Samael's anecdotes: Chapter seven-part 1



                                                                                                                   CHAPTER VII

  1. Some time ago the guardians of the Holy Sepulcher told me: "We know that you are leaving,

but before you leave you must leave humanity with the maps of the road and your words".

  1. Thirty times I had seen the autumn leaves fall in my present reincarnation, when

I had to work consciously and positively with the doctrine of the Jinas or Janus.

Any night of wonders, Litelantes, my priestess-wife, made me a sublime invitation.

I found myself resting in the nuptial bed, with my body relaxed, face up (decubitus

dorsal). I must assert with some solemnity and for the good of the great cause, that in those moments

I was in a state of alert novelty, alert perception.

I dozed attentively and vigilantly, like a lookout in times of war; obviously thirsty longed

infinite something extraordinary.

After the usual invocations of rigor, I felt as if another human being was perched on

my relaxed body, exactly on those blankets, that deliciously

They protected me from the cold of the night. Unquestionably it was Litelantes, I recognized her by the voice

when she vehemently called me by my first name.

-Let's go! she said to me, "Come on! Come on!" And I who with infinite longing had always kept this

Instantly, I hurriedly got up from the bed.

It is obvious and evident that by getting up thus helped, I actually crossed the barrier of the

speed of light, then standing by the bed of a penitent and an anchorite, with the

physical body well submerged within the fourth dimension. I left my bedroom with a firm step

and decided, I crossed a small patio, I went to the street.

Giving way to me with much reverence, a certain group of very old ladies bowed

reverent before my insignificant person. I appreciated their special courtesy. I left the city closely followed by that group ´of Jinas people, I headed towards the mountains


I felt as if I had sunk into a remote ancient sublunary past; I understood that

I had penetrated into the lower cosmos.

I was subjected to tests of courage by making me step over deep precipices...

Floating in the surrounding environment of the fourth vertical, accompanied by Litelantes and all the

entourage of "Jinas" people, I crossed the stormy ocean and arrived at a certain secret place of the

old Europe. I courageously entered a certain castle where I was to contemplate with astonishment a

strange symbol under which there was a crucifix...

The return to my mansion was relatively easy, since it is a law in the fourth dimension that everything

returns to its original starting point.

Litelantes and I discussed all this very happily. Obviously we had achieved a

wonderful win.

Days later we continue with these experiments; we learned to put the physical body inside

of the higher cosmos...

  1. Ridiculous scenes from those bygone times when I walked through the world of Kali

Yuga as fallen Bodhisattva.

Outside the physical vehicle, in the astral body, under the three-dimensional zone of Euclid, I had to

enter the underground world... What happened next was frightening in a great way: they appeared

claws, teeth, horns, trunks, darts, labrums, tails, serrated wings, piercing rings that

They threatened to annihilate me like a tiny worm.

In those moments many horrifying sounds, ballads,

howling, whistling, neighing, screeching, mooing, cawing, meowing, barking, hissing, snoring, and

crocotarts. I found myself submerged in the mud of so much misery; anguish seized me; waited

anxiously a balm to heal my aching heart... Suddenly, something unusual happens more

beyond the muddy waters of Acheron; turns on its steel hinges the horrible door that

gives access to the Abode of Pluto...

Intensely moved I shudder, I sense, I see that something terrible has happened. I'm not

wrong... I see her, it is her, the Unmanifested Kundalini; has crossed the threshold where they dwell

lost souls...

Magnificent Madonna, excellent, extraordinary and terribly divine; walks closer to me

masterly; I don't know what to do, I'm confused; I feel fear and love simultaneously...

Cosmic Reminder? Recrimination? The Adorable speaks with a voice of paradise, she blesses me and

then she continues on her way like someone going towards the frightful walls of the city of Dite.

In no way did I - want to become one more inhabitant

from the city of pain.

Fortunately, I had the immense joy of being able to leave the bowels of hell to

appear in the sunlight...

  1. One day Isis, Adonia, Tonanzin, came to me faster than the breath of the Euro. She didn't have the

face of a mortal, she had a beauty impossible to define with words, she looked like a sister

of Phoebus Apollo...

I saw myself before her loving immaculate arms; the Adorable seemed a sorrowful one like that

of the biblical Christic gospel... I was hungry and he gave me food, thirsty and he gave me drink,

sick and healed me. Impossible to forget his words:

"My son, you without me, at the hour of death, you would be completely orphaned." then continued

saying: You without me would be in the world totally alone. What would your life be without me?

Later I repeated:

-Certainly, without you, My Mother, I would be an orphan. I fully recognize that without you

presence at the hour of death I would be truly alone. Life becomes a desert when one has died in oneself. Without the help of our

Divine Mother Kundalini in all the presence of our being, we would then find ourselves

internally orphaned...

  1. It happened many years ago that on a full moon night I was transported to a

extraordinary monastery of the White Universal Fraternity.

How happy I felt in the mansion of love!... Certainly there is no greater pleasure than that of

feel the soul detached... in those instants time does not exist and the past and the future

get in ones within an eternal now.

Following my friends through royal chambers and galleries, we came to a very cool patio,

that it was a miniature of the lions of the Alhambra.

Charming patio in which murmured, among flowers never seen or heard, several fountains of

waters like those of the Divine Source Castalia...

However, the best looked in the center of the patio, and I contemplated it with the mystical astonishment of a penitent and

and anchorite. I want to refer emphatically to the "Stone of Truth". It had then

human divine form... Sexual prodigy of the Blessed Goddess Mother Death; funeral Wonder,

spectral... Third aspect of my Divine Mother Kundalini; living stone sculpture; tremendous

representation of that which scares mortals so much...

Without ambiguity I confess before the divine and before the humans that I embraced the terrible Goddess

Death in full Dionysian inebriate. It was essential to reconcile myself with the law, so

the brothers of the Order of Saint John had said to me, those venerable ones who in themselves had

already accomplished the Hyperborean Mystery...

After that cosmic festival, I then had to meet with some ladies and gentlemen of the

Holy Grail in the refectory of the monastery. With much secrecy and great enthusiasm, all the

Brothers, we discussed the extraordinary event over dinner. Hekate, Proserpina,

Coaticlue in living animated stone, seemed to me as if it had sprung from the "Field of

death" or from some Carnac tomb.

  1. On an autumnal night I resolved to drink of the wine of meditation in the cup of perfect

concentration. The reason for the meditation was "My Mother Nature Particular", the fourth aspect

of the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Praying is talking to God, and I talked to the Adorable One begging her with a silenced verb.

be taken with a physical body to the earthly paradise (the fourth dimension).

What then happened on the night of the mystery was amazing: assisted by the ineffable. I got up from

bed... When I left my home and went out into the street, I could see that my physical body

 had entered the fourth dimension. She took me to the deepest woods of Eden,

where the rivers of pure water of life flow with milk and honey...

Virgin Lady of wooded peaks! Everything is silent before you: the uneducated Iberia, the Gaul who, even

dying, grim challenges, and the ferocious Sicambro that at last laying down his arms, humiliated, respects you.

The face of my Mother Nature was like that of a paradisiacal beauty, impossible to describe with

human words... Her hair seemed like a waterfall of gold falling deliciously on

her alabaster shoulders... Her body was like that of mythological Venus... Her hands with her

very beautiful conical fingers and full of precious gems, they had the Christic form...

In the forest I talked with the Adorable and she told me things that earthly beings are not given to

Understand .. Sublime my Mother shone in the etheric world, in the fourth vertical,

in the fourth dimension...

So, then, nothing is relief for the aching chest, neither Phrygian marbles, nor resplendent purple,

It is better that you take refuge in the delicious bosom of your particular, individual Divine Mother Nature...

Although suffering bends your soul, stand firm, oh disciple!, and humbly surrender to

your Mother Nature...

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