Is this real magic or just a good trick?

This clip made me really amazed :) later in the clip this guy seems to manifest a croissant and a baguette just from some dough.

Feel free to express your opinion! I honestly don't know how he did that xD.

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  • You are probably right :) But I guess it's just human nature to want this to be real instead of tricked ^_^.

  • Yeah, but you have to percieve the flaws...when he doing,nobody in that place is framed or you could hear some,exclamations,see so close something like that could make someone to faint or something,only when he finishes the entire croissaint and baguette is showed the others expressions,seems premeditated,is not hard to identify a 'scenario' in this video not a natural event.
    You may notice the CG in his shirt,some pixles are displaced and *'ghosts' of light when one lighter layer of image overlap another darker.  *Look about HDR images and video.

    So we must agree it could be real, theres one problem with it, the huge amount of energy that guy should to release,using his own body and soul to do it,this action could drain all his vital energy till death,I dunno about one 'regular' human which had survived...maybe even try to doing...

  • Very good editing if it's CG don't you agree? :)

  • I can see the CG working...haha is a trick

  • Hahah An ASIAN CHRIS ANGEL very cool Magician!  Just like Jesus some people are very good at entertaining us I love Magicians! Jesus and Chris Angel can walk on water wonder if he can do it too

  • I suppose you prove a good point there :) Maybe why I was unsure in the first place! Very well, it's still entertaining to watch :D

    What taste would you then prefer God to have in such a case in order for you to put your devotion into it? xD

  • Yeah you could imagine it would be that way :) but don't you think that IF it were to be reported all over the media in the world that they would just say that he was a good magician? I mean, the one who uses tricks? It's hardly like the controlled media would allow the subject of a human being able to replicate as Jesus did in the bible? That would be as if they chose to report openly about the Free Energy subject, and they never do that do they?

    Maybe he's just a VERY good trickster or it is edited, but if he actually IS manifesting things into existence he maybe knows that it is better to pretend it's just a good trick? I seriously don't know :) and I would love to know the truth. However do you think it is possible to actually manifest things like this if it where the case?

  • cool

  • Wow! He's very talented!
  • The power of the multi dimensional human.

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