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I Love this site, I visit almost everyday, I read so many great posts and they have generally changed my life and my ways of thinking. I have always felt a spiritual connection and been a spiritual person but I have never really shown it, and more now im older. 


I was just reading the latest message from the High Council of Orion (Posted by karma's helper here

and one part in particular really got my attention " YOU challenged all that was told of YOU and in return YOU were not accepted. We note that this is a position that many who walk the light worker path find themselves in. This further complicates the TRUTH from BEing revealed as there is a deep illusion across the planet of “fitting in”. Many do not speak their TRUTH for fear of not “fitting in”. Yet that is deep illusion, how can YOU not fit into what YOU are? ALL are ONE, ALL are energy, there is no way YOU cannot BE part of that for that is what YOU are. Do our words resonate with YOU? do you understand our meaning?" THIS IS ME! I don't tell ANYONE about these beliefs I have, never mind telling everyone! Im scared they will think im crazy, who wouldn't! any 'normal' human would think "Oh yea sound interesting, spiritual aliens who are guiding us through ascension, mm yea I agree" It's only my own experiences that are the reason I believe. The worst thing about it is that Im waiting for disclosure before telling people, but in order to rid myself of illusion I need to tell people now. I have a year left of school starting tomorrow and people my age would never understand. I was once a looser and it wasn't nice, I had no friends I was bullied, I got my nose broken for standing up for myself! I don't want to be there again! That's what im afraid of, that's why I tell no one, opinion of me would change so much and I don't know which way it would go.


Does anyone else have a simillar problem to me? Im interested in knowing how open you are about your beliefs and this site? 


Thank you, Howling Wolf.


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  • We have to speak the truth even if we are alone and the last man standing.It shall be known in the end and you will stand validated.So go ahead and Spread the Light.
  • Howling wolf, no matter how you perceive those who are around you day to day, know always that there are many out there who love you for who you are and will not judge you. Those are the people who really matter. Love light and peace x x x
  • Hello my way of sharing is to link a variety of wisdoms as my likes that would support this Net work, I allow for people to choose as on facebook. The greatest thing is to keep it fresh with intervention of subject matter and the rest is choice. As for me I Love this site and I share on my wall as much as possible. Our incredible groups that is here are "WoW" no words for me to describe but "WoW" again choice...
  • Hey Howling Wolf, great drawing :))
    If you strengthen your Love connection with Father/Mother God, eg. via meditation, you will know you are always supported and guided. It's magic.
    If you keep opening your heart and mind with light and love, your intuition will become stronger...magic :)
    If you surrender every concern to the Highest Powers, on a daily basis, you might find that you're more relaxed, and things work themselves out in the nicest way, like magic!
    If you pray for company, when the time is right, people on the same wavelength will be drawn to you for no known reason, and will feel comfortable talking to you about these things... it's a magical life!!! :)) Love Moanna xxx
  • The only thing I can say that hasnt been said already is I LOVE YOU pack mate!!  - David
  • Hi Wolf, I am glad you posted this, you aren't alone - we all have experienced this to some level.  Yes, stand in your truth... there are ways to do it without making 'sleepers" uneasy and attack you physically or verbally.  You will find yourself led to where you can do the most good, it's not always necessary for you to chat to someone about could be that you demonstrating your inner Light will awaken others around you.  Try to have some books handy, a beginners guide about what is happening to us... newbies always have questions and its easier to hand them a book and tell them to read it and then ask questions.

    In my personal life I don't have many people to talk to this about with, other than my sister and maybe a couple of friends... everyone is involved in their personal dramas so I get the idea they are just humoring me but don't "get it". 

    I do however, have great experiences when I go out in public.  Imagine this, I am in a karaoke club- there are two asian girls on dates with two college age guys, a guy covered in tatoos about my age, a black fellow named Deepak, and a waitress- young and pretty.  I came in to sing, but found myself bookended by people all talking about ascension, Lightwork, theosophy and UFO's...  Lol, the regulars wanted to check me out and it turned into a round table discussion of esotericsm.  I began by complimenting Deepak on his name- telling him what a fan of Deepak Chopra I was, it blossomed from there...they were just as happy to find me as I was to find them.  It was very 

    You will find groups like this everywhere, being drawn together...remember the Law of Attraction?  You will never be alone again or have to worry about people and their power games. 

    I hope this helps, you have my admiration and best wishes. 

    • yeah its all cool my brother.. stay in your own Light and continue to go within, .. stargazing made a point that I shall reiterate -

       ''If they don't accept you for who you are then you don't need
      them in your life. Those who truely love you won't judge you or leave you :)''


      ... I have also found that in becomming more quiet and still, I am automatically magnitising people who are more Spiritually minded and who think along the same lines as me, so the ones who discourage simply drop away.. they fade away and disappear.. and people who are more on your level will start to appear..

      Remember to use the Violet Flame aswell, it transmutes all negitive energies :-)


  • You are in a difficult situation HowlingWolf, it is hard when you are your age - being you can be difficult when you want to fit in with your peers, i very much get that I have children similar ages.


    It is easy to say 'don't worry about what other people think' - but this is great advice.  Something that will get easier with time.


    A few of my closest know about this site, they still think that I am mental though - the favourite saying is "Some of us are dreamers and some of us live in reality Karen" ahahahahahahahahaha I am a dreamer and I am proud of it.


    I try to sow seeds of info to them when the conversation leads to it.  If they show and interest I tell them not to believe me do their own research - I post alot of stuff on Facebook also.


    There is a saying that goes "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"  


    Just be you, when you truly love you, people will start to notice the change, they will want whatever it is that you have got. 


    Love to you Karen


  • Thank's for the advice Stargazing. I just did the sketch the other day and thought Id put it up with a post, it's one of my favourites! I love wolves they are quite amazing creatures. Thanks for your reply! :)

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