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April 16

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white Male iso of answers of where i come from and looking to going back home.

SteveT replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion SECRET LIFE SUPER CODES...New Prophecy 2012 - Japan Earthquakes Revealed..PLUS MORE
"Very well said, couldn't agree more.
Love and light
Steve T."
Mar 18, 2011
SteveT replied to Rune. H's discussion Sheldan Nidle 15 March 2011
"Does this sound right to you? doesn't sit very well with me, any thoughts? This warning is simple: the Earth's surface is no longer to be your home!"
Mar 16, 2011
SteveT replied to Mysticalflame's discussion What's Going On Around the Sun
"I took these pics with my cell phone march 6th. Not sure what to make of them, any thoughts.
Steve T"
Mar 8, 2011

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The Agent commented on silesius's blog post WHAT HAPPENED IN THE GLOBAL UNDERGROUND BASES?
"Would there be mass suicides? Torture comparable to what is done in the bases has been going on in Asia for ages, run by the same companies that make our phones, and people turn a blind eye to it despite there not even being a cover up."
8 minutes ago
The Agent replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion WTH Is Going On...The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI
"What could they have offered this man to willingly do this to himself. Was power enough of a promise for him to undergo the "transition"? or was he offered more?"
12 minutes ago
amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Ivo of Vega: Loosh, What are really the dark ones after, ? It is not money...
"This message is so vast and so interesting it needs several readings to grasp the whole of it..Thank you Ivo and Sharon..."
17 minutes ago
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"'Material' is also problematic. Is light not 'matterial'? This word is ill-defined. I like to just say 'the seen world'. Then yes, the seen is the condition of the unseen"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"I don't believe Black holes exist at all! As far as I can check, they are based on unsound mathematics!"
1 hour ago
SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"The material world is a condition of light. 😜"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"The concept 'physical' is problematic. 'Energy', 'motion', 'vibration' etc are 'physical'. But when I say 'momentum', is it now 'physical'??

Anyway, to say something is a law, it must not be possible to violate even a bit. To show that motion is…"
1 hour ago