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  • The Sirians are of Lyran and Vegan descent. Most are from Sirius B, planets Artamunck and Samanet. All of the beings that inhabit these planets are humanoid, members of GFL and are a combination of white skinned and blue skinned humanoid beings. Sirius A is also inhabited by beings of the light.. The pschat’s also named ‘warriors of heaven’ who are intelligent lion-like beings (non-humanoid). There are no reptoids inhabiting Sirius. The reptoids of the dark (black lodge) can interfere and try to control us on from the astral plane through black magic and psychic manipulation but are not here on the Earthly physical plane with us...These dark beings are made up of non-humanoids on other planets who are members of the black lodge, but of course there are humans in the 3D who also choose the dark. However, I’m pleased to confirm that these beings do NOT inhabit Sirius. Many zetas and reptoids choose to remain neutral, neither choosing light or dark. Some have evolved to join the light and many will continue to choose the light moving forward which the GFL are helping to assist.
    Netherlands Refuses to Mandate Face Masks & Sweden Says They Are ‘Pointless’
  • Hej Hellen, do you know anything about Zetra Retucil? In the Past i have read something about this in the Internet. It was on a Webpage with so called U. F. O. Contact Reports. I read Contact reports. I read what Space Brothers did say about the Zetra Retucil project. It serves to breed clones that should unite all star races. The project had reportedly failed because the cloned creatures could not leave the island where this project had taken place. It was a Japanese island. Weird that in the Jurassic Park movies are always somehow cloned dinos to be seen. In these films the dinos have always been bred on an island. The dinos should not leave the island, because they are then too dangerous for civilization on the mainland. They would be killed rather than left on the mainland. I assume that the dark side of their own plans for this actually decommissioned project. They may also have bred mixed clones that contain both the DNA of the reptiles, humans and the Grays. As far as I know, there are also those among the Gray races that can move between two dimensions. This would explain some supposed spirits or demons. Especially when objects or people might be moved, because Grays as much as I know the ability of telekinesis, but also the thought manipulation, right? One could very well think of such a mixture as a demon. Grays, Reptilien and Human.
  • One of the hardest part to understand in revelation is chapter 12. It describes 'satan' not as a single person but as an empire, that closely resembles the mounster described in chapter 13. Then at first glance, it seems to describe the events around the birth of Jesus. But the details doesn't make sense. For instance what is this woman clothed with the sun? What event in history corresponds to the dragon chasing the woman to the desert?

    My best guess is that it describes the 70th ad destruction of Jerusalem. So the woman aludes to Jerusalem. But there are still many questions I can't even find a clue on how to answer!

    Some say the woman aludes to the church. But this doesn't make sense as 'mother of Jesus' cannot allude to anything. Jesus is 'the mother of the church', not the vice-versa. Furthermore, the church is clearly 'the offspring of the woman', as described in the chapter, so that Jesus is more like the first born.
  • The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches and the other five. - Carl Sagan..
  • From 1983 to the present day, the Draco - Zeta Resistance resumed their hybridization program through abducting humans creating several strains of hybrids and human clones. They also created infiltrates via genetic engineering through which they could interface with Earth's cultures under the guise of human form. Infiltrates are children conceived of natural human conception, which mothers were abducted during pregnancy so Zeta - Dracos genetic material could be infused into the fetus. These children are born usually within the seventh month of gestation and raised by their human parents and appeared to be fully human. When Guardians group located such infiltrate individuals, they orchestrate abduction and dismantle the Zeta - Dracos genetic codes.
  • Betelgeuse, Bellatrix , Procyon, Sirius, Orion, Saip, Regel and Canis Minor are home to some of the Zeta Greys.
  • Here another bible verse about this these creatures: And he exercised all power of the first beast before him and caused the earth and them which dewell there in to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed. In Revelations 13 - 6 - 7 : Verse 6 : And he opened his mouth in bleasphemy as God to bleasphemy his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dewellth in heaven. Again this verse mentions the dragon the devil ( Reptilian beings ) God and his angels have many conflicts with these beings a war in heaven. I often wondered why God threw the Reptilian race disguised as human form down to earth. I have seen Archangel Micheal defeat these evil beings ( creatures ) everywhere beyond earth.
  • Revelations 13:12 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name blasphemy. I often wondered what this verse really means I always thought some kind of beast that lived under the sea probably it could be a race of reptilians living under the sea and changed itself into a human form after the bible does mention these creatures disguised a humans on earth and they've always ruled as kings, queens, lords, dukes, and many organizations actually they always been on earth before humanity existed. Now they are just ordinary people disguised who are these creatures I know I have seen them but now they're not often seen on earth. Here is another verse from the bible : Revelations 13 - 11 - 12 : Here what verse 11 says : And I behold another beast coming out of the earth : And he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. This verse says something about the Reptilians on earth .
  • ''In the post - cold war world, the most important distinction among peoples are not ideological, political, or economic, they are cultural.''
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