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I feel that an awakened person is an empowered person.  A person who knows that their very thoughts and intentions can and will change the world, and who takes responsibility for that power.


 For example:  There are many different ideas about the 2012 shift, I know what my logical brain tells me about the clockwork of the universe and the potential hazards contained therein, but my heart tells me to put my intention and focus on holding in my mind a peaceful bright and beautiful transition.


I know that my thoughts and intentions are power, so what choice do i make?  I am not a victim of circumstance.  I am an empowered consciousness charged with holding that beautiful image in my mind, to create along with all the others who hold this image, a space for this reality to come into existence.  We will draw that future out of the uncountable possibilities found in the whirlwind of dimensions, we will draw it to us with love and intention.


I had this discussion with myself when I was still into conspiracy theories and awakening into my spirituality.  I found that people felt that to harm anything is against the spirit.  I agree with that.. in a 5th demensional reality the very nature of the planet operates differently.  This is not possible at this point, this very much is and will be until the change a 3rd demensional reality.


There is a difference between living in the 5th dimension, and living in the 3rd dimension with a 5th dimensional consciousness.  But having a higher consiousness doesn't change the rules of the game, it just changes the affect you have on it.


No amount of positive thinking will change the fact that if someone attacks me my dog will attack back.  When a dog fights and possibly dies for his loved ones we consider that to be the most evolved action it or us could do.  This is our template.  I exist here and now, I have a right to be here, and I have a right to raise my children in peace, through violence if no other option.  I have the right to protect the future.  


If a man enters my house with intention to harm me or my family I will send them back to restart.  Who am I to know all the interwoven reasons behind the situations I exist in.   if I have to serve another lifetime for protecting my family, it will be worth it, but is an action of violence out of love the same? this is very much a personal truth that no one can decide for you.  Jesus let them take him, but I will not let someone take my children.


I do my best to create a new brighter future, that is what i contribute to the collective. 


What I am trying to get to is that just because someone is awakened does not mean that they are impotent or weak, or will stand by while those creators who are acting out in confusion and fear to destroy the future.  the most powerful tool we have is our thoughts and intentions powered through love, should we not employ that first?


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  • you guys are awesome.  yeah this kinda changed directions once I started writing it.   someone must have needed it.  I try to keep my personal beliefs out of my responses and just stick to universal beliefs, but it didnt happen that way this time. 

    yeah, we didnt live lifetimes as warriors for nothing.  people like to think that love incapacitates our actions, think it stems from a misunderstanding of the law of allowance.  


    By the way that is a great response James, I agree!  You have definitely grown and expanded your energy considerably brother.


    keep smiling everyone!! - David

  • :-) Thanks Annaja :) <3
  • Interesting message David,

    I do believe that becoming "aware or enlightened" makes you a stronger person, because part of that process is your former pre-conceptions are destroyed in the process (like this picture is showing).  What ends up remaining is the "new you".  

    There are a few people on Ashtar Command who are constantly making fun of the "Love and Light" sentiment, I guess they think it's fake or weak or something, but the truth of it is, love is stronger than fear.

    Hope wins over fear, and love is stronger than pride. 
  • Thanks David...and I love that photo, it describes how I feel a lot of the time, just waiting to boom to crush me, lol.  Greats thoughts to think about here.....I agree that I think if my family was in danger I would do all I could to prevent it....I know this about myself.  I would do whatever it takes, and think about it after.  I am a human first.  And I would not sit idly by and let someone knowingly try to destroy humankinds future....I would do what I can.  I have seen the "dark side" and they do not impress me....
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