Synchronisities with four digits "6666" the meaning?

Yesterday I had the most powerful synchronisity when it comes to numbers, and in everyday life I think everyone knows how rare it can be to see the four digit number if you're not actively looking for it, even if you were it can be tricky to come by! 

I work daily with numbers as a technician in datacommunication so I know what I'm talking about here. I am always on the lookout for nice synchronistic numbers and it's actually very rare for me to see three digit numbers on a daily basis.

So yesterday I felt that there really was something special and that deserved special attention. From what I've gathered, synchronisities with these numbers may hold only a personal significance, but the number presented can also hold a special significance, and I'm not sure what this meant for me so now I'm hoping to get some help!

The first synchronisity appeared on a sheat of paper where I have my coordinates for the broadband position and the numbers lined up as 6.6.66. Also as if this weren't enough just some few lines there was also written 66 on a completely different coordinate.

The next and separate synchronisity happened just some hour later after I first discovered this, I was allready quite fascinated because it was my first time working in this job I had got the four digit number after like two years. I never thought another one of these was possible so I stopped looking and went on working as usual. This time I began to do a measurement of a cables total length in meters. Before it was faulty the total length was measured to 7250 meters roughly. When my result popped up of what the current measurement showed I became really startled, guess what? The measurement said "6666 Meters". Why not "6667" or even "6659" or something like that, because this measurement never show the same result after you do it a couple of times. It just happened that the first result gave me the "6666" digit number.

I really wish I had taken pictures of these two, but before I thought about the picture I had allready closed the page. However I do have the paper of the first coincidence but it could easily be printed in word for that matter. Anyway I don't have a reason to lie about this so you just have to take my word for it, it's really hard to prove to someone you've had a synchronisity unless you can't photograph it.

I just know that some really powerful synchronisity had hit me in the way digits appear, and as I said, I don't know exactly what I can make of it other than it's extremely rare. Probably so rare I will never in this lifetime come by it one more time again.

Oh and not so long ago, my car had it's totall running of 111111km, that is also ONE powerful synchronisity that won't ever happen again on that car, and I managed to look down at the instrument board at the exact kilometer it showed 111111, not 111113 ;). and I like to feel good when I catch the 11:11 glimpse at the clock lol.

If you don't know, still please share your stories as well because I'm curious to know! :)

All the best to you, in peace.

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  • Thanks Ara! It's a good start indeed!

    I found "When the 6666 number sequence appears to you, it is an indication that your thoughts are out of balance, and you are focused too much on the material aspects of your life.  The energies of abundance and prosperity are being deflected and resisted as worry and anxiety cause a barrier to balance, spirit, harmony and receptivity on your behalf. Angel Number 6666 asks you to balance your thoughts between the spiritual and the material aspects and to maintain faith and trust that your needs will always be met. The angels are asking you to focus on spirit and service, and to know that your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result."

    It really makes sense.. I've been really materialistic focused lately and haven't felt good about it, without knowing this I intuitively made a change yesterday by spending more time into spiritual matters.

  • i don't know how much it would help, but it could be a good start ... ;))

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