My drawing of an angel.

Hello :) The creativity in me just wanted to explode so I took the opportunity to attempt to draw one of the hardest drawings I have done. I started earlier this year to rediscover how fun it is to draw and how meditative it actually is, and that you know you have created something with your own hands :)

And one more thing I wonder; I upload photos on my profile in albums, but they keep disappearing? You can also only upload 1 photo per day. I have lots I want to show people, but I just can't upload them, it doesn't help creating new albums either. So anyone else has this problem?

This picture took me 3 hours to draw using a normal pencil. Hope you like it <3


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  • Thank you very much :)!

  • Thank you so much for your wisdom Robert! It brings me so much joy understanding and exploring this :) I really have discovered something I LOVE doing and something that is stimulating creativity and rightbrain thinking :)

    Also beatiful sculptures! I really like the jewelry too :)


  • Dear sweet Ogdoo,

    I am an artist and have live my entire life making my living doing art, doing what I love to do. And what I love to do always puts me into a meditative state. I primarily make jewelry, (google Robert Lee Morris) but I also do alot of drawing and sculpture to reach the effects I want to be made in my name. Art is a self portrait and the drawings you have done of the angel is a portrait of Ogdoo. Your thumbnail photo of yourself looks like a cartoon character in itself, like an anime figure, you are creating your dream, and reaching your full potential, expressing who you really are when you do these drawing of yourself. You are an angel. 

    Making things with one's hands is also a direct line to original source, to ORIGINAL INSTRUCTION, and your gut feelings to draw must be followed through with a manic and pure frenzy-like action.

    You are in a state of love when you make art, and it is your way to bring the ineffable to humanity who is ignorant of the realms of spirit.

    bravo for sharing, and please let me know if I can help you in any way to further your dreams.

    Here is a photo which shows how I incorporated my jewelry into a dream like vision of an alternate reality where humanity no longer needs eyes, and communicate entirely through telepathy.

    Robert Lee8114520483?profile=original

  • Thank you all again for your nice comments :) didn't expect so many to like it, I will definitely continue to draw, and maybe this time put a bit more effort in it since I kind of rushed this one ^_^. 

    Thanks John for the invite, much appreciated :) I will take a look at the group!

  • Nicely done dude :)

  • Awesome job.  I love angels (who doesn't right?!?!)    I feel the energy's craaaaaaaaazzzyy...everyday I wake up thinking...gee, what am I gonna make up today? lol

    Much love Ogdoo

  • Ogdoo  I would very much like to see more of your drawing.   and would like to invite you to join the cyber art museum here at ACC  -   John xoxo

  • Thanks for your nice comments :) Yeah Beato human faces are really hard :) I prefer tp do anime faces for now, looking good and not hard to get right ;). Today I tried drawing free hands a male angel from the front, only taking inspiration for the first wing. I'm getting there, but I have a long way to go ;). But it's so fun to be creative, even if you are not a proffesional, just sitting down and drawing is enough for me, the result is just a bonus ^_^.

  • Thanks :D I have just started drawing, my vision is to become so creative I can draw free hand drawings without a reference picture like I did here! Little cheating ;). I agree, the wing took me really much concentration to do, and I still feel I could have done a better job, but I was kind of in a hurry to want it to be done ^^, wings maybe took 20 minutes ^^

  • Wow very nice music :) really creative!

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