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  • Very happy for you Ogdoo, hold on to it tight. Love gives wings to you and helps to forge your Soul to become unconquerable.

  • Hi Ogdoo,

    as promised, checking on you 5 years later ... lol ... terrible. Hope you are ok, alive, in good spirit.

  • Thank you for your friendship...I, like you, am European...I am from Spain...Somehow we Europeans are more open...I believe...It is good that you decided to be more active...This website needs people in that mind set...It is being way too quiet lately...I sent you the message very late last night...I am in the US, so I was very tired...I can see how many mistakes I wrote in my message to you... I am not sure where you are at in your spiritual evolution...When I said to you that things are changing for the better it means I know first hand about it...The time for many great things is very close...

    I send you Peace, Love and Light...


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  • I am not sure if I remember you...I have been here for many years almost from the beginning when ACC's members were numbered...I remember mine was 2211...Then the website went down...Someone hijacked...Anyway I welcome you back...Don't loose hope and be patient...Things are really changing for the better...The way we can chance things for the better is by visualizing them with an open mind and heart, intent, feel it then release it with trust that it be manifest...WE together are already doing it. Now more than ever we need to act as a collective consciousness...Blessings of Peace, Love and Light...


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  • Dear Ogdoo ... ;))


  • i know ... but don't go far ... life is like season ... it could be better then it was before ... stay in good spirit ... but i am going to check on you once in the while ... ;))

    i am ok ... Summer is here ... so is the 'fun' ... ;))

    much inner peace to you Ogdoo ... ;))

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  • that's good to hear Ogdoo ... ;)) iam getting better with pattern as well ... life is funny, when making decisions what we need, simple thing like sleeping can dictate our being, and who cares at that moment about 'rising frequency' ... ;)) - paradox ... anyway ... stay warm ... ;))

  • how's sleeping going? Did you try 'candle practice'? ...

  • for you Dinosaur

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November 8



About Yourself

I KNOW that the human experience is temporary and full of lessons. Taking time every day to see through the illusions and loving unconditional is a crucial practice that I always strive to perfect. Altough I accept that no one, especially myself included, is perfect and never going to be while in the human experience.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My heart. And other down to earth people and authors. My grandmother for instance.

Ogdoo replied to Agarther's discussion Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 07/10/2018
"I completely align with that view. Like I said, I do believe there are highly evolved spiritual beings in the background cheering us on and hoping we finally make our leap forward. But they would never be the ones on the frontline making decisions…"
Jul 12, 2018
Ogdoo replied to Agarther's discussion Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 07/10/2018
""Often it can seem as if your promised prosperity and world peace are never going to manifest."
Tell me who hasn't felt that hopelessness after reading those updates? I'm not saying it's true it will never manifest, but the way these messages are…"
Jul 10, 2018
Ogdoo posted a blog post
I just stumbled upon this site again, buried way back in my concious mind the last couple of years. What a journey since then! This is my first blog post in a long long time and while finding my profile here, and reading my previous posts and…
Jul 10, 2018
Ogdoo replied to happy person's discussion PROJECT CAMELOT : UPDATE WITH KESHE MARCH 25TH – FREE ENERGY
"My intention is not to spread lower vibrations or show disrespect my friend :) it's just that I'm not impressed at this interview, although I have not listened to ALL of it, a majority of it sounds like everything Keshe has said before but with a…"
Mar 28, 2015

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The living Essence of All God is the living essence of all that is created spiritual and material, and as this essence you simply feed off of it, you are suspended in this ocean of love, in this universe of love, you are similar to a beautiful…
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The Horse: How will we get to the farthest stars?The lion: We are already there!The concept 'presence' is generalized so that 'spatio-temporal presence' is but one of them, or even not the fundamental presence. You can be spatially present but…
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"let's vaccinate the collective consciousness! :)"
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"Even Dogons talked of visitors from Sirius, yet they never met the so called ACC. I think, yes, something fishy is comming from Sirius. Dogons even knew that sirius has a companion star, they knew that jupiter has more than four moons etc, several…"
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