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  • Wearing masks is not a solution. The government wants us to believe that everything is under control and that we are safe. That's what the government says only, so they vote. The obsession with power is a big problem on SHAN (Earth). That is why there is a lot of suffering. You are not alone in the dark of this darkest World Age, called:"Kali Youga". The Next World Age with more Love and Ligth will come. Hold on. Angels exist and they are evry were. Decide and ask them for help if youre need. Were in the Times of Awakening. Galactic Federation is still there. The Main Concil locade on Planet VEGA. The Regional Concil from Sirius, for our Star System Solar is locade in the Andromeda Galaxy, wich is close. Andromeda use to be Positive and on the Ligth Side. There Powerful Spirits from the Ligth. We are one, together we can. Don't give up, cause there People on this planet who love you. Ashtar Command come to love when it's time to leave the Planet for a Time. Don't be Afraid and let yourself be Protected. That's why you need a high Vibration frequencies in your Soul. Read the Book Tuella, i think on Ben-Arions Profil is a link for or defently something about the Evacuation. On my Profil i linked and translate what i find, too. We will be Evacuate if the Erth Core Fire (because of a nuclear power plant disasters worldwide).
  • How to raise your frequency and receive DNA upgrades to become who you were meant to be?

    1. No fear. Not a spec of fear.
    2. Authenticity. 100% truth. No little white lies.
    3. Service to others.
    4. Love yourself. Especially your faults.

    Do this and you will remember everything. You have to do the work.

    Once you do this, it will become instantly apparent why nobody can save you! However, you will see how easy it is to be yourself and you do not need to be saved. You just need to remember who you are and start removing the layers of subconscious programming that strap you to the matrix.
  • The external world is fake and illusory


    Nature is God. Nature is real. Feel joy with nature even when being attacked. This keeps you solidly connected to God
  • When you completely clear your mind and focus on nothing but the energy and intent of a person talking, you can see their aura and feel their intention with your intuition.

    All the politicians, and people supporting new world order, vaccines and mainstream narratives have either dark and dull auras (bad intent) or dull and intermittent auras (brainwashing and weakness)

    Patriots and positive people have various bright electric colors and the very sight of their aura gives you tingles and happiness.

    This is a truth that cannot be denied. This is as close to truth as exists.

    Once you learn how to do this, it becomes obvious the external world is an illusion. Everything is inside ourselves and the toroidal aura is the truth that can only be hidden by lowering the vibration of the observer!!
  • while you resist fear porn and wait for that big announcement, your higher self is trying to remind you that all you have to do is disconnect with intention. say no more. declare sovereignty. refuse to be governed anymore. once everyone decides to remove themselves from the farce, it is over.

    the rest is all a distraction.

    Galactic Federation does not matter
    Q does not matter
    trump does not matter
    the military does not matter

    once you say i know longer consent to this shit and i do not care what happens to me, you are out and the collective consciousness is one step closer to freeing the whole planet.


  • If they force masks and start up lockdowns again the people need to rise up and say no just like they are for everything else. The deep state would not be able to do a damn thing if we all said no.
  • 100%. It is for profit anti-health
  • Marker Dragon and Justin.....TOTALLY AGREE with you guys.....Yep, never wear their masks, nor take their vaccines....Covid19....It's all baloney....Control, not health....
  • 30 years ago, illness was 20% of today

    That is because PHARMA has turned the earth into a sick farm to make money on fake cures

    I have not been to a doctor since 1987. I am never sick. If a virus or flu enters my body, I feel my body fight it perfectly

    Medicine is poison. Vaccines are poisons. Doctors education is a Jesuit lie.

    Nobody wants to face the truth but it is obvious
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Roaring Lovely replied to amparo alvarez's discussion The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Rapidly Becoming the ‘Angry Majority’
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"Lets put together what these trumpeters have been telling us all this time, since 2015.

1.) They were agry majority and so they voted Trump in
3.) They were the loud and the cheerful majority during campaigns cause they knew Trump will win.
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"Put these two arguments together:

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