Samael's anecdotes: Chapter seven-part 2



  1. Experiencing is something very important so that our beloved readers can

understand the gnosis wisdom better

listen to me. One night, no matter now the date or the day or the hour, splendidly

dressed in the "Wedding Suit of the Soul" I left the physical body at will...

Experiencing in all the presence of my Cosmic Being a certain exquisite spiritually voluptuousness, I floated with complete smoothness in the aura of the Universe. In supreme well-being I had to

 pose my plants as if I were a celestial bird on the mud of the earth, under the green foliage of

a taciturn tree. Congratulations, I then cried out with a loud voice invoking the adepts of the

Occult Fraternity... I was unquestionably assisted.

The brothers kindly led me to the wonderful temple of the transparent walls

... The Mahatma sat at his desk as if attending

to many people...

"I want to know," I said, "what is it that I need" The Venerable, taking from among one of the

drawers of the firm certain secret book, consulted its pages and then replied:

-You need fifty-eight (58) minutes. You have to present here thirty-six

(36) dollars of twenty-three (23) kilos each. And the eight (8) initiations received must be


-Thank you, venerable master. Later I left the temple with infinite humility and


Kabbalistic analysis of this question:

58 minutes: 5 plus 8 equals 13. This arcane means death of all subjective elements.

that constitute the self-the ego.

36 dollars: 3 plus 6 equals 9. Break chains and shackles in the submerged worlds of the

nine planets... very intense work in the "Firing Forge of Vulcan". 23 kilos: 2 plus 3 equals 5. The liberation works must be perfect under the splendors

of the flaming five-pointed star.

Before the authentic resurrection each of the eight initiations must be qualified. This is

processes in eight years during which we have to experience the book of the Patriarch Job, in

all its crude realism.

The perfection of the master's degree only comes with the transcendental esoteric resurrection...

  1. There exist in the esoteric path transcendent and transcendental cosmic intervals.

After having entered the temple of the Twice Born, I had to go through one of


I want to refer emphatically to a sexual suspense, to a period of abstention that lasted

several years. In the interim I dedicated myself with absolute exclusivity to inner deep meditation.

Objective: to dissolve the psychological I, the myself, the ego, which is certainly a knot in the cosmic energy, a lock that we must reduce to cosmic dust.

Thus, little by little with this didactic, with this "modus operandi", I managed during that pause

To eliminate fifty percent of those subjective, subhuman elements that

We carry inside and that constitute the ego, the psychological aggregates.

This work became very difficult when I had to face the

oldest sub- humans elements. Unquestionably my Divine Mother needed more superiors weapons, I remembered the Spear of Eros, the marvelous emblem of the

transcendental   sexuality, but I was in a pause. To do?

When I wanted to search, investigate, inquire about the origin of such sexual forces and powers, I

I found myself face to face with the Elemental Magician, with my Divine Mother Kundalini in her Fifth

Appearance. I had certainly seen her most beautiful, the size of a gnome or pygmy, very

Small... She was wearing a white tunic and a long black cape that trailed on the ground; her head was

Covered with a very special magical headdress. Next to one of the two symbolic columns of the

Occult Freemasonry, the Adorable had ordered me a new descent to the "Ninth Sphere" (the

sex). Unfortunately, I had believed that it was some test and therefore continued

in disobedience; I was certainly slow in understanding and this was stalling me.

After some time of mortal struggles against a certain very infrahuman psychic aggregate that

violently resisted disappearing, I had to appeal to the spear of Longinus.

I had no other solution. I appealed to transcendent sexual electricity; I begged my Divine

Mother Kundalini during metaphysical copulation, I eagerly begged her to grasp the spear of Eros.

The result was extraordinary. My Sacred Mother, then armed with the Holy Pike, with the

 Divine lance, with sexual electrical power, was able to reduce the horrifying monster to cosmic dust., to the psychic aggregate that I had tried in vain to dissolve away from the chemical coitus.

  1. Talking in the forest of mystery, three wandering friends arrived slowly,

Slowly, slowly, before the sacred hill. Without the slightest fear, we then witnessed

of something unusual and; narrating it is urgent for the good of our beloved readers.

A pristine ancient rock suddenly opened up in the rock, as if it had split exactly

into two equal pieces, leaving us perplexed and amazed...

Before there was time enough to assess that, without hesitation, as if attracted by a strange force, I approached the mysterious granite door...

  Without impediment, bravely I crossed the threshold of a temple; in the meantime my friends, serene,

They sat down in front of the gigantic mass that closed in front of them...

Any extraordinary glossary would be frankly insufficient if we tried to describe in

meticulous detail all the portents of that subterranean sanctuary.

 Animated by the living flame of the spirit, I advanced through a narrow corridor until I reached

a small room... That exotic room was more like a law firm, office or office of

attorney. Sitting before the desk, I found a Lord of Destiny, an indecipherable character;

hermetic Judge of Karma; mystical  dressed as elegant modern gentleman. How wise was that Lawyer!, sublime predictor! infallible! and terribly


With deep veneration I approached his desk; the Sacred Fire shone in his


I immediately felt its profound significance directly. Thank you, venerable master!

I exclaimed with infinite humility...

The austere Hierophant, in a sibylline tone, took up his parable and said:

-So and so" -referring ostensibly to one of the two friends who was waiting for me

he's the ragged guy; will always live in misery.

-Then-referring now to my other friend- is the Samuro type.

-How Samuro?. He repeated:

- Samuro. Fighting and spiritual friend like the progressive Samurai Buddhists of the Empire

of the Rising Sun. Finally, turning to me, he said:

-You are the military type because you will have to drag crowds, to, start the New Aquarian Age. Your specific mission is to create men, teach the

people to build their Astral, Mental and Causal bodies so that they can incarnate their Human Soul .

Later he got up from his desk with the evident purpose of searching his library for a

of one of my works, and as he held it in his hands,  with ecstasy, he exclaimed:

-The book that in good time you sent by mail to So-and-so,  liked it very much.

What happened next is easy to guess. With infinite veneration and great humility, without rubbish

Of no kind, far from all vain infatuation, I said goodbye to the venerable one and left the temple.

  1. Once, while on vacation in the port of Acapulco, on the shores of the

Pacific, Mexico, I had to enter the yogic state of Nirvi-Kalpa Shamadhi. I wanted then

know something about the Monads that after having passed through the three thousand revolutions of the wheel of the

Samsara, they had already lost all cosmic opportunity.

Completely submerged within the "sound current", between the sparkling ocean and

immaculate of the Supreme Parabrahatman Atman, I entered through the gates of an ineffable temple.

It was not necessary to interrogate, scrutinize and investigate; in all the presence of my Being I could

experience the tremendous reality of such subliminal Monads, they are beyond good and evil. Tiny innocent creatures, flashes of divinity without self-realization, beings

happy but without mastery. Those noble creatures floated deliciously among the whiteness

immaculate of the Great Ocean, they entering or getting out, praying and prostrated themselves before the Buddhas, before

the Holy Gods, before the Mahatmas...

Unquestionably, such divine Monads see the masters in the same way as the

ants see men. The Agnivastas, the Buddhas of compassion, the Hierophants, are

for such kind of Monads without Mastership, something that cannot be understood, strange beings, enigmatic

terribly divine...

In the Sanctas or Churches of free life in their movement, the aforementioned Monads obey the

Holy Gods and serve them with infinite humility..

Unquestionably, those divine Monads radically excluded from mastery, already for

intentional rejection or simply because they failed in their efforts to achieve it, they suffered the

unspeakable in the painful valley of Samsara and in the infernal abode of Pluto (the mineral submerged kingdom), after turned three thousand times the wheel of Samsara.

This last fact demonstrates the infinite divine mercy and gives meaning to the state of elemental happiness

 that such Monads possess within the Universal Spirit of Life.

  1. On a certain occasion, being in Eastern Tibet in a monastery, I had the

idea of telling my Divine Mother Kundalini the following: -You and I talk and we seem to be two different people and yet we are the same Being.

It goes without saying emphatically that the response was indeed extraordinary:

-Yes, my son! You and I are the same being but derived.

  1. One day, happy in the world of Atman, a Judge of the Law of the

KATANCIA (Higher Karma) came to me. He sat down at a table, and I, with great respect and veneration,

 then had to answer charges:

"You have criticized many in your books," said the Hierarch.

"I am combative by nature," I answered emphatically.

"He is sentenced to seven days in prison," such was the sentence.

I have to confess frankly and unequivocally that when I heard the sentence I was a bit cynical.

It seemed to me that this question was a silly police case, like when a boy fights

with another his own age and they put him in jail for a few hours.

However, already in full compliance with the sentence, I felt that this punishment was terribly

painful. Seven days between the terrible dungeon of the mind and after having emancipated myself...

Seven symbolic days of bitterness inside the terrifying prison of the intellect...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

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