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I don't spend a great deal of time on sources, seeing as how all
information has to be processed inside with the same meditation. I take
in the information and chew on the message, holding it up to what is
truth to my own reasoning/thought and moral intuition/meditation. The
only source that is reliable is the one that springs from inside you, as
you already know what is true or not. Simply take it in, and explore the
parts that don't resonate with you. I find it is much easier to find the
truth of a message, than to search for the truth in a source, as people
are prone to emotional excitement and mistakes. Searching for truth is a
personal quest, I would no sooner take gospel truth from my own mother's
lips without first holding it into the light within myself.

It can be a very slippery slope when one starts evaluating the motives,
and spirituality of others. Too easy do we start to compare and
contrast, focus on your own thoughts and feelings. To say good/evil is
part of the old paradigm, there simply is, higher/lower frequencies
through free choice. We all entered the lower frequencies of our own
free will to experience them and to learn the value of living in love.
Like the old saying, "it takes the bad to make you appreciate the good".

So focus on the information presented by different sources, evaluate
the message as it resonates with your own soul, try not to figure out
who is enemy or not, the information they present will tell you all you
need to know. Like starting a habit, self discernment becomes easier
the more you pay attention to it.

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"The material world is a condition of light. 😜"
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"The concept 'physical' is problematic. 'Energy', 'motion', 'vibration' etc are 'physical'. But when I say 'momentum', is it now 'physical'??

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"The Cosmic Laws are Physical Laws? 😅😵 how we know?"
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"I know the Cosmic Laws differently:

1.Everything is on the move
2.Everything is energy
3.Nothing ends
4.Everything has an awareness
5.Everything comes back to you on a other way

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