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  1. It is a gloomy fate for me to contemplate an igneous trace of that which was! I was in the fights, I knew about tests, I knocked like others at the doors of the temple. That seductive beauty of the oriental temple put a spark of life into my suffering soul like the lightning that colors the cloud that cries, the rainbow that joy. Sacred image of the pleasant and radiant temple, it was like a wandering star or like a fast meteor, the lightning that opened in my night a fiery furrow of gold. That ineffable sanctuary of Tibet is the lantern and the torch, the breath that blows and the storm that stirs, the calm of the spirit that recreates and the storm that whips. Unfathomable mystery, sweet and strong harmony, severe and serious. God grants me to obtain you as a funeral lyricism, honor and glory of blood, flower of the abyss, mourning and glory of death. Upon this black river of profane existence, the austere and grave truth shines like the silence of the stars above the terrible crash of the waves. And I was subjected to unspeakable tests within those sacred walls, in the sunny courtyard of the temple. How many memories!... May the afternoon fold its golden wing in the void, may those esoteric reminiscences come to my mind for the good of my readers, may the stars twinkle, may the nocturnal birds tell me many things in secret! And in that courtyard of mysteries, an adept lady after so many and so many frightening and terrible tests in a great way, sinisterly showed me the emaciated and horrible figure of death, a bony skull between its two crossed shins... Let me live a little more ... I am working for suffering humanity... I will pay everything I owe, sacrificing myself for the great orphan. Have pity on me. "If you had been prepared you would die in the presence of this figure." This was the answer and then came a terrifying silence. I, vile worm of the mud of the earth, standing next to one of these solemn undefeated columns of the sanctuary... Woe to me! Oh! Oh, tremendous memories came to my mind... I was inside the Sacred Order of Tibet, but this was not new for me, I remembered that in other times I had been there, in that same place, standing next to the same revered column. In the courtyard, around the sacred table, a group of Nirvanakayas were sitting. Oh God! What beautiful robes, garments of paradise! What divine faces! It is obvious that some Sambogakayas were not lacking among them, which -as is known- have three more perfections than the Nirvanakayas. Allow me to say a few words... In these moments, the memory of other times comes to mind. It has been many centuries since I stood here in this very place and next to this column. "If you had not been here before," answered a venerable old man, you would not have knocked on the doors of this temple again. I advanced a few steps, withdrawing from the column to place myself reverently before the table of the saints; the old man who had spoken on behalf of all the elect, rose to make some just recriminations. What a majestic face! He looked like a living Christ, many cosmic days and nights were reflected in his eyes, his sacred beard was a living representation of the universal verb of life, and his immaculate hair falling on his ineffable shoulders reminded us of the old man of the days of the Hebrew Kabbalah. He spoke and said terrible things; he mentioned a woman I had met after the submergence of the old Atlantis continent. "Do you remember Jane Smith?" "Yes, venerable master, I remember her." Clearly I had failed for her in the old days. "Do you remember that another Jane Smith?" "Yes venerable master, I remember her." Then the living memory of a Tibetan queen came to mind. In Central Asia, in the very heart of the Himalayas, on one side of Tibet, there existed a marvelous kingdom about a thousands of years ago. The inhabitants of that ancient country were the result of an Aryan-Atlantis mixture. Every esoteric knows very well that the first sub-race of our current fifth root race flourished in Central Asia. I lived in that old country and knew the aforementioned queen, the one that the Master reminded me of in a recriminating way. She came to me when I was a priest of the Holy Order of Tibet. The unhappy woman suffered and told me her tragedies. The monarch, her husband, was in love with another woman and it is natural that the unfortunate queen had fallen into despair. I wanted to help her, I did what I could for her but I made serious mistakes. Assaulting the mind of others is a crime and it would be absurd to deny my own mistakes, I used psychic powers in an obviously negative way and I even made the mistake of receiving some money. The royal treasurer paid me the sum, at the expense of the queen. The husband abandoned the concubine, the king and queen reconciled for the good of that country. Apparently I did well, but let's remember the words of Master El Morya: "Among the cadences of the verse crime is also hidden." To all lights it is clear to understand that I fell into the absurd, that I did stupid things and for that reason, despite being twice born, I was severely punished. There was the old man reminding me of all these things and it is clear that my moral pain was frightening in a great way. -Did you join the Order of the Garter? -Yes, venerable Master, I did, was my answer. How can I deny it? The look of that most sacred old man pierced my heart, impossible to hide from the divinity. I then remembered that old personality I had in old Rome. I was given the mission to establish a strong stage for the fourth sub-race of this fifth root race and so I used the human personality of Julius Caesar. I formed the Great Roman Empire, I fought like a lion in Gaul and everyone knows that I was killed by Brutus, the traitor. I had no need to join the Order of the Garter, the secret laws of the Great Universal Life would have helped me anyway without the aforementioned Roman institution. After those recriminations I felt ashamed of myself, embarrassed and with a heavy heart. An adept lady disguised in the costume of a ritual executioner resolutely advanced towards me with the sacred whip in her right hand, I immediately understood that I had to go through the evangelical flogging. I walked toward the interior of the temple, slowly... along that ancient patio surrounded by archaic walls. Go dead! Go dead! Exclaimed the lady just as she was actually whipping me with the sacred whip. Yes, that is what I want, to die, to die, to die; and those lashes, instead of producing in me that frightening pain of torture, entered me as if they were electric rays, benefiting me, because I felt inside me that those entities that constitute the pluralized I were struck down to death. Many years of my life have passed and I have never been able to forget this cosmic event that occurred in the heart of the Himalayas.
  2. So many things come to mind... One night, in deep intimate meditation, I abandoned the illusory world of Maya, and freed from those shackles of bitter existence, I submerged myself during samadhi in the world of the spirit. There is no greater pleasure than that of feeling with the soul detached from the body, the affections and the mind. Immense is the ineffable joy of those Diamond Souls who were lost among the Great Alaya of the Universe. And inebriated by ecstasy I entered through the doors of the temple with transparent walls and with the open Eye of Dagma, with that spiritual vision of the Adept or Jivanmukta I looked down, in the depths, and then I saw at the bottom of the abyss of the mind many loved ones. Oceans of the cosmic mind, precipice, cliff, frightening depth... who suffer. Oh!... do not desolate me like this, have mercy on me, stop our diversion now, eyes that give me anguish, eyes that look like dew-soaked leaves. And those shadows dilated melancholy and strangely, taking on mysterious traces of smoke that extinguish inks of flame. Murmur of confused words, vague and with deep sadness in the soul... Poor shadows! Various forms of the world of the mind! Just as the furious sea inclemently whips the beach with its waves, so does the world of the mind, the sea of understanding as whip the threshold of the temple with transparent walls. Litelantes, the lady adept, exclaimed indignantly: "Those women are very annoying, they try to get here!" and unsheathed her flaming sword, I did the same. These swords whirled for a menacing instant, spewing devouring fire everywhere. And those vain shadows of the universal mind, terrified, were lost in the frightful abyss of Maya. In the absence of body, effects and mind, we come to directly experience that which is Truth.
  3. One night, no matter what, neither the date, nor the day, nor the hour, I talked with an adept of the White Brotherhood in the Parallel Universe of the Fifth Dimension; the conversation was indeed soft and delicious and flowed slowly like a river of gold under the thick forest of the sun. Suddenly under the sublime foliage of the tree of life, I questioned him thus: - Do you have a physical body? Are you aware? It is obvious, ostensible, that the answers left me fully satisfied. -Yes, I am awake, I have a physical body, but right now I feel that my Consciousness begins to fall asleep by degrees, slowly, little by little, as my dense vehicle attracts me towards what is called a waking state. The most interesting thing was that ineffable moment in which the adept, floating ecstatically in the sidereal environment, beatifically joined his two feet in such a way that the soles of these made contact with each other; then, it is evident that it seemed to grow stronger; his consciousness regained lucidity. It is clear that I imitated his example and the adept explained the key to me saying: -With this secret, you will be able to resist the magnetic attraction of the dense body and thus you will be able to remain outside as long as you want.
  4. After having died in myself I was confirmed in the light, so I entered the temple and signed my documents. Ascending to the first lunar-type heaven was the next step; the adepts taught me to protect myself from the fatal attraction that the sub-lunar hells exert on one. I was given a branch to smell that exerted something very special on me. That delicate fragrance really had the flavor of sanctity. "With this perfume you will be able to defend yourself against lunar attraction", exclaimed the adept who was instructing me. I really know that adept, he is none other than the senior instructor of the Temple of the Twice-Born; its character is like the lemon, but it radiates infinite wisdom and love without limits or shores. Who wants to go up must first go down, that's the law. Every exaltation is preceded by a humiliation.
  5. Returning to the old Tibetan monastery was always my greatest wish; I returned to that holy place after having suffered much. I needed, yes, according to ancient uses and customs, someone who would answer for me, a charitable soul, a godfather to introduce me to the order, and it is obvious that I had him, thank God! He paid my entrance fee, or better we would say re-entry into the venerated order, with esoteric money unknown to the human multitudes. For the return there are no parties; This is how it is written and the divine and the human know it. Simply and without any ostentation I resumed my position within the order and continued in the work that I had once abandoned when I strayed from the straight path. I restarted my work doing charity; it was necessary to help a poor soul inside the monastery who had knocked on our doors looking for the light. "Ask and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened to you" That is Love... The fire of charity works miracles. Unfortunately that supplicant was too sleepy; I really made enormous efforts to wake her up, but everything was useless. It is obvious that this suffering creature had not even begun to fight against Seth's demons (the Ego), his consciousness was totally bottled up within the self. Oh, old monastery protected by ancient walls! How much I love you! How can we forget that ineffable courtyard and that sacred table before which the Nirvanakayas of compassion sit? How can we forget those work rooms and all the multiple and varied ineffable corridors through which the adepts of the Light circulate and come and go?
  6. Now you will understand, conspicuous readers, why I was required to die. Only by eliminating the ego could I return to the Holy Order of Tibet. But, oh my God!, remember dear reader that there are no roses without thorns, you know it. How much pain I felt when going through all the towns and villages of Tibet! Everywhere, here, there and everywhere, I could see Chinese-communist troops that had treacherously invaded the land of the adepts. How dreadful are the profaners! See here the red soldiers at the very gates of the sacred pagodas, cynically mocking what they do not understand. To the divine Padma Sambhava, incarnation of the Lotus, protector of all conscient beings, I beg freedom for Tibet. To all the sublime Fathers and Mothers of the Buddhas of the five orders, I beg to ward off forever the barbarian hordes that have murdered the saints. Bhagavan Aclaiva, Master Protector of our Holy Order; drive away from Tibet the brutalizing hordes of Marxism. Ah! The Tathagata (Buddha) well knows how much I had to suffer when contemplating the terrible solitude of the Valley of Amitabha. What happened to those religious festivals that once cheered up the sublime valley? Now only the bloodthirsty hosts of Marxism are seen everywhere; How long will this bitterness continue? Fortunately, the monastery of the Sacred Order of Tibet is very well protected within the fourth-fifth dimension. –
  7. I am going now with an open soul to relate to you a transcendental mystical experience... Listen to me, please... The peasant night is wounding me in its chaste beauty with all its splendor of reason in principle. We -a group of Gnostic brothers-, holding hands, made a magical chain in the patio of the house. We prayed a lot, yes!, and then we made an invocation to Anael, the Angel of Love. Above the sober walls, swaying by the breeze, the limpid branches laughed deliciously, the graceful freshness of their laughter reeled off the silver of the stream crowned of lace. A clear and sweet voice disturbed my senses. Was it the voice of the siren or the lullaby of the sea? Look, look, look... the angel Anael is coming...! Yes! Yes! Yes! we all answered. Our attentive eyes rested on a handful of white doves that happily flew over our dwelling... I still remember the bird of silver and fire, so pure, so tender, so soft... that was the guide. Anael! Anael! Anael!... we all exclaimed... The night was sweet and peaceful, dim and fragrant... It tasted like roses... Then came a pause after so many shouts of joy; we waited... we sighed... those sublime birds disappeared in the mystery, and then... three measured and rhythmic knocks resounded solemnly at the door of the house; I myself hastily opened... There they are!... They are...! They arrived…!, so exclaimed all the brothers of the group. We all went out to receive the group of beautiful, terribly divine celestial children... It made me want to play... We were able to verify that those beautiful creatures came dressed in the wedding dress of the soul (the solar bodies). Within the soul of these angels so pure we find nothing that in one way or another could resemble the self of psychology. Within those children only the Being shines. It is obvious that those holy gods intensely love poor suffering humanity. It is ostensible that in some remote past these venerable ones worked in the Forge of the Cyclops. Their glorious bodies make them immortal in all departments of the kingdom... It is not difficult to guess that they radically eliminated the lunar bodies (the ego). I humbly prostrated myself at the feet of Anael, the Angel of Love... I needed to ask her something... The answer left me fully satisfied. Many years have passed and I am still meditating... Impossible to forget all this... Today, digging through rancid chronicles with the tenacity of a cleric in a cell, I write for others to read. We, the brothers of that group, still remember the presence of those ineffable beings, their enchanting voice, their majestic bearing... The light of the pure spirit touched our temples, wounding us with swords, glare, turning shadows into lights, step into dance, stillness in sculpture and the timid violence of the air in hair, clouds, treasures, joy...
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  1. One day, some friend and my person returned from the picturesque city of Taxco, Republic of Mexico. We were coming to the Federal District in a ramshackle vehicle, which, due to the unbearable weight of the years, roared terrifyingly stentorian with much loud clatter. It was curious to see that old vehicle in full swing, it overheated horrifyingly and terrifyingly like something horrific and my friend Raphael had the patience to deal with it. From time to time we stopped in the shade of a tree on the road to pour water on it and cool it down a bit. This was a task of my friend Raphael, I preferred to take advantage of those moments to immerse myself in deep meditation. Now I remember something very interesting. Sitting by the side of the road outside that curious old geezer, I saw some insignificant ants that were industrious and diligent circulating everywhere. Suddenly I resolved to put my mind in order and concentrate my attention exclusively on one of them. Then I moved on to meditation and finally ecstasy came, samadhi, that which in Zen Buddhism is called Satori. What I experienced was extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; I was able to verify the intimate relationship between the ant and what Leibinitz would call the Monad. It is obvious to fully understand that such a guiding monad is certainly not incarnated, stuck within the body of the ant; It is clear that she lives outside her physical body, however she is connected to her dense vehicle through the silver cord. Such a cord is the thread of life, the sevenfold Antakarana of the Hindustani, something magnetic and subtle that has the power to extend or lengthen infinitely. That monad of the insignificant ant, observed so carefully by me, truly seemed like a beautiful twelve-year-old girl; He was dressed in a beautiful white tunic and had a small dark blue cape on his shoulders. And what did the girl say? Terrible things. She told me about her karma, horrible by the way. We talked at length inside the carriage; she entered it herself and sitting down invited me to the conversation. I humbly sat down next to her. Many centuries before the first human race appeared on the face of the earth, those non-human creatures that today lived in this world. These creatures thoroughly knew the good from the bad and the bad from the good; Certainly, and in the name of Truth, I have to say that they were "old souls", they had evolved a great deal, but never in life had they entered the path of the revolution of consciousness. It is obvious that evolution can never lead anyone to intimate self-realization. It is hardly normal that all evolution is inevitably followed by involution. To every ascent comes a descent, to every ascent comes a descent. These creatures renounced the idea of superior knowledge and the esoteric circle of life and based their faith on a "jargon" of the Marxist-Leninist type. His way of understanding was undoubtedly more mistaken and more serious than Adam's and the result is visible to everyone. Those are the ants, regressive, , retarded creatures. Those beings altered their own organism, they horribly modified it, they made it go back in time until they reached the current state they are in. Today we are amazed to contemplate an anthill; we only regret that there is no intelligence there and that everything has become mechanical.
  2. I owed karma from previous lives and was forgiven; A special meeting with my Divine Mother Kundalini had already been announced to me, I knew very well that upon reaching a certain esoteric degree I would be taken to her presence. And certainly the long-awaited day came and I was brought before her; a highly exalted adept led me before the Sanctuary. And there, oh God!, I cried out... I prayed... I invoked my adorable one. The cosmic event was extraordinary. She came to me, my Adorable Mother. Impossible to explain what I felt, in it were represented all those little mothers that I had had in different reincarnations. However, she went further... my Mother yes, but perfect, ineffable, terribly divine. The Father had deposited in her all the grace of his wisdom; the Christ had saturated her with his love; the Holy Spirit had conferred on her terrible igneous powers. I was able to understand that wisdom, love and power were vividly expressed in my Mother. We sat facing each other, she in one chair, I in another, and we talked deliciously like Mother and Son. How happy! How happy I felt talking with my Divine Mother! I had something to say and I spoke in a voice that amazed myself. -I ask you to forgive me for all my felony committed in previous lives, because you know that today I would be incapable of falling into those same mistakes. -I know, my son, replied my Mother with a voice of paradise full of infinite love. "Not even for a million dollars would I make those mistakes again," I continued saying to my Divine Mother Kundalini. -What is that of dollars, my son? Why do you say that? Why do you talk like that? Then, oh God, I felt sorry for myself, confused. Embarrassed and full of pain I replied: - Excuse me, my mother. What happens is that there in the physical, vain and illusory world where I live, people talk like that. -I understand, my son... -my Mother answered. These words from the adorable one restored my tranquility and peace. -Now yes, my mother, I ask you to bless me and forgive me. So I spoke full of ecstasy. Terrible was that moment when my Mother on her knees, kneeling with infinite humility and full of wisdom, love and power, blessed me saying: -My son, you are forgiven. -Allow me to kiss your feet, my mother, I exclaimed. Then, oh God! Placing my mystical kiss on her sacred plants, she instructed me with a certain symbol, reminding me of the washing of feet at the Lord's Supper. I understood everything and understood thoroughly. I had already dissolved the pluralized self in the mineral regions, in the infernal worlds of Nature, but I needed to burn the satanic seeds in the lower molecular world, the purgatorial region, and then bathe myself with Lethe and Eunoe to erase the memories of the evil and fortify the virtues before to be confirmed in the light. Later I found myself in a very painful scene from my past life where I had made a regrettable mistake, and when I was about to be hit by a car, I fully evidenced ad nauseam that I was free from Karma. I studied my own book of Karma in the Superior Worlds and found its blank pages, there I only found the name of a mountain written on one of its pages, I understood that later I would have to live there. -Is it some karma?, I asked the Lords of the Law. -It is not karma -I was answered- you will go to live there for the good of the Great Cause. It is clear that it will not be mandatory for me, I am granted free choice.
  3. I speak to human beings based on direct experience, I am an Avatar of Ishvara. Really Ishvara (the supreme Master) is a very special Purusha, exempt from suffering, from actions, from their results and desires. Brahman, the Ocean of the Spirit, manifests as Ishvara, the Master of Masters, The Governor of the Universe. He is the Master, even for the old Masters, never being limited by time. The word that manifests to him is AUM. And came to me Ishvara and told me: -You must deliver messages, pamphlets and to form army of world salvation. –That is what the Lord said
  4. . In these moments ineffable memories come to mind. One night in autumn I was talking deliciously with an adept in the superior worlds. Conversing with an Elder Brother in the parallel universes of the higher dimensions is certainly something impossible for those who are asleep, for those poor people who dream. But luckily I'm awake. Varied was the topic of the conversation, the dialogue was developed in synthesis. Litelantes listened and was silent... it is obvious that she is also awake and enjoys accompanying me... she is my priestess wife. And that talk flowed deliciously like a river of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. The venerable one wanted an interview with me here below, in the physical world, in the three-dimensional region. It was necessary to define the factors of time and place. Litelantes protested; twelve o'clock at night and so far from our house, in the very center of Mexico City... Her protests were useless, he and I set the appointment and gave the floor. The autumn months passed... I waited with great interest for the long-awaited New Year 1968. However, everything passes... and I didn't have to wait too long, the long-awaited night arrived. I left home early - that's how it had to be - because that's a night with many visits, I had to anticipate. A taxi took me to the Zócalo. I had to get off exactly on one of the corners of the Plaza de la Constitución. I had to pay the ticket. “How much do I owe you?”, “Two pesos, sir”. "Here you are, get paid." The driver received the money without even remotely sensing anything about me or the reason for my trip. What can a sleeper know? Did the poor driver know my studies? What could you demand? Just another dreamer driving a taxi... that's all. And I walked through the very center of the Zócalo, I stopped before a large iron pole, this was the pole of the national flag, the exact place of the mysterious meeting. It is obvious that I had to first recognize the place and so it happened, but we still hadn't arrived even at ten o'clock at night. I walked along Avenue 5 de Mayo slowly... slowly... and I reached the Alameda Park. The winter ice that encourages the hills where nuances or aromas never sway, came down in fresh torrents of silver covering the withered meadows. I sat on a park bench, the cold of that winter night was certainly tremendous. Here and there and everywhere the wrapped children frolicked; The elders talked austerely about things that were perhaps very serious, or at least very unimportant; the lovers smiled with luciferian gazes of fire; lights of various colors shone and there was no lack, as is hardly normal among that motley and picturesque of the eve New Year's human ensemble, some costumes; people who enjoyed having a photograph taken before the three wise men. Smoke rising from the mountain, dark nostalgia, strange passion, insatiable thirst, deadly tedium, tender longing, indefinite subconscious, longing for the impossible, is what humanity feels at times like this. Several times I walked near the crystalline fountains contemplating beautiful things next to the pine trees: balloons of various colors, symbolic representations of the old and new year, cars pulled by the goats of Capricorn, etc. Again and again, slowly turning down 5 de Mayo Avenue, I approached on several occasions the pole of our national flag in the living center of the Plaza de la Constitución. I anxiously looked around, the glorious place was relatively alone and to make matters worse the pavilion of the Homeland did not shine on that night with the eagle of the spirit, the sacred serpent and the prickly pear of the will. Dark Alexanders and Spartacuses! How far you are from understanding all this; in the bloody labors of war, sower of laurels and misfortunes, you were idols of clay that fell to the ground in pieces. In sublime absorption I delved into my own mind, meditating on the mystery of life and death. There was only half an hour left for the usual appointment of the mystery. Many times I walked silently around the Zócalo of the mall. Suddenly, looking at the clock, I sighed deeply, saying in a voice that amazed me: "Finally, the time is near!" It was necessary to speed up the pace a little more to return once again to the place of the longed-for appointment. The chimes of the old Metropolitan Cathedral resounded, when I anxiously stopped before the national flagpole, it was only fifteen minutes before twelve; I looked around me as if inquiring, as if looking for some sign that would indicate the presence of the master. Countless questions assailed me. Wouldn't this Guru be able to keep the appointment? Perhaps the adept had not passed on the memory of this commitment to his physical brain? At last, oh God!, the twelve chimes of the New Year resound in the towers of the temple. I started to feel disappointed when something unusual happens. I see three people in front of me. It's a foreign family. The gentleman advances alone towards me, I observe him attentively, I know those features, that majestic continent; is the master. He congratulates me, hugs me, wishes me total success for the year 1968, then leaves. However, I notice something strange in him, he has come like an unconscious sleepwalker, as if moved by a force superior to him; this alarms me, it makes me a little sad. Is it possible that the master's consciousness is awake in the higher worlds and asleep in the physical world? This is certainly strange, enigmatic, profound. After the meeting with the master I no longer felt disappointed, in my heart there was joy. I advanced towards the atrium of the old cathedral; I was waiting, yes, and suddenly my son Osiris came, he was driving his little fire-colored chariot, he stopped for a moment to pick me up and drive me home. Did the master keep your appointment? That was his first question, and since the answer was affirmative, it is clear that he was very happy and then kept silent. It is useful to say that after that event I had a new interview with the master in the superior worlds. I thanked him for meeting the appointment and congratulated him; The Guru, very happy, felt satisfied at having been able to lead his human personality to the previously agreed place. It is easy to understand that the man who came to me was the Bodhisattva of the master. And he came asleep... What pain! He was a fallen Boddhisattwa... however, the master managed to control him and lead him like an automaton, like a puppet, to the meeting place.
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  1. One night, no matter the day or the hour, traveling in the astral body through the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I arrived ecstatic before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous temple of the Twice Born. The guardian of the Great Mysteries, hieratic and terrible as always, was at the door, and when I tried to enter, something unusual happened. Looking at me fixedly, he said with a severe voice: -Among the group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere and who after having worked in this region presented themselves to this temple, you are the most advanced, but now you are stagnant in progress. Those words of the guardian, pronounced with such severity on the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, indecisive and the only thing that occurred to me was to ask: - Why? The hierarch, answering my question, said: -Because you lack love. -How? -I replied- I love humanity, I am working for all human beings, I don't understand what you are saying. What is this lack of love? -You have forgotten your mother, you are an ungrateful son -explained the guardian, and the way in which he intoned such words, as well as pain, I confess that they terrified me. "But I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her for a long time," I said, believing that he was referring to my earthly parent from whom I had to get away while I was still very young. - How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is? -Refuted the guardian, and then continued saying-: I tell you for your own good, you are harming yourself. I truly confess that only after several days and futile inquiries to locate my earthly mother in the world, I was finally able to understand the enigmatic words of the Temple's guardian. Ah!... but the fact is that pseudo-esoteric and even pseudo-occultist literature, which abounds so much in the market, says nothing about that. If I had known before? Anyway, I thought so many things and prayed. To pray is to talk with God and I secretly prayed to the eternal feminine, to God the Mother. Then I learned that each creature has its own Particular Divine Mother and I even learned the secret name of mine. It is clear that at that time I suffered unspeakably dissolving the ego, struggling to reduce it to cosmic dust. The most terrible thing of all is that I had reached the Second Birth and understood very well that if I did not manage to die within myself I would fail, I would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a Hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. My efforts seemed useless, I failed the tests, and if I had continued like this, it is clear that the failure would have been terrible. Fortunately, thank God!, the guardian of the temple knew how to warn me and advise me. The work was terrible, the failures told me exactly where the flaws were. As proof it was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me the basic defect, the error. Meditating on each error was enough for understanding, although I was able to clearly evidence that there are degrees and degrees in understanding. Eliminating is something else, someone can understand any defect without being able to eradicate it. If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, the work is incomplete, then it would be impossible to eliminate defects. Every defect understood was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Finally, one day, I reviewed my work in Tartarus, in Hell, in the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes. And sailing through the waters of Acheron, within  the Charon's boat, I reached the other shore to review the work and then I saw thousands of devil egos, my associates, parts of myself, living in those regions. I wanted to resurrect something, an effigy that symbolized my own Adam of sin that lay like a corpse in the muddy waters of the river. Then my Divine Mother, dressed in mourning like a sorrowful woman, told me with a voice full of infinite love, "That is already quite dead, I have nothing to get out of it." Certainly my Mother had extracted from me all that legion of ego-devils,  all that set of dark entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego. This is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized self, this is how I managed to reduce to dust all those aggregates that form the   myself.
  2. Some time ago I had the high honor of being invited to a secret council of the Great White Lodge. I must clearly inform the world that Hata Yoga was then disqualified, disapproved
  3. Come to my memory those times in which I left the underworld to enter the purgatorial region. My Mother had already thoroughly instructed me, converted into a true dolorous; She had sailed with me in the boat of Charon, she had shown me the dissolution of the pluralized ego and finally she had taught me that the mind devoid of ego continues with the bad tendencies. Oh my God!... When the pluralized ego dissolves, it leaves its seeds of perdition in the mind. I therefore needed to incinerate those bad seeds of the poisonous herb, it was necessary to enter the purgatorial region of the lower molecular world to burn the seedbed of ego. I approached until I reached the place that before had seemed to me to be a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall and I saw a door to which one climbed by three steps of different colors; On that terrible portico was engraved with indelible characters the word "Purgatory." And I saw a doorman who had not yet uttered a word, that genius was standing on the top step, he was an angel of extraordinary beauty, imposing, severe, terribly divine; in his right hand was a naked sword that reflected lightning. Anyone who tries to enter the purgatorial region prostrates himself devoutly at the feet of that angel and begs him for mercy to open, before giving himself three chest blows. Unforgettable and terrible moments are those in which the angel writes the letter "P" on the initiate's forehead with his sword, repeated seven times. Then the following phrase is heard from his lips: "Try to wash these stains when you are inside." Do you remember the case of Lot's wife? Looking back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. In the same way, the angel of Purgatory warns that the one who looks back, after having entered the lower molecular world, loses his work, he goes back out the way he entered. This means absolute repentance, not repeating the same mistakes of the past, not committing a crime. Whoever looks back fails, repeats the same mistakes, returns to the sinful past, does not purify himself. Anyone who looks back becomes a purgatorial failure. In purgatory one must march steadily forward. I saw and heard horrible things in Purgatory; reliving there all the bestialities of ancient times, I felt truly converted into a mud pig. One of those many days, talking with a fellow soul in Purgatory, I told her: -My sister, here we have become pigs. "That's right," he replied, "here we have become pigs." Time passed and I suffered unspeakably incinerating evil seeds; removing crap. And many fellow souls in the purgatorial region seemed like rotting corpses lying on beds of pain; they eliminated seeds, horrible filthy larvae, bad tendencies. Those poor souls sighed and groaned. I never forgot my Divine Mother, I always begged her to help me in this purgatorial work, to eliminate this or that psychological defect. The fight against myself was terrible. Finally, one night, the Blessed Goddess Mother Kundalini entered the purgatorial region disguised as a man. I recognized her intuitively. Why did you dress up as a man? – I asked-. -To enter these regions, was her answer. -When will you get me out of here? She, the adorable one, then set the date and time. -The viewer instruction will come later, she continued. It is clear that I understood everything. Several details confirmed my Mother's word; the seven "P" had already been erased little by little one by one, the purifications were evident, pathetic, clear, positive.
  4. The Divine Mother Kundalini always keeps her word. I waited patiently for the day and date and time. The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of it; I longed for emancipation. Cato, the angel of Purgatory, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls. This angel suffered enough when he lived in the world; any Initiate knows that this being was a man and that he preferred death in Utica, Africa, before living under the chains of slavery. I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted to me. Every time a soul leaves the purgatorial region, it causes intense joy in Cato's heart. And the longed-for moment arrived..., I had known the temporal and the eternal fire, I had left the steep paths and the narrows and I had to meet the sun within my own soul. I felt that something mysterious was forcing, violating from the unknown the intimate atomic doors of my Inner Universe. Useless were my fears, the vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, pressed and finally, oh my God!, I felt transformed; the COSMIC CHRIST had entered me. And my individuality? Where was he? What had become of my vain human personality? Where was it? Only memories of the Holy Land came to mind; the humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; the Transfiguration; Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets; the human multitudes of those times; doctors of the law, the Pharisees; the Sadducees, etc. I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which the modern caiaphas were seated, the highest dignitaries of the Failed Church; they, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, projected, devised, secretly plotted insidious and perfidious plans against me. -You thought I wouldn't come back and here I am again. That was the only thing I could think of to say. Moments later the Lord had left me and I felt like an individual again. Then together with Litelantes I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross. I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with Litelantes. Then she and I walked towards the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the Christ has no individuality and that he incarnates and manifests himself in any Man who is duly prepared. Hercules has repeated in me all his deeds, all his works, he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young. The Christ, Hercules, practices what he preaches and every time he incarnates in a man he repeats all his cosmic drama that is why the Lord is a Master of Masters.
  5. If people woke up consciousness, they could talk face to face with the nymphs of the stormy ocean. I met two wonderful nymphs when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty. One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated in the water and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and a lot of divine; she looked more like an Indian with bare feet. The other had the marvelous color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth, the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate drawing of that face her eyes shone. The dawn was scratching the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed on the rocks of the cliffs.
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  1. One night, no matter the day or the hour, traveling in the astral body through the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I arrived ecstatic before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous temple of the Twice Born. The guardian of the Great Mysteries, hieratic and terrible as always, was at the door, and when I tried to enter, something unusual happened. Looking at me fixedly, he said with a severe voice: -Among the group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere and who after having worked in this region presented themselves to this temple, you are the most advanced, but now you are stagnant in progress. Those words of the guardian, pronounced with such severity on the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, indecisive and the only thing that occurred to me was to ask: - Why? The hierarch, answering my question, said: -Because you lack love. -How? -I replied- I love humanity, I am working for all human beings, I don't understand what you are saying. What is this lack of love? -You have forgotten your mother, you are an ungrateful son -explained the guardian, and the way in which he intoned such words, as well as pain, I confess that they terrified me. "But I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her for a long time," I said, believing that she was referring to my earthly parent from whom I had to get away while I was still very young. - How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is? -Refuted the guardian, and then continued saying-: I tell you for your own good, you are harming yourself. I truly confess that only after several days and futile inquiries to locate my earthly mother in the world, I was finally able to understand the enigmatic words of the Temple's guardian. Ah!... but the fact is that pseudo-esoteric and even pseudo-occultist literature, which abounds so much in the market, says nothing about that. If I had known before? Anyway, I thought so many things and prayed. To pray is to talk with God and I secretly prayed to the eternal feminine, to God the Mother. Then I learned that each creature has its own Particular Divine Mother and I even learned the secret name of mine. It is clear that at that time he suffered unspeakably dissolving the ego, struggling to reduce it to cosmic dust. The most terrible thing of all is that I had reached the Second Birth and understood very well that if I did not manage to die within myself I would fail, I would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a Hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. My efforts seemed useless, I failed the tests, and if I had continued like this, it is clear that the failure would have been terrible. Fortunately, thank God!, the guardian of the temple knew how to warn me and advise me. The work was terrible, the failures told me exactly where the flaws were. As proof it was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me the basic defect, the error. Meditating on each error was enough for understanding, although I was able to clearly evidence that there are degrees and degrees in understanding. Eliminating is something else, someone can understand any defect without being able to eradicate it. If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, the work is incomplete, then it would be impossible to eliminate defects. Every defect understood was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Finally, one day, I reviewed my work in Tartarus, in Hell, in the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes. And sailing through the waters of Acheron, stuck in Charon's boat, I reached the other shore to review the work and then I saw thousands of devil egos, my associates, parts of myself, living in those regions. I wanted to resurrect something, an effigy that symbolized my own Adam of sin that lay like a corpse in the muddy waters of the river. Then my Divine Mother, dressed in mourning like a sorrowful woman, told me with a voice full of infinite love, "That is already quite dead, I have nothing to get out of it." Certainly my Mother had extracted from me all that legion of ego-devils,  all that set of dark entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego. This is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized self, this is how I managed to reduce to dust all those aggregates that form the   myself.
  2. Some time ago I had the high honor of being invited to a secret council of the Great White Lodge. I must clearly inform the world that Hata Yoga was then disqualified, disapproved
  3. Come to my memory those times in which I left the underworld to enter the purgatorial region. My Mother had already thoroughly instructed me, converted into a true dolorous; She had sailed with me in the boat of Charon, she had shown me the dissolution of the pluralized ego and finally she had taught me that the mind devoid of ego continues with the bad tendencies. Oh my God!... When the pluralized ego dissolves, it leaves its seeds of perdition in the mind. I therefore needed to incinerate those bad seeds of the poisonous herb, it was necessary to enter the purgatorial region of the lower molecular world to burn the seedbed of ego. I approached until I reached the place that before had seemed to me to be a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall and I saw a door to which one climbed by three steps of different colors; On that terrible portico was engraved in indelible characters the word "Purgatory." And I saw a doorman who had not yet uttered a word, that genius was standing on the top step, he was an angel of extraordinary beauty, imposing, severe, terribly divine; in his right hand was a naked sword that reflected lightning. Anyone who tries to enter the purgatorial region prostrates himself devoutly at the feet of that angel and begs him for mercy to open, before giving himself three chest blows. Unforgettable and terrible moments are those in which the angel writes the letter "P" on the initiate's forehead with his sword, repeated seven times. Then the following phrase is heard from his lips: "Try to wash these stains when you are inside." Do you remember the case of Lot's wife? Looking back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. In the same way, the angel of Purgatory warns that the one who looks back, after having entered the lower molecular world, loses his work, he goes back out the way he entered. This means absolute repentance, not repeating the same mistakes of the past, not committing a crime. Whoever looks back fails, repeats the same mistakes, returns to the sinful past, does not purify himself. Anyone who looks back becomes a purgatorial failure. In purgatory one must march steadily forward. I saw and heard horrible things in Purgatory; reliving there all the bestialities of ancient times, I felt truly converted into a mud pig. One of those many days, talking with a fellow soul in Purgatory, I told her: -My sister, here we have become pigs. "That's right," he replied, "here we have become pigs." Time passed and I suffered unspeakably incinerating evil seeds; removing crap. And many fellow souls in the purgatorial region seemed like rotting corpses lying on beds of pain; they eliminated seeds, horrible filthy larvae, bad tendencies. Those poor souls sighed and groaned. I never forgot my Divine Mother, I always begged her to help me in this purgatorial work, to eliminate this or that psychological defect. The fight against myself was terrible. Finally, one night, the Blessed Goddess Mother Kundalini entered the purgatorial region disguised as a man. I recognized her intuitively. Why did you dress up as a man? – I asked-. -To enter these regions, was her answer. -When will you get me out of here? She, the adorable one, then set the date and time. -The viewer instruction will come later, she continued. It is clear that I understood everything. Several details confirmed my Mother's word; the seven "P" had already been erased little by little one by one, the purifications were evident, pathetic, clear, positive.
  4. The Divine Mother Kundalini always keeps her word. I waited patiently for the day and date and time. The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of it; I longed for emancipation. Cato, the angel of Purgatory, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls. This angel suffered enough when he lived in the world; any Initiate knows that this being was a man and that he preferred death in Utica, Africa, before living under the chains of slavery. I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted to me. Every time a soul leaves the purgatorial region, it causes intense joy in Cato's heart. And the longed-for moment arrived..., I had known the temporal and the eternal fire, I had left the steep paths and the narrows and I had to meet the sun within my own soul. I felt that something mysterious was forcing, violating from the unknown the intimate atomic doors of my Inner Universe. Useless were my fears, the vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, pressed and finally, oh my God!, I felt transformed; the COSMIC CHRIST had entered me. And my individuality? Where was he? What had become of my vain human personality? Where was it? Only memories of the Holy Land came to mind; the humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; the Transfiguration; Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets; the human multitudes of those times; doctors of the law, the Pharisees; the Sadducees, etc. I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which the modern caiaphas were seated, the highest dignitaries of the Failed Church; they, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, projected, devised, secretly plotted insidious and perfidious plans against me. -You thought I wouldn't come back and here I am again. That was the only thing I could think of to say. Moments later the Lord had left me and I felt like an individual again. Then together with Litelantes I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross. I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with Litelantes. Then she and I walked towards the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the Christ has no individuality and that he incarnates and manifests himself in any Man who is duly prepared. Hercules has repeated in me all his deeds, all his works, he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young. The Christ, Hercules, practices what he preaches and every time he incarnates in a man he repeats all his cosmic drama that is why the Lord is a Master of Masters.
  5. If people woke up consciousness, they could talk face to face with the nymphs of the stormy ocean. I met two wonderful nymphs when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty. One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated in the water and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and a lot of divine; she looked more like an Indian with bare feet. The other had the marvelous color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth, the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate drawing of that face her eyes shone. The dawn was scratching the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed on the rocks of the cliffs.
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  1. Divine night, here I am, finally alone with myself, listening in the voices of Isaiah to your insinuating clamor that names me. Enchanting night, Urania, my life, for you to be sick is to be healthy; All the stories that in remote childhood amuse the mortal are nothing to you, which is why you smell better than the fragrance of enchanted sleepy gardens, and because you are more diaphanous, my good, than the diaphanous crystal palace. With fruitful ardor, without any accident, with simple piety, I crossed the streets of the capital city of Mexico. Crossed city at midnight, between ineffable crystals clean of all fog. Who, shouting my name, runs through the dwelling? Who calls in the night with such a delicious accent? It is a breath of wind that weeps in the tower, it is a sweet thought. I climbed the old tower of the Metropolitan Cathedral singing my poem with the voice of silence. The mists on the mountain peaks were lost. From lands that have suffered tremendous convulsions, from craters and vomit and lava, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl emerged as if by enchantment to delight the eyes, the two legendary volcanoes that guard the Valley of Mexico as ancient guardians. And beyond the distant mountains I saw ineffable worlds and regions, impossible to describe in words. “Look what awaits you!” said a generous voice that gave music to the wind. Song that no one listened to and that is playing and playing wherever I go, and in whose notes it seems that I feel my own voice. And when I descended from the tower someone was following me, it was a Chela or disciple; Great was my joy, I felt inebreated  by an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness, my body weighed nothing, I moved in an astral form, my physical vehicle had long since abandoned it. Already in the atrium of the old cathedral, at the foot of the ancient walls that have been silent witnesses of so many fights, and challenges for several centuries, I saw a motley and picturesque group of men and women, children and old people who here, there, everywhere they sold their wares. And seated like an oriental yogi by the wall and under the old tower in a corner of the old cathedral, an old Aztec man of indecipherable age meditated. Any sleeper could have easily mistaken him for another merchant before him, and on the cold stone of the floor the venerable man had a mysterious object, a sacred Aztec relic. Confused and dejected before this venerated indigenous saint, I had to prostrate myself reverently; the old man blessed me. My chela (disciple), who was following in my footsteps, seemed like a sleepwalker, his consciousness slept soundly, he dreamed... Suddenly something happens, he bends over as if to grasp something and without the slightest respect grabs, catches the untouchable relic, observes it in his hands with infinite curiosity and I am frankly horrified by this procedure. This seemed terrible to me and I exclaimed: "But what are you doing? You are committing a great sacrilege!" For God's sake, get out of here, leave that relic in its place! However, the master full of infinite compassion replied: -He is not to blame for all this, he is asleep. Later, like a wanderer on the road who wants to bring a precious balm to the afflicted heart, he grabs the head of the sleeping neophyte, breathes the living fohat on his face with the purpose of waking him up, but everything is useless, the Chela continues asleep, dreaming. Full of deep bitterness I said: -And so much so that I have fought there in the physical world so that they awaken consciousness, and yet they are still asleep. The Chela had assumed a gigantic figure: the Pluralized ego (set of different, diverse entities), inserted inside their lunar bodies, gave him that aspect. It was curious to see that enormous grayish-colored giant, walking slowly like a sleepwalker through the ancient atrium of the old cathedral, moving away from us towards the house where his physical body slept. In those moments I could not help but exclaim saying: -What ugly lunar bodies! However, the venerated old man full by compassion answered me: -In the temple where you are going to enter now (a Jinas temple, an Aztec sanctuary) there are many like this one, look at them with sympathy. "It is clear that I will look at them with sympathy," I answered.

127.. . Just a few days ago it occurred to me to visit the Chapultepec temple in Mexico again. A certain sister humbly prostrated herself before the doors of the temple imploring the entrance; sincere pleas are always heard. The Master Litelantes and I entered after that supplicant. Frankly, I cannot deny that full of deep veneration and devotion I advanced on my knees as many penitents do, thus slowly ascending each of the steps of the sanctuary. Litelantes came in very happy... playing around a bit... I had to get a bit severe... she was surprised at my attitude; already inside the temple I am different, I had to tell her. The opportunity of open doors was taken advantage of by a group of lunar people, poor people... Litelantes and my insignificant person, we felt so different from all those people dressed in lunar rags. How different indeed are the lunar bodies! What was amazing then was the way the Lunar group advanced, without veneration, without respect. However, I was able to understand clearly and with complete lucidity that that group should be viewed with sympathy, since they were select people with many merits. Unfortunately it was not meeting time; the way those people entered was not very orderly either. The senior master of the Temple scolded them severely and even took them out of the temple, he sang in such a delicious language... and everyone had to leave. I have been reflecting on all this: The love of Christ is formidable; this lunar group is very sincere, the little poor things have not reached the second birth, but they deserve to be helped and the Lord cares for them and cultivates them as if they were delicate greenhouse flowers, at last they will be given good opportunities to work in the Ninth Sphere.

128. In the absence of the ego and beyond time, I experienced what is Real, that element that radically transforms. Experiencing what is real beyond the mind!... experiencing directly that which is not of time... is certainly something impossible to describe with words. And I was in that state known in the Eastern world as Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi; being an individual I had passed beyond all individuality, for an instant I felt that the drop was lost in the ocean that has no shores, sea of indescribable light... bottomless abyss... Buddhist void full of glory and happiness. How to define the illuminating void? How to describe what is beyond time? The Samadhi became too deep... the absolute absence of the ego, the total loss of individuality, the more and more radical impersonalization, caused me fear. Yes...! Fear!... I was afraid of losing what I am, my own particularity, my human defects...! How terrible is the Buddhist annihilation! And full of fear and even dread, I lost the ecstasy, I entered time, I bottled myself in the self, I fell into the mind. So woe is me... Oh! Oh! It was then that I understood the practical joke of the ego; this was the one who suffered, feared for his own life, cried out. Satan, my dear ego, had made me lose the Samadhi. How horrible! If only I had known before...! And the people who adore the ego so much, that they describe it as divine, as sublime; certainly how wrong they are. Poor humanity!... So when I went through that mystical experience I was still very young and she (the night, the firmament) was called Urania. oh! crazy youth that plays with worldly things and sees a Greek nymph in every woman, even if she is a red courtesan.

  1. I personally know Ehekatl, the God of the Wind, he is certainly an extraordinary Deva, he lives in the world of the Conscious Will. Ehekatl is certainly a Guru Deva, he has power over the sylphs of the air, so what? Don't the fools, the goofballs, like this? Do they laugh at elementals? Do they make fun of us? Frankly this does not bother us. He who laughs at what he does not know is on his way to being an idiot. That ancient sphinx in the sacred land of the pharaohs corresponds to the Elemental Sphinx of Nature, that mysterious instructor of the Holy Devic College. The Elemental Sphinx of ancient Egypt, so intimately related to the mysterious stone effigy, came to me when I was born in the world of Conscious Will. She had her feet were full of mud... so I exclaimed: "Your feet are full of mud!" It is clear... I understood everything... in this black age ruled by the goddess Kali, everything has been profaned and nobody wants anything with the Holy College of the Sphinx. When full of love I wanted to kiss her, she told me: "Kiss me with purity." I did so and kissed her on the cheek, then she returned to her starting point, the sacred land of the Pharaohs.
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  1. Sirius is the capital -let's say- of the entire Galaxy in which we live. This galaxy is the Milky Way, the macrocosm. It has many millions of solar systems, and all the suns and planets in the galaxy revolve around the central sun Sirius. It is a sun millions of times larger than the one that shines on us; this central sun Sirius has a twin brother who is a moon a thousand times denser than lead. That moon revolves around Sirius, a double star. It is very interesting to know that the very nucleus of this great galaxy is properly polarized. From Sirius itself come all those irradiations that govern all the supra-heavens, from the various worlds that make up the galaxy, and from its twin brother - that heavy moon, five thousand times denser than lead - come all those negative, dark influences. , which characterize each of the "moon" satellites that revolve around the worlds; fatal, sinister radiations, which govern the infra-hells. There is a third force that we would call neutral, which allows a certain balance between positive and negative powers. See how the galaxy is properly balanced between light and darkness; between the positive and the negative. Sirius itself is a gigantic world that has rich mineral, plant, animal, and human life. The inhabitants of Sirius are very short in stature, they are not even one meter tall; I think they are about half a meter, slim in body and with a beautiful presence. They are true adepts of the White Brotherhood. In Sirius no one can be reincarnated who has not reached the stature of a Kumara. There, those Men are true gods; They live humbly in the fields. No one there thinks of building cities. That of making cities is typical of non-intelligent people. The inhabitants of Sirius would never fall into such an error. They have humble houses. They wear simply woven robes. Each one sows his food, since each one has his orchard where the Sirian grows his food; everyone has their own garden where they grow their flowers. They live in peace and harmony with each other. No one would think of making wars there or anything like that, because all that is barbaric and savage. The Sirians are cultured people, true enlightened Men in the most transcendental sense of the word. There is the Transcended Church. One is amazed when one enters that temple of wonders. The great Initiates of the galaxy officiate there; I have attended the rites several times. The Cosmic Drama is constantly made to happen or lived there: the life, passion and death of the Christ; Well, as has already been said, this drama is completely cosmic. In the heart temple of that gigantic world, of that extraordinary sun, we find the Sirius God and with him all his initiates, his disciples. Actually Sirius is the capital of the great galaxy in which we live. It is extraordinary, wonderful.
  2. Many ask me, why can't you leave Mexico, since all the initiates traveled a lot? To this I say that on a certain occasion, being in that state called Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi, I asked my Divine Mother Kundalini that question. The answer was: "Because that body that Nature has worked so hard to create for you, they will destroy it." Then I objected like this: -What does it matter if they destroy my body? I love humanity. I am willing to give the last drop of blood for humanity. The Divine Mother Kundalini heard my words and added: -It is that they will not only destroy your body, but that of many others and that would not be love. Remember that you are the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age and that you will have to deliver to humanity a teaching completely different from everything that was delivered in the past, a totally revolutionary doctrine for the new era". After hearing these reasons, I will limit myself to saying: -I will obey!
  3. Certainly I do not know how many works I will have to write. I obtain the information from the Superior Worlds of Cosmic Consciousness. I normally use the Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi in a state of Manteya, rapture, ecstasy or whatever you want to call it; The information; I obtain it and bring it to the physical world. The truly arduous and difficult part for me consists in having to adapt all the information brought from the superior worlds to the contemporary cultural environment in which we move. Obviously, it is necessary for me to document the teaching and I do it naturally with infinite patience. Thus, the crude reality of the facts is that the Body of Doctrine I bring from the Superior Dimensions of Nature and the Cosmos. Thus, the task of writing is frighteningly difficult. When we think that we must coordinate the spiritual aspect with merely rhetorical, grammatical, philosophical questions, etc., the task becomes laborious and delicate.
  4. Finding myself one day in a state of deep meditation, I had to put myself in direct contact with the Blessed Lord "Tlaloc". This being lives in the Causal World, beyond the body, effects, and the mind. In all parts of my being I certainly experienced the tremendous reality of his presence. Exotically dressed he looked like an Arab of ancient times; his face, impossible to describe in words, was like lightning. When I reproached him for the crime of having accepted so many sacrifices of children, women, men, the elderly, etc. etc., the answer was: -I was not to blame for that, I never demanded such sacrifices, that was a thing of the people there in the physical world. He then concluded with the following words: "I will return in the Age of Aquarius." Unquestionably the God Tlaloc will have to reincarnate within a few years.
  5. The masters of the White Lodge usually help some distinguished disembodied who have sacrificed themselves for humanity.. The best of them lives in the molecular world; It certainly has not reached the intermediate liberation that allows some disembodied to enjoy a vacation in the different molecular and electronic kingdoms of nature, but it remains on the threshold, awaiting the opportunity to enter a new matrix. but the best of such, those values that sacrificed themselves for humanity, those values that gave their blood for freedom. of an oppressed people. That man. The disembodied, or better to say, the really useful values of such people, will return, will rejoin, and the Great Law will pay his sacrifice by taking him to the First Magistracy of the Nation or things like that. These men received special help because of his great sacrifice for humanity.
  6. One is amazed to see Mahatma Gandhi dressed in lunar bodies and living in Limbo. On a certain occasion, after verifying that the Sacred Fire had never ascended the Mahatma's spine, I had no problem telling him: "You are unfulfilled." The answer was: "I didn't have time for that." "That's not a fair apology," were my final words. Certainly Mahatma Ghandi could have manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan (sex) because he had a magnificent wife, but he made the mistake of abstaining, he believed that by renouncing sex he could self-realize. He was honestly wrong.
  7. In the Temple of Limbo I found Yogananda dressed in lunar bodies; He honestly believed himself to be self-realized, and when I made him see his mistake, when I told him "You are not self-realized", he was filled with astonishment and wanted to argue with me; the intervention of the Superior Master of the Temple was necessary for him to understand his situation. I will not regret having warned the Great Yogi, the noble Yogananda, that he will have to reincarnate to marry and work in the Ninth Sphere, if he wants to manufacture his solar bodies to enter the Kingdom.
  8. On a certain occasion, my Real Being, my Intimate, before the banquet table with two more people, the first was my Buddhi, my Valkyrie, the other was myself, the Human Soul dressed in the causal body, the Lord spoke and said: -I have two souls, the first (Buddhi) is the Spiritual Soul and is feminine; the second is the Human Soul and is masculine; the Human Soul is the one that works; while the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul plays; that is my doctrine. This lesson was taught to me by my Real Being Samael in the Causal World or World of the Conscious Will.
  9. . In a Buddhist pagoda in China, the Buddhist monks taught me a very special form of prayer, an asana or sacred posture to ask the Intimate Buddha and in fact to the particular Cosmic Mother of the Intimate Buddha. Kneel down, sit on your heels Muslim style, open your arms in a cross; Praying to your own Divine Mother, lean forward and back with your arms outstretched, but remain seated firmly on your heels. After having understood this or that psychological defect in each and every one of the subconscious levels of the mind, we must cry out, ask our particular Divine Mother for help, begging her to eliminate the particular ego entity, the entity that personifies that defect.
  10. Many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists read Sivananda. There is no doubt that this man was really a Guru-Deva who worked intensely for suffering humanity. However, it is therefore to be known that this aforementioned yogi worked deeply and in great secrecy with Sex-Yoga. It seems rather that Hatha Yoga only used it as bait to fish in the river of life. I am pleased to communicate to our beloved readers that Guru Deva Sivananda joyfully disincarnated in a Maha Samadhi (ecstasy). I met him in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. My joy was tremendous when I evidenced that this man had manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan. My surprise was extraordinary when I verified that this Master, before dying, had already died within himself. Sivanada worked intensely in the Great Work of the Father. It is therefore about of a Guru-Deva in the most complete sense of the word. Our meeting was very unique, it took place in a beautiful room where I was fulfilling my duty to teach. Suddenly the great yogi entered and as if wanting to recriminate me he said: -You are vulgarizing the Doctrine". It is obvious that he wanted to refer to the dissemination of Maithuna (sex-yoga) among the profane. In no way did I remain silent; my answer was frank and sincere, since I belong to the Virile Fraternity it could not be otherwise. Sivananda, since he is an enemy of all disputes, preferred to sit in the sacred buddhic position and then immerse himself in deep meditation. I felt the yogi's mind within my own recondites, this Man dived, scrutinized, explored in my most intimate depths. No there is no doubt that Sivananda wanted to talk with my Real Being, whose secret name is Samael, and he succeeded. Amazed, I could not help but exclaim: -Sivananda, you are a true Samyasin of thought!. The Guru-Deva, full of ecstasy, got up and embraced me. He had understood the revolutionary approach of our doctrine, and he exclaimed saying: - Now I do agree with you and I will tell everyone to read your works. Then he added: -I know your Mother (referring to my Particular Divine Mother), I have seen her very well dressed and she wears a white cloak that reaches her feet.
  11. Ineffable charms, love poems and things impossible to describe with words come to mind. What I have known, what I have seen, what I have touched in my Father's house and in all those resplendent mansions of that Great City of Light, known as the Milky Way, can certainly only be spoken with the golden verb, in the most pure ortho of the Divine Language. Once upon a night studded with stars, the projected moonbeams penetrated my room pretending to be a silver shawl. The deep blue of the sky seemed more like an infinite ocean where the stars twinkled. And so, meditating, I went into ecstasy and left the dense form. There is no greater pleasure than that of feeling the soul detached, then the past and the future are twinned within an eternal now. And filled with a delicious spiritual voluptuousness, unspeakable, indefinable, I arrived at the doors of the temple driven by the mysterious force of longing. The door of the Sanctuary was sealed by a Great Stone that prevented the passage of the profane. Do not stop, sweetheart, before the things of mystery. Open up, Sesame! was my exclamation, and the stone opened for me to enter. And when some intruders wanted to do the same, I had to take up the flaming sword and scream with all the strength of my soul. Away with the profane and the profaners! I had entered the Great Temple of the Milky Way, the Central Sanctuary of this gigantic galaxy, the Transcended Church. In this revered place reigns the reality of love and law. Before the sacred altar of that terribly divine temple, only the sidereal Gods can prostrate themselves. Happy I advanced before the place of prostrations and adorations. Here and there in all the blessed places of the temple came and went multitudes of humble and simple men, they seemed rather submissive and obedient peasants. These were the Bodhisattvas of the Gods, Men in the full sense of the word, creatures enjoying objective knowledge, one hundred percent self-aware. Beyond all doubt, I was able to demonstrate ad nauseam that there was no longer anything in those human creatures that could be called ego, Myself, really these Men are quite dead. I did not see in them any desire to stand out, climb, climb to the top of the ladder to make themselves felt, etc; these creatures are not interested in existing, they only want absolute death, to lose themselves in Being and that is all. How happy I felt advancing through the center of the temple to the Ara Sacra! I certainly marched proudly, energetically, with a triumphant step. Suddenly one of those humble "pick and shovel proletarians" crosses my path, for a moment I wanted to move on, haughty, arrogant, disdainful. But, Oh My God!, an intuitional ray struck me to death and then I vividly remembered that once, in the remote past, I had made the same mistake in the presence of that poor peasant. That past mistake became clear in my mind and with fear, terror and horror I recalled the terrible moment in which I was thrown from the temple, the terrifying voices that came out of the Ara Sacra between lightning flashes and thunder. All that past revived in my mind in thousandths of a second, then, repentant, I stopped my haughty and proud march and contrite, sorrowful and sorrowful of heart, I prostrated myself before that modest and submissive "villager". I kissed his feet exclaiming: -You are a great Master, a great sage. But that creature, instead of feeling satisfied by my words, replied: -I don't know anything, I'm nobody. "Yes," I replied, "you are the boddhisattwa of one of the great gods, ruler of several constellations. My joy was great when that authentic Man blessed me. I felt as if I had been forgiven, and happily continued on my way to the Ara Sacra, then returned to the physical body.
  12. Only in the absence of the ego can we experience that which is the Truth, the Real, that... I went on the day of the Lord inquiring, searching, investigating mysteries about my last hour. And I saw and heard things that it is not possible for the profane and profaners to understand, and I directly experienced the end, the twilight of the I, the catastrophic end of the ego. And I was able to experience the crucifixion of the Intimate Christ and the descent into the Holy Sepulchre. The fight against Satan was terrible... My priestess-wife sealed my sarcophagus with a large stone and smiled sweetly. From the Golgotha of the Father came terribly divine voices and lightning and thunder.
  13. Someday, no matter the date or time, I achieved that state known in Hindustan as Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi; then my soul was totally absorbed in the AIN SOPH to travel through the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE. My journey began in the pineal gland and continued into the deep bosom of Eternal Space. And I saw myself beyond all galaxy, of matter and antimatter become a simple self-aware atom. How happy I felt in the absence of the ego and beyond the world of the mind and the stars and anti-stars! That which is felt during the Samadhi is inexpressible, only by experiencing is it understood. And I entered through the doors of the temple, inebriate with ecstasy, and I saw and heard things that it is not possible for intellectual animals to understand. I wanted to speak with someone, with some divine priest and it is obvious that I managed to do so and thus I was able to comfort my aching heart. Any of those many self-realized atoms of the Ain Soph (Absolute Abstract Space increased in size and assumed before my unusual presence the venerated figure of an Ancient of the Days. From my creative larynx sprang up then spontaneous words that resonated in infinite space and I asked for someone I knew in the world of dense forms. The response of such an illustrious atomic master was certainly extraordinary: -For us, the inhabitants of the Ain Soph, the human mind is what the mineral kingdom is for you. And he added: We examine the human mind in the same way that you examine any mineral. In the name of truth I have to say that such an answer caused me astonishment, admiration, stupefaction, surprise. Then came the demonstration; That essential lover studied the mind of the person for whom I asked and gave me exact information. Many years have passed, but I have not been able to forget that mystical experience. I had the good fortune to talk with an Atomic Kabir beyond the parallel universes, in the Ain Soph, but not all those atomic stars of the spiritual firmament are self-realized.
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  1. I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals, about all these gossips, betrayals, etc., due to the state in which is poor suffering humanity. It is clear that never in life had the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum been disclosed outside the temples of Major Mysteries, but as the New Aquarian Age is now beginning, it was necessary for the good of poor suffering humanity to make this disclosure. When someone has realized said secret, he must go forward or fall. When one finds the secret or hears about it, one has only two or three lives or very few more lives and then stops being born to enter those hell-worlds wisely cited in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  2. I am reminded of the singular case of a certain Lemurian-Liliputian tribe that until recently lived in Lipez, Bolivia, South America. Ancient traditions affirm that, it is said, both the men and women of that mysterious tribe had human bodies that barely reached heights ranging from 15 to 25 centimeters. People who walk around say that the curious town where these Lilliputians lived before still exists and is located about 120 kilometers from Potosí, Bolivia, South America.

112. Some time in my sidereal vehicle or astral body, I was talking there with a group of solar wise men; they treated me very harmoniously. The interesting thing about the case is that, despite the fact that I was there in my astral vehicle or sidereal body, they could see and hear me. There is no doubt that they were there at that time in bodies of flesh and blood, but despite being in their physical bodies, they could see me, as if I were also in a physical body like them; that is, they possess extraordinary clairvoyant faculties, clairaudient faculties, etc. We talked like that sitting at a beautiful table and later they apologized to me because it was the precise moment, the right one, to go to the observatory. I saw them there looking through glasses, I also saw them doing huge and complicated mathematical calculations. In those days they were very concerned with a system of very distant worlds, located millions of light years, too far from the solar world where they live. They were extremely interested in thoroughly investigating such a game of worlds, because they planned, at that time, to make an expedition to the same distant worlds of said solar system. It is clear that the inhabitants of the sun have wonderful cosmic ships that can travel through space, but they were duly tracing the route by making calculations to be able to arrive precisely at the mentioned system of worlds in which they were very interested in knowing exactly in those days. I was frankly stunned, amazed. Those telescopes they have are extraordinary. In no way do they wish or want to have relationships with people who have the ego, the I, the Legion. The solar inhabitants only come into contact with very dead people, with people who have already disintegrated the ego, who have already died in themselves, who do not have an ego. Some beautiful landscapes of the Sun come to mind. There is a sea so deep, so gigantic, with waters so clear and so beautiful, that I have been stunned. Many times in my astral body I have arrived at a certain bay in a small boat where I have rested for hours; It is clear that in the astral plane one can also navigate in some boats naturally made of astral material... one can also get into any boat, let's say physical... Anyone who knows how to travel in the astral body can do the same, that's clear. What you have to do is become aware; those who are asleep will not be able to do these things. That bay seemed precious to me, that sea is millions of times larger than the entire planet Earth; I could assure you that if we deposit all the seven seas of the earth within that sea, it would be as much as pouring a glass of water into that great ocean. Think about what the size of that great ocean means, that is to say, any of our oceans that we have here on our planet, is a puddle compared to that immense sea that I am referring to in such Sun. From time to time I saw certain sea creatures to the surface, they gazed at the horizon and returned and plunged into the incalculable depths of the solar sea. This is inconceivable to earthlings. Looking at the Sun from the astral point of view is extraordinary. For example, there is a secret path that leads to the heart temple of the Sun; Of course, it is not a physical path... and I want that to be understood, I mean a secret, astral, esoteric path that leads, as I said, to the heart temple of the Sun. It is a path that does not belong to dense matter... when one approaches to see that on the surface, the only thing one perceives is a great depth; but there in the depths, in the unknown, some flames can be seen. In my astral vehicle I have been able to descend that great precipice, reach those flames, there a Great Being blesses one; is the gatekeeper or Guardian of the Temple, he blesses us with a branch of olive trees, then, through a secret path one goes to the heart temple of the Sun. In the heart temple one finds the seven Choans, seven great beings who work in the solar system. There one feels the ebb and flow of the Great Life, the systole and diastole of the entire system in which we live, move and have our being, it can be said that there is the Heart of the Sun, the heart of the solar system. It is that the solar system seen from afar looks like a man walking through the unalterable infinite space. And it has functional organs. For example, Mars is the liver of our solar system, and the Sun itself is the heart of the solar system, but that heart must be found in the very core of that central mass. By the way, the most powerful ray of the Sun vibrates at dawn and belongs to the Kundalini. Due to this, it is interesting and even advisable to practice the Sahaja Maithuna at dawn, at the dawn of the day. There are also different elementals of nature in the Sun, as there are in the whole planet. There life ebbs and flows, incessant beauty. Scientists assume that the Sun is a fireball or a cloud of helium, or whatever. Ordinary people think of the Sun as a great bonfire, that the closer one is, the more exposed one is to burn. There is no such; climb a mountain five thousand meters high and you will see that they die of cold; and you will rise in a stratospheric balloon to the stratosphere, because there you would die of cold. In interplanetary spaces the temperature reaches one hundred and twenty degrees below zero. So there is no such that the Sun is a ball of fire. all the atomic energy that comes  crosses interplanetary space and upon reaching the earth's atmosphere, then, the latter decomposes such radiation. in light, heat, color and sound. It is precisely the upper layer of the earth's atmosphere that is responsible for analyzing and breaking down the sun's rays into light, heat, color and sound. But in interplanetary space there is intense cold, as I already said, it reaches 120º C. below zero. Thus, it is not that the Sun is a ball of fire as ordinary people believe and as some scientists suppose, when decomposed in the Earth's atmosphere, become or they become as light, heat, color and sound; its irradiations not only reach the planet Earth but also reach all the worlds of the solar system, and the same thing happens on each planet of our system.

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  1. We decided to personally investigate all the esoteric content of the "Conjuration of the Seven" that King Solomon left us. We carry out these investigations in the superior worlds. We needed to be fully aware of the essential content of that prayer that the Wise Solomon bequeathed to us from ancient times. Many magicians, both in the past and in the present, use these conjurations. We begin by studying the first conjuration in the superior worlds, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Michael, may Jehovah I sent you and took you away from here, Chavajoth!" Michael is the Genie of the Sun, and every advanced occultist knows that. Jehovah is the Regent of the Moon, he governs Eden, and he awaits us all in paradise. We needed, then, to meet Chavajoth. We decided to investigate. We leave the body at will. In our astral body we were walking along a lonely road. As we walked, we invoked the mysterious personage, Chavajoth, mentioned by the Great King Solomon. We have to confess that in that invocation we had to use the great and supreme call of Pedro de Apono." The result was wonderful! At the edge of the road we found a solemn Olympic sculpture, it seemed chiseled by a Praxiteles! His face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo, the curvature of his feet, the profile of his hands... All the eurythmy of that sculpture could be shared with the Venus de Milo! However... there was something strange in that beautiful sculpture, that precious human effigy was dressed in a blood-colored tunic that, forming beautiful, exotic and fatal folds, reached to the feet. We understood that we were facing the opposite pole of Jehovah... We were facing the frightful and terrible Chavajoth! Extending our right hand towards that evil and seductive beauty, with a loud voice we conjured her saying: "In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure you, Chavajoth!" Finishing pronouncing those words, we saw, with great surprise, that evil and beautiful sculpture get angry against us in a terrible way. Then advancing towards us he attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. And he insulted us greatly. His words were truly disgusting, worthy only of the Great Whore whose number is 666. The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual strength to remove that terrible demon of malignant beauty. At last we succeeded, and the frightful personage, who had taken the form of a harlot, hid herself in a tavern on whose counter only glasses and bottles of liquor were visible. That is Black Magic, that is the abyss. Now we wanted to delve a little deeper, we wanted to know the specific tasks to which Chavajoth dedicated himself. Another night the investigators left the body with the purpose of talking more closely with the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. We made use of the Great Call of Pedro de  Apono as always. After a few moments we arrive at the street of an unknown town. Crowds of people came and went there and over there. As we called, we could easily appreciate the power of the word. The verb was transforming all things. We changed planes. We dive into the atomic regions where the Princes of Darkness live! Observing carefully, we noticed that someone was heading towards us with a firm and determined step. It was Chavajoth! That sinister character dressed in his blood-colored tunic and headed towards us. Then we conjure him saying: "In the name of Jupiter, the Father of all Gods, I conjure you, Chavajoth, TE VIGOS COS SLIM!" These mantras are of tremendous effect. Chavajoth, as if struck by a death ray, raised his arm as if to defend himself. We advanced a few steps, we went to him and shook his hand in a friendly sign. He then in a rude tone and using adjectives applicable only to prostitutes, asked us about our wives. We, with a serene spirit and without letting ourselves be carried away by any emotional or sentimental reaction, answered that character that our wives were very well, thank you. Then we told him that we wanted to be his friends. The sinister character was satisfied and then walked with us towards his dark cavern. We walked a long way until we reached the top of a high mountain. There he had his dark cavern. And there he taught his disciples. He told us that he lived in Germany, that he had a physical body, that he worked for the Great Black Lodge,  that he posed as a war veteran. etc. etc. Certainly we find the cave of Chavajoth full of disciples of the German race. Those disciples concurred in their astral body to said cavern. Chavajoth taught them the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This dark doctrine teaches a system of sinister Sexual Magic, during which the magician commits the crime of ejaculating the seminal liquor. The result of such practices is always disastrous. The igneous serpent of our magical powers, then, instead of ascending, descends to the atomic infernos of man and becomes the tail of Satan. This system of black sexual magic was practiced by the Lemur-Atlantean monsters. Thus, we conclude that Chavajoth is an adept of the shadow, he is the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. He is the head of the fatal legion! He works for the dark fraternity. It must be conjured in the name of Jehovah! Some days later, the researchers, in the astral body, decided to invoke this pair of opposites of philosophy: JEHOVAH AND CHAVAJOTH, and we made a circle around us... The two beings invoked attended the call. The Lord Jehovah, like a white dove of immaculate whiteness, hovered over our heads. Chavajoth, his antithesis, stayed outside the circle. He was downcast! The presence of the Lord Jehovah wounded him to death!... Jehovah works for the chastity of the world. The divine wisdom of Jehovah is enclosed in the ARCANUM AZF. That is the key of the Eden! That is the key to the ark of science! Chavajoth works for Tantrism, for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, for the fatal science that turns men into beasts.

We decided to investigate the Second Invocation, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Gabriel, that Adonai sent you and took you away from here Bael. We know that Gabriel is a Lunar Angel. We know that Adonai is a precious Angel. However, we did not know who Bael would be! Why had to be conjured in the name of Adonai? These were enigmas for us and we had to discover them! One night in the astral body we invoked Bael. Bael was a dark king who lived in a cave in the Gobi desert. There he instructed his disciples, taught black magic of the sublunary spheres. Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, was its opposite. These two antitheses of philosophy were intimately related to the rays of the Moon. The presence of Bael was otherwise dark to a large extent in a great manner: Crowned as a king, his eyes wide apart and firm, his thick eyebrows, his blunt nose, his thick lips, his round face. He wore the robes of a black magician. Wounded by our conjuration, he trembled before us. We did not make much friendship with him. His character was unapproachable. Another night the investigators invoked Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. A child about a few months old came to our call and attacked us with a terrible and sinister force. We had to use all our mental and spiritual forces to try to defeat him. However, it was all useless. That child was endowed with an omnipotent force! Someone told us to give him a friendly shake of the hand. So we did. We extended our hand to him in the spirit of greeting him. He then responded brotherly and shook his hand with ours. This was the Guardian of the Threshold of the angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy! The most interesting thing is to think that the Angel Adonai, despite his immense perfection, still preserves the Guardian of the Threshold, the Psychological Self, the reincarnating Ego that we all must decapitate and dissolve in order to incarnate, within ourselves, the Internal Christ. How difficult it is to achieve perfection! An angel as precious as Adonai, and yet it is hard to think that he still retains the psychological Self! A bundle of old memories. Another night, the deepest, the quietest... we investigators invoked the angel Adonai. The precious angel sent us with other angels a divine gift, a medallion hanging from a gold chain! This medallion gives us the power to change the cosmic plane instantly. With that precious treasure we can enter any department of the kingdom. We became very good friends with the precious Angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy,

Master Zanoni! We all know that Zanoni received cosmic initiation in the Tower of Fire of the old Chaldea of the sages. Since then Zanoni received the Elixir of Long Life and was able to preserve his physical body for thousands of years... The Great Master Zanoni fell because he fell in love with an artist from Naples and the result of his mistake was the guillotine! The Great Master died there! On a certain occasion Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, and Master Zanoni attended us. One of us, somewhat surprised, waited. Then both Adoni and Zanoni told the surprised investigator to cut a strange thread on the ground with his sword. The surprised investigator, between perplexed and pleased, obeyed and cut the thread with his flaming sword. Once this work was done, we understood that he had freed himself from a fatal spell, from a bad current, from an act of black magic. Someone had wronged him with evil arts, and had caused him great harm. Then, master Zanoni and Adonai, both, cured the investigator's astral body and healed him. To King Bael, obeying supreme orders, in subsequent works we had to plunge him into the abyss. That dark character used his powers to cause great harm to Humanity. Bael is really the head of the legion, and he must be conjured in the name of his antithesis, Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. We warn the imprudent that the tenebrous ones should never be invoked, because it is extremely dangerous. We had the need to investigate the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN of the Wise Solomon.

We then set out to investigate the third invocation, which literally reads: "In the name of Raphael, disappear before Elial, Samgabiel!" When we investigate Samgabiel (not to be confused with Saint Gabriel), we find a terrible demon of the World of the Cosmic Mind. The angel Elial is exactly its divine and ineffable opposite. One day we invoked Raphael... Then, the Great Master attended our call. The master carried in his right hand the trident of the World of the Mind. His face was rosy as fire. His white beard, falling on his chest, was all full of majesty and light. The Great Master's broad forehead indicated his profound Wisdom. One of our people asked the Great Master for something. The Master answered saying: - You no longer need to ask for anything! Actually, he was an initiate with full knowledge of the science of good and evil. It will surprise our readers to learn that the Human Soul of the Great Master (Boddhisattwa Raphael) has a physical body. The most serious thing is to know that the Boddhisattwa... is fallen! But he struggles terribly to get up. On a certain occasion we entered a very luminous temple of the World of the Mind. All the researchers were acting with our mental body. There was a venerable group of elders there in that temple. They were dressed in Master's robes and wore sandals. On their shoulders fell beautiful curls, with white hair. His long white beard and broad foreheads gave all these old men a magnificent presence. We, the researchers, thought we were in a temple of white magic, before a group of holy masters. That was the belief we had!... One of those old men gave an ineffable speech. He spoke sublime things! He spoke divine things! He spoke of love, good, beauty, charity, etc. etc. Suddenly, the great master began to delicately touch on the problem of sex. And then in a sublime way he said: - Increase and multiply! There is nothing wrong with THE SEXUAL ACT, seminal ejaculation is not bad, it is needed for reproduction, because God said "Grow and multiply!" This and many other terms used by that venerable old man to defend seminal ejaculation. It was then that we began to suspect the holiness of that "saint". We began to doubt... Could this old man be a black magician? However, looking around us, we only saw venerable old men... Splendid light! ... Ineffable things!... It even seemed sacrilege to doubt this masters and that holy place! But the mortifying doubt, despite everything, despite our reasoning, continued to afflict us deeply. That was when one of us, wanting to clear up the doubt, stood up and launched these phrases: "Long live the Christ! Down with Javeh! Christ and Javeh are the two antitheses. Light and darkness! White Magic and Black Magic!" Javeh is that demon who tempted Christ on the mountain. Javeh is a terribly wicked demon! He is the Chief of the Black Magistracy. When we shouted "Alive!" and "Downs!" to Javhe, something horrible happened, the "holy" face of the venerable old man who spoke changed completely, he became totally angry, he was transformed... Then we saw the unexpected. That face became horrible!... Those "holy" elders unmasked themselves: they were true princes of Darkness, terrible black magicians of the World of the Cosmic Mind! They insulted us with phrases and words typical of the Great Whore whose number is 666. They attacked us violently... We had to draw the Flaming Sword to defend ourselves! Then we left that den of black magic that we previously believed to be a sanctity temple. Continuing with our investigations of High Theurgy we decided to study the fourth invocation that says: -"By Samael Zabaoth and in the name of Elohim Gibor stay away, Andrameleck!" Who would be Andrameleck? Who Elohim Gibor? Why do these geniuses figure in this fourth prayer of King Solomon? One night we went out in the astral body. We entered an underground cavern. So there, making use of the Great Call of Pedro de Apono, we invoke Andrameleck. For a long time we remained in that subterranean cavern of the Earth invoking Andrameleck... At last, in the middle of the cavern, a strange character appeared, black as coal. A gigantic, dark and horrible character. Extending our right hand towards that horrible monster, we said: -In the name of Jupiter, the Father of the Gods, I conjure you, Andrameleck!... TE VIGOS COS SLIM!... The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of Divine Justice, remained under our domain, then it was when Andrameleck spoke and said: -I didn't know that it was you who was calling me! If I had known, I would have come earlier...! What is it that I can do for you? These words of Andrameleck seemed to come from among the deep caverns of the entire Earth. It seemed as if that terrible and powerful voice issued from within the very intimate bowels of the Earth! Then we courageously spoke to Andrameleck, saying: -Give me your hand, Andrameleck! The tenebrous character approached us and shook hands with us. The one who writes this returned to his physical body. Then that demon, with his blood-red tunic, passing over the ceiling of the room, exclaimed saying: -You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me...! I replied: -I'm not afraid of you, Andrameleck!... I returned to my body, and that's all! Another night, a group of brothers in our astral body met in a temple to continue our investigations in relation to that mysterious character, Andrameleck, mentioned by the Wise Solomon in the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN. All the brothers made a great chain to invoke Andrameleck. We use the Pedro de Apono formula. After a while of invocations we hear a response from Andramelek in the distance. A strange wind that froze deeply... A hurricane reached us! That character modulated the vowel M. He gave that letter a special intonation with low and high tones... The brothers remained firm in the chain. Suddenly, one of the brothers who led the chain exclaimed with a loud voice saying: - Brothers, don't let go of the chain...! Stand firm…! Andrameleck is coming...! A few moments later, a giant appeared in the doorway. That giant was about three or four meters tall. That strange character wore a black robe. A white stripe fell obliquely from the right shoulder to the left thigh, passing through the front and back. He had a large medallion on his chest. In his right hand he carried a scepter of command. That character had a broad forehead, large blue eyes, where the starry sky was reflected. His straight nose, thin and delicate lips. White hands, with conical fingers, mystically elongated hands like the hands of Jesus of Nazareth, or a Francis of Assisi... The brother who led the chain, letting go of it, went out to meet Andramelek to hug and greet him. Then, turning to the brothers in the chain, he said: - Brothers, here I present my friend Andramelek! All the brothers were trembling, one of them could not resist the terrible electric force radiating from Amdramelek's eyes, he hastily retreated, he fled in terror! That wonderful giant, full of great decency and with fine and delicate gestures, extended his hand to politely greet each and every one of the brothers. Then he went to a desk and sat down there, at the desk. It was an interesting thing to see that strange giant possessed of so much courtesy, decency and harmony! What did cause sorrow was seeing depth behind that marvelous giant, rather like the memory of a fatal shadow. However, the scepter of that giant carried the medallion on his chest, and all his gestures were really from the White Lodge. Already seated at the desk, Andramelek called the brother who directed the chain and advised him with the following words: -Try, brother, to place yourself in the best possible environment. Dress decently! Understand that we are angels and therefore we have the full right to live well! The interlocutor brother asked permission from Andramelek saying: - Master, I ask you for permission, while I go to look for brother C... (the brother who had left the room before). It was then that the brother who directed the chain traveled in the astral body through all the countries of the Earth, looking for the brother who had fled. He wanted the brother to talk to Andrameleck. It was all useless! The search was unsuccessful. Brother C could not be located anywhere... What would have been done? Where would he have gone? Riddles! Riddles! The director brother of the chain returned again to the room where Andramelek was. However, it was no longer possible for him to talk with the marvelous giant, because many people in his astral body were consulting him. Then the brother director of the chain returned to his body, that brother got up very early in the morning, ate his breakfast and went out into the street. Where was he headed? Well, if you don't know, dear reader, know now. The director of the chain went in search of brother C... That brother was an old merchant and it would be very easy for the director of the chain to locate him in his store. Certainly there he found it. Brother C. was busy with the trade in his store. The director of the chain, after politely greeting his friend C…, questioned him saying: - Well, brother, tell me, why did you run away from Andramelek's sight? Then Brother C... answered saying: -I really couldn't resist the sight of Andrameleck anymore! He looked at me with terrible electrical force! I couldn't stand it! I was scared and ran away! It was then that the director of the chain told brother C… -Man, I was looking everywhere for you in the astral body and I couldn't find you! Brother C... replied: -You didn't find me... because I returned to my body! All that Sunday the two men discussed the Andrameleck affair. This giant was an enigma for the two investigators. Would Andrameleck be a black magician? Would Andrameleck be a White wizard? Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! Really all that was enigmatic! The two men each set out to investigate Andrameleck on their own. After some time they came to the following conclusion: The spirit that attended the chain is really Master Andramelek, a Master of the White Lodge! A Master of Major Mysteries! It happened that that Master sent his Boddhisattwa (Human Soul) to reincarnation. Remember that you have a soul, a spirit it be is, and that Boddisattwa reincarnated in China. Unfortunately, that Bodhisattwa let himself dropped down. That is the mystery of the human "Double Personality". One of the greatest mysteries of the occultism! So, that man turned into a devil! When the investigator invokes Andrameleck in the astral, Andrameleck the Demon, or Andrameleck the Great Spiritual Master, may appear. Much later the researchers invoked Andrameleck and Elohim Gibor. They both responded to the call. Then we saw the antitheses face to face! Elohim Gibor is the antithesis of the tenebrous Andrameleck. Elohim Gibor is an archangel of the Ray of Mars! He wears a flaming sword at his belt and is a terribly divine man. When Andrameleck attacked us, we were easily able to defeat him. Then, lying on the bed of pain, he told us that in China he used a bulb called KINOCAPOL, with which he instantly awakened clairvoyance in his disciples. (Of course this type of clairvoyance lasts as long as the effect of the injection does not wear off! And that's all). The demon Andrameleck is a merchant in China and lives economically well. That character is from the darkness... dwells in the Abyss. A friend of ours, after hearing this story, asked us the following: -So then, Andrameleck no longer has an Intimate? When he disincarnates, will he only ascend to the Causal Plane? Will he have a body in a new reincarnation? We had to answer the friend the following: - Andramelek no longer has a body! Precisely the giant who attended the chain is Andramelek's Intimate. That Intimate no longer has a relationship with the dark man who lives in China. When the Andrameleck man disincarnates, the heartless monster will then not be able to rise to the causal plane, nor to the superior worlds because he is a heartless person, he is a Kabbalistic Crusts, an empty house... He has no soul or spirit! Those Kabbalistic crusts sink into the Atomic Infernos of Nature through the centuries. Little by little they degenerate and lose strength! Then... they take the figures of horrible animals from the Abyss. Later, the figures of plants, and finally of minerals that, in the process of disintegration, will be devoid of Intelligence. They finally become cosmic dust! That is the "Second Death" that the Apocalypse speaks of. Fornicators, after all, have to go through the "Second Death." Fornicators are people of black magic! Anyone who ejaculates the seminal liquor is FORNICARY AND A SURE CANDIDATE FOR THE ABYSS AND THE "SECOND DEATH". Andrameleck will become cosmic dust in the abyss, the disintegration in the abyss is very slow. Many times these tenebrous ones sustain themselves for eternities, for entire cosmic days and nights, but little by little they disintegrate, and in the end, they die! Andrameleck will never have a body again! He is a terribly wicked demon. The internal master suffers horribly and. Our interlocutor then asked us this other question: - Is the Intimate guilty of the bad deeds of Andramelek and of the karma that he has to pay? We had to answer the following: -The Intimate is an Immolated Lamb and will have to pay for his former tantric personality! The Intimate, the internal master will have to reincarnate to pay the karma of his former personality. Law is law!... That Master lacked strength to have dominated the dark human personality. When Spirit defeats Matter, it is victorious. That's all...

We, after having dealt with the preceding investigation, proposed to study in the superior worlds the fifth conjuration of the great King Solomon. Let's see it: "By Zachariel et Sachiel-Meleck, obey before Elvah, Sanagabril!" We already know that Zachariel is the Genius of Jupiter. What we didn't know was who Elvah and Sanagabril were. At first glance we understood that they were the two antitheses of the Jupiter Ray. Sanagabril had to be called with the Call of Pedro de Apono, because it was a dark entity. Since you had to conjure him away, it logically followed that he was a dark one! As for Elvah, it was inferred that was a luminous angel, since is to be used to ward off Sanagabril. Thus, Elvah could not be invoked with the call of Pedro de Apono, he had to be called in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We, in the internal world, begin by invoking Sanagabril. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. We called many times and Sanagabril took a long time. A narrow corridor, a long passageway full of darkness, led to the small room in which we made the invocation. After a while of patient waiting, we heard the footsteps of someone coming down the narrow corridor. Certainly those footsteps were not very pleasant! The sound of those steps was not the sound of shoes or sandals, it was a different sound! It was the sound of claws and nails, like a tiger or an evil beast! We remained firm, we waited for Sanagabril to get a little closer. We were prepared but with great force! Suddenly, a strange being came to the threshold of that enclosure. We looked and saw a face so hideous that only the imagination of a raving madman, or an idiot, could conceive. It would be better for us to see the dead come out of their graves at midnight than to contemplate the tremendously horrible face of Sanagabril! Frankly, we were so surprised by the terrible appearance of that diabolical beast that we had to instantly return to the physical body. We were not afraid of it! We were surprised by its horrible ugliness! Everyone who follows the black path reaches that sad state! However, we did not lose heart and decided to face, once again, the horrendous spectacle. So, with certainty of spirit, another night, in our astral body we made the invocation to Sanagabril again. This time we invoke it on the corner of one of the streets of a big city. Sanagabril attended our call! But, wishing to talk with us, he assumed the figure of a normal man. He looked like a banker, and he came in talking to us about money; He gave us the winning number of the lottery, supposedly so that we could buy. With these temptations he intended to lure us into his shadowy sphere of influence.  A whole town is robbed to enrich a few. We do not allow ourselves to be locked up in that "golden cage". We were only interested in knowing this dark aspect, this shadow of Jupiter. Then another night we set out to investigate Elvah. This angel is Love, Altruism, Charity, Holiness!

We are going to narrate to our readers the research we did with the sixth invocation of the great King Solomon. That invocation is as follows: "In the divine and human name of Schaddai and by the sign of the Pentagram that I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve who are Jotchavah, withdraw, Lilith!" !; leave us alone, Nahemah!" A group of brothers, in the astral body, we invoke the angel Anael in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We did the invocation in a chain, in the patio of a house. It was the dawn of a sunrise... And we called the Angel of Love with a loud voice! After some time, we saw some ineffable birds pass over the patio of the house, at a great height. Birds of silver!... Birds of gold!... Birds of fire!... One of them, the most beautiful, was Anael, the angel of love, who in her astral body had assumed that beautiful figure. All of us exclaimed: "Anael, the angel of Love, is coming!" We waited for those wonderful and divine birds to descend to the patio of that house, where all of us brothers made the Invocation of High Theurgy. However, those birds flew by quickly and did not descend to the patio of that house. What would it be?... What would have happened? Suddenly, someone knocks three times, rhythmically, on the door of the house. We released the chain and in our astral bodies we went to open the door. A beautiful boy, dressed in a blue tunic, appeared in the doorway. Other children followed him. This beautiful child was Anael, the angel of Love, the angel of Dawn, the angel of Venus! The hair of that child seemed like a cascade of gold falling on his ineffable shoulders. He looked like a twelve year old. His face, rosy like the dawn, had perfect facial features, ineffable. His whole body was rosy, like the dawn. The boy had flowers in his arms. We knelt down for his blessing, and he blessed us! In the presence of that beautiful child, one only feels the desire to play, one feels reliving one's childhood, one feels oneself becoming a child! The director of the chain, on his knees before the Angel of Love, consulted him about something. The boy answered with great wisdom. We carefully observe the aura of that angel: it is white, pure, innocent, perfect. After we invoked the angel Anael, we set out to meet Lilith, her dark antithesis. And another night, the quietest... we invoked Anael and Lilith, simultaneously. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. After a few moments, the angel Anael came to our call. The beautiful boy had an ineffable presence. We knelt down and he blessed us. Then the boy sat down on a chair. We, full of immense veneration and respect, asked the child the favor of invoking his antithesis, Lilith. We said to him thus: -Master, invoke us now to Lilith. We are investigating the Pairs of Opposites of Philosophy. The angel Anael mentally invoked his antithesis... We heard a few steps outside and a few moments later another child entered the room, the exact size of Anael, the Angel of Love. He was Anael's antithesis. It was Lilith! We looked and saw in the night a terribly evil child! A child with a terribly evil face!... That child wore a black and dark blue tunic. Colors of the infra-red range. These same colors are used by the White Lodge, but within the ultra-violet range. The infrared is from the Black Lodge! The ultra-violet is from the White Lodge! Lilith is a demon and his clothes are demonic. Lilith is terribly fornicator! From his spinal cord only radiates abysses and darkness. We researchers offered Lilith a chair to sit on. And the chair was placed in front of the angel Anael. Thus, the two antitheses of Venus sat facing each other. It was amazing to see these two antitheses face to face... Anael and Lilith! The love and the counter-love that the theurgist made appear before the crowds in ancient times. There are now Love and Counter-Love, face to face. Lilith did not dare look at Anael's serene, radiant, luminous face. Then we exclaim: -Here is the Mystery of the Twin Souls! Here is the pair of opposites of philosophy!. We were intoxicated by wisdom, we were in a true state of terrible mystical exaltation! Lilith and Nahemah are two terribly wicked demons. These two demons rule the spheres of the abyss. We decided to investigate the last invocation that literally says: "By the Holy Elohim and in the names of the geniuses Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zachariel at the command of Orifiel, Withdraw, Moloch! We will not give you our children to devour them!" Who would that Moloch be? Ancient tradition tells of Moloch, an iron bull that was heated red hot. The story goes that many children were thrown into the horrible belly of that iron bull. There is a lot of talk about Moloch, and we wanted to investigate the case. Outside the physical body we call Moloch with the Great Call of Pedro de Apono. As we vocalized the mantra, we sank into the atomic infernos of Nature. Then we saw immense multitudes of human beings living in the abyss. Suddenly, through the crowds we saw a rider on his mount. The rider rode a spirited steed. That rider looked like an Arab. He wore a blood-red robe and covered his head with an oriental turban. The man's face was really like that of an Arab. Large, black, penetrating eyes; thick eyebrows, strong and thick lips, straight nose, dark color. The man wore sandals. His entire posture was truly like that of a horseman from Happy Saudi. It was Moloch! The terrible demon Moloch!... Soon he was heading towards us, on his spirited steed. He forced his way through the crowds, and, shouting at us with a loud voice, he addressed the director of the chain of investigators, and said, mockingly and wickedly satisfied: -Ah...! I already made you up there, among the little angels! So you're back! Then the director of the great chain of investigations, full of courage, replied: -You're wrong, Moloch, I'm here only for a visit. I've come to investigate you! That is all! Moloch withdrew. And all the researchers return to our physical bodies. Much later we invoke his luminous antithesis, Orifiel, the angel of Saturn. That angel governs the wonderful luminous ray of Saturn. The investigators, later, in the astral body, arrived at a house where only mud could be seen... misery... indigence... hunger and, the worst of the case... terrible fornication! We saw a horrible, disgusting room. In that room lived a terribly fornicating woman. That woman has already entered the abyss, she has already disincarnated! And in that filthy room where she lived, you only see rags, mud, indigence, misery, suffering, dirt. When we were investigating, we could intuitively see the intimate relationship that exists between the dark powers that figure in the "CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN" and fornicator people. All that is one thing: black magic! fornication! disgusting misery! We, the researchers, were able to show that unrepentant fornicators, in their last reincarnations, pay the karma of the most atrocious misery, of the most disconcerting and horrible misery.

109. There is a need for the initiate to pray daily to God. Every prayer must be accompanied by a glass of wine and a piece of bread. "Do this in memory of me," said Our Divine Savior. Pray always, my brothers, and then break the bread and drink the wine. I owe this solemn teaching to the angel Aroch, Angel of Command. You have to know how to pray: Praying is conversing with God. When the angel Aroch, Angel of Command, taught me this wonderful key of the Gnostic Anointing, he also taught me to pray. Those ineffable moments in which the angel Aroch, in the figure of a child, on his knees and with his hands folded on his chest, raised his purest eyes towards heaven are unspeakable. His face seemed like fire at that moment, and full of deep love, he exclaimed: "Lord, Lord, don't let me fall, never let me leave the light." Then he broke the bread and gave us to eat, and poured the wine in a small silver pitcher, he poured it between some cups and gave us to drink. 

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                   107. On a large loaf the following mantra are written: SENOSAN GORORA GOBER DON, then the student eats the loaf. These mantra words arranged in the form of a cross must be written in pencil or ink etc. Said distribution will be as follows: In a horizontal position, SENOSAN GORORA; and vertically GOBER DON; these, from top to bottom, and passing perpendicularly through the space left by the first sacred words. After thanking the scientific astrologer who in turn revealed the "JINAS" key to us, we decided to investigate, on our own in the superior worlds, to discover the scientific and esoteric value of said key. To this end, the Researcher brothers, as a group, fell asleep vocalizing these mantras. And the result was surprising when we left the physical body and were in the astral plane. Then we saw the sea, and a terrible God of the Ocean made the unfathomable depth of the sea terrifyingly tremble... Etheric waves were formed that, rotating concentrically, tried to precipitate with great violence towards the place where we had left the physical body. That  god of the immense sea had provoked the electric whirlwind, the etheric hurricane, the terrifying force to throw himself towards the place where we abandoned the physical body, that is the powerful being that would have to attend our call to put our body in the JINAS state,( put the physical body into the fifth dimension or upper levels of the fouth dimension ) to submerge it within the fourth dimension and thus transport it to any place in the world 

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  1. We had to do a comparative study of the humanities. The inhabitants of the failed Earth. The inhabitants of Venus are much more advanced, they already know the bad from the good and the good from the bad. Those from Mars are somewhat more evolved than Earthlings, etc. This your servant, full of pain, understanding the terrible responsibility of the word, limited himself to saying: "My Father, if it is possible, pass from me this cup, but not my will but yours be done". My I AM then said: "Establish the relationship between the worlds". The ships have any advanced humanity. These flying spheres will be given to the earthlings. Some scientists try to make these ships but they will not be able to, their pride will be mortally wounded; inhabitants of other worlds will come to teach its construction; thus, the science of the iniquitous will fall mortally wounded, and the men of science will have to kneel before the other inhabitants of the solar system and beyond. In Aquarius many inhabitants of other planets will settle on Earth, they will be the instructors of Aquarius; some already live hidden in Tibet. Trips to other planets of the solar system will be routine; that is an extra help that will be given to our evolution.
  2. Being me in the supersensible worlds, two works came into my hands: One was by Simon the Magician; the other was of the Samaritan Menander, who rose to the pinnacle of magical science. After consulting these two works, I invoked Simon the Magus. I made this invocation in the name of the Christ. Then Simon the Magus answered telling me: "In the name of Christ do not call me, call me in the name of Peter". Then I understood that Simon the Magus was the polar opposite of Simon Peter. I entered a beautiful enclosure where I found Simon the Magus with his college of faithful disciples. When Simon saw me enter, in a harsh tone he said to me: "You get out of here!" And approaching me, he touched certain chakras in my lower abdomen. Then I understood that Simon the Magus is really a black magician. I proceeded defending myself with my flaming sword, and before the torrents of burning fire that black magician was stunned, and without daring to look at my sword he remained absorbed. I knew Simon the Magus in ancient Rome and heard him preach to his disciples. The Romans erected statues to him with the inscription "Simoni Deo Sacto". Simon the Magus fell into black magic out of sheer pride. Simon the Magician saw the Father hidden in him and wanted to realize it in himself, but rejecting the Christ, and that is how he actually fell into black magic. A similar thing is happening now in this 20th century with many spiritualists who do not want to accept my teachings out of sheer pride. This class of "simoniacal" beings fall into black magic out of sheer pride.
  3. We knew of the case of a young woman who fell into a state of furious madness. That young woman was interned for six months in a sanatorium. There she was subjected to the classic medical treatments with the famous electrical shocks, diet, etc. All of this turned out to be a complete and utter failure. This young woman was writhing like a snake, foaming at the mouth, uttering incoherent words etc. etc. We students of expanded psychiatry set out to study the case in depth. We found the following symptoms: Delirium, really had abnormal ideas. It was about strange psychopathic delusions, delusions of persecution, it was believed wanted by the police and sentenced to death. She felt accused and wanted for theft, etc. In the exploration of the patient's psyche, we found anguish during delirium. Choleric physiognomy and sometimes full of terror or melancholy. In the antecedents of his social evolution it appears that all her childhood and adolescence, as well as her youth, developed normally at home and at school without anything strange having happened. The patient had some aggressiveness with a suicidal complex. The schizoid constitution, the depressive tendency and the suicidal complex with delusions of persecution and anguish, gave a very complicated diagnosis. The strangest thing about this patient is that during those delusions in which she felt already condemned to death, she tried to free herself from imaginary ties. She thought she was tied with ropes, she took the imaginary ropes in her hands and struggled to free herself from them to escape death. Our clairvoyant of expanded psychiatry set out to investigate the past reincarnation of the alienated young woman, evicted by the materialists. The result gave us the key. The "values" that were reincarnated in this young woman had been those of a highway robber. That bandit robber was sought by the police and shot. The bandit was tied to a tree and then shot. Now we had the key to the disease. Then we were able to explain to each other about the imaginary ties and the delirium of persecution; The anguish of the mad young woman's death was no longer an enigma for us. The whole problem was solved. The impressions of death had been recorded in the subconscious of the reincarnating ego. They were the same values of the shot bandit. Those memories were deposited in the young woman's subconscious and revived in her consciousness with all the terrible anguish of that horrible tragic drama. The result was madness that the materialistic sages could not cure. Although the wise materialists resent our procedures, we cannot deny that we were forced to use thaumaturgy to heal the patient. After six months of treatment with occult medicine, the patient returned to her senses, she was radically cured. The Third Logos closed the wounds of the mental body and the patient was completely healed.
  4. Truly the unprepared disciple would feel unspeakable terror upon entering the Force Lightning Temple. All the masters of the ray of force attend that temple in the astral body; there only reigns the force and the empire of love. How terrible is that temple! The forces that come into activity there are frightening. All the masters of that temple are true veterans of the battle of life; the painful traces of the terrible struggle for daily bread can be seen on their faces; in all of them the painful traces of the terrible battle for daily subsistence are clearly visible. All of them have become masters fighting in the great battle for existence. What a harsh reality this is! Here in this temple of strength I see no pietists. Where are the sublime speudo-esotericists? What became of all those "parrots" from the spiritualist schools, who talked and talked so much? Where are they? In this temple I only see "warriors" of life, men veterans of the great battle, faces that reveal having suffered much on the physical plane... Here, in this temple, there are no theoreticians, here I do not see those pompous spiritualists who on the physical plane they spoke so beautifully. What I see here are harsh realities and masters with long-suffering faces... 
  5. On a certain occasion I made the following clairvoyant study on the Holy Gnostic Anointing: I was taken in spirit to the exquisite world of Nirvana. There I saw seven sublime beings seated around a table and among them there were some ladies of ineffable beauty... These beings celebrate "The Holy Gnostic Anointing". I sat between them around a table. Then I descended to the buddhic world, there I found those same beings celebrating the Holy Gnostic Anointing... The scene slightly diminishes in beauty. I descended one more plane and arrived at the causal plane... there I also saw those seven beings celebrating the Holy Gnostic Anointing. The beauty seemed to diminish little by little... I descended into the world of the mind and the astral world, and as I descended the luminous majesty of that sublime ceremony seemed to diminish more and more. Finally I peeked into the physical world. It was then that I was able to find seven people who, in flesh and blood, were gathered around a table practicing the Holy Gnostic Anointing. That ceremony was taking place in all the seven cosmic planes of manifestation. The ceremony was taking place inside a family home. So I said to myself: “How big is this! How sublime!
  6. M. Gargha Kouchines., the author of that formidable preface that adorns my work entitled "The Revolution of Bel", called "In the Vestibule of the Sanctuary", outlines a plan that is called to fulfill, a formidable mission in the future. That is why it is impossible to separate "In the Hall of the Sanctuary" from the rest of the text entitled "The Revolution of Bel", and it is that this work is called to be the cultural base of Aquarius, the same as "The Perfect Matrimony". The economic problem of the world, clairvoyantly observed, the social organization of that beautiful humanity that will inhabit "the new land", we see the economic plan of M. G.K. crystallized there. and a garden and each one will sow in his orchard and eat from his crops. That same system governs among the educated humanities of every advanced planet. And earthling humanity will have to adapt to that cosmic order Therefore, I consider that "In the Hall of the Sanctuary" will crystallize totally in the future.
  7. On certain occasion we propose certain researchers, to study, in a group and in the Superior Worlds, that great man named Arnold Krumm Heller. He wrote numerous works. The research was done when we acted outside the physical body. We invoked Master Krumm Heller and Heller's "Psychological Self" attended our call, the Satan! It was nothing more than a bunch of memories of this earthly life of desires, theories, prejudices, defects, virtues, etc. And that dark entity had the appearance of a great doctor. He was dressed as a doctor, and, somewhere between humble and proud, with a certain air of forced kindness, he watched us. That was then the "Psychological I", the Satan of that man called Krumm Heller! It is undoubtedly totally impossible that this psychological self could be a theurgist. Later, we, the investigators, in the astral body entered through the doors of the Gnostic Church. There we find, seated, two exalted characters: the first was the Intimate of Krumm Heller, dressed as a Gnostic Archbishop, with a miter and archiepiscopal purple, the second was the Boddhisattwa of Master Heller. The first was the Purusa of the Orientals, the Monad, the Intimate, Atman-Buddhi, and the second, the Superior Manas of Oriental Theosophy, the Causal Body or, better said, the Soul-Will wrapped with the Mental and Astral bodies, constitutes what is called Boddhisattwa.
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  1. If we open Chapter 19 of the Apocalypse, we see that the Saint of Revelation calls the Horseman of the Apocalypse "Word of God". God is presented by the monosyllable Aun and the two "Vs" of the word verb form a double v, which can be written as follows: W, and with the vowels e, o, plus the letter R we form the name WEOR. Thus we complete the name of the author's "Divine Self", "Aun Weor". Almost all Western men have read the Bible and know that the Horseman of the Apocalypse would come (the horseman that chap. 19 of the Apocalypse); but I came and they have not known me; before, on the contrary, the spiritualist leaders launched themselves furiously against me, and it is because the world does not want dealings with the prophets of the Light. Humanity has always killed the prophets, humanity does not like the enlightened.
  2. I, Aun Weor, always observed Bel in the astral, and I tried to win his affection, because the fact that he radiated love to his friends caught my attention. It was a very rare and unique case of its kind, because I had never heard of a demon radiating blue light, which is that of love. Certainly he made terrible threats to me, but I defeated him with my mantras and accompanied him to his caves in the astral plane, and I even took part in his feasts pretending to be a black magician and even his colleague, in order to study that character more closely. . My long-term intention was to accomplish the greatest feat in the cosmos: Get Bel out of the Black Lodge and make him a disciple of the White Lodge. One night, together with a chela, we invoked Beelzebub in the astral plane, and once he attended our call we invited him to dinner. He accepted the invitation and we went to a restaurant on the astral plane (the astral body also eats elements related to its organism and the astral world is almost the same as ours). So it was that I asked Bel for some food, I contented myself with drinking a glass of water. When Bel sat down at the table he took the bonnet off his head and cavalierly began to eat. It was curious to see that kind of gorilla eating at the table like a real man. Some chela who were in that room addressed me telling me that this was disrespectful to me, taking that demon to that room, and as expected, they looked at him with disgust and made a vacuum. I answered: "This is also a man and deserves to be respected." Bel took the floor and in a tone of deep sadness said: “Everyone despises me. The only one who does not despise me is my friend Aun Weor.” Several times I had called the attention of the Intimate of Bel to do something for his soul, but his Intimate's reply was: "I can't, he doesn't obey me, I have fought a lot but it is impossible." Full of encouragement for those words that Beelzebub manifested in the middle of dinner, I did a new experiment. I invoked him again in the astral plane, and once he attended my call, I diplomatically invited him to have a few drinks with me. Joyful and happy Beelzebub accepted my invitation, and as we walked through the astral plane, I kept changing its vibration, until finally I took it out of the astral plane and took it to the most divine plane of consciousness in the cosmos. Beelzebub was truly dazzled by the terrible luminosity of that ineffable region indescribable for its beauty and happiness. But he felt terror, because it was four eternities that Beelzebub lived in the darkness of the gloomy caverns, and now, seeing the light, he felt fear, and with a hoarse voice, he exclaimed: -This is always terrifying. "More terrifying are the darkness in which you live," I replied, and walking along that plane we passed in front of a house. -You can enter? he asked me, and I answered in the affirmative. We immediately went in and were in it for a while. For Beelzebub all that was really new and he felt bad, because he was used to living among the veiled prophets and therefore the terrible luminosity of that plane annoyed him horribly. After a while of light, I took him to the other extreme, to the terrible darkness of the Avitchi of our earth, where nothing is seen but pieces of souls in a state of disintegration, souls of prostitutes who, due to so much cohabitation, totally separated from the Innermost. who lying down on their filthy beds their going disintegrating, like candles that melt with the fire of passion. There were demon souls there that already seemed like only pieces. "I feel a little better here," Bel told me. I replied: "You'll have to get used to the light." "That's hard work, because I've been living in the dark for a long time," he replied, and I, showing him the pieces of souls, warned him: "You'll come here if you continue with your evil deeds." Then I took him back to his astral plane. I did a third experiment, which was really decisive. I took Bel a second time to the "Ring Do Not Pass", and there, I summoned his best and oldest friends from the epoch of Saturn. Those friends were now luminous lords of the mind, lords of light, and full of pain they hugged Beelzebub and one of them told him: -I never thought I would see you in this state!” Bel replied: -You see where I've come. Bel seemed in that plane something like a gorilla of the African jungle in an elegant salon in Paris. But Beelzebub, recognizing his dearest friends, was dismayed in the depths of his soul and fully understood his loss. That was Beelzebub, the charming gallant of Arcadia. If it hadn't been for the taverns, he wouldn't have met the hideous black wizard who misled him. I asked the masters of that luminous plane for permission to leave Beelzebub for a while in that luminous region, and the masters gladly agreed to my request on the condition that we visit him constantly, and we formed a chain of love around Bel. And we flood him with our love, and fill it with our best atoms and saturate him with light and splendor. I constantly visited Beelzebub; he remained sad, he was the only one with the appearance of a gorilla in that plane of Gods.... All the beings of that region looked at him with curiosity and the old friends from the period of Saturn advised and helped him. Little by little Beelzebub was getting used to the light, and in the depths of his soul he felt remorse for lost time, embarrassment with his best friends and longing for improvement. We helped him and temporarily united him with his Internal God, with his Intimate, and The "Gloryan" also made a supreme effort to call his soul to union with the Intimate. The momentary fusion with the Intimate took away the horrible appearance of a gorilla, and dressed in the vestments of the Intimate, he took on the presence of the nice young man from Arcadia. I projected for Bel onto the cosmic stage some of the scenes from the Akashic archives. There appeared those primitive times of the period of Saturn, when Beelzebub was still a good and simple man, when he had not yet taken vices, when he was not yet a friend of brothels or taverns. Those scenes all slipped by in successive order, and Beelzebub contemplated them silently. Then came the taverns and the little parties and the nights of sailing and wine, brothels and orgies. Beelzebub, full of terrible inner emotion, contemplated those ancient scenes and remembered his mistakes. A true revolution in Bel was in progress. Suddenly something gloomy and dismal appears within the scene, this being was a horrible demon, dressed in a black robe, and in his ears he wore two earrings. The eyes of such a demon bulged outwards and an atmosphere of profound darkness enveloped him. Beelzebub was astonished contemplating him, it was his ancient teacher, it was the horrible black magician who with his wonderful keys always brought him out triumphant in the vice of gambling, it was the horrible demon that led him to the first black initiation. Smiling, the sinister character approached Bel to greet him, and Beelzebub, as if attracted by a hypnotic spell, wanted to get closer to reciprocate the greeting, but he stopped, a gesture of rebellion arose in the depths of his soul and he exclaimed heroically: -No! I don`t greet you, I want nothing with you, you are to blame for me being in this state! Then the sinister character answered with a very hoarse voice, which seemed to emanate from the depths of the centuries and from the depths of the dark caverns. "This is the payment you give me for my services?" Do you no longer remember my sacrifices? Do you no longer remember the teachings I gave you? Are you letting yourself go down the wrong path? But Beelzebub answered full of energy: -I don't want to listen to you, you are the one to blame for me being in this state; I think I have repaid the favors received! Then I conjured the sinister personage to withdraw, and the black magician withdrew with his profound darkness. And then I projected for Bel and in the form of pictures the future that awaited him if he followed the black path. Pictures appeared where Beelzebub was seen happy in the taverns given over to the vices of the earth. Finally the twilight of the cosmic night appeared, the seas overflowed over the earth, all ruins and ice, and there on a beach thrown a piece of the head with its chest and arms of the one who had previously been Beelzebub. Once I finished this picture I told him: -Here is the future that awaits you if you follow the black path. Then I projected on pictures the future that awaited him if he followed the path of white magic. In those pictures Beelzebub was seen already united with his Intimate, dressed in the master's tunic, with his long Hierophant cape and his scepter of power. A luminous garden appeared and Beelzebub walked in it like an omnipotent and celestial god. -This is the future that awaits you if you follow the path of white magic. Resolve yourself right now, do you continue with white magic or continue on the black path? Beelzebub replied: -I continue with White magic! His answer was firm and Beelzebub fell to his knees crying like a child, raised his eyes to heaven, joined his hands on his chest and between tears and sobs he prayed to heaven. A repentant demon; the horns on his forehead shone as if they wanted to vanish in the light. The elder brothers embraced him with tears in their eyes, all rejoiced among themselves, and a delicious triumphal march resounded with its ineffable melodies in the starry skies of Urania. And I prayed to the Only Begotten One to have Beelzebub together, so that he would fix the Kundalini. Kundalini rose and "the tail" of the Devil disappeared. But the horns were still on his forehead, because the horns belong to the Guardian of the Threshold and he was closely fused with the Guardian of the Threshold. That was when I took him to the astral to subject him to the first initiatory test through which everyone who wants to reach the "initiation" must inevitably pass. . This is the test of the Guardian of the Threshold. When summoning the monster, it comes out of us and throws itself at us threateningly. Beelzebub called several times, a horrible breeze was blowing everywhere, and then the specter of the threshold appeared in a terrible and threatening form; that being was a giant about three meters tall and about two meters thick; he had the appearance of a monstrous gorilla, with a flat round face, horns and bulging eyes. Beelzebub had fortified it through the ages and now he had no choice but to fight it. So Bel bravely threw himself on the monster and put it to defeat. After the first test, I took him back to the One Begotten to continue helping him, the horns did not disappear from his forehead, because those horns belonged to his inner beast of the Guardian of the Threshold called by the Rosicrucians of Amorc, "The Guardian of his Chamber, the Guardian of his Sanctum". The monstrous gorilla figure also disappeared because that was not his, it was the Guardian of the Threshold called by the Rosicrucians of Amorc "The Guardian of his conscience". Beelzebub was embellished, but now he had to comply with what the Master said: "Give to God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's." So, after the test of the Guardian of the Threshold, Beelzebub went to his dark temple to erase his name from the book where it was written down. That is a huge and gigantic temple of black magic. Behind the altar was the Great Hierarch of the Temple; and when he saw Beelzebub coming, impatient and angry he exclaimed: "At last you remembered to come!" Being the one who runs this temple, why did you take so long to come? Then Beelzebub answered in an energetic tone: -I no longer belong to this temple, now I follow the path of White magic! Immediately, he took off the bonnet from his head and the cord from his waist and threw them on the altar, saying: -I'll leave that for you because I don't need it anymore; Now I am from the White Lodge! -And added: - Give me the book to erase my name! Then the dark priest answered in a despotic way: -Look for the book, I don't put myself in that job! And Bel looked for the book and erased his name and Bel left the Temple with a firm and triumphant step. Immediately we went to a certain dark cavern, where he had to deliver the cape of the prince of demons. As Bel entered the black cavern, he spoke saying: -I have come to deliver this cloak that no longer belongs to me because now I am a disciple of the White Lodge! And threw the cloak at them. While those black magicians of the cave insulted him, Bel came out of the cave. Once out of that cave we headed to Bel's own cave. Countless weapons and seals of black magic were seen there. Bel burned everything with the fire of salamanders and that is how the former Prince of Demons, Beelzebub, was freed from black magic. Beelzebub continued to dwell within the light of the "Ring Do Not Pass" and the Only Son continued to teach him. Days later, the Test of the Great Guardian of the World Threshold was presented, this is the second test that every disciple must pass, and Bel bravely faced the second Guardian, and a party was celebrated in another temple and another symbolic silver cup was given to him. . Beelzebub entered the Hall of Fire and stood bravely in the flames. This is the third test and Beelzebub passed it well, the fire burned all the larvae of his astral body and thus he was clean. Later he passed all four tests and proved in them that he was willing to kiss the executioner's whip. These four tests are of earth, fire, water and air. Beelzebub passed those four tests valiantly and then received the cloak of Chela from the White Lodge and was dressed in a purple robe. Beelzebub became a disciple of the White Lodge and totally sanctified himself. The Elder Brothers celebrated a great cosmic party for this reason, and the Divine Rabbi of Galilee received him in his arms, and congratulated me, Aun Weor, on the triumph. After Bel passed the four tests of earth, fire, water and air, he visited Jahvé, his former boss, and told him: -I've come to say goodbye; now I no longer depend on your government, because now I am a disciple of the White Lodge. Jahve, furious, replied: - Traitor! Miserable! Scoundrel! You allowed yourself to be convinced by Aun Weor, but Aun Weor doesn't have your grades or mine. Notice that you are going the wrong way! Then Bel answered him in an energetic tone: -You are the one who is on the wrong path, I am still with Aun Weor, I had not seen the light, but now that he has shown it to me I will not leave it again, and I follow Aun Weor as all his disciples follow him! Then Javeh said to him: - Cursed! Damned! Damned! My curse will haunt you forever! But Beelzebub, responding, told him: -Your curse does not enter me because I am protected by the White Lodge! And after Bel had spoken, Javeh turned against me saying: - It is you who I must attack, because you are responsible for all this! He then attacked me with all his occult sinister power, but I easily conjured it and put him to defeat. Bel continued healing the sick and the moment came when it became necessary to ask for a physical body to climb the path of initiation. And Bel asked for the body and his request was accepted and he enrolled in Karmic Office No. 9 and entered our human evolution. The Initiate Gargha Kuichines generously offered his cooperation for Bel to take body in his home, but that was completely impossible due to his wife's health, she could not bear Bel's terrible vibration. But the Elder Brothers had everything well planned and the chela Beelzebub incarnated in a female body in France. She is now a beautiful girl from France who will amaze the world with her Holiness, Power and Wisdom.
  3. The Second World War had just passed and millions of disembodied souls in the different theaters of war were still thirsty for blood in our astral environment. That was when the Venerable White Lodge delivered into my hands the key to the abyss and a great chain so that Chapter 20 of the Apocalypse would be fulfilled. And I received orders from the Lords of Karma to lock Javeh and all the black magicians in the abyss. The task was really overwhelming for me, but I felt omnipotent because the revered masters after undergoing terrible initiation tests gave me the sword of justice and the white horse. I was conferred the greatest honor for a human being, which is to "judge" and initiate the Age of Aquarius. And a ribbon was placed on my thigh, which in symbolic letters says "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" so that chapter 19 of the Apocalypse would be fulfilled, which says: "On his garment and on his thigh he has this name written: "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" I wear that ribbon on my thigh to represent that the power of the human being is in sex, and consequently I was given the mission of teaching humanity for the first time in life the terrible secrets of sex That is why the "Intimate" or "Higher Self" of whom this writes wears that ribbon on the thigh, with it my mission is symbolized in that sense. Arriving the night that I had to obey the order to apprehend Javeh, I marched with all my disciples in rigorous military formation cheering Javeh, and we surrounded him and apprehended him by surprise. He was convinced that we were going to entertain him and that is why it did not get out of hand. Then we locked him in the Avichi of the black moon. Seven atomic doors of iron lead to that plane of consciousness and the sword with which Michael defeated Luzbel and all the tenebrous legions of the ancient cosmic periods remains hanging on the great external door. The black magicians are horrified to see that sword. Javeh had a very serious karma, since he was the secret author of the crucifixion of Christ and directly responsible for the failure of human evolution on Earth. That old debt inevitably had to be paid, since no one can flout the law with impunity. Because he crucified the Christ and now karma will take action. And I obeyed the order and tied him to the cross and placed him head down and feet up. Javeh and his people will remain in the abyss throughout the luminous cycle of Aquarius. In the cycle of Capricorn they will be given the last chance on our Earth to repent. In the Bible the words "Dragon", "Devil", "Satan" are individual and generic words, because they symbolize Javeh and the billions of souls that I, Aun Weor, am enclosing in the abyss. By focusing on the evil of the world, I was able to realize that all the evil in Asia had its main focus in China, and all the evil in the West had its main focus in Rome. I remembered that the snake is killed by the head and I began by taking to the abyss all the hierarchs of other cosmic periods together with their trillions of demons. And I saw Luzbel with his tunic and red turbans; At the tip of its tail it carried an ancient scroll rolled up. And I saw Ariman, the author of gross materialism. Ariman wears a tunic and red cap. And I saw Lucifogo Rofocale, author of money. And I saw Orhuarpa, the founder of the mysteries of the dark sun in Atlantis. And I saw Bael, the polar opposite of the luminous angel Adonai. King Bael wears a crown and in a great book he taught his disciples in his desert cave. And I saw the soldiers of Javeh who killed the Christ. I disguised myself as an old man and a black magician to convince Luzbel that his patron Javeh was calling him with all his legions. And I danced in front of them and little by little I led them into the abyss. And so fell Lucifer and his legions, Ariman and his legions, Lucifogo and his legions, Orhuarpa and his legions, Bael and his legions, Baal Peor and his legions. In front of those bosses I did wonders: I danced, I sang, I played kettledrums, etc. I did everything in my power to cleanse the atmosphere of the world. I used all my ancient knowledge to lock up all those billions of demons who already had the world in their clutches. I disguised myself in a thousand ways to be able to take the black magicians to the abyss. And all those black magicians with their people presented me with great battles in the astral light, and I, mounted on a white horse and with the sword of justice in my mouth, defeated them. And so verses 15 and 19 of chapter 19 of the Apocalypse were fulfilled. The one who relates this is only the humble and rough personality of Master Aun Weor. This Master is my "divine self", that is, my "Intimate", my "Real Being", "my Monad". And I cleaned China and I cleaned the West and the black magicians of China and the West were as numerous as the sands of the sea. We would fill enormous volumes if we minutely recounted all the scenes and all the things I did to cleanse the Earth of so much evil. If we had not done this, it would have been impossible to start the luminous Age of Aquarius. I, Aun Weor, am the Great Avatar.
  4. He who has capital in the internal worlds can perform wonders. Nothing is given to us, everything costs. The real capital is good deeds. If we do not have capital then we have to suffer the unspeakable. We need to know the esoteric value of coins. On a certain occasion we requested a service to the God of the Wind, Ehecatl, I had to pay him 25 esoteric cents for the service. If we add together the numbers two plus five we will have the number 7, seven is the arcane of atonement. We had suffered a lot, with patience. We had that currency, we paid with it and a person who made us suffer walked away from us; That's how the miracle happened. If we hadn't had that coin, Ehecalt wouldn't have done that job for us. Nothing is given to us for free; everything costs.
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  1. At the dawn of the Mahanvantara, the Seven Planetary Logoi officiated in their temples with the rituals of Maha-Kundalini. I, Aun Weor, witnessed the dawn of the Mahanvantara. I still remember when I used to visit the seven sacred temples of Chaos. Next to the Logos of each temple was an ineffable lady.
  2. I, Aun Weor received my resplendent Dragon of Wisdom called Samael, Logos of the Planet Mars. I am the Cosmic Christ of Aquarius. I am the initiator of the New Age. I am Samael, the Planetary Genius of Mars. I, Aun Weor, am the son of my Father Samael, and although in my past I evolved under the rulership of different planets, I could never get out of the Ray of Samael, because AUN WEOR is a spark detached from the flame of Samael; So, from Samael I left to Samael I returned.
  3. On a certain occasion, while I, Aun Weor, was in the star Sirius, I saw in the distance some trees penetrated each one of them by ladies of an ineffable and moving beauty. Those ladies called me to approach them; they were elemental ladies embodied in those bushes. They melodious voice was music from paradise. I conferred with them and then walked away in awe of such beauty. That planet has extensive seas, the inhabitants of this star have never killed a single bird or ay kind of life.. Their social organization would be magnificent for our globe; all the economic problems of the world would end and happiness would reign on the face of the earth. Syrians are small in stature and have all their internal senses perfectly developed; they dress simply in humble robes and wear metal sandals. Every Syrian lives in a small wooden house, and there is no house that does not have a small garden where the owner of the house grows his vegetable food. The owner also has a small garden where he grows his flowers. There are no cities or landowners; therefore the people of Sirius do not know hunger or misfortune. In the Garden of the Great Temple of God Sirius there are some rosebushes unknown in our planet. Each rose in that garden is several meters in size and exhales a perfume that is impossible to forget.
  4. I remember over there, in the early days of South America, a very interesting event in relation to Sassafras. A certain Indigenous from the same tribe to which I belonged, was filled with jealousy for his wife whom he loved, he even thought that I, Aun Weor, was taking her away from him. I clearly remember that while going down a road I met the husband of this woman, and when he saw me, full of horrible jealousy, he tried to attack me aggressively, but he refrained, the man decided to put the case in the hands of the chief of the tribe. I was a medical-magician of the tribe, and therefore I knew in depth the magic of vegetables, and in view of the "scandal" I chose to defend myself with the elemental of sassafras. Before the next day's sun illuminated the horizon, very early I went to the forest in the company of the woman whose cause was the scandal. Some indigenous also accompanied me, and after locating the plant called sassafras (on the Atlantic coast), I blessed it, begged the elemental for the desired service, and slowly uprooted the plant. This plant is used to end scandals. Then I crushed the plant and extracted the juice, which I gave to drink to the woman whose cause was the scandal; I also drank from the plant, while my companions watched us in silence. Immediately I stuck a thorn in the trunk of the sassafras, I knelt in front of it and concentrated my mind intensely on the thorn, ordering the elemental of the sassafras to move to the chief and control him with his powers. As he worked like this, I pronounced the mantra or magic word of sassafras: PARILLA, PARILLA, PARILLA. Then the sassafras elemental moved to the chieftain and circled around him, uttering his magical incantations. Then it penetrated the cacique's cerebrospinal system, totally concroled it, saturated it with atoms of love, light and harmony. When the next day I appeared before the cacique's throne, he was already in favor and then I spoke in an arrogant and haughty way: - Why have you called me? You can't against me. The cacique replied: - Enough of the scandals! You can withdraw, you owe nothing. And that's how that painful accident past over.
  5. Back in 1946, my wife and I lived in the tropical town of Girardot (Cundinamarca). One day the lady-adept told me: "Tonight I will transport myself with my physical body in the state of jinas to Mrs.XX`s house.... I will make myself feel in her, and there I will leave her a material object." Somewhat intrigued, I asked her: “Is it possible to transport oneself with a physical body through the air, and without the need of a plane?” the Guru Litelantes, smiling, told me: "You'll see..." Very early I went to visit the lady, and then this lady, somewhat impressed, told me that during the whole night she had heard noises in her house and the footsteps of a strange person. Then she told me that inside his room, duly padlocked, she had found certain material objects belonging to Mrs. Arnolda. Astounded by the question, I went to tell the case to the lady-adept, and then she, smiling, told me: "You see that, it is possible to travel with the physical body in Jinas state." Later she invited me to make an excursion with the physical body through the domains of those wonderful lands of jinas, of which Don Mario Roso de Luna speaks among others. One night, the quietest one, I was lying on my bed in a perfect state of vigil; Suddenly the lady-adept told me: "Get up from the bed and let's go." The lady-adept had put her physical body in the Jinas state, and was surrounded by the terrible cosmic forces of the God Harpocrates. I got up from my bed, and full of faith I followed her, walking with a firm and determined step. A spiritual voluptuousness inebriated me, and then I resolved to float through the air. I understood that I had immersed myself within the astral plane but with the physical body. I understood that when the physical body is submerged within the astral plane it can levitate and is subject to the laws of the astral plane, but without losing its physiological characteristics. The lady-adept made me fly over great precipices and mountains to test my courage. After a very interesting excursion through remote lands of Jinas, the lady-adept and I returned to our house.
  6. At the end of the time of Saturn, humanity was divided between the powers of light and the powers of darkness. Beelzebub, the black magician of the thirteenth initiation, is from that time. Making use of my clairvoyant faculties, I conferred with the Intimate of that demon, I urged him to do something for his soul. "I can't," he replied, "I've done too much, don't obey me." And so, grieving, he walked away from the researcher.
  7. I am going to relate a black initiation as we observed it in the astral between two collaborators. It was the neophyte taken out of his physical body in his astral body during the hour of sleep, a party was held for him in a street, all those at the party were black magicians; then the neophyte was taken to a dark yellow temple, that temple had the appearance of a palace with wide corridors and was two stories; the walls were yellow. There everything was party and joy, thousands of dark and weak black magicians, as are all black magicians, surrounded the neophyte and congratulated themselves on their triumph. This was a true coven. That was a rejoicing of the darkness, which wandered weakly with its sinister and spectral forms. Suddenly and in the midst of the uproar, a great initiate of the black lodge rises on a stone pedestal and, like a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, wears a white tunic. Grandiloquent makes a speech during which he states the following: "I will be faithful to my religion, nothing will make me take a step back, this is sacred." There the neophyte was marked with a seal, which was first put into the fire, and the mark was below the left lung and that mark was triangular and had gray and black colors. His shoulder was also marked over the muscles of his left forearm with black letters, and at last the poor victim was brought before the statue of terribly evil beauty representing the Black Goddess. The disciple crossed his legs in the anagarika style; He put his hands on his waist and then triumphantly returned to his physical body, longing to continue studying Cherenzi's doctrine with more determination, in order to have the sad honor of later being Anagarika.
  8. When the ego enters a new maternal womb, it psychically attracts the atoms of its past physical body and begins with them to build the new physical body. Pharaoh Khafre and I, Aun Weor, had to bring our egyptian mummies, placing them in a "jinas state" to release some atoms that we needed for our bodies.

95. “My dear sisters and brothers of the Gnostic movement, we have concluded this course of esoteric teaching and I was thinking of finishing these meetings, entering a recess for now; but I see that these meetings are a spiritual need for all of us and that is why I think it is best that we continue meeting on the 27th of each month.” Thus I spoke on July 27, 1961 at the home of a distinguished man of science. In those days I had finished the Perfect Matrimony and simultaneously had concluded a course on esoteric sexual teaching that I had taught for a group of Rosicrucian Gnostic students. The reason why I thought to end the esoteric meetings was disenchantment. At first the meeting room was full of people, everyone enjoyed studying the mysteries of sex and the path of the Perfect Matrimony. Later, as the days passed, it was no longer interested in the perfect marriage or sexual magic. After two years of meetings, the esoteric assistants who came to these meetings could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In such circumstances I considered that it was useless to continue lecturing. My intentions were to end that night with conferences and meetings; however, something remarkable happened to me that night. I felt filled with an immense, grandiose, sublime love. My heart ached at the thought of leaving them alone. That's when I resolved not to end the meetings and go ahead with the few. When I returned home I received a telepathic message from the Temple of Chapultepec. I was ordered to leave the house and move immediately to the Chapultepec forest. I obeyed the order and left the house towards this wonderful forest that Master Huiracocha (Arnold Krumm Heller) speaks of in his Rosicrucian novel. The castle of Chapultepec shone wonderfully with its thousands of little lights. The avenue and central grandstand were lonely, and the doors hermetically closed. It is difficult to enter the Chapultepec Forest at midnight, because the guards and gendarmes are alert and vigilant, and it may be the case that if any Rosicrucian Gnostic student ventures into the forest, he is mistaken for a thief. The zeal of the guardians is great because in the castle of Chapultepec there are immense riches. Let us remember the crockery of Emperor Maximilian, all solid gold, and the colonial riches locked up in the halls of the palace. This is the most magnificent palace in Mexico. It doesn't matter how I was able to enter the Chapultepec forest at midnight, the reality was that I entered. That is all. I walked along an avenue going around the Chapultepec hill, following the direction of the fountains that President Madero had built. The road was deserted, and the night dark... I spent some time waiting for an agreed signal. The time seemed long, but finally someone came who spoke for me and everything was fixed. The senior adept of the temple ordered me to enter and without further compliments I entered. The temple is located inside the Chapultepec hill. Said temple was visible in other times to the Aztecs, but later, with the arrival of the Spaniards, it entered in jinas state. In this temple is the empire of Light and Faith of the Nahualth. Two guardians with drawn swords guard the entrance and no one can enter there without superior order. That night was one of immense happiness for me. The temple was flooded with a light of immaculate whiteness, it was light permeated with life and spirit, light that cast no shadow anywhere. This light comes out of a monstrance, chalice. Within such a light the soul feels filled with truly indescribable happiness. An Angel entered the temple with me and took a seat. The Superior Adept of the Temple showed us some beautiful paintings full of life and movement. These pictures abound a lot in the White Lodges. Franz Hartman already told us in his book entitled "An Adventure in the Mansion of the Rosicrucian Adepts", about this kind of paintings that he saw in the Rosicrucian temple in Bohemia. The figures in this class of paintings are full of life and movement; this is the so-called "royal art of nature". The Superior of the Temple, seeing our admiration for the pictures, addressed the Angel and then me, saying: "You are forbidden to touch these pictures." The Angel faithfully obeyed the order; I frankly felt tempted to touch them... They were so beautiful... A stern reminder from the master given in time was enough: "I already told you, sir, that touching these pictures is forbidden." "I certainly don't intend to touch them," was my apology. The temple shone that night with ineffable glory. It is impossible to describe with human words such beauty. The ceiling, the walls, everything was solid gold. However, something filled me with amazement... I had heard so much about Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Yogiism, etc. etc., and now here, in the middle of the Rosicrucian Gnostic temple of Jinas, there was only a small group of ladies and gentlemen who, like me, had also been invited to the temple meeting. I remembered the rooms of some occult teachers, always full of thousands of people, I remembered the temples of the world full of thousands of human beings, I remembered the lodges that call themselves Rosicrucians, with their millions of members, and now here, in the middle of the temple of the White Lodge, the few that there were could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Then I understood everything. At first many people came to our esoteric meetings. As time went by, the number of attendees decreased significantly, and now only a few thirsty for wisdom and love come to us. When I understood this, I exclaimed spontaneously: "The temples, lodges and schools of the world are always full of many people because Satan has them enthralled; but only a few come to the temples of True Wisdom." Thus I spoke with a voice that amazed myself, and when I spoke, I saw assent from the Superior of the Temple. Then he said: "That's right. Satan has  enthralled them." Then, after confirming my words, the Master ordered the Angel to go up to the choir of musicians and singers to sing. The Angel obeyed, and after going up to the choir, he sang the story of the centuries in opera. The Angel, from the doctrinal point of view, was mentally placed in the times of the future fifth round of planetary evolution.. Then all evolving life will develop in the etheric plane or etheric region of our earth. The seven races of flesh and blood will no longer exist, they will have become extinct. The Angel sang with a voice so ineffable and sweet that it sounded like Mozart's Enchanted Flute. My whole being went into ecstasy. Hearing an Angel sing is something that can never be forgotten in life. The Angel, mentally situated in the future earth of the fifth round, recounted in opera the story of terrestrial evolution. He remembered all the prophets who had been sent to earth, he narrated with a melodious voice the history of the seven races of the world, the Apocalypse of the current fifth race, the continents that existed in the past and their general destruction, the great cataclysms of the earth, the great wars, the superhuman efforts that the Great Avatars had made to save humanity, the crucifixion of the Martyr of Golgotha, etc. etc. Then he lamented with pain for the few who had been saved. Only a few had managed to be born as Angels. The rest, the great majority of human beings, were swallowed by the abyss. Many began the evolution, but few were those who reached the Angelic state. "Many are called, few are chosen." When the Angel reached this part of his ineffable opera, I was greatly moved and astonished. Frankly I was believing that such a case of a few saved and the great majority lost could only happen on earth and in the past Mahanvantara of the earthmoon; but that in the times of more worlds things would be different. The Angel got me out of that mistake when he said: "And what happened on Earth is always repeated in all the worlds of infinite space." When the angel finished his ineffable song, I understood why so many people had attended my meetings and why, of the many that began, only a few stayed with me. Now I am willing to continue with the few. I am no longer interested in having the room full of people. There are really many who start but few who arrive. The Perfect Matrimony is the path of the razor's edge. Joining any school, lodge, order, etc., is very easy. Studying yoga, hermeticism, philosophy, astrology is very beautiful and easy, but being born as an Angel is terribly difficult.

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                                                                                                                        CHAPTER VI

  1. One night that I was in the world of Chesed I entered a theater, there karmas were balanced, and on a screen, which is that of creation, it was seen how the masters of Karma passed by and on a large scale was placed the karma of the two greatest powers in the world, one in each saucer, and the balance tipped against the Colossus of the North, it owes a great karma.
  2. On a certain occasion I was in a jungle and passing through a path they told me about a mountain, because the place was dangerous I went to investigate in astral. I imagined the mountain, I saw fog, some stairs and a group of adepts, upon entering that place they gave me a spoon with honey from bees, the food of the White Lodge and the bread of wisdom, then they told me to purge myself with castor oil to cleanse the stomach. The next day I get out of the body whose stomach had already been cleaned. I saw the stars and did the Rune Man, the adepts ordered me to descend to the Infernal Worlds, I entered a region of deep darkness where some terrible beasts attacked me. They were my egos, I had to go through doors where there was room, through narrow paths and from there go out through a pantheon. Everything of the ego is death and disgrace, it is Mephistopheles, have to work very hard.
  3. When the Logos of the Solar System gave me the tunic and mantle of the Hierophant of Major Mysteries, he told me: "Here I pay you what I owe you, for the practices that you have taught."
  4. After having created the "To Soma Heliakon" in the Forge of the Cyclops (sex), I then had to go through a time of deep reflection. In the residence of Love, in the Temple of the "Twice Born", I found other brothers and sisters who had also worked intensely in the "Fired Forge of Vulcan" (sex), all of them gloriously shining among the indescribable divine enchantments of Good Friday. We met to discuss the struggles and sorrows, we had emerged victorious. But all this is a principle of principles and a foundation of foundations, there is something more about this and it is necessary that you be informed.
  5. A Master told me: -VM Samael Aun Weor, true happiness is having God inside. Even if you are in the Absolute or in nirvana, if you do not have God inside you would not be happy, although those who live there already have him incarnated. Those words had a tremendous impact on me and I went to consult the Great Sage Saturn, I made several esoteric greetings to him and he answered them all, but he said: "There is no greeting greater than that of the seal of the heart." There was no need to speak, in silence he answered everything saying that not even in the Absolute, if one does not have God inside, one is not happy. That answer satisfied me. Those consultations cost money and I paid with capital from good deeds which are metal coins that represent Dharma.
  6. The sphinx tells us about the Great Work that is carried out with the four elements. On a certain occasion I interviewed the elemental of the Sphinx, he is a marvelous elemental his feet were full of mud. He blessed me and I told him: -I already understand why your feet are covered in mud; it is for this age of the Kali Yuga.
  7. Atman is the Divine Spirit (it is an emanation of the Logos) that has two souls: Buddhi and Manas. Understanding this is vital. In the middle ages when the medieval knight went out to fight for his lady, it is nothing more than the Human Soul fighting to conquer his Spiritual Soul.
  8. In this present reincarnation, when I was fighting with the fourth degree of the Power of Fire and had not yet dissolved the ego, I saw an erotic couple  type on the movie screen; and at night in the World of the Mind I was subjected to a test, in which the couple on the screen did the same scene, this scene was reproduced by my mind, it seemed to have life, to move. I got out of the test. When I left the World of the Mind and went to the Astral, I was harshly recriminated and warned that if I went back to those places (to the cinemas) I would lose the Sword, that I had better study my past lives in the Akashic Records.
  9. We have all heard of spiritualism, of the covens of drones and witches. Some see this as something strange, others as stories to laugh a little, but the harsh reality is that medieval covens and the famous midnight witches have more realism than we think. Obviously those witches, belong to the world of the Kliphos. María de la Antilla, so named in old medieval convents, was exactly its governor, such sorcerers of ancient covens called her Santa María. When I investigated in the world of the Kliphos about this strange creature, how did you share your life with so many black magicians? how could he get between so many covens? However, I never saw what we could call perversity. The tenebrous ones of the left hand, the sublunary creatures worshiped her and considered that magician not as something tenebrous, but as a saint. I wanted to know what was true in that, the present sanctity of a creature that mingled with darkness, that figured in so many covens and monasteries of the Middle Ages. Whoever has bothered to study the old events of High and Low Magic of the Middle Ages has never heard of María de la Antilla. There are so many secrets hidden in the dust of many libraries... I had to clarify, of course I knew; and I clarified when precisely in the world of Tipheret I invoke, then, that entity. I was heard, and to my astonishment I met a self-realized Master. Then I understood that he had emanated his Bodhisattva from himself and he was educated in the exercise of magic, in the magic triangle or Third Triangle. Going through rigorous training, starting with the Kliphos, but without hurting anyone. After that I got in direct contact with his Bodhisattva, with María de la Antilla, and when I invited her to visit the world of Nirvana, she gladly accepted my invitation. Upon merging with his Real Being, the Secret Master, then I saw that it was a creature that had achieved the perfection of High Magic, and that although he lived in the world of the Kliphos it was to finish educating  himself and training psychologically, exercising tremendous powers without doing evil. When one observes that creature, his Real Being pleases him, he realizes that he is an extraordinary White Magician because he knows in depth the Kingdoms of Light, the world of Malkuth or the World of the Kliphos.
  10. It is good to understand all this, I am explaining to you what I have lived in myself, what I am experiencing in myself. The Christ, He is saving me, as He has saved so many. I can be one more of the saved, and as I am trying, I have experienced it and what I am saying is what I know, what I have lived.
  11. Many years ago when I unfolded in a new year eve, I  had to live a certain drama in the theater of the world. Being persecuted I arrived at the Temple of the Fifty Gates with its twelve golden sphinxes that guarded the doors (we have already studied the symbolism of the sphinx, the face, the lion's paws, etc.). I entered the palace, it was surrounded by water and I crossed a very beautiful garden, but there was a breath of death; I entered the first of the fifty doors and there I was received by a group of brothers who applauded me, Then I went out and entered another beautiful garden that also had a breath of death, then I entered the second door and those who had congratulated me were turned into traitors who bawled and slandered. I kept silent and crossed another garden to the third gate, finding other people there congratulating me; I went through another room and other people. Thus I crossed those fifty gates and followed the thirty-two paths, that is, walking the inner path. I found some Masters dressed as executioners (they are executioners of the ego), who told me: "Study the Ritual of Life and Death while the Officiant arrives"; the Officiant was my Royal Being.
  12. We have now entered an old medieval palace. In this old palace lives a queen, the queen of fire. She is the elemental queen of Juniper, incarnated in a physical body, in an old medieval court. Immersed in deep internal meditation, we enter an underground room of this old mansion, and before our spiritual eyes a humble bed appears, a sublime lady and some holy Masters who assist this elemental queen of Juniper, incarnated in the middle ages in a physical body. . This strange room seems to be illuminated by an old glass chandelier, where you can breathe the dust of the centuries. In front of that bed, a vague and delicious smoke rises from a steaming iron pot. The fire burns intensely under this vessel. Boil a liquid, and enter the liquid into the juniper plant. The liquid in that vessel is the pure water of life, among which appears the Juniper tree. This is the plant of the Divine kings. All the divine kings of antiquity practiced the royal art of Juniper. The Juniper Elemental mantra is KEM LEM. The Juniper elemental looks like a beautiful girl. Each tree has its elemental; all the elementals of the juniper tree obey this elemental queen embodied in this old medieval palace. The queen begs Agni to help her and this child of fire floats in this strange chamber. The elemental of Juniper obeys, and among the smoke of the vessel some Masters of wisdom appear. The smoke of the juniper forms a gaseous body, so that the angel invoked can dress with it and become visible and tangible in the physical world.
  13. And the Lord Jehovah showed me the esotericism of the apple tree. The apple tree is the incarnate flower that the beast devours. The apple tree is the lamb and pig of animal passion. And the Lord showed me the apple tree and in its roots the poison of the scorpion. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a column of white light, most pure and immaculate, that rises towards heaven on a plate of coals. The apple tree is the Gloryan and around it sparkle the seven degrees of fire power. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a great mountain and many masters of the White Lodge, each master at the foot of his apple tree. And the Lord Jehovah told me: "Only you know what we Masters have been able to complete." And the Lord Jehovah showed me an innocent child, naked and full of beauty, and told me: "This is how we are again when we reach the Fourth Degree of Power of Fire." Then I understood the teachings of the Lord Jehovah, full of light and wisdom.
  14. One day while I, AUN WEOR, was deep in meditation, I said to the Lord Jehovah: -O Jehovah, help me! And the Lord Jehovah replied: -I have always helped you, I will always help all those who have already passed through the schools of the Baals. And the Lord Jehovah had a triangular crown on his head. And his face was like lightning, and his eyes like torches of burning fire, and his arms and legs like incandescent metal.
  15. One day, being immersed in deep meditation and prayer, I spoke to the Lord Jehovah thus: -O Jehovah!, My God!, I am fighting against all the schools, against all the religions and against all the sects of the world. My enemies are as numerous as the sands of the sea, and I am alone against the world. What will all this come to? Then I saw in a vision of God the time of Elijah the Prophet. A Master held in his arms a luminous painting, in which the image of the venerable Elder appeared. This was Elijah the Prophet, his hair was like white wool, his forehead broad and strong as the undefeated walls of Zion, his aquiline nose and thin lip denoted a strong willpower. His eyes shone like flaming torches, and his patriarchal white beard was haloed by a halo of dazzling white light... The world then was similar to our present age; the schools of the Baals were as numerous as the current ones, and Elijah was alone before all the spiritualist schools and all those brothers of the shadow looked at him with contempt and tried to kill him. But Elijah triumphed over the four hundred and fifty prophets of the Baals. So I, Aun Weor, understood this vision statement and wrote down the sum of the "businesses".
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In the tropical slopes of the Sierra Nevada, on the shores from the "Caribbean Sea", lived austerely with a certain very select group of Gnostic students, very far from so much stuff of nonsenses, panara, goofy, from vain intellectualism... Honest and irreproachable Gnostic anchorites, grateful we had built with wood from those simple abode. One day, no matter what, some of those cenobites of Universal Gnosticism, eagerly knocked on the door of my abode to beg me to put out the fire. The incessant crackling of the igneous element advanced terrible through the thick shadow incinerating everything what it found in its path. Terrible cremation threatened crops and huts. In vain ditches, ditches, were made with the purpose of stopping the triumphal march of the fire. However, I confess frankly and unequivocally that in those moments the fate of all these Gnostic brothers was in my hands. What to do? So, I decided to operate magically: Advancing on my feet to the titanic wander, I sat down very close to it and then I concentrated on the Intimate. Praying secretly, I begged him to invoke Agni, the enormous and illustrious God of Fire. The Intimate heard my prayer and cried out with a great voice like when a lion roars, calling Agni, and seven thunders repeated their voices. Soon the bright Lord of Fire was at my side, the resplendent Son of Flame; the All-Merciful. I felt him in all the presence of my Being and I begged him in the name of "Universal Charity" to dissipate that fire. Ostensibly the Blessed Lord of Perfections considered my request just and perfect. In an unusual way, a soft perfumed breeze emerged from the blue mystery of the deep woods that totally changed the direction of the tongues of fire and then the candle completely dissipated.

  1. Another day, when I was talking among the Gnostic cenobites in a very beautiful clearing in the thick of the forest, very close to the cabins, we were suddenly threatened by a torrential downpour. Longingly, I concentrated on the Intimate, praying intensely and asking him to invoke Paralda, the Elemental Genius of the restless sylphs of the air. Olympian came that Deva with the evident purpose of helping me; I took advantage of the magnificent opportunity that was offered to me and begged him to move the stormy clouds away from those contours. Unquestionably these last ones opened above our heads in the form of a circle, and then they left before the astonished mystics of that corner of love.
  2. How happy we dwelt in our cabins in the lonely wood! Unfortunately new persecutions came. Profane people from the neighboring villages took on the task - certainly not a very beautiful one - of propagating various defamatory lies against us. The gossip of the ladies, the trickery of the gentlemen, such scurrilous talk, assumed monstrous figures and the storm was unleashed. That order of things went from bad to worse every day and finally the accusers, the informer, the whistleblower emerged. Alarmed, the police searched for me everywhere with categorical orders to apply the law of flight. Certainly I was not for those poor gendarmes a simple  troublemaker of the town in the style of Paul of Tarsus, but something worse: a sorcerer from the underworld escaped from mysterious covens, a bird of ill omen, a monster that it was essential to imprison or kill. One starry night, while I was in a state of ecstasy, I was visited by a Mahatma who, taking the floor, said: "Many armed people come looking for you; you must go another way." It is not superfluous to assert with great emphasis that I always know how to obey orders from the Universal White Fraternity. Taking advantage of the nocturnal silence I went down the mountain by a steep and difficult path. In the "plan", as the Gnostic hermits call the coastal lands outside the Sierra, I was picked up by the venerable master Gargha Kuichines (Julio Medina V.). He transported us in his car to a beautiful city.


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  1. In the Saturnian hells I had to capture and destroy infrahuman passionate elements, deeply submerged in my own unconscious abysses. Around that time of my current existence, I was incessantly attacked in the dark Tartarus. The followers of evil Atlantic magic resolved to fight me with unprecedented ferocity and I had to defend myself valiantly. Adorable nubile ladies; malignant beauty, exquisitely dangerous, they besieged me everywhere. I defeated in bloody battles the king of the Bistonians, the Knights of the Black Grail, to Klinsor, the animal ego. Finished the Saturnine work in the Abode of Pluto, I was then transported in the Eidolon to the "Solar Earth" of the Hyperboreans. In the glorious vestibule of the Sancta Sactorum, before the seated royal beings, I had to answer certain questions. The Holy Gods took note in a great book. In those mystical moments, some remembrances arose in the entire presence of my cosmic Being. Ah! I had been there before and in the same holy place, before the Venerable Thrones, many hundred thousand years ago, at the time of the continent Mu or Lemuria. Now I returned victorious after having suffered much. Oh! Oh! Oh!... Having fulfilled the essential esoteric requirements, I left the vestibule and entered the Temple. And I saw Thrones and they sat down... The Angels of Death came and went here, there and everywhere... Divine people arrived at the Temple; they came from various places on the Enchanted Island located at the end of the World... "Thule ultima a sole nomen habens". The skeletal figure of the God of Death on the dais of the Sanctuary weighed my heart on the scales of Cosmic Justice, before the Divine Humanity... That verb of power before the brilliant beings dressed in the glorious bodies of Kam-Ur declared to me "Dead". On the platform of the Sanctuary a symbolic coffin was seen, inside which my corpse appeared. This is how I returned to the sky of Saturn, to Para-nirvana, the abode of the Thrones; after passing through the skies of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. This is how I conquered the hierarchical status that I had once lost, when I made the serious mistake of eating the golden apples of the Garden of the Hesperides. Later I went through the Death Ceremony. Returning home I found something unusual. I saw funeral posters on the walls of my mansion, announcing my death and inviting to my funeral. When I crossed the threshold I found with mystical astonishment a very beautiful white coffin. It is obvious that my corpse lay inside that funeral box, completely cold and inert. Many relatives and mourners around that coffin wept and sobbed bitterly. Delicious flowers embalmed the atmosphere of that room with their aroma. I approached my mother who at that moment was wiping her tears with a handkerchief. I kissed her hands with infinite love and exclaimed: “Thank you, oh mother!, for the physical body you gave me; That vehicle was very useful to me; it was certainly a marvelous instrument; but everything in life has a beginning and an end” When I left that planetary abode, I happily resolved to float within the Aura of the Universe. I saw myself as a child, without an ego, devoid of the subjective elements of perceptions. My little children's shoes did not seem very beautiful to me, for a moment I wanted to take them off, but then I said to myself: “He will dress me as he wants”. In the absence of the mortifying intellect that makes no one happy, only the purest feeling existed in me. And when I remembered my old father and my brother German, I said to myself: they already died... And remembering all those mourners that I left in the painful valley of Samsara, I exclaimed: Family? Which one? I no longer have a family. Feeling absolutely disembodied, I went away with the intention of reaching a remote place where I should help others. In such moments of mystical enchantment I said to myself: I will not take on a physical body for a long time. Later I felt that the silver cord, the famous Antahkarana, the Thread of Life had not yet been broken; then I had to return to the physical body to continue with the hard struggle of each moment.
  2. Digging within the deep entrails of the underworld, working intensely in the "Ninth sphere", I searched with infinite longing for the Treasure of Heaven; the "Golden Fleece" of the ancients. The sons of Minos, the Adepts of the Left Hand, the usual Levites, furiously attacked me incessantly in the terrifying Neptunian abysses. One night, no matter now the date or the day or the time, I was transported to the castle of Klinsor, located exactly in Salamanca, Spain. What he then saw in the gloomy abode of those harpies was certainly horrifying. Sinister witches of left covens, tenebrous, attacked me many times inside the interior of the castle; but I bravely defended myself with the flaming sword. My old friend, the Angel Adonai -who in these times has a physical body-, had to accompany me on this adventure. The lucubrations of those great seers of the astral who were called alchemists, kabbalists, occultists, etc. were not in vain, no. What we now saw inside this den was truly frightening. Many times have I drawn my flaming sword to cast flames upon the fatal abode of the Necromancer Klinsor. In an unusual way, Adonai and I approached some witches who were arranging the table for the feast. In vain I pierced the chest of one of those witches with my sword; she remained impassive; unquestionably she was awake in evil and for evil. It is obvious that I wanted to rain fire from the sky on that horrendous quarterdeck. I made supreme efforts; I felt faint; In those moments the Angel Adonai approached the window of my eyes to see what was happening inside myself. Imagine for a moment any person stopping at the window of a house, to look through the glass and see what happens inside it. It is ostensible that the eyes are the windows of the soul and the Angels of heaven can see through those crystals what happens inside each one of us. Having made the singular observation, Adonai withdrew satisfied; my own inner castle; Klinsor's abode, had been incinerated with the intimate fire. Each one of us takes inside the alcazar of left covens; this is never ignored by the Mahatmas. After completing the esoteric works in the Hells of Uranus and Neptune, successively, I then had to ascend to the Empyrean, the Region of the Seraphim, creatures of love, direct expressions of unity.
  3. I had to qualify the eight initiations, very hard work, one year for each initiation. Experiencing now in eight years the entire book of the Patriarch Job; pay Neptune's Tithes before the resurrection. One night, after a cosmic party that was celebrated in my honor, on the occasion of having been well qualified in the First Initiation, I was duly instructed. -You will have to pay for the crime of having murdered the God Mercury, I was told. -Forgive me that Karma. -That has no forgiveness and can only be paid by working on the Moon. Then I saw how the Moon in each work would get closer and closer to the planet Mercury, until finally mixing with it. My Real Intimate Being, the God Mercury, Shiva, my Monad, approaching me told me: “You will have to use the boots of the God Mercury”; afterwards he put me in such boots. Sensational, extraordinary was that moment for me when the Grand Hierophant of the Temple showed me a sports field. -Look! He told me, you turned the Temple of Mercury into a sports field. Certainly we all murdered Hiram (the Mercury God, our Monad), when we ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden... That is why we were warned: "If you eat that fruit you will die". Later the road became frighteningly difficult and I had to suffer intensely. It is obvious that the path of the razor's edge is absolutely sexual; you know it. -My son! you have to patiently suffer the consequences of your mistakes", exclaimed my Divine Mother Kundalini. Another night full of pain, my Mother exclaims with a loud voice saying: -My son! You have changed me there in the physical world for other women. "That was in the past, my mother, now I'm not changing you for anyone. -You have changed me for other women. -Past is past, what matters is the present; I live from moment to moment; I'm wrong to argue with you. -Past, present or future, you are the same... -You are right, my mother. (How to deny then, that I had turned the Temple of Mercury into a sports field?)
  4. I went on vacation to the Port of Acapulco on the Pacific coast, Mexico, I had to be instructed about the stigmatization of the Astral Body. Outside the physical body, a holy monk, a hermit tried to pierce the palms of my hands with the purpose of stigmatizing me. In moments in which that cenobite hit the nail to pierce my hands, divine rays shot out. In those moments I prayed to my Father who is in secret, asking him for help. The prayer came to the Lord. It is unquestionable that in the initiation he had received such stigmas but in symbolic form. On Resurrection Mountain I had to form them, make them in the forge of the Cyclopes. The anchorite led me to the Gnostic Church; Shiva, my Divine Monad walked together. Inside the Temple I saw an Androgynous Religious, dressed in a purple tunic, next to the Baptismal Font. -He is very strong and responds very well, but he needs to better comply with the Sacrament of the Church of love -said the Mahatma addressing my Monad. Resurrection is not possible without having previously formed the stigmata of the Adorable in the Astral Body. Thus I myself formed my stigmata. This is how the mystics of all times have formed them.
  5. In the case of the archaic mysteries, it is not superfluous to say that these were always celebrated in august stately temples. When I crossed the threshold of that Mu temple, where I was once instructed in the Mysteries of the Ascension of the Lord, with infinite humility I requested from the Hierophant some services that were granted to me. Painful feelings tore at my soul when I was subjected to the torture of detachment. Those ladies of august times bound to me by the law of Karma, with broken hearts awaited me in hell. All those tempting beauties, dangerously beautiful felt fully entitled to me. For better or worse, those terribly delicious females had been my wives in previous incarnations, as a natural consequence of the Great Rebellion and the angelic fall. Once the esoteric works in the Hells of the Planet Pluto were concluded, I then had to erect columns. That cosmic-human event was preceded by the disincarnation of my priestess wife Litelantes. Unquestionably, she herself was certainly the only karmic link that I had left in this painful valley of samsara. I saw her walk away from his emaciated Lemurian vehicle certainly dressed in rigorous mourning. Then I received as a wife a great Initiate; I want to refer emphatically to the other half of the apple, to my original particular Eva. In the middle of the feast table I was, happily accompanied by the new wife and many High Priests. Litelantes then crossed the threshold of the royal room; She came disembodied to witness the party. So!... Oh Gods! It was how I restored the Second Logos, the Cosmic Christ in the Sanctuary of my Soul.
  6. The intrepid descent to the old Tartarus of the eleventh planet of our solar system became urgent, unpostponed, before the ascent to the Father (the First Logos). Abrupt, broken and uneven descending path fatally led me to the horrendous darkness of the city of Dite. My "Nereo" or better we would say my "Guruji", Master or guide, patiently taught me all the dangers. And it was certainly in those horrifying abysses of pain, on that planet that is beyond the orbit of Pluto, that I found Antaeus, the enormous giant more frightening than the enormous Briareus. Antaeus, allegorical character, representative Titan of the abysmal "Dark Hordes". Fought very bloody battles against the demons of the city of Dite; Lucifer-Prometheus had to be freed. I saw the iron door of the ghastly dungeon open; The guard gave way to him. Lucifer is the Guardian of the Door and of the keys of the Sanctuary, so that only the anointed ones who possess the secret of Hermes enter it.
  7. Concluding the works in the underworld, I ascended victoriously to the Father. It is obvious that this mystical momentous event could in no way go unnoticed. That cosmic event then celebrated with infinite joy in the Sancta. In a splendid throne, seated before the august brotherhood, I felt completely transformed. In those unspeakable moments the "Ancient of the Days" my "Father who is in Secret", the "Goodness of Goodness", the "Hidden of the Hidden", the "Mercy of Mercies", the "Kether of the Kabbalah Hebrew" shone within me; it definitively crystallized in all the presence of my Being. In such moments the Brothers of the Universal White Fraternity contemplated me with infinite veneration... my face assumed the aspect of old age... Undoubtedly I had achieved crystallize in the various parts of my Being, the Three Primary Forces of the Universe.
  8. Unquestionably, our resplendent Solar System of Ors has twelve planets and this reminds us of the twelve saviors. It is clear and evident that the final work must always be done on the twelfth planet of the Solar Family. Naturally I could only accomplish this task with the consent of Hades or Pluto himself and with the help of Hermes and Minerva at the same time... (sex-yoga and wisdom).With infinite veneration crossed the threshold of the Temple; I yearned for the final liberation... In the walled courtyard of the priests the spermatic waters of the sacred pool shone gloriously. The initiatory lake of the representation of the ancient mysteries, eternal scene of every Temple, could not be missing there. What I asked for in that Lemurian Sancta then, was unquestionably granted to me. My work began with the descent into Tartarus on that planet Twelve of our solar system. Three delicious females, dangerously beautiful, in vain appealed to all their irresistible charms. Provocative devils fought until the unspeakable, they wanted to make me fall, but I knew how to control myself. The zodiacal sign of Scorpio unleashed all its passionate ardors in my creative organs, however I won all the battles against myself. Completely taking possession of the Tricipite dog without any weapon, in fact means absolute control over sex. When I became the owner of such a dog, I ascended victoriously from the bottom of the black and horrible precipice. When this mystical event occurred, I happily entered a small sanctuary of the Sacred Absolute Sun. This is how I was able to return to the bosom of the Sacred Solar Absolute; however I continued with the lemur physical body living for thousands of years. I became one more stone of the "Guardian Wall". This wall is formed by the Masters of compassion, those who renounced all happiness for love of humanity.
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  1. My particular case was certainly something very special, I was born with a Mental Body; I had already created it in a very remote past, long before the dawn of the Mahanvantara of Padma of the Golden Lotus broke. Really, now I only needed, with the utmost urgency, that cannot be postponed, to recapitulate the Fourth Initiation of Fire and restore the flaming powers in the aforementioned vehicle. . The Resplendent Dragon of Wisdom -I want to refer to the Logos of the Solar System of Ors- entrusted to a specialist the noble mission of assisting and helping me. Raising the fourth serpent along the spinal canal of the Mental Body, from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra, is certainly something very slow and frighteningly difficult. Amazed, I perceived the multiple splendors of the wonderful Pentalpha on the most sacred candlesticks of the temple. I happily crossed the threshold of the Sanctuary; my thoughts flamed hotly. The Guardian of the Threshold in the World of the Mind becomes personifying the Ego, the Self. Facing the terrible test with heroism, really defeating the terrible brother - as he is called in Occult Masonry - is indispensable in the fourth initiation of fire. Fearlessly I quickly unsheathed the flaming sword; what happened next was extraordinary; the threshold larva fled in terror. It is ostensible that such proof always comes after the "Igneous Wings" have been opened. It is a tremendous truth that when the ascending Sacred Fire reaches the height of the heart, the radiant angelic wings always open. Another wonderful cosmic event that I had to experience in myself during the multiple processes of the Fourth Initiation of Fire was certainly that of the victorious entry of Jesus into the beloved city of the prophets. I felt that my worn out physical body disintegrated and died; At that moment, the Divine Rabbi of Galilee cried out with a loud voice saying: "That body no longer serves you!" Happy I escaped from the destroyed form dressed in the "Tosoma Eliakon", "The golden body of the Solar Man". When the sacred fire solemnly shone on the flaming star and on the starry cross, my particular, individual divine Mother Kundalini was feted in the temple. The Kundalini blossomed on my fertile lips, made a verb, when the fire reached the creative larynx. I still remember that moment when the party was held. The adepts of the Occult Fraternity awarded me with a wonderful symbol that I still have. Extraordinary was that moment in which the fire of the Kundalini reached the height of the cerebellum, then my mental body passed through the symbolic crucifixion of the Lord. Notorious was the ascent of the Erotic Flame in the thirty-second vertebra; In those moments of great solemnity I understood the mysteries related to the degree of Lion of the Law. A certain metallic bell solemnly shook all the spheres of the Universe when the divine fire opened the lotus with a thousand petals. In those moments of supreme bliss I heard ineffable choirs that resounded in the sacred space. Later I had to patiently bring the erotic flame to the magnetic field of the root of the nose. Cleverly taking advantage of a certain secret nerve thread, I then continued by leading the fire to the region of the thalamus, the region where the capital chakra that controls the heart is located. Finally, take advantage of the Anahata Nadi intelligently, to bring the sexual flame to the heart temple. The final ceremony of that Initiation was truly extraordinary, sublime, terribly divine. That mystic night the temple was dressed in glory; Impossible to describe such beauty. Sanat Kumara, the Great Hierophant, austerely awaited me on his royal throne; I entered with deep veneration into the sacred precinct. Before this Great Immolated One, my Divine Mother Kundalini with infinite love placed on my head the yellow mantle of the Buddhas and the extraordinary diadem in which the eye of Shiva shines. “This is my very beloved Son!” exclaimed my Mother and then added: “He is a Buddha”. The Old man of the Days, Sanat Kumara, the illustrious founder of the Great College of Initiates of the White Lodge on Planet Earth, approached me and placed in my hands the symbol of the Imperator (the sphere with the cross on it).
  2. . In the name of truth, I want to say with complete clarity that I was born with four bodies: Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal ones. Restoring the power of fire in each body, recapitulating initiations, was certainly essential, urgent, and indispensable for me. When I asked the Logos of our Solar System of Ors for permission to enter the mysteries of the Fifth Initiation of Fire, he gave me the following answer: -You no longer need to ask permission to enter the Initiation, you have every right to do so. The blessed then entrusted to a noble specialist of the Causal World, the mission of assisting and helping me. The aforementioned specialist had to intelligently lead the sacred fire through the spinal cord canal of the Causal Body or Body of the Conscious Will. The awakening of the igneous serpent of our magical powers in the Muladhara Chakra, the coccygeal bone, was celebrated in the temple with a great party. The ascent of the Kundalini from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra along the dorsal spine of the Causal Body was carried out very slowly according to the merits of the heart. Since I was born awake and certainly enjoy what we could call "Objective Consciousness" and "Objective Knowledge", it was easy for me to bring the memories of the causal world to the physical brain. In the world of natural causes I understood the need to learn to obey the Father on earth as well as in heaven. Entering the Temple of the Music of the Spheres in that cosmic region was certainly one of my greatest joys. On the threshold of the temple the Guardian taught me one of the secret greetings of the Hidden Brotherhood. The Guardian's face looked like lightning; when that man lived in the world his name was Beethoven. In the Causal World I found many bodhisattvas working intensely for humanity. Experiencing the Cosmic Drama in those regions, becoming the central character of the entire Via Crucis, is certainly something that could never be forgotten. We really need to refine, quintessence, purify ourselves, if we really yearn to seriously experience the tremendous realities contained in the divine Christic symbolism. Without curbing in any way my intimate longings, I sincerely confess that in the world of natural causes I saw myself carrying the weight of my own cross before the profane crowds, who were enraged and stoned me. The face of the Adorable, miraculously imprinted on Veronica's sacred cloth, seemed to me very remarkable. With singular diaphanousness and divine transparency, I saw ecstatically the Veronica's cloth shine on the Ara Sacra on the night of the initiation. The final cosmic event inevitably came about when the Fifth Serpent, after having passed through the pineal gland and the magnetic field of the root of the nose, reached its corresponding secret chamber in the tranquil heart. Then, fused with my inner Real Being, I happily felt that I was returning to the paradisiacal childlike state. After the final ceremony, I prostrated myself before my guru "Adolfito", exclaiming: -Thank you, Venerable Master, I owe you all this! The blessed Mahatma stood up and replied: -Don't thank me! What I need to know is how you are going to behave now in life. -The facts are speaking for me, Venerable Master, you are seeing it -such were my words then. Later I was visited by Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted; my Divine Mother Kundalini. I immediately questioned her about results. - Oh mine Mother!, I have then already the five serpents raised? -Yes, my son! -Now I want you to help me lift the sixth and seventh snakes. -You have them up. In those moments the perfect memory of myself arose in me. “Oh! I am a ancient Master; I was down; I remember now". "Yes, my son; you are a Master."
  3. Much has now been said in occult literature about the two paths: I want to refer specifically to the SPIRAL AND DIRECT PATHS .Unquestionably, the two paths open august only before the authentic man: never before the intellectual animal! I can never forget the final moments of the fifth initiation of fire. After all those recapitulative processes, I had to bravely face a terribly divine nirvanic guardian. The blessed Lord of Perfections, showing me the nirvanic spiral path, said: -This is a good work. Then, pointing to the Direct Way, he exclaimed with a loud voice as when a lion roars, saying: This is superior work! Later, I saw him advancing towards me with that tremendous imperative of great majesties; He questioned me and I responded by establishing the following dialogue: -Which of these two paths are you going to follow now? -Let me think about it. -Don't think about it, say it immediately, define yourself. -I am going by the direct path that leads to the Absolute. -But what are you saying? Don't you realize that this path is too painful? -I repeat: I am going to the Absolute! - How do you dare to get in there? Don't you want to understand what you are going to suffer? What is happening to you, sir? -I'm going to the Absolute -Well, you've been warned. These were the final words of the Guardian, then he solemnly withdrew. Another night, outside my supra-sensible bodies, in full exercise of functions as Atman and "Man-Spirit." In full Nirvana, I was lonely on the beautiful terrace of the mansion of delights in the corner of love. I saw the inhabitants of that region in ever increasing numbers, floating in the sacred space. They happily sat down in the rooftop full of perfumed Divine Algorithmics flowers. Sublime estrus, unforgettable Numen… Suddenly, an igneous creature took the floor on behalf of the sacred brotherhood and said: -My brother, why are you going down such a hard road? Here at Nirvana we are happy, stay here with us! My answer full of great energy was the following: -The intellectual animals could not with their temptations, much less you the Gods. I go to the Absolute! The ineffable ones fell silent and I hastily withdrew from that abode. Any night of those many, finding myself happy in the state of Shamadhi, I saw the Planet Mars shine with purple tints. Its vibrations were certainly telepathic in character; I felt in my tranqule heart that I was called urgently from the central nucleus of that planetary mass; that twinkle was unmistakable. Soon I was transported dressed in the "Tosoma Heliakon" to the living bowels of that world. Dressed in the suit of the celestial militias, "Samael" awaited me resplendent, my own individual Monad; my Real Intimate Being; the Divine Regent of that planet. Reverently I prostrated myself before the Omnisius, illustrious Lord of that place, and then taking the floor I said: -Here I am, my Father, why have you called me? -You, my son, you forget me! -No, my Father, I will not forget you! -Yes, my son, if you were given the goal of the Universe, you would forget about me! -Oh, my Father, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your blessing! The All-Merciful blessed me, and I, kneeling, kissed his right hand. At the bottom of the planetary temple appeared a bed of pain. Later I entered into deep reflections: Why did I choose the path myself? Why did I forget my Father in the terrible presence of the Guardian of the ways? Eighteen years later, thundering and flashing, I tore my clothes protesting so much pain: “Oh! Oh! Oh!” A virgin of Nirvana answered me: "This is the path that you yourself chose. For us, the inhabitants of Nirvana, the triumphs are minor and that is why it is evident that we suffer less. However the triumph will be greater, your sufferings will also be more intense". When I wanted to rest a bit, the Karma agents reprimanded me saying: - What's wrong, sir? Are you going to walk? Move friend! ! Move! Patiently I continued on the rocky path that leads to final liberation.
  4. Excluding from my mind all possible forfolia, without any boasting, humbly, I confess frankly and unequivocally that after having climbed the five steps of the igneous Initiations, the development in the light with the eight degrees of Venustic Initiation was urgent for me. Working in the Forge of Vulcan (sex) cannot be postponed when you really want the complete awakening of the first serpent of light. The extraordinary ascent of the first serpent of light inwards and upwards along the spinal cord canal of the physical body, allowed me to know the secret of the abyss.
  5. The Second Degree of the Venustic Initiation, Superior Octave of its corresponding Initiation of Fire, emerged transcendent as an esoteric result of the miraculous ascent of the second radiant serpent of light, inward and upward through the spinal medullary canal of the organic vital fund (Lingam Sarira). An unusual magical encounter, it was certainly the one I had with John the Baptist in the Garden of the Hesperides, where the rivers of pure water of life flow with milk and honey. In the presence of the Christus John I could feel, in all the presence of my Cosmic Being, the deep significance of baptism. I will conclude by emphasizing the following: When the second snake of light made contact with the atom of the Father in the magnetic field of the root of the nose, the Sun Christ shone on the waters of life and the final initiation ceremony took place.
  6. The luminous ascent of the third serpent of light inwards and upwards through the brilliant spinal medullary canal of the Sidereal Body gave me free access to the Superior Venustic Octave of the corresponding Initiation of fire. The extraordinary revolution of the third radiant snake was processed very slowly according to the merits of the calm heart. When the luminous Snake crossed the threshold of the third secret chamber of the Heart-Temple, I obviously felt transfigured.
  7. The extraordinary development, revolution and ascent of the fourth Venustic serpent, inwards and upwards through the spinal canal of the Mental Body, allowed me to experience all the crude evangelical realism of the masterful entry of the Great Kabir Jesus into Jerusalem. I was then able to directly experience for myself the lower (hell) and higher (heaven) aspects of the mental world. Unquestionably, that harlot of all fatalities or Great Apocalyptic Whore whose number is 666, regresses horrifyingly in the mental hells. I am certainly not some treacherous iconoclast determined to destroy, like an intellectual vandal, beloved ideals; however, I must confess sincerely and unequivocally everything I saw among the "Manasic" regions of nature. Natural Ichastic and without any disguise, appears the reason of the without reasons of the inferior region of the planetary concrete mind. Horrible buildings and beds of Procrustes where the Great Whore incessantly fornicates. Abominable brothels, disgusting streets, movie theaters where pornographic films are shown, etc, etc. etc. Going beyond the body, the effects and the mind is essential when you want the triumphal entry into the Jerusalem above (the sky of Mercury and then the world of the spirit).
  8. The marvelous ascent of the fifth serpent of light inwards and upwards through the spinal medullar canal of the Causal Body, in fact gave me open access to the Initiatic mysteries of the Fifth Degree of Venustic Wisdom. If I were to write down in detail all that I then learned in the thirty-three holy chambers of the causal world, it would obviously fill an immense volume. As a Causal Man, seated with great humility, I crossed my arms over my chest to attend the final ceremony. Unfortunately I had the terrible habit of crossing my arms in such a way that the left one was over the right. "That way you shouldn't cross your arms" -an Adept of the temple told me-, and then he added: "The right one must go over the left". I obeyed his directions. Have you seen Egyptian sarcophagi? the arms of the deceased crossed over the chest illustrate these statements. To do the Father's will in heaven as well as on earth; die in the Lord; is the deep meaning of such a symbol.
  9. The sublime and wonderful ascent of the sixth radiant serpent, inwards and upwards, along the spinal medullary canal of the Buddhic Body, gave me, in fact and by its own right, clear passage to the Sixth Venustic Initiation. In the Buddhic or Universal Intuitional world, I had to experience at that time some transcendental chapters of the Christic Gospel. What I then experienced in the cosmic Intuitional region keeps multiple perfect rhythmic concordances with the diverse Initiatic esoteric processes that we must experience here and now. When the sixth snake of resplendent light crossed the august threshold of its corresponding chamber in the tranquil heart, the Midnight sun shone gloriously in the unalterable infinity. I entered the temple of initiation accompanied by many people. Each one of us in the procession carried in our right hand a candle, candle or burning torch. Inebriated with ecstasy, I exclaimed: “I am the Christ! An Adept Lady admonished me saying: -Careful! don't say that, it's disrespectful". -Right now I'm representing him, I replied. The Sacred Lady kept respectful silence then. The Cosmic Drama inside the temple with the transparent walls had a certain Mayasic flavor that was very serious, terribly divine. Dressed in a new robe of glory, a splendid robe, I left the Great Cathedral of the Soul.


  1. The radiant ascent of the seventh Venustic serpent inwards and upwards through the spiritual, medullary, spinal canal of the Divine vehicle (Atman), allowed me to experience the event of Golgotha. Unquestionably, I need to confess frankly and unequivocally the concrete, clear and definitive fact that I saw myself become the central character of the "Cosmic Drama". To experience in oneself the cosmic event of Calvary, with all the crude transcendental realism of the "World of the Divine Spirit" (Atman), is certainly extraordinary. I am not the first to experience the event of the Mount of Skulls; I won't be the last either. And I saw myself after the crucifixion lying like a corpse on the slime of the earth. Then the potential Shakti, the Divine Spouse of Shiva, my perfect Kundalini Mother, prostrated herself with infinite humility, adored me. -Oh my goodness! –I exclaimed- you are my Mother, I am the one who should kneel before you. It is not possible for you to kneel before me! I don't deserve that! I am a vile worm from the mud of the earth; a sinner. However, it is evident that in such moments of the "Cosmic Drama", I represented the Christus, Vishnu, the Second Logos, The Son
  2. Passing through the Eighth Venustic Initiation, I recognized the phallic sign in the "Boat of Ra", then I cried out with a loud voice saying: "When the first trumpet sounds I will rise from the dead!" "Hail, oh great divinity, who sails in your boat! Transported here, I appear before you!" "Let me go up to the bridge and direct the maneuver of the boat, as your servants do, the Higher ruler Beings of the Planets." Litelantes was a little sad when contemplating my Holy Sepulcher. "Do not fear - a Mahatma told her - his physical body will not die yet". These words reassured her completely. In that distant time of my present existence, I had not even died in myself, I continued with the ego very much alive; the sepulcher was then merely symbolic like the coffin of all Masonic Lodges. I understood that I should die in myself. That initiation concluded with precise instructions related to the mission that I am currently fulfilling in the world. When the midnight sun shone victoriously in the spiritual firmament, I returned to the archangelic state that I had once lost and entered the Heaven of Mercury joyfully.
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  1. I was thirty years old when I was subjected to terrible and frightening tests; what I saw then, what happened to me, is well worth relating. It was on the night of mystery when I felt the howl of the hurricane close to me, then I understood... How lonely I was that night! and yet, wherever I was, here, there, or everywhere, very soon I found myself surrounded by crowds, I don't know how the people came until and then. Many times I had to courageously confront the Black Powers that the apostle Paul of Tarsus said in Chapter II of the Epistle to those of Ephesus. Unquestionably, the most dangerous adversary of that night had the fatal title of "Anagarika". I want to emphatically refer to the demon Cherenzi. That disgusting dark creature had taught the world "Black Tantrism". (sexual magic with seminal ejaculation). The result appeared to the naked eye: developed diabolical tail and horrifying horns. That tantric of the left hand arrived in my presence accompanied by two other demons. at "Point blank", as they say out there, I blurted out the following question: "Do you know me?" Answer: "Yes! I saw you one night in the city of Bacatá, when I was giving a lecture." What happened next was certainly not very pleasant. That "Anagarika" had recognized me and, enraged, threw fire from his eyes and tail. He violently wanted to hurt me; I defended myself with the best high magic conjurations and finally he fled with his companions. Alone I continued on my way in the night of mystery; the hurricane howled...
  2. Panting, tired, after having fought many times against the tyranny of the Prince of the Powers of the air, which is the spirit that now reigns over the children of infidelity, I got inside the "Church Gnostic". Temple of luminous marble, which seems more like glass due to its rare transparencies. I slowly advanced walking very slowly and reverently inside the holy place. However, something surprises me, I see a certain character that, crossing my path, blocks my path. Another battle? I prepare to defend myself, but the character smiles sweetly and exclaims in a heavenly voice: -"You don't scare me, I know you very well!" Ah!... I recognize him at last... he is my Guru Adolfo -whom I have always called with the diminutive "Adolfito"- Good God and Holy Mary! But... what was I doing? Forgive me, master, I hadn't recognized you!... My guru leads me by the hand into the interior of the Gnostic Church... The Mahatma takes a seat and then invites me to sit next to him; Impossible to decline such a splendid invitation. The dialogue that followed between master and disciple was certainly extraordinary. "Here in the Gnostic Church -said the Hierophant solemnly-, you can only be married to one woman, not two" You in the past gave vain hopes to a certain lady XX, who for that reason and despite time and distance she is still waiting for you". "Obviously, unconsciously you are doing her a great harm, because she is waiting for you, lives in a city in complete misery. That lady could well return to her family in the countryside, so of course her economic problems would be solved." Stunned, perplexed at hearing such words, I hugged my guru, infinitely thanking him for his advice. Could you now say about my wife Litelantes? -She is useful for sexual magic -Sahaya maithuna-, with that Adept Lady you can work in the Ninth Sphere (sex). -Oh Guru, what I yearn for with infinite longing it is the awakening of the Kundalini and the union with the Intimate. Whatever it takes... -But what did you say!, Oh disciple! Whatever it takes? -Yes, master, that's what I said. This night here one has been paid and then entrusted with the task of helping you to awaken the Kundalini. You have passed the test of "Direne" - exclaimed the Hierophant - and then putting on my head a turban of immaculate whiteness with a golden button on the forehead, he said: "Let us go to the altar. Rising quickly, I advanced with my Holy Guru until the Holy Ara. I still remember that solemn moment when kneeling before the altar, I had to take a solemn oath. "Whatever the cost!" my master cried out with a loud voice, and this intensely vibrating phrase then retreated from sphere to sphere... I covered my solar plexus with the palm of my left hand and extended my right hand over the "Holy Grail" saying I swear! Terrible oath! Very early in the morning I wrote to the suffering noble lady who waited for me in the remote city. I advised her with infinite sweetness to return to the land of her elders and forget about my insignificant person who is worth nothing.
  3. Unquestionably I was always assisted during metaphysical copulation; This  Divine Guruji who was paid his salary in the temple, kept his word. That Great Soul assisted me astrally during chemical intercourse; I watched him make strong magnetic passes over my coccygeal bone, spine, and top of my head. When the erotic igneous serpent of our magical powers awoke to begin its march inward and upward along the spinal cord canal, I then felt very thirsty and a very sharp pain in my coccyx that lasted several days. Then I was feted in the temple. I have never been able to forget that great cosmic event. At that time I lived in peace in a small house, by the sea in the tropical zone of the Caribbean coast. The ascent of Kundalini, vertebra by vertebra, was carried out very slowly according to the merits of the heart. The mystical ascent of the flame of love from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra, along the spinal canal, was certainly carried out on the basis of Sexual Magic, including sanctification and sacrifice. The assistant Mahatma gave me help by conducting the sacred fire from the coccygeal bone - base of the spinal cord - to the pineal gland. Subsequently, that Great Soul masterfully made my erotic fire flow to the region between the eyebrows. The first initiation of Fire came as a corollary when the igneous serpent of our magical powers made contact with the atom of the Father in the magnetic field of the root of the nose. It was certainly during the mystical ceremony of the Last Supper that the cosmic date of initiation was set. I waited with infinite anxiety for the date and time of the initiation; It was a sacred 27. I wanted an initiation like the one that Commander Montenegro received in the Temple of Chapultepec, or like the one that Ginés de Lara -the reincarnated Deva- had in that Sancta Santorum or Adytia of the Knights Templar on the extraordinary night of a lunar eclipse. But my case was certainly very different, and although it seems incredible, the night of the Initiation I felt disappointed. Resting with infinite anguish on my hard bed, inside a humble hut, on the shores of the sea, I spent the night awake, waiting in vain. My priestess wife slept, snored, sometimes moved in her bed and uttered incoherent words. It dawned and nothing!, nothing!, nothing! What a night of dogs, my God...! God help me and Holy Mary! When the sun rose like a ball of fire that seemed to spring from the stormy ocean, Litelantes woke up saying to me: - Do you remember the party they threw for you up there? You received the initiation. -How?, but what are you saying? Party? initiation? Which one? The only thing I know is that I have spent a night more bitter than gall. -What? Litelantes exclaimed in amazement, so you didn't bring any memory to your physical brain? Don't you remember the big chain? Did you forget the words of the Great Initiator? Overwhelmed with such questions, I questioned Litelantes saying: - What did the Great Being tell me? You were warned -exclaimed the adept lady- that from now on you will have double responsibility for the teachings you give in the world. In addition - said Litelantes - you were dressed in the white linen tunic of the Adepts of the Occult Fraternity and you were given the flaming sword. oh! I understand. While I was going through so much bitterness in my bed as a penitent and anchorite, my real inner Being was receiving the Cosmic Initiation. A new day of routine; I worked as always to earn my daily bread, I rested in my bed around twelve o'clock. Certainly I was sleepless and it just seemed like a little rest; besides, I was contrite of heart. Suddenly, finding myself in a state of vigil, I see that someone enters my bedroom, I recognize him, he is a Chela of the Venerable Great White Lodge. That disciple brings a book in his hands; wishes to consult me and request certain authorization. When I wanted to answer, I spoke with a certain voice that amazed me; Atman responding through the creative larynx is terribly Divine. "Go - my Real Being told him -, fulfill the mission that has been entrusted to you". The Chela withdrew gratefully. oh! how changed I have remained... Now yes! I understand! These were my exclamations after the chela left. I felt something superlative, as if an ethnic, transcendental change, of a divine esoteric type, had taken place within my consciousness. That night we went to bed earlier than usual; I longed for something; I was in an ecstatic state. Lying down again on my hard bed as a penitent and anchorite, in that Hindustani asana of a dead man - dorsal decubitus feet touching heels with the tips of the fingers open in the form of a fan - I waited in a state of alert perception, alert novelty. Suddenly, in a matter of thousandths of a second, I remembered a distant mountain, what happened then was something unusual, extraordinary. I instantly saw myself there, on the distant peak, very far from the body, from the affections and from the mind. Unattached Atman, away from the dense body and in the absence of supersensible vehicles. In such moments of Shamadhi, the cosmic initiation received the night before was for me a palpable fact, a raw living reality that I did not even need to remember. When I put my right hand on the golden belt, I was happy to see that there was the flaming sword, exactly on the right side; dressed indeed in a white linen tunic. In full Dionysian drunkenness I launched myself into infinite sidereal space; happy I left the planet Earth. Immersed in the ocean of the Universal Spirit of Life, I wanted to never return to this valley of bitterness and so I visited many planetary mansions. As I gently landed on a giant planet of unalterable infinity, drawing the flaming sword I exclaimed: "I master all this!" "Man is called to be governor of all creation," answered a Hierophant who was by my side. I kept the flaming sword in its golden scabbard and immersing myself further into "the dormant waters of life" I performed a series of invocations and extraordinary experiments. “Buddhic body, come to me!” Heeding my call, the beautiful Elena, Guinevere, the Queen of the "Jinas", my adorable spiritual soul, came to me. She entered into me and I into her, we both form that famous Atman-Buddhi about which Eastern theosophy speaks so much. Continuing in successive order those singular invocations made from the very bottom of chaos, I then called my human soul saying: "Causal body, come to me!" I saw my human soul gloriously clothed with the causal vehicle (theosophical superior Manas). How interesting was that moment when my human soul happily entered me! In those moments, he integrated in an extraordinarily lucid way that theosophical triad known by the Sanskrit terms: Atman-Buddhi-Manas. Later, inebriated with ecstasy, I called my mind thus: "Mental Body, come to me!" Several times I had to repeat the invocation, because the mind is late in obeying, but finally it presented itself with great reverence saying: "Lord, here I am, I have attended your call, excuse me for being late. Did I carry out your orders well? " In moments in which I was going to give an answer, the solemn voice of my Pythagorean Monad came out of my deep interior saying: "Yes!... you obeyed well, come in..." It goes without saying with great emphasis that I concluded these invocations by calling the Astral Body, it also took a while to come to my esoteric call, but at last it entered me. Already covered with my supra-sensible vehicles, I could have called my physical body from chaos or the Primitive Abyss, which at that time lay between its hard bed as a penitent and anchorite, and it is obvious that this body would also have responded to my call. I seemed at those moments a solitary ray emerging from within the Abyss of the Great Mother. The return to this planet of bitterness governed by forty-eight laws was made relatively quickly. Frankly and unequivocally I declare: With full self-awareness I re-entered the physical body, penetrating inside the latter through that marvelous door of the soul mentioned by Descartes. I want to refer to the Pineal Gland.
  4. Impossible to forget those moments in which the Blessed One entrusted to a certain specialist the sacred mission of wisely conducting the second degree of fire power through my spine. I wanted to know in depth the mysteries of the fourth coordinate and enter the "Promised Land" victoriously. I needed with the utmost urgency, unpostponable, to restore the igneous powers in my etheric vital fund. When the second serpent awoke to begin its inward and upward ascent along the etheric spinal cord, I was feted in the temple with a great cosmic festival. The specialist "Jina" assisted me during metaphysical copulation; Litelantes and I perceived it with the sixth sense. Ostensibly I was not abandoned; the "Jina" helped me with strong magnetic passes that went from the coccyx to the pineal gland. That Master had placed a great moral responsibility on his shoulders, he had to the living and philosophical fire must intelligently lead me along the spinal cord canal of the famous Theosophical "Lingam Sarira" (vital background of the human organism). "This initiation is much more laborious", thus the Logos of our Solar System had told me; however, I yearned with infinite longing to know the mysteries of the "Etheric World" in the "promised land". The brilliant ascent of the second igneous serpent along the medullary canal from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra was carried out very slowly, according to the merits of the heart. Each spinal vertebra of the etheric type implies certain virtues, ostensibly we must be tested before reaching this or that vertebra; let us remember that gold is tested by fire and virtue by temptation. In the Land of the thousand and one nights there are also mystical agapes; I was at one of those dinners; the guests were royally attended by swans of immaculate whiteness on the shores of a crystalline lake. I was invited to a macabre feast and what I saw on the tragic table was truly frightening. Profane bleeding head placed on a silver tray, all adorned with something that is better kept quiet. Its deep significance is evident: The animal ego, the Self, must be slain. As a consequence or corollary, I understood all of this in its entirety, in full, when I saw the macabre table in the banquet hall. When I left that unusual and abysmal den, the Adepts of the Occult Fraternity gave me a beautiful present. It is a tiny magic instrument, by means of which I can operate as a Theurgist by modifying the plastic. Those who have seen my photos will be able to evidence for themselves the concrete fact that I voluntarily handle the plastic. Varied forms of my face puzzle my best photographers; However, I confess frankly and without ambiguities that I am not the one who has this power, but rather the Intimate, my Real Inner Being, Atman. He operates on the plastic when it is indispensable. If I were to write in detail everything that we mystics have experienced in the thirty-three holy chambers of the etheric world, we would fill many volumes, so I prefer to speak in synthesis. When the second degree of fire power reached the height of the creative larynx, I was put in jail. The indictment read the following verbatim: "This man, in addition to committing the crime of curing the sick, is also the author of a book entitled "The Perfect Matrimony", which is an attack against public morals and good customs of the citizens". It was then in the horrifying dungeon of an old South American prison that I had to go through the classic beheading ceremony. Then I saw my Divine Mother Kundalini at the foot of an old tower, with the flaming sword in her right hand, decapitating a creature. He, my Monad, entered into me - into my soul - and then I was totally transfigured. With lucid fullness I saw myself completely. He is the fifth of the seven spirits before the throne of the lamb and I am his bodhisattva. This comes to remind us of that phrase of Muhammad "Allah is Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet." Leaving that prison I headed home; My best friends were waiting for me there. Days later, the second degree of fire power made direct contact with the atom of the Father located in the magnetic field of the root of the nose; then I saw in a night vision the flaming star with the eye of God in the center. The resplendent Pentalpha detached itself from the Sun Christ to shine on my head... The cosmic festival of the night of the Initiation was extraordinary. From the threshold of the temple I saw my Real Being -the Intimate- crucified on the cross in the most sacred background of the Sanctuary and before the Brothers of the Occult Fraternity. While He was receiving initiation, I settled accounts with the lords of Karma in the temple hall.

 49. My particular case was certainly extraordinary. I must specifically affirm that I was born with an Astral Body. Magnificently I had made it before I was born, in ancient ages of a Mahanvantara ancestor, long before the dawn of the Moon Chain broke. Restoring the igneous powers in the aforesaid astral body was certainly the most important thing for me; this is how I understood it before asking the Logos of the Solar System to enter the Third Initiation of Fire. It is worth telling my beloved readers that the Great Being, after granting my request, He dictated a special providence helping me. From this you can gather that a certain specialist in the third degree of fire power was given to me. That Guru-Deva fulfilled his mission directing the third igneous serpent through the spinal canal in the Astral Body. Litelantes and my insignificant person who is worth nothing, we perceived with the sixth sense the astral specialist who helped us during the metaphysical intercourse. The awakening of the fire in the astral body is always announced with a terrible lightning in the night. I confess frankly and unambiguously that during the esoteric work with the third degree of the power of fire, I had to experience the cosmic drama in a symbolic way. Living the entire Drama of the Christ in the Astral World is beyond any doubt something that could never be forgotten. As the third degree of fire power develops and unfolds harmoniously in the Astral Body, the various events of the Christic Drama become open. Terrible is that instant in which the symbolic Longinus nails the sacred lance, the extraordinary emblem of phallic force, into the Initiate's side. When I was secretly approved by a certain sidereal power, the dark adepts of the left hand attacked me full of great hatred. Inside the Holy Sepulcher I had to remain astrally for three days before the symbolic resurrection. The descent to the dark abode of Pluto was indispensable, after all the symbolic resurrection process. Tenebrous recapitulations I had to initiate among the deepest entrails of the earth; there where the Florentine Dante found the city of Dite. Recapitulating old abysmal mistakes is often helpful when it comes to dissolving the ego. “I am a Saint!” I exclaimed before a group of elegant ladies who gloomy took a seat in the sumptuous abysmal hall. Those women laughed at me, mocking me readily, while with a certain very provocative pout they repeated ironically: “Holy! Holy! Holy!" Those unfortunate creatures were right. At that time I had not yet dissolved the ego, I was a fallen bodhisattva. Symbolic, initiatory, instructive Ascension, however different from the Logoic Ascension of the Third Mountain. Nineteen days after beginning the abysmal ascending march, the Adepts of the Occult Fraternity removed from my lower abdomen a certain layer or atomic substance to the skin of the human organism. Such a layer is like a great door that gives access to the abysmal underworld. Remembering old mistakes from previous reincarnations, I had to go through an unusual event after thirty-three days. Three of the four states of consciousness had to be put to the test of fire. I was victorious in the difficult test. Unquestionably in the "Path of the Razor's Edge" we must be tested many times. The hermetic symbolism of the aforementioned esoteric proof was very interesting. "Three Maidens" very serene among the fire. Victory!  was the result. Thirty-seven days after beginning abysmal revisions, I then had to directly study the twelve zodiacal constellations, under whose rulership we constantly evolve and devolve. The end of all the processes related to the Ascension is always announced by four Angels who, turned towards the four cardinal points of the planet Earth, each one sound their trumpet. Inside the temple, the white dove of the Holy Spirit was given to me as if telling me "Work intensely in the Ninth Sphere" if you want to incarnate the "Third Logos" within yourself. All those processes of the Ascension concluded after forty days. The final ceremony was performed in the causal world; what I then felt and saw was certainly extraordinary. The Great Initiator was then Sanat Kumara, the founder of the Great College of Initiates of the Venerable White Lodge. On the Altar with the cane of seven knots in his powerful right hand, that Great Being shone terribly divine.

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                                                                                                                        CHAPTER IV

  1. I rested happily in the superior worlds; unfortunately, that repose in the deep bosom of eternity did not last long. One day, no matter which, one of the brilliant Lords of the Law came to me very quietly, took the floor and said: -Master Samael Aun Weor, everything is ready, follow me. I responded immediately. -Yes, venerable master, it is well, I will follow you. We then walked together through various places and finally entered a stately home, we crossed a patio and then we passed through a room and then we entered the midwife's bedroom, we heard her complaining, she was in labor pains. That was the mystical instant when I saw in awe the silver cord of my current existence psychically connected to the unborn child. Moments later that creature greedily inhaled the prana of life; I felt drawn into that little organism and then I wept with all the might of my soul. I saw some people around me who were smiling, and I confess that I was especially struck by a giant who looked at me with affection; He was my earthly father. It is not superfluous to say with some emphasis that that good author of my days was in medieval times during the times of chivalry a noble lord whom I had to defeat in bloody battles. He then swore revenge and it is clear that he fulfilled it in my present existence.
  2. It is not superfluous to affirm solemnly that I was born with enormous spiritual concerns, denying it would be absurd. Although the concrete fact that there is someone in the world who can fully remember their entire existence, including even their own birth event, may seem unusual and incredible to many, I want to assert that I am one of those. After all the usual birth processes, very clean and beautifully dressed, I was deliciously placed in the maternal bed next to my mother. A certain very kind giant, approaching that sacred bed, smiling sweetly contemplated me. It was my father. When I was eleven months old I wanted to walk and it is evident that I managed to do it by standing firmly on my two feet. I still fully remember that marvelous moment in which interlacing my hands over my head, I solemnly made the Masonic sign of help "Elai B Ne Al' Manah". Certainly at that delightful age I loved the charming toys with which children amuse themselves, but this in no way interfered with my meditation practices. For those first years of life when one learns to walk, I used to sit in the oriental style to meditate. Then I retrospectively studied my past reincarnations and it is ostensible that many people from ancient times visited me. When the ineffable ecstasy ended and I returned to the ordinary normal state, I gazed with pain at the ancient walls of that hundred-year-old paternal home where I seemed, despite my age, a strange cenobite. How small I felt before those rough walls! I was crying... Yes!, like children cry. I lamented saying: Again in a new physical body! How painful is life! Oh! Oh! Oh! At those precise moments my good mother always came with the purpose of helping me at the time she exclaimed: "The child is hungry, he is thirsty, etc., etc., etc." I have never been able to forget those moments when I ran happily through the stately corridors of my house. Then unusual cases of transcendent metaphysics happened to me: my father called me from the threshold of his bedroom, I saw him in his night clothes and when I tried to get close to him, then he vanished, losing himself in the unknown dimension. However, I sincerely confess that this type of psychic phenomena was very familiar to me. I would simply go into his bedroom and upon verifying directly that his physical body was lying asleep in the scented mahogany bed, I would say to myself the following: “Ah! What happens is that my father's soul is outside because his fleshly body;  is sleeping right now."
  3. As my earthly parents had divorced, it was up to us, the brothers of a great family, to suffer; we had stayed with the head of the family and he forbade us to visit our earthly mother. However, we were not so ungrateful as to be able to forget her, I always ran away from home with a little brother who followed me, we would visit her and then we would return home; but my little brother suffered a lot, because when he came back he would get tired because he was very small and I had to carry him on my back, he would be so small, and he wept bitterly, and said: "Now, when we return home, dad is going to whip us." , is going to give us whips and sticks". I responded by saying: "Why are you crying? Everything passes, remember that everything passes." When we arrived home, our earthly father was certainly waiting for us, full of great anger, and he was whipping us; later we went to our room to sleep, but, when we went to bed, I said to my brother: "Do you see? It's over, are you convinced that all that is over? It's all over." One of those many days, our father was able to hear when I told my brother: "Everything is over, that's over now", and of course, my father, who was quite angry, took up again the terrible whip he was carrying, penetrated our room saying: "So everything goes pass by, you shameless!", and then another more terrible whipping he gave us, later leaving, apparently very calm for having whipped us. Since he left, a little more quietly I said to my brother: "Do you notice? That also passed by".
  4. In those days, the silent cinema was beginning and many people gathered in the public square at night, to distract themselves by watching movies outdoors on the rudimentary screen: a well-warmed sheet nailed to two suitably spaced poles. I had a very different cinema at home: I locked myself in a dark room and stared at the fence or wall. In a few moments of spontaneous and pure concentration, the wall was splendidly illuminated as if it were a multidimensional screen, the fences disappearing definitively; then emerged from the infinite space, living landscapes of great nature, playful gnomes, aerial sylphs, salamanders of fire, undines of the waters, nereids of the immense sea, happy creatures that played with me, infinitely happy beings. My cinema was also sound and all the creatures that appeared on my special screen sang or spoke in the purest dawn of the divine primal language that runs like a river of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. Later, when the family multiplied, I invited my innocent little brothers and they shared with me this incomparable joy, serenely looking at the astral figures on the extraordinary wall of my dark bedroom.
  5. I was always a worshiper of the sun and both at dawn and at dusk I climbed on the roof of my house, and sitting in the oriental style like a child yogi on the clay tiles, I contemplated the sun. The king star in a state of ecstasy, thus plunging me into deep meditation. Good scares my noble mother had seeing me walk on top of the dwelling.
  6. Whenever my old father opened the old wardrobe door, I felt as if he was going to hand me that singular purple jacket or coat on which wore gold buttons. Old garment of chivalrous clothing that I used elegantly in that my old reincarnation in which I was called Simeón Bleler; Sometimes it occurred to me that swords and foils from ancient times might also be stored in that old cupboard. I don't know if my father understood me, I thought perhaps that he could give me objects from that ancient existence; The old man looked at me and instead of such clothes he gave me a cart so that I could play with it; toy of innocent happiness in my childhood.
  7. Taught in good manners, I confess frankly and unequivocally that I was educated according to the official religion of my people. Goofing off with someone in the attic, in the middle of a liturgy, always seemed abominable to me. Since I was a child I had the sense of veneration and respect. I never wanted to shrug my shoulders in the midst of worship; I never liked to slink away from my sacred duties, or laugh or scoff at holy things.
  8. I was still a twelve-year-old boy, when solicitous with someone who anxiously investigated the mysteries of the beyond, I also decided to search, investigate, inquire the disturbing field of spiritism. So with the tenacity of a cleric in the cell, I studied innumerable metaphysical works. It is worth mentioning authors such as Luis Zea Uribe, Camilo Flamarión, Kardec, León Denis, César Lombroso, etc. The first of a series by Kardec certainly seemed interesting to me, but I had to reread it three times with the undeniable spirit of fully understanding it. Later, becoming a real bookworm, I confess frankly and unequivocally that I fell in love with the "Book of Spirits" before continuing with many other volumes of substantial content. With an impenetrable mind for anything other than study, I shut myself up for very long hours inside my house or in the public library, with the evident desire to seek the secret path. The mediums are receptive passive subjects who give up their matter, their body, to the metaphysical ghosts from beyond the grave (in most cases specially when such entities of the lower astral plane They take advantage of the opportunity of that opening to gets into this plane, so it is not uncommon to listen to many of these passive subjects that a Jesus, a Buddha, a Great Master speaks through them, we know that this is not the case...Another thing is those works of high theurgy of the Intimate Being. )It is unquestionable that the  mediumship   has a Karma in which the activity of nerve cells in brain is interrupted causing seizures in the next body of such subject.
  9. Beyond time and distance, I had to enter the state of Zulia, Venezuela, South America. Guest of my host in his country dwelling, I must assert that in those days I was an eyewitness to an unusual metaphysical event. It is convenient to ratify for the good of my readers, that my aforementioned host was, without a doubt and unequivocally, a very humble character of the colored race. It is unquestionable that that good gentleman, by the way very generous with the needy, spent his monies on rich feasts. To reside in the hotel among educated people or to resent someone for any reason, was for this good man something impossible; he certainly preferred to resign himself to the task, with his luck, in the harsh misfortunes of work. It goes without saying that this gentleman in question seemed to have a gift of ubiquity, since he could be seen everywhere, here, there and everywhere. Any night of these many, that distinguished gentleman with much secrecy He invited me to a séance.. I in no way wanted to decline such a kind invitation. Three people gathered under the peasant roof of their hacienda, we sat around a three-legged table. My host, full of immense veneration, opened a small box that he never abandoned on his travels and from it he extracted an indigenous skull. Later he recited some beautiful prayers and cried out with a loud voice calling the ghost of the mysterious skull. It was midnight, the sky was overcast with black clouds that were outlined sinister in the tropical space, it was raining thunderously, and the lightning made the whole region tremble. Strange blows were felt within the interior of the cabinet and then definitively, violating the law of gravity, as if mocking the old physics texts, the table rose from the floor. Then came the most sensational: the summoned ghost appeared in the room and walked past me. Finally, the table leaned towards my side and the skull that was on this piece of furniture came to rest on my arms. Enough is enough! exclaimed my host. The storm is very strong and in these conditions, such invocations are very dangerous. In those moments a frightening thunder made the summoner's face turn pale.
  10. . One day wandering through one of those old streets of Mexico City, DF, moved by a strange curiosity I had to enter with other people in an old mansion where for better or for worse a spiritualist center worked. Exquisite extra-superior hall with many bells and quite a lot of emotional, delicate and top brand people. Without intending in any way to expose myself to any risk, I very respectfully took my seat in front of the dais. Immersing myself in the doctrines of spiritualist mediums, arguing or beginning to throw evil on friendly terms and with feigned meekness and pietistic poses, was certainly not my purpose in entering such a room. I just wanted to take note of all the details with flexible understanding and singular sanity. Rehearsing to pray in speaking to recite in public, preparing in advance, is certainly something that is always excluded from the spiritist mentality. Patient the sacred brotherhood of the mystery, awaited with mystical longing, voices and words that emerged from beyond the grave. Independent of the others in his diagnoses, suitable for something very nefarious, a gentleman of a certain age falls into a trance, convulsively shudders like any epileptic, climbs onto the platform, occupies the podium of eloquence and takes the floor. "Here among you Jesus of Nazareth the Christ", exclaims with a loud voice that unhappy possessed. In those terrifying moments the stage decorated with candles and flowers -the altar of the Baals- vibrates horrifyingly, and all the devotees fall to the ground in prostration. Without wanting to disturb anyone's performance, I serenely dedicated myself to studying the medium with my sixth sense. Transfixed by anguish, I could certainly verify the harsh reality of that unusual metaphysical case. Obviously it was a sinister and left impostor who exploited the credulity of others by posing as Jesus-Christ. With my clairvoyant sense I observed a black magician dressed in blood-red robes. The gloomy ghost inserted within the physical body of the medium, advising the consultants, tried to speak in a Jesus-Christian tone so that the fanatics would not discover it. That horrifying session concluded, I left the room with a burning desire never to return there.
  11. Living at pleasure with your family, please, in peace to work, by magic, on earth, is certainly something very romantic. However, jumping to risks is sometimes essential when it comes to seeking for others as much good as possible. Flanked by intellective walls, I wanted to flourish in wisdom and, without losing strength, I traveled very young to various parts of the world. Beyond time and distance, in the remoteness of a South American region, popularly known by the typical name of Quindío, very flexible in understanding, I had to relate to a spiritualist medium who worked as a blacksmith. Without ever getting involved in any discussion, that worker worked calmly in his reddish forge. Strange spiritualist; mystical lord of bronze athletic figure cenobite personality. Good God and Holy Mary!, and I saw him in a sinister and left mediumistic trance possessed by Beelzebub, prince of the Demons. I still remember those gloomy words with which the power of darkness closed the session: " "Bel tengo mental la petra y que a el le anduve sedra, vao genizar le des." Then he signed: Beelzebub. Anchorite paradoxical blacksmith. Repentant I found him the next day of the left spiritualist coven; then he solemnly swore in the name of the eternal living God never again to lend his physical body to the horror of darkness. Sometimes I surprised him in his forge very sincerely consulting Kardec's spiritualist prayer book. Later that gentleman of yore invited me full of mystical enthusiasm to many other exhaustive mediumistic sessions, where with infinite longing would evoke "Juan Hurtado el Mayor". Without any exaggeration, for the good of my beloved readers, I must now opportunely assert that the aforementioned ghost, speaking with the tongue of the medium in a trance, boasted of being able to manifest himself through one hundred and fifty mediums simultaneously. Concluding with a clever speech (to someone), in consonance, is certainly very normal; however, pluralizing itself into one hundred and fifty different simultaneous discourses seemed to me at that time something amazing. It is unquestionable that at that time in my life I had not yet analyzed the issue of the plurality of the I, of the ego.
  12. Taught in good manners and unrehearsed in oratory for public recitation, at the age of seventeen I was lecturing at the Theosophical Society. I received the Theosophist diploma from the hands of Jinarajadasa, illustrious president of that august society, which congratulations I personally knew. However, I very sincerely wanted to form my heart with the Theosophist good judgment and therefore I was enthralled with the works that I found in the rich library. Inexhaustible source of Divine Wisdom, I discovered with mystical astonishment in the golden pages of the Secret Doctrine; extraordinary work of the Venerable Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the sublime martyr of the 19th century. Exhausted theoretical studies of theosophical type, I intensely practiced Raya-Yoga, Bhakti, Jnana-yoga, Karma Yoga, etc. etc. etc. I obtained multiple psychic benefits with the practical yoga advocated by the revered institution.
  13. I was already eighteen springs of adolescence on the path of my current reincarnation when I had to be granted the high honor of entering the Ancient Rosicrusinan School, a worthy institution founded in good time by Dr. Arnoldo Krumm Heller; physician-colonel of the Glorious Mexican Army, illustrious veteran of the Mexican Revolution, distinguished professor at the Medical University of Berlin, Germany, notable scientist and extraordinary polyglot. Impetuous boy I presented myself with a certain arrogance in that "Aula Licis", then run by an illustrious gentleman of enlightened intelligence, and without going with many compliments, in the air, I confess frankly and  without  roundabout style that I began arguing and ended up studying. Hovering against the wall, cornering oneself in the corner of the room, rapt in ecstasy, it seemed better to me after all. Needless to say, in a great way and without much prosopopoeia, that steeped in many intricate theories of substantial content, I only longed with infinite longing to find my old path, the path of the "Razor's Edge". Carefully excluding all pseudo-pietism and pointless vain wordiness of ambiguous talk, I definitely resolved to combine theory and practice. Without prostituting intelligence to gold, I certainly preferred to humbly prostrate myself before the Demiurge Creator of the Universe. Very rich inexhaustible source of exquisite splendors, I found joyful in the magnificent works of Krumm Heller, Hartman, Eliphas Levi, Steiner, Max Heindel, etc., etc., etc. Without any verbiage, seriously, sincerely, I emphatically declare that at that time of my present existence I studied the entire Rosicrucian library in an orderly manner. With infinite longing I sought the way, I suffered terribly and cried out in solitude invoking the holy masters of the Great White Lodge. Dr. Krumm Heller used to say that an hour a day of vocalization was better than reading a million books on pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism. I then inhaled with supreme avidity the Christonic Prana, the vital breath of the mountains, and then slowly exhaled, resounding the corresponding vowel. All my astral chakras or magnetic centers intensified their vibratory activity rotating positively from left to right like the hands of a clock seen not from the side but from the front. With a lot of didactics, the professor taught us a certain marvelous retrospective exercise. He advised us never to move from the bed at the moment of awakening, explaining that with such a movement the astral body is shaken and memories are lost. It is unquestionable that during the hours of sleep the human souls travel outside the physical body; the important thing is not to forget our intimate experiences when we return to the body. He told us to practice at that precise moment a retrospective exercise with the intelligent purpose of remembering facts, occurrences and places visited in dreams. Undoubtedly and without any exaggeration, it is possible for me to put some emphasis to solemnly assert that each one of my astral chakras developed extraordinarily, intensifying for that reason the clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc.,. type perceptions. Shortly before retiring from that meritorious institution, that professor cried out saying: "Let none of those present here dare to describe themselves as Rosicrucians, because all of us are nothing but simple Rosicrucian aspirants." And then he added with great solemnity: "Rosicrucian is a Buddha; a Jesus; a El Morya; a Kuthumi, etc., etc., etc."
  14. Flanking the intellectual walls, tired of so many complicated and difficult theories, I decided to travel to the tropical shores of the Caribbean Sea. Far away, sitting like a hermit from times gone by, under the taciturn shade of a solitary tree, I decided to bury every difficult entourage of vain rationalism. With a blank mind, starting from the radical zero, immersed in deep meditation, I searched within myself for the secret Master. Obviously I was looking for the Intimate, I adored him in the secret of meditation, I worshiped him. Later in time I had to move away from the sandy beach to take refuge in other lands and in other places. However, wherever I went I continued with my meditation practices, lying on my bed or on the hard floor I placed myself in the form of a flaming star - legs and arms open to the right and left - with the body completely relaxed. I closed my eyes so that nothing in the world could distract me; then I got drunk with the wine of meditation in the cup of perfect concentration. Unquestionably, as I intensified my practices, I felt that I was really getting closer to the Intimate. The vanities of the world did not interest me; I well knew that all things in this valley of tears are perishable. The Intimate and his instantaneous and secret answers were the only thing that really interested me. From the inner garden of my dwelling, outside the planetary body, kneeling humbly, crying out with a loud voice, I called the Intimate. The blessed crossed the threshold of my mansion; I saw him come towards me with a triumphant step. Dressed in precious zephyr and white ineffable tunic, the adorable one came to me; I looked at him happily. On his celestial head he wore the crown of the Hierophants, his whole body was made of the nature of happiness. In his right hand shone precious all those valuable gems of which the Apocalypse of Saint John speaks. The Lord wielded with great firmness the Rod of Mercury, the scepter of kings, the staff of the Patriarchs. Taking me in his arms, the venerable sang with the voice of paradise, saying things that earthly beings cannot understand. The Lord of Perfections then took me to the planet Venus, far away from the bitterness of this world. This is how I approached the Intimate along the secret path of profound interior meditation.
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  1. In the times of the terrible Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada I was reincarnated in Spain and this is another very interesting story. Talking about the aforementioned Inquisitor and the Holy Office is certainly not very pleasant, however that is now convenient. I was then a very famous marquis, who unfortunately had to get in touch with that execrable inquisitor as perverse as that other called Juan de Arbustes. At that time I met the traitor Brutus reincorporated in a new human organism. What an incisive, scathing, and ironic Count!... he made a good mockery of me... What insults!... What sarcasm! In no way did I want to get involved in new disputes, I did not want to get angry. The coarseness, the rudeness, the lack of culture of that nobleman displeased me terribly, but I did not want to hurt him, it seemed good to me to avoid further duels and for it I sought out the inquisitor. Any day of those many very early in the morning I went to the Palace of the Inquisition; I had to look for an intelligent solution to my well-known problem. "Oh, Mr. Marquis! What a miracle to see you here! What can I do for you?" This is how the monk who was always at the door in the Palace where the "Holy Office" functioned answered my greeting. "Thank you very much, your reverence," I said, "I have come to request an audience with the Lord Inquisitor." -Today is a day of many visits, Mr. Marquis, but in the case of you I will immediately manage your audience. Said such words that friar disappeared to reappear before me moments later. -Come in, Mr. Marquis, I have obtained the audience for you. - Thank you very much, your reverence. I crossed a patio and entered a hall which was in complete darkness; I went to another room and found it also in darkness; I finally entered the third room and a lamp shone on the table. There I found the fearsome inquisitor Torquemada. That cenobite certainly looked like a saint... What a look!... What beatific attitudes! What pietistic poses... a crucifix shone on his chest. How much self-righteousness, my God! What a horrifying sanctimoniousness... It is obvious that the Pharisee I was so strong in that blue monk. After many greetings and bows in accordance with the customs of that time, I sat down at the table next to the friar. -What can I do for you, Mr. Marquis? - You speak. - Thank you very much, your honor. It happens that the count –so and so has made my life impossible, insulting me out of envy, ironizing me, slandering me, etc. -Oh! Don't worry about that, Mr. Marquis, we already have many complaints against that count here in this office. I will immediately give orders for him to be captured. We will shut him up in the tower of martyrdom; we will tear out his fingernails and toenails and pour molten lead on his fingers to torture him; then we will burn his plants with burning coals and finally we will burn him alive at the stake. But by God! Could this monk have gone mad? I never thought I would go so far, I was only looking for a Christian reprimand for that count in the inquisitorial house, in which those values that were once embedded in the personality of Brutus had been reincorporated. That blue monk sitting at the sacral table with that face of a penitent and anchorite in a pietistic attitude and the Christ hanging around his neck. That singular beatific figure so devout and cruel, so sweet and barbaric, so sanctimonious and perverse. That wicked man dressed in sheep's clothing woke up inside my conscience an I don't know what, I felt that what I have as a bodhisattva revolted, protested, moaned. An intimate storm had broken out in me, the lightning, the thunder, did not take long to appear and then, oh God! what had to happen happened. -You are a pervert -I told him-, I have not come to ask you to burn anyone alive, I have only come to request a reprimand for that nobleman. You are a murderer, that's why I don't belong to your sect, etc. etc. etc. -Oh! So we have those, Mr. Marquis? Enraged, the prelate vehemently rang a loud bell, and then, as if by enchantment, a few knights armed to the teeth appeared in the room. - Grab this one! Exclaimed the abbe. -Wait a minute! Respect the rules of chivalry, remember that we are among knights, I don't have a sword, give me one and I will fight each one of you. One of those men, faithful to the Code of Chivalry, gave me a sword and then... I jumped on him like a lion, not in vain did I have a reputation for being a great swordsman... (  those were my times as a fallen bodhisattva) . As the frozen snowflakes fly in the air at the breath of the ethereal Boreas, the strong and resplendent helmets, the convex shields, the hard cuirasses and the ash tree spears were scattered within that inquisitorial enclosure. And its radiance ascended to Uranus, and certainly the earth laughed, illuminated by the brilliance of bronze and trembling under the soles of the warriors, and I was in their midst, fighting a hard fight with that other knight. As the light ship is destroyed when the water of the sea swollen by the winds that blow vehemently from the clouds attacks it, covering it completely with foam, while the air makes the sail groan scaring the sailors with near death, so the Fear broke in their chests the hearts of those knights who watched the battle. Obviously I was victorious amidst the thunder of amidst the crash of steel and all that was left was to use my best lunge to put that warrior out of action. The gentlemen, frightened by the proximity of the terrible sovereign grim reaper, forgot all chivalric rules and then they attacked me in a gang. I wasn't expecting that, it was serious for me to have to defend myself against all that well-armed mob. I had to fight until I was exhausted, defeated, because they were many. What happened next is very easy to guess: I was burned alive at the stake in the courtyard of the Palace of the Inquisition. Tied to a merciless post over the green firewood that was smoldering slow, I felt pains impossible to describe with words; then I saw how my poor incinerated flesh fell off falling into the flames. However, human pain, however serious it may be, also has a well-defined limit beyond which there is happiness. It is therefore not surprising that at last I experienced a certain happiness; I felt something very pleasant about me, as if a refreshing and beneficial rain were falling from the sky. It occurred to me to take a step, how soft I felt it! I left that palace walking slowly... slowly... I didn't weigh anything, I was already disembodied. That was how I knew how to die during that frightful time of the Holy Inquisition. It is not surprising that after that stormy reincarnation with so many titles of nobility that were worth nothing before the terrible inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada, I returned to take a physical body.
  2. For the good of the great cause for which we are fighting intensely, I prefer to put my chest in front of, assume responsibilities, pay, frankly confess my mistakes before the solemn verdict of the public conscience. Reliably and in plain language, it is timely to declare now that I was in Spain the Marquis Juan Conrado, Third Great Lord of the Province of Granada. It is evident that this was the golden age of the famous Spanish Empire. The cruel conqueror Hernán Cortés, treacherous like no other, had pierced the heart of Mexico with his sword, while the ruthless Pizarro in Peru made the hundred thousand virgins flee. Since many nobles and commoners, adventurers and wicked, constantly embarked themselves for New Spain in search of fortune, it is obvious that I could not be an exception in any way. In a simple caravel, fragile and light, I sailed for several months through the stormy ocean with the purpose of reaching these lands of America. It is not superfluous to assert vehemently that I never had the intention of plundering the sacred temples of the august Mysteries, nor of conquering towns or destroying cities. I certainly walked through these lands of America in search of fortune, unfortunately I made some mistakes. Studying them is necessary to know the parallels and consciously verify the wise Law of Recurrence. Those were my times as a fallen bodhisattva and by the way I was not a meek sheep. Centuries have passed and however my conscience is awake, it is obvious that I have never been able to forget so much nonsense. The first parallel that we must study corresponds exactly to my current physical body. Having arrived in a fragile boat from the Mother Country, I settled very close to the cliffs on these shores of the Atlantic ocean. At the time of the Spanish conquest, unfortunately there was an international business related to the infamous sale of black Africans. So, for better or worse, I met a noble colored family, originally from Algeria. I still remember a little maiden as black and as beautiful as a miraculous dream from the Arabian Nights. If I shared with her the bed of pleasures in the garden of delights, it was really moved by the incentive of curiosity; I wanted to know the result of that racial crossing. There is nothing strange about the fact that a mulatto offspring was born from it; later came the grandson, the great-grandson and the great-great-grandson. In those times of fallen bodhisattva I forgot about the famous astral marks that originate in intercourse and that every disembodied person wears in his crimson. It is obvious and manifest that such marks relate one to those people and blood associated with chemical coitus; It is timely to say now that the yogis of Hindustan have already made detailed studies on this. It is not superfluous to assert that my current physical body comes from the aforementioned metaphysical copulation; In other words, I will say that I came to be clothed with the flesh that I carry in my present existence. My paternal ancestors were exactly the descendants of that sexual act of the Marquis. It is amazing that our descendants through time and distance become ascendants. It is wonderful that after a few centuries we come to clothe ourselves with our own flesh, to become children of our own children. Incessant travels through these lands of the new Spain characterized the life of the Marquis and these were repeated in my subsequent lives, including the current one. Litelantes as always was by my side patiently enduring all those nonsense of my times as a fallen bodhisattva. As the autumn of life arrives in each reincarnation, I openly confess that I always had to leave with the "Undertaker", I want to refer to an old lady initiate for whom I always abandoned my wife and who in one existence and another fulfilled her duty to give me a Christian burial. In the evening of my present life, that ancient initiate returned to me; I recognized her immediately, but since I am no longer fallen, I sweetly disowned her and she walked away sorrowful. Dressed in that haughty and even insolent personality of the Marquis, I began my return to the Motherland after some disgusting anger caused by a shipment of rough diamonds extracted from a very rich mine.

29. After a short interval in the region of the dead, I had to enter the scene again, reincarnating myself in England. I entered the bosom of the illustrious Bleler family and was baptized with the pious name of Simeon. With the blossoming of my youth, I moved to Spain moved by an intimate longing to return to America. This is how the Law of Recurrence works. Obviously, it is not superfluous to say that the same scenes, identical dramas, similar farewells, etc., were repeated in space and time. etc. etc., including of course the journey across the stormy ocean. Intrepid, I jumped ashore on the tropical coasts of South America, then inhabited by different tribes. Exploring such or such jungle regions inhabited by ferocious beasts, I arrived at the deep valley of Nueva Granada, at the foot of the Monserrate and Guadalupe mountains; beautiful country governed by Viceroy Solís. It is unquestionable that at that time, in fact, I began to pay karma since the years of the Marquis. Among these Creoles of New Spain, my efforts to find some well-paying job were undoubtedly futile. Desperate due to the bad economic situation, I joined the sovereign's army as a simple private; at least there I found bread, clothing and shelter. It so happened that on a festive day very early in the morning, His Majesty's troops were preparing to pay very special honors to their chief and for this reason they were distributed here, there and everywhere, carrying out maneuvers with the purpose of organizing ranks. I still remember a certain bad-faced and quarrelsome sergeant who, reviewing his battalion, yelled, cursed, hit, etc. etc. etc. Suddenly, arriving before me, he seriously insulted me because my feet were not in the correct military position, and after observing minute details of my jacket, he treacherous slapped me. What happened next is not very difficult to guess; nothing good can ever be expected from a fallen bodhisattva. Without any reflection, clumsily, I stuck my steely bloodthirsty bayonet into his brave chest. The man fell to the ground mortally wounded, cries of terror could be heard everywhere, but I was cunning and taking advantage of the confusion, disorder and fright, I escaped from that place closely pursued by well-armed soldiers. I walked along many paths towards the cleared shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I was searched for everywhere and for this reason I always avoided passing through the kind of roads by taking many detours through the jungles. On the roads - which were very few in those days - some carriages passed by me, pulled by pairs of spirited steeds; In such vehicles traveled people who did not have my karma, wealthy people. One day on the side of the road, near a village, I found a humble store and entered it with the intention of having a drink, I wanted to cheer myself up a bit. Stunned, confused, amazed! I was left to discover that the owner of that business was Litelantes. Oh! I had loved her so much and now I found her married and the mother of several children. What claim could I make? I paid the bill and left with a broken heart. I continued walking along the path, when with some fear I can verify that someone is coming after me: the son of the lady, a kind of rural mayor. That young man took the floor to tell me: "According to article 16 of the Viceroy's Code, you are under arrest." In vain I tried to bribe him; That well-armed gentleman took me to court and it is obvious that after being sentenced I had to pay a very long prison sentence for the death of the well-known sergeant. When I was released, I walked along the wild and terrible banks of the wealthy Magdalena River, exerting very hard material work wherever I had the opportunity. As an interesting note, I must say that the essence of that mayor for whom I had to go through so much bitterness locked in a filthy dungeon, returned with a female body; is now a daughter of mine; By the way, she is already a mother of a family, she has given me some grandchildren. Before his re-entry I questioned that soul in the supra-sensible worlds; I asked him about the reason that led him to look for me as a father, he replied by saying that he was remorseful for the harm he had caused me and that he wanted to be good to me to make amends for his mistakes. I confess that he is keeping his word. At that time I settled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean after endless karmic bitterness, thus repeating all the steps of the insolent Marquis Juan Conrado. The best thing I did was to have studied esotericism, natural medicine, botany. The aborigines of those tropical lands gave me their grateful love for my work as a doctor; I always healed them selflessly. Something unusual happens one day; It is about the spectacular appearance of a great lord who came from Spain. That gentleman told me of his misfortunes. He brought all his fortune on his ship and the pirates followed him. He wanted a safe place for his rich assets. It is evident that I fraternally offered him consolation and even proposed to open a cave and store his riches in it. The gentleman accepted my advice, but not before solemnly demanding an oath of honesty and loyalty. With the fragrance of sincerity and the perfume of courtesy, we both understood each other. Then I gave orders to my people, a very select group of Aborigines; these last ones opened  the crust of the earth. Once the hole had been made, we diligently put in there a large trunk and a smaller box, containing solid gold trinkets and rich jewels of incalculable value. Through certain magical exorcisms I achieved the enchantment of the "saved jewel" as Don Mario Rozo de Luna said ( theosophist eminence ), with the purpose of making it invisible before the unpleasant eyes of greed. The gentleman of yore remunerated me very well, making me a generous gift of a rich bag with gold coins and then he left those places making himself the purpose of returning to the Motherland to bring his family from there, since he wanted to settle down. lordly in these beautiful lands of New Spain. The hourglass of destiny is never still; days, months and years passed and that good man never returned; perhaps he died in his land or fell victim to the piracy that then infested the seven seas, I don't know. There are sensational cases in life. One day in my present reincarnation, being far from the Mexican land, I was talking about this matter with a certain group of Gnostic brothers, among whom the master Gargha Kuichines  stood out for his wisdom. It was then that I received a tremendous surprise, I saw with mystical astonishment how the Master Gargha Cuchines stood up to affirm my words emphatically. The aforementioned Master informed us that he had personally seen such a story written in golden verses. He told us about a dusty old book and was sorry he had lent it. Good God and Holy Mary! But if I never knew of such a treaty. Old traditions tell us that many people from these Caribbean coasts were looking for Bleler's treasure. It is curious that those aboriginal nobles who previously buried such a rich fortune are once again reincorporated forming the SSS group. This is how the Law of Recurrence works. I clearly remember that after my stormy existence with the aforementioned English personality, I was constantly invoked by those people who are dedicated to spiritism or spiritualism. They wanted me to tell them where such golden treasure it was kept; they coveted the Bleler treasure; however, it is evident that faithful to my oath in the region of the dead I never wanted to give them the secret.

30. Repeating the steps of the insolent Marquis Juan Conrado, in my subsequent existence I came to reincarnate in Mexico, I was baptized with the name of Daniel Coronado. I was born in the North, around Hermosillo, all of these places known in other times by the Marquis. My parents wanted everything good for me and when I was young they enrolled me in the Military Academy, but everything was in vain. Any day of those many I badly took advantage of a weekend in banquets and drunkenness with friends skulls. I still confess with some shame that I had to return home with my cadet uniform dirty, torn and debased. It is obvious that my parents felt cheated. It is ostensible that I never went back to the military academy; undoubtedly from that moment my path of bitterness began. Fortunately, I then meet Litelantes again. She was reincarnated with the name of Ligia . At a good time she received me as a husband. Biography of any life is, in fact, a very difficult job with a substantial content and for this reason I only highlight certain details for esoteric purposes. Unquestionably I did not enjoy a comfortable situation, it was difficult for me to earn our daily bread; many times I used to eat with Ligia's meager salary; she was a poor rural school teacher and to top it off I even tormented her with my execrable jealousy. I did not want to look favorably on all those colleagues from the teaching colleagues who gave her friendship. However something useful I did those times; It is not superfluous to say emphatically that I formed a beautiful Gnostic esoteric group in the heart of the Federal District. The students of such a congregation in my current existence according to the Law of Recurrence returned to me. During the bloody Porfirio regime I had a position that was certainly not very pleasant in the Rural Police. I made the unforgivable mistake of prosecuting   a famous , a dangerous bandit called the Golondrino who devastated the region; It is clear that such a criminal was shot. In my current existence I found him reincorporated in a human female body; He suffered from delusions of persecution. When the rebellion broke out against Don Porfirio Díaz, I abandoned my disastrous post in the countryside: then, with humble proletarians with picks and shovels, poor peons wrested from the masters' haciendas, I organized a battalion. This brave handful of humble people armed only with machetes was certainly admirable, since no one had money to buy firearms. Fortunately, General Francisco Villa received us in the Northern Division; there we were given horses and rifles. There is no doubt that for those years of tyranny we fought for a great cause; the Mexican people groaned under the boots of the dictatorship. In the name of truth, I must say that my personality as Daniel Coronado was certainly a failure. The only thing worth living for was the esoteric group in the Federal District and my sacrifice in the Revolution. To my comrades in the rebellion I say: I abandoned the ranks when I became seriously ill. In the last days of that stormy life I walked the streets of the Federal District barefoot, with my clothes torn to pieces, hungry, old, sick and begging. With deep regret I frankly confess that I came to die in a filthy shack. I still remember that moment when the doctor sitting in a chair, after having examined me, exclaimed shaking his head: "This case is lost", and then left. What immediately follows is tremendous: I feel a frightening cold like death ice. Cries of desperation reach my ears: Saint Peter, Saint Paul, help him! so exclaims that woman whom I call "The undertaker". Strange skeletal hands grab me by the waist and take me out of the physical body, it is obvious that the Angel of Death has intervened, he resolutely cuts the silver cord with his sickle and then blesses me and walks away. Blessed death, how long have I been waiting for you, you finally came to my aid, quite bitter was my existence! I rested happily in the superior worlds after innumerable   bitterness. Certainly the human pain of mortals also has its limit, beyond which peace reigns. 

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  1. From the early days of South America I remember another curious case, a father brought his son, a young boy, to me so that I could prescribe him. The child had fallen seriously ill with the plague and the fatal outcome was inevitable. "I'll cure the child -I told him- and since it's a hopeless case, you give it to me as an adopted son". The father accepted my proposal. I proceeded in the act. I made the circle with the fique or maguey, blessed the plant, pronounced its mantra and ordered the elemental to heal the child from the terrible plague. I extracted the roots of the fique and prepared a decoction. As the water boiled, I blessed the pot and ordered the elemental to heal the sick person; he quickly recovered his health.
  2. During the government of the last Caesars of Rome, being incarnated there and having a reputation as a magician, I was called by Caesar to help him get rid of a political character, his mortal enemy. Once the commission was accepted, I operated with the maguey elemental. I approached the plant, I blessed it, I walked in a circle around it from right to left, I cut a leaf, I held it in my hands, I pronounced the three fique mantra; I imperatively ordered the elemental of the fique to go to the enemy of Caesar, disintegrate his thoughts of hatred and infuse him with love towards the sovereign. The result was surprising. A few days later the deadly enemies were reconciled.
  3. Passed by anguish, without any vainglory, in a state of novelty alert, I conserve with energy the living memory of that my Roman reincarnation known by the name of Julius Caesar. So I had to sacrifice myself for humanity by setting the stage for the fourth sub-race of this our fifth root race. Good God and Holy Mary! If I made a very serious mistake in that ancient age, it was having joined the Order of the Garter; however, it is obvious that the gods wanted to forgive me. Rising to the clouds above your friends is not really easy, and yet it is clear that I managed to surprise the Roman aristocracy. In recounting this I do not feel conceited, because I know very well that only I like to go up, climb to the top of the ladder, make myself felt, etc. I fulfill the duty of narrating and this is all. When I left for Gaul I begged my beautiful wife Calpurnia to send our two sons to meet me when I returned. Brutus was dying of envy remembering my triumphal entry into the Eternal City; yet I seemed purposely to forget my awful sufferings on the battlefields. The right to govern that empire was certainly not given to me as a gift; the divine and the human well know how much I suffered. I could well have saved myself from the perfidious conspiracy if I had known how to listen to the old astrologer who visited my mansion. Unfortunately, the demon of jealousy tortured my heart; that old man was a close friend of Calpurnia and I didn't like this very much. On the morning of that tragic day, as I rose from the marriage bed, head crowned with laurels, Calpurnia told me her dream: she had seen in a night vision a star falling from the heavens to earth and she warned me, begging me not to go to the. Senate. Useless were the pleas of my wife. -Today I will go to the Senate!” I responded imperatively. -Remember that today a friendly family has invited us to a meal on the outskirts of Rome; you accepted the invitation,” replied Calpurnia. "I can't attend that meal," I objected. "Are you then going to leave that family waiting?" I have to go to the Senate. Hours later, in the company of a charioteer, I was marching in a war chariot towards the Capitol of the Roman Eagle. Very soon I arrived there to the tremendous cheers of the inflamed crowds. “Hail Cesar!, they shouted at me. Some notables of the city surrounded me in the atrium of the Capitol; I answered questions, clarified some points, etc. Suddenly, in an unusual way, the old astrologer appears before me, the one who had previously warned me about the frequencies of March and the terrible dangers; He stealthily hands me a piece of parchment on which the names of the conspirators are written down. The poor old man wanted to save me but everything was useless, I didn't pay attention to him; besides, I was very busy attending to so many illustrious Romans. Then, feeling invincible and invulnerable, with a Caesarean attitude that characterized me, I advanced towards the Senate through the Olympic columns of the Capitol. But woe to me! The conspirators behind those heroic columns were lying in wait for me; the steely edge of the murderous dagger tore at my back. Accustomed to so many battles, I instinctively tried to wield my sword, but I feel like I faint, I see Brutus and exclaim: "You too, my son?" Then... the terrible reaper takes my soul. Poor Brutus... the ego of envy had devoured his entrails and the result could not be any other. I had two more incarnations in the august Rome of the Caesars and then very varied existences with magnificent dharma in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  4. When I had the reincarnation of Thomas a Kempis, I wrote in my book "Imitation of Christ" -in that old reincarnation-, a phrase that says: "I am no more because they praise me, nor less because they vituperate me, because I I am always what I am"... So we must remain impassive before praise and blame, before triumph and defeat, always serene, impassive, always masters of ourselves, of our own psychological processes.
  5. Scenes from a past reincarnation of mine in the Middle Ages come to mind right now. I lived in Austria, and according to the customs of the time I was a member of an illustrious family of rancid aristocracy. At that time, my people, my lineage, bragged too much about blue blood, difficult ascendancies and notable ancestry. It even makes me sad to confess it, but, and that's the most serious thing, I was also stuck in that bottle of social prejudice. Things of the time! One day, no matter which one, a sister of mine fell in love with a very poor man, and of course, this was the scandal of the century; the ladies of the nobility and their foolish cavaliers, skinned their neighbor alive, made a mockery of the unhappy woman. They said of her that she had tarnished the honor of the family, that she had been able to marry better, etc. It didn't take long for the suffered woman thing to become a widow and the result of their love, of course, was a child. If she had wanted to return to the bosom of the family? However, this was not possible, she already knew too much the viperine tongue of the elegant ladies, their annoying counterpoints, their snubs, and she preferred an independent life. That I helped the widow? It would be absurd to deny it. That I took pity on my nephew? That was true. there are times when for not lack of mercy one can become ruthless.That was my case. Taking pity on the child, I admitted him to a school (apparently so that he would receive a robust, firm and vigorous education), without giving a damn about his mother's feelings, and I even made the mistake of forbidding the long-suffering woman to visit her son; I thought that in this way my nephew would not receive damage of any kind and could be someone later, become a great lord, etc. The road that leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions, right? That's right. How many times, wanting to do good, one does evil! My intentions were good but the procedure was wrong; however, I firmly believed that I was doing the right thing. My sister suffered too much from the absence of her son, she couldn't see him at school, it was forbidden to her. It clearly stands out that there was love on my part for my nephew and cruelty for my sister; however, I believed that by helping the son I was also helping his mother. Fortunately within each one of us, in these intimate regions where love is lacking, the Karma Policeman, the Kaom, arises by enchantment. It is not possible to run away from the agents of Karma, within each one of us is the policeman who inevitably leads us to court. Many centuries have passed since that time; all the characters in that drama grew old and died. However, the Law of Recurrence is terrible and everything repeats itself as it happened, plus its consequences. In the 20th century we have met all the actors of that scene. Everything has been repeated in a certain way, but it is clear, with its consequences. This time I had to be the one rejected by the family, that's the law. My sister found her husband again; I am not sorry that I have reunited with my former priestess wife known as Litelantes. The nephew that was so loved and discussed was reborn this time with a female body; she is a very beautiful girl by the way; her face looks like a delicious night and the stars shine in her eyes. In any given time, the date does not matter, we lived near the sea; the girl (the former nephew) could not play because she was seriously ill, she had an intestinal infection. The case was very delicate, several children her age died at that time for the same cause. Why should my daughter be an exception? The innumerable remedies that were applied to her were frankly useless; in his childish face that unmistakable profile of death was already beginning to be drawn with horror. Clearly the failure stood out, the case was frankly lost and I had no choice but to visit the Dragon of the Law, that terrible genius of Karma whose name is Anubis. Fortunately, thank God! Litelantes and I know how to travel consciously and positively in the astral body. Thus, appearing together in the palace of the Great Being, in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, was not a problem for us. That temple of Karma was impressive, majestic, grandiose. There was the Hierarch, seated on his throne, imposing, terribly divine; Anyone would be scared to see him officiating with that sacred jackal mask as it appears in many bas-reliefs of ancient Pharaonic Egypt. At last I was given the opportunity to speak to him and it is clear that I did not let it pass so easily: "You owe me a debt," I told him. -Which one? He replied as if surprised. Then, fully satisfied with myself, I introduced him to a man who had once been a wicked demon; I mean Aztaroth the Grand Duke. -This was a lost son for the Father -I continued telling him- and yet I saved him, I showed him the path of light, I took him out of the Black Lodge, now he is a disciple of the White Brotherhood, and you have not paid me that debt . The fact is that that girl had to die in accordance with the Law and her soul had to enter my sister's womb to form a new physical body. That's how I understood it and that's why I added: -I ask that Aztaroth go to my sister's womb instead of my daughter's soul. The Hierarch's solemn response was final. -Granted! May Aztaroth go to your sister's womb and may your daughter be healthy. Needless to say, that girl (my former nephew) was miraculously healed and my sister then conceived a boy. I had to pay that debt, I had cosmic capital. The Law of Karma is not a blind mechanic as many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists suppose. As things were, it is clear and easy to understand that with the possible death of my daughter, I would have to feel the same pain of detachment, that bitterness that in ancient times my sister felt for the loss of her son. Thus, through the Great Law, the damage would be compensated, similar scenes would be repeated but this time the victim would be myself. Fortunately, karma is negotiable, it is not a blind mechanic of astrologers and fair palmists . I had cosmic capital and paid off that old debt. Thus, thank God, I was able to avoid the bitterness that awaited me.
  6. In the name of truth I must solemnly assert that I was born remembering all my past reincarnations and swearing this is not a crime. I am a man of awakened conscience. Once, when the seas were infested with pirate ships, I had to go through tremendous bitterness. So the bodhisattva of the Angel Diobulo Cartobu was reincarnated. It is worth emphasizing that that being had a feminine body of splendid beauty. It is ostensible that I was his father. Unfortunately and in an unlucky hour, the cruel piracy that did not respect lives or honor, after devastating the European town where many citizens lived in peace, kidnapped the beautiful women of the place, among whom it is clear that my daughter was an innocent maiden of the times gone. Despite the terror of so many villagers, I bravely managed -and endangering my own life- to face the treacherous captain of the corsair ship. -Get my daughter out of that hell where you've put her and I promise you that I'll get your soul out of the hell where you are already stuck! Such were my painful exclamations. The fearsome corsair, looking at me fiercely, took pity on my insignificant person and with an imperative voice ordered me to wait a moment. I saw with infinite anxiety the filibuster returning to his black ship; I understand that he cunningly outwitted his ruthless sea lions; the truth is that moments later he returned my daughter to me. Good God and Holy Mary! But who would have thought that after several centuries I would rediscover the ego of that fearsome corsair reincorporated into a new human organism. One night of great spiritual restlessness I found him joyful again among the select group of aspiring Rosicrucians. That old corsair also spoke the English language and even told me that he had traveled a lot, since he was a sailor for a North American shipping company. That friendship, however, turned out to be a "fatuous fire", a "flare of straw", because very soon I had to fully verify that such a man, despite his mystical longings, continued in his most intimate backgrounds as an ancient corsair dressed in modern fashion. Any day of so many we arrange a transcendental metaphysical appointment, in the SSS (Sumum Supremun Santuarium) of Berlin, Germany This was a relatively new experience for me, because certainly until then it had not occurred to me to carry out the experiment of the voluntary projection of the Eidolon, however I knew that I could do it and that is why I dared to accept such an appointment. With complete clarity I remember those solemn moments in which I became a spy in my own dream. In mystical stalk I awaited the instant of transition between vigil and sleep; I wanted to take advantage of that moment of wonders to escape from the physical body. The state of lassitude and the first dream images were enough to fully understand what and the long-awaited moment had arrived. I got up from the bed at the time of being dozing, the astral unfolding took place, the very natural separation of the Eidolon. With that very singular brilliance of the astral body, I moved away from all those contours longing to reach the Berlin temple. Ostensibly I had to travel deliciously on the tempestuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Floating serenely in the radiant astral atmosphere of this world, I reached the lands of old Europe and immediately headed for the capital of France. I walked silent as a ghost through all those old streets that once served as the stage for the French Revolution. Suddenly something unusual happens; a telepathic wave has reached my solar plexus and I feel the categorical imperative to enter a beautiful abode. In no way would I ever regret having crossed the rich threshold of such a noble mansion, because there I had the immense happiness of finding a friend from my past reincarnations. That companion floated happily, submerged in the astral fluidic environment, outside the dense body that lay asleep on the perfumed mahogany bed. In the nuptial bed the delicious physical body of his beloved also slept; the sidereal soul of the latter, outside its mortal receptacle, shared the amazing   joy of her husband and floated. And I saw two tender infants of splendid beauty, playing happily amid the magical enchantment of that abode. I greeted my old friend and also his ineffable Eva, but the children were frightened by my unusual presence. It seemed better to me to go out there, through those streets of Paris, and my friend did not reject the idea; chatting together we move away from the mansion of delights. We walk slowly, slowly, through all those streets and avenues that go from the center to the outskirts. On the outskirts of that great city I proposed - at close range, as they say around there - I proposed him that we visit together the esoteric temple of Berlin Germany; The initiate very kindly declined the invitation, objecting that he had a wife and children and therefore only wanted to concentrate his attention on the economic problems of life. With great regret I walked away from that awake man, regretting that he postponed his esoteric work. Suspended in the astral light of wonders and prodigies, I passed over some ancient walls. I happily traveled along the tortuous road that in a serpentine way here, there and over there unfolded. Inebriated with ecstasy, I reached the temple with the transparent walls; the entrance to that holy place was certainly very unique. I saw a kind of Sunday park, filled with beautiful plants and exquisite flowers that exhaled a breath of death. In the extraordinary depths of that enchanting garden the temple of splendors shone solemnly. The iron gates that gave access to the beautiful park of the sanctuary, sometimes opened for someone to enter, sometimes closed. All that delicate and wonderful set, stood out illuminated with the immaculate light of the universal spirit of life. Before the Holy of Holies, the Sancta Sanctorum I found happy many noble aspirants of various nationalities, peoples, languages. Mystical souls that during those hours in which the physical body sleeps, moved by the force of longing, had escaped from the dense mortal form to come to the Holy. In a state of happiness I walked here, there and everywhere, looking for the daring filibuster who daringly set me such a tremendous date. I burst into many groups asking about the usual gentleman of narrate, but nobody knew how to give me any answer. I understood then that that former pirate had not kept his promise; I didn't know why, I felt disappointed. Silently I resolved to approach the glorious door of the temple of wisdom; I wanted to enter the holy place, but the guard closed the door telling me: "It's not time yet, leave.". Serene and understanding everything, I joyfully sat on the symbolic stone, very close to the portal of mystery. In those moments of fullness I fully observed myself; certainly I am not a subject of subjective psyche; I was born with an awakened consciousness and I have access to objective knowledge. How beautiful the astral body seemed to me! ( Splendid result of ancient transmutations of the libido). I remembered my physical body now lying asleep in the far reaches of the Western world, in a town in America. Observing myself, I made the mistake of confronting the astral and physical vehicles; Due to such comparisons, I lost my ecstasy and instantly returned to the interior of my dense material envelope. When I sternly questioned the old freebooter   why he did not fulfill his word, he could not give me a satisfactory answer. Thirty-five years have passed since that time when that old sea dog and I made such a mysterious rendezvous. Beyond time and distance, that strange character was already just a memory written between the dusty pages of my old chronicles. However, I confess   without hesitation   that after so many years I had to be surprised by something unusual. One spring night, being absent from the dense perishable form, I saw Lord Shiva (the Holy Spirit), my Holy Super-individual Monad, with the ineffable semblance of the "Ancient of Days". The Lord admonished the old corsair of the seas with great severity; It is unquestionable that the physical body of the latter, at that time of night, lay asleep on the bed. Eagerly, I wanted to intervene as a third party in discord. The Old Man of the Centuries categorically ordered me stillness and silence. In the past, that pirate had returned my daughter to me, he had taken her out of hell where he himself had put her. Now my Real Being -Samael- was struggling to free him, to emancipate him, to get him out of the Infernal Worlds.
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