Right I thought I need to express my feelings and thoughts here, so here I was talking a girl a long friend which I fell out with me from the US. Anyway I talking to on a mic on skype and for a few mins about natural cures like herbs etc etc.


Anyway I was saying all natural cures like herbs can cure anything and she was like going mad at me and then i said I done research about natural cures for cancer and then she was going more mad at me and I didn't know it's because of the young baby at 18 months old has cancer.


So then I was saying there cures for it by hemp, which is the herb we know as weed or another names and then she saying to me grow up and live in real world and looks like she deleted me off skype or block now.


I was only trying to help her and her baby daughter and this has upset me deeply, because i am only showing my unconditional love for her and her baby daughter. What I don't get she says shes asked her doctor and researched this herself, well if that is she would of know herself.


I even said look on youtube and find out for yourself it's there and there is even main stream news outcasts about people cureing themselves from cancer and other diseases.


Please help me with advice and what should I do.





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  • Greetings & Salutations Jason,


    I had forgotten about this when I posted earlier....... here is a TooYube video from Bashar that absolutely hits the bullseye front, dead, & center ! ? !


    If you had any misgivings whilst reading The Law of One excerpts I posted, this video will most definitely clarify those in plainspeak.




    Peace be with you.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Oh Happy Day!! :-D
  • Thank you for all your replies everyone, it means so much to me and yes I will let her go and I have just send one last message on Facebook to her in private. But I think it's time for me to let her go and this was the first time I spoken to her for ages aswell.


    In all I must respect her freewill in what she wants to do and like a few of my bothers and sisters on here have said, you have planted the seed within her.


    I will be asking more questions soon to come, on my own problems and advice to get rid of them such as skin problems mainly and I have been very tried alot recently but I taking chinese herbs in pills and taking echinacea with goldenseal root to which are very powerful immune system booster.


    I also eat alot fruit all the time, eat nuts and wholegran things and it's very rare I eat meat and if I do it's just chicken that I eat. Maybe these problems could be because I am eating sweets in work sometimes, but i am very aware of what i put in my body and read everything that is in the packet before i buy it.





  • Hey Jason.. you did your best.. you tried to help her all you can.. because you have a good heart.. she told you to grow up and live in the real world and then she deleted you and blocked you.. ok.. what does that tell you? .. its pretty clear to me ... let her go.

    you are not responsible for her .. only she is.. best thing I would do... let her go... and move on.


  • Send her all the love you can mentally because she is so frightened for her daughter she can't think of anything anyone else says that is in conflict with the only things she knows - which is what her doctor has told her.  People who choose the medical profession over ancient wisdom can not conceive of methodologies that are simple and time tested.  I commend you for trying but her fear is overwhelming her senses.  Do not take it personally which is hard to do I know but this is her choice so you must abide by that.  Be of Peace, you did nothing wrong. 

  • each being is unique..what works for you..may not for her..in fact may be harmful.  so i’m thinking be an example..not pushing your healing agenda..’expertise’..on your friend..if your intention is unconditional..keep working on yourself..seems like your ‘ego’ is causing you to be upset.  if you allow yourself to now be deeply hurt and ‘fed up..you are adding negative energy..how can that possibly be helpful..or healing?????  we all need to lighten up.  some will get it..some won’t..can you accept that?  your intention..caring..is to my mind..the first..biggest step~  ME... an old-fogey corn ball..YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER..BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT DRINK~
  • I know trying to help others sometimes is frustrating but again, only those who ask do find answers and not everyone does that. there are some that do not believe, don't want to believe.

    it's always up to each individual , weather we like it or not but the important thing here is that your advice or effort might be like a seed in the ground ; needs little help to start sprouting and become a flower..........you had planted the seed.....now it is time for some water............

    you can always show your love of support and maybe this friend will become a flower............

    there are many remedies to cure most of our chronic ailments inflicted upon us .

    There is a diet aspect, herbs, mental powers ............and so forth; choices are many.

    there's an old saying :.............you must heal yourself before you go on healing the village.........

  • Thank you for your insight information on hemp oil, because i have a few skins problems not bad ones, but i am using Chinese medicine at the moment because I trust chinese medicine and other natural cures for problems.


    I have also have a few warts so does it kill them aswell and what else does hemp oil do and does smell like weed.





    • Hello Jason,


         You mentioned skin problems (eczema? psoriasis?) & warts. Do you understand that these ailments are a "tell" from your body that your immune system is compromised? An oft-overlooked reason behind these symptoms is Candida Albicans overgrowth. I am currently dealing with this issue now (1 part karma, 1 part toxic environment = current condition) & I have a very, very informative link on the subject, from a woman that has assisted me a great deal:




      Be very aware of your diet as it is a major factor in the development of this & many other immuno-compromising conditions. Clearing toxins from your body will also bring you closer to the "spirit realm." All of your mental abilities will become enhanced the more you detox. I am currently consuming herbals on a daily basis. I am also on the Paleo diet, which has worked wonders for me.


      As far as being upset over this person becoming hysterical over your recommendations The Law of One speaks on this very subject:


      "1.9 Questioner: If an individual makes efforts to act as a catalyst in general to increase the awareness of planetary consciousness, is he of any aid in that direction, or is he doing nothing but acting upon himself?

      Ra: I am Ra. We shall answer your question in two parts, both of which are important equally.

      Firstly, you must understand that the distinction between yourself and others is not visible to us. We do not consider that a separation exists between the consciousness-raising efforts of the distortion which you project as a personality and the distortion which you project as an other personality. Thus, to learn is the same as to teach unless you are not teaching what you are learning; in which case you have done you/they little or no good. This understanding should be pondered by your mind/body/spirit complex as it is a distortion which plays a part in your experiences at this nexus.

      To turn to the second part of our response may we state our understanding, limited though it is.

      Group-individuated consciousness is that state of sharing understanding with the other distortions of mind/body/spirit complexes, which are within the evident reach of the mind/body/spirit complex individual or group. Thus, we are speaking to you and accepting both our distortions and your own in order to enunciate the laws of creation, more especially the Law of One. We are not available to many of your peoples, for this is not an easily understood way of communication or type of philosophy. However, our very being is hopefully a poignant example of both the necessity and the near-hopelessness of attempting to teach.

      Each of those in this group is striving to use, digest, and diversify the information which we are sending this instrument into the channels of the mind/body/spirit complex without distortion. The few whom you will illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for the greatest possible effort. To serve one is to serve all. Therefore, we offer the question back to you to state that indeed it is the only activity worth doing: to learn/teach or teach/learn. There is nothing else which is of aid in demonstrating the original thought except your very being, and the distortions that come from the unexplained, inarticulate, or mystery-clad being are many. Thus, to attempt to discern and weave your way through as many group mind/body/spirit distortions as possible among your peoples in the course of your teaching is a very good effort to make. We can speak no more valiantly of your desire to serve."


      And again here:


      "17.2 Questioner: Is it possible by the use of some technique or other to help an entity to reach fourth-density level in these last days?

      Ra: I am Ra. It is impossible to help another being directly. It is only possible to make catalyst available in whatever form, the most important being the radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator from the self, less important being information such as we share with you.

      We, ourselves, do not feel an urgency for this information to be widely disseminated. It is enough that we have made it available to three, four, or five. This is extremely ample reward, for if one of these obtains fourth-density understanding due to this catalyst then we shall have fulfilled the Law of One in the distortion of service.

      We encourage a dispassionate attempt to share information without concern for numbers or quick growth among others. That you attempt to make this information available is, in your terms, your service. The attempt, if it reaches one, reaches all.

      We cannot offer shortcuts to enlightenment. Enlightenment is, of the moment, an opening to intelligent infinity. It can only be accomplished by the self, for the self. Another self cannot teach/learn enlightenment, but only teach/learn information, inspiration, or a sharing of love, of mystery, of the unknown that makes the other-self reach out and begin the seeking process that ends in a moment, but who can know when an entity will open the gate to the present?"


      After reading the statements above, I hope this brings some clarity to the situation at hand.


      Love & Light to all......



  • sigh. if we could only get the lawmakers to see the truth in this as well.
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