Evaluate and Identify

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Pay closer attention to yourself. Put yourself under the 'microscope'
to say. Evaluate your desires and what makes you happy. Pay close
attention to what repels you and find out the source behind them. Learn
to listen to that voice that has always told you right from wrong.
Explore your doubts. Make an effort to identify your emotions as they
come, to be able to separate them so you can identify why it is, to find
out why you think and react the way you do. Most of these questions
should come naturally and yet some are going to be very uncomfortable or
painful to dig into. Men, in particular, use anger to mask a variety of
emotions without thinking about it.


Truly look at yourself in the mirror and take an honest look into your
core, as only you can. Once you take full measure of yourself, create
the intention to change and heal yourself. Changing your outlook on
life, and therefore creating a new reality, is not as hard as it sounds.
Like a habit you have to want to change these areas. Every fear and
hurt you fill with love will make you stronger. How do I fill it with
love? Simply choose to see positive, choose to see the glass half full.
Use the daily drama to practice your new outlook and things will get
brighter, I promise you. Love will flow it is the way of the universe,
just open yourself to change. That is the hardest part and you are
already on the path!


Things won't always be sunshine, and for a while it will be hard to heal
and stay centered to resist the fear based emotions of anger,
depression, and confusion. Just fall back onto the new knowledge you
have of yourself and you will find strength. Eventually you will be
healed and your love will grow exponentially. Things that bothered you
before, you can find humor in. Oh to walk through your day sharing
smiles, love and compassion to everyone you come in contact with. Life
becomes an adventure full of possibilities. Know that you are strong,
nobody can hurt your spirit but you. There will always be people to help
and support your growth along the way!

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  • I love what you wrote there,,, just put the some in other way below here:) and darckens, should be DARKNESS...
    sorry...probably more mistakes there
  • If you reach deep you can learn to see more light.
    But... don`t let the darcknes surround you, don`t let it stick to your soul.

    Life is our theather,,, our katharsis...
    Don`t ignore pain, sadnes, fear ... anger...
    Only here whe can cut trough them

    and you will keep your heart open
  • Thanks for sharing that. Very well explained. Yes, I think, old habbits and patterns are essential in this case. Our subconscious takes in all the pictures, that we surround ourselves with. Therefore it is important to buy a flower or do a small thing every day, that makes yourself happy, because then at the end your subconscious mind will be filled with beauty and optimistic thoughts. It can be hard to do, when you are totally alone, so in a way it is a struggle between light and dark within.
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