So I was out today in the nice weather and took my bike out on small roads on the countryside here in Sweden. About halfway through the trip my eyes caught something white sitting at the side of the small road and looking my way, as if it was waiting for me. I got eye contact with this white-squirrel and it took me some really good time to figure out what creature it was because until now I had never ever seen or heard of white squirrels in Sweden.

As I got close like 1-2 meters of it the squirrel got scared and scurried off into the bush. Still not knowing what creature it was (at first I thought it was a baby ferret or something because I think it's more usual that they are white) I tried to follow it with my eyes in the long grass until it finally popped up. I was frozen by this event so I didn't even think about taking my phone up and try to take a picture of it (and without a good zoom it wouldn't have been a good picture at all) and now I could watch it for a few good seconds when it stopped and looked back at me again before continuing until it disappeared from eye-sight. 

I could see the typical tufts on it's ears and characteristic face of a squirrel, the way it sat and the tail made me 100% sure it was a squirrel too :)

The chance of seeing this is very very rare, and I haven't heard of anyone here in Sweden I know that have seen one, so I feel really lucky :) and the event of encountering it made me literally frozen and startled, because my brain could not find a fast way to identify what creature it was.

Now I know this might sound a bit absurd, but reflecting over it on my way home I was thinking that maybe it was a sign of some kind? It COULD be just a random coincidence that I was at the right place at the right time. But could it also have been the other?

I've heard of guides or angels that can disguise themselves as animals, but I don't know much on the subject. The fact that it was white is what really matters here. Would it have been a brown squirrel I would have just enjoyed it as the other animals I see. But this was such a strong impact on me, seeing something I did not know even existed.

And I say, even if it was not a sign or anything, it was a really awesome experience to have, so I'm grateful either way :) I love squirrels by the way, really cute animals!

Here is a picture of how it looked, almost identical!


What do you think? :D


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  • White animals are are always a good sign - I beleive it is a reflection of the pureness or divinity within yourself. Your encounter was no co-incidence!

  • <3 oh my ^_^ eye candy!

  • Adorable Hellen <3 :)

  • The way it works is, if you decide that whatever puts a smile on your face is a sign, you start looking for signs that put a smile on your face.

  • Hey mate,

    A rule of thumb that I use.

    Anything that puts a smile on your face is a sign that you're exactly where you are meant to be


  • Heya Peter :) That's a really good advice :D

  • Ahh that's such a wonderful cute little creature :D I'm smelting ^_^

  • Ogdoo.....Baby K, that what we call her, because the little sound she made sounded like the letter K






  • Hi Light Being, and thanks for sharing :D at first when I read "After the decline of the greys" I thought about the Zeta's haha! Then quickly realized the grey coloured squirrel ^^. 

    Wow, you happen to have any picture of that squinchilla? :D would be awesome to see, and it's wonderful how those two different animals (though not too different looking) can cross-breed and have surviving offsprings. But the one who survived, did it get any complications like in organs? 

    Once again, lovely animals ^^ their cuteness is neverending. Just like mice, rats, guinea-pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, rabbits etc =)

  • Hi Ogdoo, my youngest calls them squiggles, she' finds the word difficult to pronounce. Seeing a pure white squirrel is indeed rare, Where I live....we had quite a good number of grey squirrels, until the 2years of very bad winters killed vast majority. Some of them were nearly white, light greyish with little other colouring, some were very nearly totally black as well.



    After the decline of the greys, the Red squirrel was able to make a come back in our area, being closer to Scotland and the Pennines where the breeding and reintroducing programme has been very successful over the years, it is nice to see the more native squirrel thrive. Now we have a healthy population of Reds, there are still a few greys about, mostly confined to outskirts and of the city parks.

    I reared a squirrel with one of my chinchilla's, until unfortunately I realised they had bred, only one young survived out of that litter, so I had squirrelchin for a while.  Looked odd, had chinchilla fur and ears and squirrel face.

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