Loving Your Enemy

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I remember someone asking me if God was all love how can he let bad
things happen to good people? The truth is that every
negative action taken is a catalyst for growth for many
, like the
ripple effect. In realizing that on the big picture a person who commits
a crime or deceit is only hurting themselves spiritually, as hurting
someone permanently in the physical is impossible as we are all
spiritual beings. It is impossible for anyone but yourself to hurt you
spiritually. Understanding this concept is the only avenue to truly be
able to love one's enemies.

It is possible to hurt oneself spiritually. We still have free will. When I
say hurt it is not the same as physical pain. It is the ability to recognize
in your enemy the truth, he is the same as you. You are familiar with the
emotions of the lower frequencies, you know how it feels, betrayal, mistrust,
paranoia, insecurity, fear, hate, rage, emptiness, longing, rejection, bitterness,
confusion, despair. These are emotions we all are intimately aware of. That is
what I mean when I say hurt.

The only one who can move you up and down the spiritual spiral is yourself.
If one chooses to live in lower frequencies, projecting these emotions,
they are doing it voluntarily, even if they are manipulated.
You can empathize with them, and you can understand.
You want nothing more than to remind them what it is like to live in the light
and peace again. You have more in common with your enemy than either one
of you are conscious of.

If one can become aware of the connection between one's enemy and oneself,
you have just raised your awareness. What is consciousness, but awareness?
The path to higher consciousness is the path to higher awareness.

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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"'Material' is also problematic. Is light not 'matterial'? This word is ill-defined. I like to just say 'the seen world'. Then yes, the seen is the condition of the unseen"
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"I don't believe Black holes exist at all! As far as I can check, they are based on unsound mathematics!"
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SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"The material world is a condition of light. 😜"
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"The concept 'physical' is problematic. 'Energy', 'motion', 'vibration' etc are 'physical'. But when I say 'momentum', is it now 'physical'??

Anyway, to say something is a law, it must not be possible to violate even a bit. To show that motion is…"
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"The Cosmic Laws are Physical Laws? 😅😵 how we know?"
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"Those would not be laws but the CONDITION of the universe. There is a difference. If universe was static 'in the beginning', everything will be static now. There is no law that says things must move. Motion is a condition of nature, not a law. The…"
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SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"I know the Cosmic Laws differently:

1.Everything is on the move
2.Everything is energy
3.Nothing ends
4.Everything has an awareness
5.Everything comes back to you on a other way

Maybe there more but not remember them.. I have read it in the…"
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