It's now officially 10 years since the 911 attacks. Let's take a moment to share our light, love, and remembrance to the 3000 innocent victims who were killed on that, and their loved ones who've had to deal with their loss. Let's take a longer moment to share our light, love, and remembrance to the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians who were killed as a result of 911, and their loved ones who've had to deal with their loss.


Let's also remember who the TRUE perpetrators of this horrible crime are. We all know it wasn't Osama Bin Laden, or Al Qaeda, or poor arabs. We all know it was done by what many call "the dark hats". What they've done is unconscionable. Flying planes into buildings, is just unimaginable! Lying to the people, and using it as an excuse to start wars and roll out the NWO agenda, is even more unimaginable. The nerve, the evil! Let's pray that the perpetrators will soon be brought to justice.


Let's also share our stories of where we were on that day, how we first found out about what happened, what we thought at the time, and what led us to eventually realize the truth that "911 was an inside job!"


I remember I was in school, in Home Economics class, and there was an announcement on the intercom about how we were having a moment of silence because a plane had just struck one of the twin towers in New York. I thought, it's probably just an accident, why have a moment of silence for it? Then soon after, our principal went on the intercom again and said how a second plane had just hit the second tower. So, of course, by then, it became apparent that this was no accident. For the rest of the day, we didn't have classes, really, they just wheeled TVs into the classrooms, and we all were watching events unfold. They replayed the images over and over, the plane coming in, aiming for the towers, and striking it. People trapped in the upper floors, waving for help. Or jumping out of the buildings to their death. It was unreal. I kept thinking, this is like something out of a movie.


As the hours passed, of course it was the talk of the town, everybody had their TVs on the news channels, and I remember telling my family "This is going to be the start of WW3!" For a while, I had bought the mainstream line of events, and was all about "Yea, go USA, get them terrorists!" Until they invaded Iraq. Then I started getting suspicious. I watched Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911, and became even more suspicious, and told people "I wouldn't be surprised if the US government actually did it". Then I came across Alex Jones, and well, he taught me the truth of what happened, and all about the NWO.


It definitely was a changing day for humanity. Nothing was ever quite the same after 911. Especially not on the world scene, everything changed. There are few events in history that truly change the world. I think 911 was one of those days. So, again, let's remember that day, and reminisce on the time we first learned about it, and always keep in mind who the real perpetrators are, and put our power and energy into seeing them brought to justice, and their dark plans crumble!

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                • I think, David, that the point has been made that some people would rather move on.  This tragedy has killed untold amounts of people as it was used as an excuse for war... so not only the americans but people all over the world have been suffering the fallout from 10 years ago... with all the media coverage and the sycophantic politicians I don't blame people for wanting to make a fresh beginning and not relive this experience. 

                  I meditated with my group yesterday on 9/11, in honor of moving forward and transmuting the energy into positive love... that is my way of making a difference. 

                  • this is not the media.  I can understand the frustration at the commercializing of this but this is a discussion forum.  If someone has a reaction, to this discussion, even one of frustration and anger, that reaction needs to be evaluated as well. Healing is not just for those that are in pain but anger as well.  If someone wants to move on then they will and what everyone else is doing will have no effect on them.  If they have unresolved issues then there will be a reaction, like in this discussion.
                • Well I'm not a 911 victim, nor an American, but some on ACC feel physically sick when their thoughts go back to 911....why does jancar raise the matter so insensitively....Should we not focus on Love and First Contact, instead...The NOW is a place to focus, not mass murder a decade ago....

                  Or shall I post a blog on Jack the Ripper, 1888....and go into the case studies of each victim here on ACC...?? Of course not...

                  Is this a spiritual site, or a circus...??

                  • It's ridiculous how the media (and some individuals) want to relive the moment again and again and again and again and again.......


                    Those with a sane and logical mind, accept this world is fucked to live in.  It's full of insanity!


                    When 911 happened, I was working in the city, and the media actually got out GIANT electronic tv screens to bombard us over and over.  The bombardment gets tiring on the human spirit.


                    John thrives on the controversy as well as trying to control and dominate other's.  He admits he likes to dominate.  If you disagree with him on this website - he 'names and shames' you.  However if you agree with him, he says 'may the Lord bless you for that!'  This is the nature of a control freak.  Can't anyone else see through him? 


                    He can't order me off this blog though.  I'm sticking around purely to annoy him.  I love seeing how he reacts.  Even Ben doesn't bother removing people as he welcomes diverse opinions.


                  • I do not know anyone alive that has been affected by jack the ripper cases, they are not the same thing. I do understand your point, but in standing this point you are deciding for everyone,  and that is not your place my friend.  You cannot possibly be aware of the individual needs of the many. 


                  • And you know, the majority of 911 victim families believe it was an inside job. I'm sure they would be appalled if they saw you here, telling people to just forget about it, it's not important anymore. I'm sure they would want us to remember it, and talk about it, and keep getting out there spreading the truth, and demanding justice for their loves ones who's lives were lost! I'm sure they would be outraged if this day passed, without anyone remembering. We should be talking about it, we should be out there spreading the truth, we should be demanding that justice be served, and the real perpetrators to be identified!


                    You talk, but your words are empty. I know you aren't here for pure purposes, out of concern for others, you are here because of ME, because you see a chance to tear me down a notch, well it won't work, do you understand me? Take your self out of here, and let people be free to discuss whatever they want to discuss.

                  • Who is hurt by 911 memories? I haven't seen one single person who has commented saying this subject hurts me. And there are many more people than not, who say, it's okay to share our experience and share our path towards 911 truth. Name me one person who has been hurt by it.


                    And stop pretending like you care about how others feel, that isn't your motivation, your motivation is to contradict me. Stop being fake. For all my flaws, which are many, I am always real and honest.

                  • You are blind, Jancar, if you think nobody on ACC is hurt by 911 memories...Several are....

                    As usual, it is you who lack sensitivity towards others....

                    What a daft topic for a spiriual website....

                  • Oh sure lol Who are you trying to fool? You pretend like you care so much about how people will feel, when it's obvious you only came here to contradict me. You think I'm stupid, you think I can't see right through you?


                    And so far no one has felt bad or has suffered because of it. There is actually many more people than not, who want to share their experience, and share how they got onto the path of 911 truth. If you want to forget the whole thing and move on, I respect that. Doesn't mean other people shouldn't talk about it, though.

            • this post have no visible traits of drama, only sharing of experienced emotions which we all gone throu. It's nice to reflect on some issues yet it did not bring this site down by any means and if you have an issue with this site than I propose 2 things :


              ~or complain to moderators


This reply was deleted.

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