular that I'm very proud of that I got to capture. As I approached the lake I saw a lone swahn floating around in the not yet frozen water. As I got closer he detected me and started to fly away to a place that probably felt more safe for him. I managed to pull my camera out and poisition myself in the correct angle.


I hope everyone else have had a good day :)

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  • Awesomely beautiful and serene. Thank you so much for sharing, Ogdoo.

  • However long I would spend time in nature, I just can never get enough of it... It is truly a blessing to live close to nature! <3

  • Yeah Michael :) Like I said I appreciate every season, the cycles which never fails to hold immense beauty. I feel more home outside in nature, and I do not live very far away from it which is a blessing.

    Yes it will get warm soon :) We all manage every year, but we might get a little grumpy lol.. I try to see the positive with the winter :D

  • Yeah it truly is =) I appreciate all of the seasons. But a winter here can span from November-April when we are quite deprived on sunlight. The darkest point is sunrise 8 a.m and sunset 3.30 p.m ;) so therefore it can be quite draining but it's beatiful most of the time nevertheless :)<3

  • Thank you, Ogdoo, nature is amazingly beautiful in any weather and any season <3

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