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July 6



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Im interested in connecting with my fellow lightworkers around the world to help unite us, so we can better this world, counter the darkside, and further the evolution of humanity towards our Ascension back into Oneness, as we create our galactic society. I submit my energetic space as a warrior of the light and love of truth in my service to God, the Creator.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ive been taught by the best, so I can't take much credit. The credit I will take is having the curiosity and courage to find the truth about life by exploring all avenues of knowledge, and the discernment to distinguish fact from fiction. My principal teachers have been Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Alex Jones, Alex Collier, Malcolm X, Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Hetfield, Tupac Shakur, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali; All the great spiritual leaders like Jesus, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Master Kuthumi, the Buddha, Muhammad; People like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama; All my spirit guides and visitors who assist me; All the angels and archangels surrounding me like Archangel Michael and Metatron; several off world beings such as the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, specifically Salusa, Matthew, and Hatonn, among others. I must also mention that I've been taught by people like David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard ''The Iceman'' Kuklinski, Adolf Hitler, as well as all the Illuminati and other dark figures, who have taught me how the darkside operates, where I've learned to have compassion and sympathy for darkly inclined people. But I do feel that I've been taught directly by God, so all praise goes to God, the Creator. Only the mistakes have been mine.

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  • Doing ok, went camping, was nice, but cold, so much for a global warming ... lol ... so alive, trying very hard to be positive ... ;))
  • Jancar .... ;))
    saying hello, hope you are ok ... ;))
  • Jancar ... ;)) Sorry for the late reply … I am doing … well just doing … lol … did you watch the movie ’50 first dates’ … if not … its kind of funny … my family have a new saying as of late kind of jokingly … we all becoming like the character from that movie - the “10 second Bob” … lol … How are you doing … ?
  • Jancar ... Just want to wish you a warmest holidays .... find happiness in small things that matters, fortitude within, more laughter if you can, and much love -
    and more .... etc. ... ;)) Big HUg

    Happy Holidays ... !!!

  • You are here, that's all that matters ... ;))

    I am doing ok .. the universe keeps me busy and grounded ... lol ... not by choice but i am kind of forced to go with the flow .. funny ... but its working ... this 6 years was physically, mentally and even spiritually challenging ... right now i am concentrating on more simple things ... ;))

    P.S. can you drop a notch with the 'swearing' ...;)) it is contradicting with who you are, i know its just a words of expression, for those who don't have rich vocabulary maybe so , but you do have ... ;)) and always have expressed yourself without loosing your cool ... just don't be angry ... ;))

    Anyway ... stay warm ... ;))
  • Hi Jancar ... doing ok? something major is bothering you ... or not?
  • I ain't going nowhere lol And I still insist, that life should be, an explosion of joy lol The hell with this down crap.
  • Jancar ... ;)) Glad to see you are still present on this planet ... i am doing ok,
    mix stages up and then down and up again ...;)) you know - life. So no complains, each lesson is a blessing ... hope for the best.
  • Jancar .... hiiii and it seems that we are both alive .... ;))
  • So far alive, that's big bonus ... lol ... overall doing ok, so very short description of things ... You?
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"I mean Greta Thunberg actually OUT lol Doing something, to try and stop the pollution lol The environmental destruction, she's putting herself out there lol And what are YOU doing, jack diddly SQUAT lol That's wtf you doing lol

She's out, putting…"
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"You couldn't ESCAPE the heat lol This summer, and if you actually got out of your air conditioned houses and went outside lol You'd feel that.

I mean you can literally feel it, yet ppl, ohhh it's a myth lol Global warming is a myth lol We can…"
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"Yea shame on you, and your mom lol Your MOM mfers, and tell her I'll see her tonight lol And get my pancakes ready lol

I mean is the fact we've had like the hottest summer on record lol All over the world, records were broken lol In 2023, I mean is…"
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"AINT THAT RIGHT, you 2 IQ mfers lol You FOX News mfers lol Parrot them FOX News points lol

No courage to face the truth lol No courage to change, even like going electric lol No courage to improve. Do the same shit every frickin day, while taking…"

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What were they thinking...?? Or maybe not thinking...What of the…"
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"Left- more insanity;
"This year, I came into my school library and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books," said Reina Takata, a 10th grade student who says her public high school library in Mississauga, Ont., which she…"
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