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December 6

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Find something to be grateful for. Look at other's struggles for a new perspective. You can have nothing and be happy. You can have everything and be empty. Gratitude is the key to happiness.


Humility through suffering yields wisdom.


I just try my best to live in the Now, and to make cause/effect based decisions that resonate with the light inside of me, in order to accomplish everything I set for myself when this story began, even if I am unaware of where that may take me. I just am. I exist and I have my own path, which crosses multiple belief systems, but is not restrained by them. Sometimes that path takes me into the dark, sometimes it takes me into the light. I am not defined by either one, but my actions during both.  


SUN:Sagittarius  RISING:Scorpio  MOON:Pisces

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  • Thanks for connecting David! Hoping your day is filled with peace, love & light!

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  • Thank you very much!
  • Hey what's the name and who's the author of this poem?

    I see you in the night , I keep you in my dreams,
    The only thing that holds me is the love I have for thee..
    I want to hold you in my arms , I want to kiss away the tears,
    I want to hear your lips whisper "I am here" ,
    I see you in the night when everything is dark
    And only the nothingness is keeping us apart..
    I dream of this darkness,
    Hoping I can see your eyes in the midnight hour.. wondering
    If this is what your heart desires?
    I love u more than words can say ,
    Even if the darkness blinds your heart away.. ..
    Don't forget that the only thing i can do love
    Is stay still and wait for thee..
    Until the midnight hour
    When i will sense your in the shadow.
  • *Peace!
    This is me & my friend Jialin

  • damn u are in US as well, I had this wrong idea that u are from Europe. Ok So US. I am up to organize workshop(that will take some time). I want to invite few teachers.... Would be easer..cheeper in EU But.... Anyway would you like to know more abut this idea?
  • "Love builds up the broken wall and straightens the crooked path. Love keeps the stars in firmament, and imposes rhythm on the ocean tides. Each of us is created of it, and I suspect each of us was created for it" ~ Maya Angelou
  • Where did you find the gonzales pictures? I saw you sent one where the figure has her hands crossed and raised. And her body is connected to a circle. Can you send it to me because I wrote a great poem and cant find the picture.
  • David, thank you for your friendship, it is nice to meet you. May your life blessed and the light of divine wisdom shine on your every thought. Blessings.

  • lolz all around, sorry if thats what you thought I felt, I'm just emotional :)
  • TY brother, speak more of this density please, it seems somewhere between a scapegoat and a savior.
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"We are very well considering lol. Thank you I just decided to see if this site was still up and pleased to see it. I always enjoyed this avenue. Good to see you as well."
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 Inside each of us is the knowledge that life does not have to be the way it is. People don't have to hurt each other. Some trouble even so far that they have an inner conflict over seeing animals living in the wild hunting. This knowing is where we…
Mar 1, 2021

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