Me playing a bit of a song on keyboard

Hello :) I have just found a new source of creativity and doing something I love. I have played guitar for quite a long time, but I've always felt so drawn to piano. I could sit and watch people play and be very fascinated by the powerful and harmonious sound you can create with your two hands hitting different keys together. And just two months ago I asked myself "What is keeping me from learning myself?" so I just decided then and there that I would be getting a keyboard.

In the early November I purchased my keyboard second hand and just dived straight into learning one of the songs that I loved listening to. At first it seemed like an impossible task considering I had almost never touched a piano my entire life learning an advanced song, but as I started experimenting and watching an instructional video it just flowed on.

This is the song I've been working on since then and this is what I've learned so far and I thought it would be fun to show you here and I hope you like it and that I can inspire someone! :)

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  • Wow wayyy cool!  Keep up the good work.  Excellent. It'll start flowing more and more as time progresses.  

  • Keep up the Good Works Brother... Music is Life!!!

  • Beauitiful Ogdoo!

    Thank's for sharing


  • Thank you all for your heartwarming comments :) and it's so great to be able to inspire someone, to be that little spark and bring in something new to your lives. That is all I care about, not striving to become one of the best or fastest players, but simply loving every second of the music I play and knowing I might inspire someone, that is priceless! <3. I'm looking forward to learning the whole song which is a masterpiece and that I can show you all, my hope is that I will learn it fluently within a year :)

    And wish you all a merry christmas filled with Love, joy, creativity, happiness, relaxation and peacefulness. The energies feel very intense now so let's all ride the wave my friends, brothers and sisters of light and love.


  • Nice.

  • Very inspiring to those of us who are musicians and haven't done enough with it.  I must get busy and dust off my drums and noise makers and learn all about Skype interactions.  Thank you for the wake up call, and a nice piece of music!

  • You're very good. :)

  • You are VERY talanted Ogdoo, such an inspiration  ..

    .. a true Artist you are my brother .. thank you for sharing .. you are indeed a great creative force ..

    .. may the force continue to be with you ..


  • We'll have to jam some time, Ogdoo! Maybe over Skype.

    Pursue your passion, brother!

  • Thank you very much :) it is really fun and indeed brings so much colour into life. Playing music is for me becoming the music, a great way of meditation as well because "time" swaps for the now moment.

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