Beatiful day!

Hello members of Ashtar command crew :). Today I decided I wanted to post my first blog here by telling about my amazing day out in the nature!

I live in the highland part of Sweden in a small village which lies right next to the nature. For the most part we have long winters, a lot of rain, a lot of wind and a pretty chilly climate except for some months during summertime.

Today was a beatiful sunny day of this early spring, though a little windy. But I decided to go out in the nature and just be one with it, without any music in my ears which I'm used to when I go out. And what an amazing feeling it was! Just to breathe the fresh air, to hear the sound of the wind, to see the sun shine and to hear the birds. That's what I call healing for my soul :).

I sat by the lake and meditated for about fifteen minutes and then decided to carry on into the woods. I took in the fresh smell of the trees and heard the song of the birds. I even 

stumbled on some moose and deer poop heh :D.

But I just realized walking out there in the nature and to clear all thougts of the daily life, how free I was. I felt one with mother nature and for that I expressed my love and gratitude for her. And all this I am able to do just by walking 5 minutes from my house.. Amazing!

Still I am urging to see the rest of the world, I have seen

pictures of beatiful places and I just want to go there as well.

I'm going to upload some photos I took so you can see how it's like to live here in Sweden, But I could just upload one photo today, so that's all I have for now.


Lots of love to you all! It's nice to be here.

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  • Gailene we could swap places for a day heh, that would be wonderful! :D. Only time I can get to sunbath here in sweden is from June-August, rest of the time its pretty chilly ^^. 

  • yer nature is so nice, the birds chirping etc, its wonderful x

  • You are beautiful Ogdoo ~ Keep the goood energy flowing always!!!!! :)

  • thank you so very much for sharing this - I could feel the pure joy of being in amongst such beautiful nature. Thank you also for reminding me to get out & simply BE there more often. 

    HUGE love & light to you _/|\_


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