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I believe that all one must focus on is changing how we view ourselves
and the world around us. By daily making the choice to see beauty and
love, instead of allowing the daily drama to pull us down into thoughts
of negativity.


I find that there are so many possibilities of what the
future may hold, to focus on the exterior is focusing on the wrong
avenue. If you focus on your own decisions and thought patterns, love
will fill you up, and you will find yourself losing interest in things
that are spiritually unhealthy. I myself have noticed that I don't watch
television or play video games anymore, that is in my own journey,
but going further, I have noticed that I take joy in the challenges that
arise on a daily basis. I enjoy meeting new people because I see so
much potential! I enjoy nature and yes I talk to trees, I enjoy
experiencing the connection I have with all of it. The sky is always a
source of beauty for any occasion. Stand beside the ocean, mountains,
or the majestic grasslands, and marvel at the connectedness of it all,
and its all expressions of love.



When I get up in the morning, I make the choice to overcome the fear based
emotions that come up, and they do, you are human. To say that one doesn't
experience negativity in this density is misleading, it is rather our choice
to overcome and shine through your own power of love.

Most people don't grab on to new ideas that are spoken, unless in their
personal journey they are ready for it. I find that the best route to impacting
those around me is through actions that show our intent clearer than any
words. Through your own life you show the power of the truths you have
come to believe in. If you focus on your own thought patterns and intentionally
create a positive field around oneself, then everything will work out the way
it is supposed to, your higher self already knows the path.

Focus on and practice loving. View yourself as a huge star of light and
love shining into the universe. Nothing can stop your light. Nothing can hurt
your spirit but you, and then only by freely choosing it. If one focuses on love,
everything will grow proportionally, like a tree with sunshine on all sides,
you will grow into your full potential!









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  • Just what I needed today.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Light blessings


  • Thank you for your thoughts and words.  A simple concept of such a profound initiative, this post resonates strongly with something I strived to overcome just today.  I find it easy to allow myself to get wrapped up in what I have labeled as 'negative' in life, and forget to see that these experiences are what evokes love from me.  "I find that there are so many possibilities of what thefuture may hold, to focus on the exterior is focusing on the wrong avenue."; Beautifully put.


    Be Well and Much Love,

    Perceived Dreams

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"'Material' is also problematic. Is light not 'matterial'? This word is ill-defined. I like to just say 'the seen world'. Then yes, the seen is the condition of the unseen"
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"I don't believe Black holes exist at all! As far as I can check, they are based on unsound mathematics!"
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"The material world is a condition of light. 😜"
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"The concept 'physical' is problematic. 'Energy', 'motion', 'vibration' etc are 'physical'. But when I say 'momentum', is it now 'physical'??

Anyway, to say something is a law, it must not be possible to violate even a bit. To show that motion is…"
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"The Cosmic Laws are Physical Laws? 😅😵 how we know?"
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"Those would not be laws but the CONDITION of the universe. There is a difference. If universe was static 'in the beginning', everything will be static now. There is no law that says things must move. Motion is a condition of nature, not a law. The…"
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"I know the Cosmic Laws differently:

1.Everything is on the move
2.Everything is energy
3.Nothing ends
4.Everything has an awareness
5.Everything comes back to you on a other way

Maybe there more but not remember them.. I have read it in the…"
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