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My first astral projection experience

Tonight I finally had the privilege to experience first hand what it's like to separate from my body when it falls asleep and my mind is awake. I think due to the unusual circumstances this night and the information I have gathered (and failed tries) I finally was able to recognize what was happening and successfully step out of my body :).

I had been drinking alcohol and went to bed feeling very tired. And some hours in to my sleep I somehow regained a waking conciousness while my body was sleeping. I always sleep on my side, and I have always tried to force astral projections on the back, wich never functioned for me. So I found it strange unusual that I got into the strong vibrational stage while laying on my side.

However the times before I have had the vibrations they have always come to me in the mornings when my body is not so tired and they have usually lasted for 2-3 seconds before disappearing again. This time it was constant and I recall being awake in my mind during this stage of vibrations. So I thought to myself I would try to imagine that I was controlling my astral body and tried lifting my right arm. And the sensation was that I had an arm that was rising out of my body on command, because I had my eyes closed, I could not tell if this was my real arm or my astral arm. So my next step was to rise up to stand in my bed, which was feeling unusually easy. The thought process was the same, but I didn't feel the strain of using any muscles and I felt light as a feather.

As I stood up in my bed I opened my eyes (I didn't know before that you could close your eyes in your astral body).

Immediately I began to glide through my room and for some reason I didn't even bother to look back at my sleeping body, nor was I too exctied or worried, it just felt.. natural.

I flew around and experimented in some areas which had houses. It was quite hard to get a hang of learning to fly fluently. The thing I found the hardest was once I found balance it was hard to fly really fast.

I then had thoughts that I wanted to go to space and see the sun and the Earth, but because this felt so very very real I actually was a bit scared. I still had the worries that I would get hurt if something would go wrong.

Another thing was, that I can now confirm that this feels exactly as the times I have had lucid dreams. You have to be careful to not let your mind wander and be sucked into what feels like mind autopilot. The lucid states loses it's grip if you don't constantly state that you want clarity and sharpness to the experience. 

It's really strange because I can't really feel time in this state. I could have been in my dream for hours but only mintues may have passed in reality.

I have a body which I can alter but not see from a third perspective. Things I alter always return to it's normal state automatically. I can "turn on" all of my senses only that they are more enhanced and intertwined in an unexplanable way.

The things I currently know in my waking conciousness, all of it I take with me. But when I'm trying to reach higher dimensions I am lost and don't know how to do. So I haven't been recalling any experiences with ET's or light beings during this time.

However, I can confirm that this is very very real when it's happening. What makes it feel unreal is the memory of it in the physical body which you bring back. You look back at it as "just a dream". It feels exactly like a dream does, only that you for a brief moment have had control of it.

I am now curious to find out, is all dreams happening in the astral world? Do you have like a personal Astral World which is like a playground for you to go to when you dream? Because alot of the things when we dream are of things we have experienced.

If it's the astral plane, then how come that entities aren't showing up in my world? Is it like a veil I must penetrate myself willfully? I have heard many stories of people who have had Astral Projections are being scared and bothered by lower vibrational beings, or even visited by light beings. This has never happened to me.

I also want to know if those of you who have had an Astral Projection finds my experience to be of similarity to yours. What I can think of this is that it's pretty much of how I imagined it to be from all the reports I have read. All the stages happened to me as they were described and it was so much easier than I had thought. I realize that the overexcitement is ruining the attempts, and I didn't have that this time. 

Please share everything you know about this :) I want to have more experiences and I want more knowledge on this subject. I want to know how I can make this happen without just finding myself in this situation randomly. I feel I was very lucky though to catch myself and recognize what was happening and use this to my advance to leave the body.

Some may argue that this was just a dream. I want to know what then a "real" astral projection is like.

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