It's now officially 10 years since the 911 attacks. Let's take a moment to share our light, love, and remembrance to the 3000 innocent victims who were killed on that, and their loved ones who've had to deal with their loss. Let's take a longer moment to share our light, love, and remembrance to the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians who were killed as a result of 911, and their loved ones who've had to deal with their loss.


Let's also remember who the TRUE perpetrators of this horrible crime are. We all know it wasn't Osama Bin Laden, or Al Qaeda, or poor arabs. We all know it was done by what many call "the dark hats". What they've done is unconscionable. Flying planes into buildings, is just unimaginable! Lying to the people, and using it as an excuse to start wars and roll out the NWO agenda, is even more unimaginable. The nerve, the evil! Let's pray that the perpetrators will soon be brought to justice.


Let's also share our stories of where we were on that day, how we first found out about what happened, what we thought at the time, and what led us to eventually realize the truth that "911 was an inside job!"


I remember I was in school, in Home Economics class, and there was an announcement on the intercom about how we were having a moment of silence because a plane had just struck one of the twin towers in New York. I thought, it's probably just an accident, why have a moment of silence for it? Then soon after, our principal went on the intercom again and said how a second plane had just hit the second tower. So, of course, by then, it became apparent that this was no accident. For the rest of the day, we didn't have classes, really, they just wheeled TVs into the classrooms, and we all were watching events unfold. They replayed the images over and over, the plane coming in, aiming for the towers, and striking it. People trapped in the upper floors, waving for help. Or jumping out of the buildings to their death. It was unreal. I kept thinking, this is like something out of a movie.


As the hours passed, of course it was the talk of the town, everybody had their TVs on the news channels, and I remember telling my family "This is going to be the start of WW3!" For a while, I had bought the mainstream line of events, and was all about "Yea, go USA, get them terrorists!" Until they invaded Iraq. Then I started getting suspicious. I watched Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911, and became even more suspicious, and told people "I wouldn't be surprised if the US government actually did it". Then I came across Alex Jones, and well, he taught me the truth of what happened, and all about the NWO.


It definitely was a changing day for humanity. Nothing was ever quite the same after 911. Especially not on the world scene, everything changed. There are few events in history that truly change the world. I think 911 was one of those days. So, again, let's remember that day, and reminisce on the time we first learned about it, and always keep in mind who the real perpetrators are, and put our power and energy into seeing them brought to justice, and their dark plans crumble!

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  •  It happened, it was a horrific event and I think because of the media it is in our face and on our minds and in our hearts. I heard and learned more about the people and family's involved and their personal stories, just this past week I can't believe that 10 yrs have passed sense then.

    I think for me getting into details of  where and when would only serve to break me down again, it seemed all these yrs, when I hear about it I am still deepely hurt by it.

    I was just starting my ascension journey, and I realized that I could see things/images especially in pictures, and even being on a group, the name"the unexplained" I felt even there  like an outcast, when I started telling people what i was seeing in the images, but I know now it is very rare, for any 2 people to see the same things even when they too can pick up things in pics or clouds or on walls or what have you.

    Interestingly I was seeing lots of animal energy in the pictures that were being broadcast, and had found a site that expressed what different kinds of animal energy meant.

    I was so comforted, when I realized that these energies were around and were taking care of all the people involved, but it was so hard to express it to anyone at that time!

    I do believe someday we will know the facts, and from the beginning it was highly suspect where this attack came from!

    I didn't think going to war with anyone was the answer, and if we did have to,it would be to protect our home, not to go barging into a country and shoot it up, but to keep another attack from happening here!



    • Well I'm very much into history, and I love hearing peoples stories, so please, everyone, feel free to share your stories and your path towards learning the truth about this event.
      • all you wanna do is rehash all this drama so that people can go through all this pain and deceit again.  You thrive on it!


        • Hi Butterfly,

          Yes I agree, now that you mention it, and from his emotional reaction to my sobre observations, it seems that John Jancar and the words "drama queen," seem synonomous...

          And when Jancar posts discussions, it often entails emotional issues, that cause discord and discomfort for others...


          Now would I ever post a discussion on 911...?? No, because it's over with....and what can be learned from it..?? zilch but pain and suffering for people...!! Disgraceful to rehash 911 on a spiritual website...

          I won't add more to this thread and Jancar's comment to me; "why did you even bother commentng at all," says it all about his character...


          Thanks for your comment, rings true,

          kind regards, Drekx

          • if a something from the exterior causes a reaction on the interior, then it is best that it should be explored and reviewed thoroughly.  this is the path to healing.  there were ,many people who share a  common bond of grief and loss that has to be understood and dealt with, one of the ways this is accomplished is by sharing and listening.  We do not want to not talk about something just because we are afraid it might interupt our nirvana at the moment.


            I myself live for the moment and I find eckhart Tolle to be a very wise teacher, however you can not run from negativity instead it must be faced and transmuted by your higher frequencies which allows for clarity on the subject of the loss, thereby freeing the individuals for a new and fresh perception on the incident, thereby changing their overall perception and allowing for growth and healing. 

          • Yes I am emotional, and I'm proud of that. I feel life very intensely. I have spirit, I have passion, I have life, I am ALIVE, the life force burns strong within me! If you want to feel dead, and be solely in a mental robotic like state, with no emotions, no feelings...well, I say, connect with your HEART more. Real life is felt, not observed. And I feel life very strongly.


            And I haven't seen anyone here feeling anguished, or in pain, or suffering because of sharing their experience of 911 and their path to 911 truth. And obviously that was not my intention. You're being unfair here, you are just looking for reasons to try and tear me down. You can deny it, but I feel it, I know that's what's happening. And it won't work.

          • Oh please, Drekx, you have come on this site and caused more drama than perhaps anybody. Look how many times you have gotten into it with people, and most of them I had no part in lol I even defended you when you were being falsely accused. Strife seems to follow you around whereever you go, and that is a reflection on you, more than anyone else. And then you hold resentment on people. Well unlike you guys, I hold no resentment. And why would you bother commenting, if all you're going to say is "Why are you talking about this, it's not important, focus on the now" well okay, but I don't see anything wrong with learning peoples stories, and seeing how they learned about it, and what led them onto the "inside job" truth. I like hearing people stories. So if you just came here to cause trouble, get out now, that's an order!
            • Sorry John,

              You are not able to give orders here...Your anger is certainly getting the better of you....But then, would a rational mind create a blog to discuss 911...??

              It was an inside job...but I'm sure you have no hard data on P2OG, for example...or the type of cruise missile used against the Pentagon, etc, etc...So your speculation would only cause more distress for the greaving people...

              • I'm not angry, I'm just dominant lol I am authoritative. Sometimes too much, I acknowledge that. I even apologize for it. But I can and will order you off of this blog, if your sole intention is to cause trouble. I didn't post this blog to cause trouble. The people causing trouble here, are you and Butterfly, who even admitted that yea she is here to cause trouble, and she doesn't care, she enjoys it.


                I posted out of purity and innocence, to hear peoples stories. I know that, period. And I don't feel like getting into a haggle with you about who knows more. Like Karen said, I shouldn't dance the tango with you. If you don't like this blog, well...leave. It's just that simple.


                But you know, God bless you anyways, and I still love and respect you, because I don't believe in resentment, we are all children of God.

              • it would seem that speculation runs rampant in many areas on this site.  give the guy a break, he was trying to create an environment for those who have been affected by this and who wants to discuss it.  why would we run from our own pain? should it not be tested and explored?
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