All my life I have loved animals. They don't judge and they are always there as your friend. They can be really helpful to us humans, sadly for me I have only been allowed two guine-pigs as my own pets in my life (but they gave me so much memories and are really funny animals to be with). I want to come closer to animals but my lifesituation does not allow that very much, so I enjoy watching others animals and watching videos of them and that is not bad either :)


Anyway I have wondered lately since I discovered spirituality some questions about animals. Before I saw them as unintelligent creatures because that's what we were told. But when you understand they also got a soul that can't be the case right? Their soul is no different from our own humans souls? Like they must have their own higher self and so on, and let's say a cat can incarnate as a human in the next life? 

Or are there different soul-groups that are divided just by animals and humanoids? That you are bound to experience physicality as a human or an animal, not the both?

I also understand that you can channel animals as you can channel a human with telepathy, this means they must be very intelligent because now we don't have any use for verbal communication even though body-language works very well for a bond between a human and a animal to communicate. Take for example the dolphins - amazing creatures. I have even read some channelings from them and their wisdom is no different than let's say ascended masters, right? :)


So what can you tell me about animals connected to spirituality? What role will they play in our ascension, will they be with us in higher dimensions too? Will they be more tame to us when we finally get's evolved beyound duality?

Do you have any experiences you want to tell about animals? It can be anything! Everything about animals :)


I'm ending with this lovely picture (feline animals are my favourite, especially tigers and lions ;) )




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  • Yeah I believe that animals are here to help us humans, they seem to be really evolved and yet they can remain in that state without being distracted by the illusion as we humans tend to be. They often have nothing to worry about and I think they honour their life being here, animals don't become suicidal lol ;). Therefor it's so easy for them to show unconditional love, espeically to persons they are energetically connected to. But lately just this year as I've said I have noticed many animals feel as if they are drawn to me. Especially all horses, when they see me they just start to nod their heads or walk towards me as if they greet me and want to connect with me :) it's amazing! So beatiful every animal is on this planet, let's all honour them.

  • Indeed :) a reminder to anyone that feels drained or down is to just look on animals, they are always happy and playful, as we should be :) Feel free to post any funny/cute//uplifting videos in this blog ;)

  • This video is just lovely, a cat playing with dolphins xD!

  • Hehe I love cats :D They are adorable!

  • Hi Ogdoo.

    Animals, all spieces are more intelligent than 3-D people believe, lol.

    They practising telepathy.Sending pictures, words and feelings.

    I believe Animal and Human can have the same Higher self, bcs the Self

    wish to experience everything, inkluding to be Animal.

    I believe dogs can incarnate as a Human.Dogs behaviour indicates that

    they are here to learn how it is to be a Human being.

    8114084892?profile=original hehe

  • Ah I see, but yet they are experiencing physicality as an individual? Or are they non-capable of own thoughts? It makes sense all living things must have a soul :) I love trees and plants, they are so beatiful. I'm guessing crystals also have souls? ;). To me my crystals feels like my friends on an energetic level, almost the same as having pets lol xD.

  • Hehe goodnight :)

  • Thanks feather :D now I learnt something new and useful!

  • How to make your videos show here in the thread instead of just the link?:)

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