Samael's anecdotes: Chapter seven-part 3




  1. I had to appear before the Third Logos; Shiva, my Real Being; my own

Super-individuality, Samael himself.

Then the Blessed One assumed a different figure, different from mine, as if he were a strange person

; he had the appearance of a very respectable gentleman. The venerable asked me to make a

Chirosophical  study on the lines of his hand. The line of Saturn in his Almighty right hand seemed to me very straight, surprising, marvelous; yet somewhere it seemed to me

interrupted, damaged, broken...

-Lord! you have had some struggles, sufferings...

-You are wrong; I am a very lucky one, I always do very well...

- Well... I see a little damage on the line of Saturn...

-Measure that line well, at what age do you see that damage?

-Lord!... between the age of fifty-three (53) and sixty-one (61) you had a time


-Ah!... That's the beginning... but then what about?

-Eight years go by very quickly and then... the triumph that awaits you...

Concluding the study, the venerable one was able to stand up and said:

-I like these chirosophical studies but sporadically. To my wife (Devi

Kundalini) also likes them and soon I am going to bring her. Ah, but I have to pay him for his work.

Wait for me here and I'll pay you again...

The Blessed One walked away and I stayed waiting for him... in the distance I saw two of my daughters, now adult; but they still seemed small; I was a little worried and called them...

It is indubitable that at that time of my present existence I was the usual fifty-five

three (53) years old... in the hand of the Blessed One I had seen my own future...

  1. One night, no matter which one, I had to find a frightening character

inside a beautiful chamber... Imposing "Prometheus-Lucifer" supported on legs of

beast instead of feet, looked at me threateningly... Two frightening horns looked terrifying on its

sinister forehead; but he was dressed like an elegant gentleman...

Approaching him serenely, I patted him on the shoulder while telling him: -You don't scare me, I know you very well, you haven't been able to defeat me, I'm victorious.

The colossus withdrew, and sitting on the soft, scented mahogany bed, I waited a while.

moment... Later, a dangerously beautiful female entered the bedroom; naked it

lay down on the bed... Almost fainted from lust, the beautiful wrapped me in her impudent arms

inviting me to the pleasures of the flesh...

Lying next to the beauty I showed my powers to the Devil; I dominated myself...

Then I got up from the bed of pleasures; the beauty that almost died of lubricity,

feeling let down, she looked at me uselessly...

Then a resplendent boy entered the room, a terrifyingly divine radiant creature.

... The sublime infant richly dressed in a beautiful priestly robe of a black color

very special, he crossed the exotic enclosure... I recognized him immediately, and approaching him

Very softly, I told him: “It is useless for you to continue disguising yourself; I always recognize you. oh

Lucifer... You can never defeat me...!

That sublime creature, terror of the ignorant, then smiled with infinite sweetness...

Unquestionably he is the "Divine Daimon" of Socrates; our special trainer in the

psychological gym of life.

  1. The case of a friend who disincarnated a long time ago comes to mind right now.. That was a convinced Gnostic, however he did not manage to manufacture their existential bodies

  of the Being, I could evidence this in the region of the dead, in Limbo. out of the

physical body I found him, he had a gigantic aspect and his spectral face was certainly of

pantheon or cemetery.

I walked with him through different places, through different streets of a city, unquestionably under

Euclid's three-dimensional region, in Limbo. "You are dead," I told him.

-How? Impossible! I'm alive. Such was his reply.

Passing near a stately mansion, I made him enter with the purpose of looking at himself in the mirror, the

he obeyed my direction and then I saw him very surprised.

"Try to float," I continued telling him, "give a little jump, so that you will be convinced that you are already dead.

. That ghost, obeying, wanted to fly, but I saw it rush headlong instead of ascending

like the birds. In those moments he assumed various animal forms. "Do you now have the form

horse, dog, cat, tiger”, so I told him according to his different animalistic facets

 stood out.

Certainly that ghost was formed by a set of quarrelsome and screaming egos that

they penetrated and interpenetrated each other without becoming confused. In vain were my efforts,

that disembodied person could not understand me, he was an inhabitant of the region of the dead, a sum

of selves personifying psychological defects.

  1. I remember a pathetic case of a poor loader of heavy loads; his ego walked

after death carrying a load, bundle on their backs. when i wanted to do it

understand his situation, when I gave him to understand that he was already quite dead and   that he didn't have

why be carrying heavy loads on his body, he looked at me with the eyes of a sleepwalker, he had the

consciousness asleep, was unable to understand me.

  1. Those times of youth come to mind. So I also went to

the great feasts where it shone, in the midst of the noise and the party, stormy nights and

orgy that only left bitterness, remorse of conscience, etc. etc etc. after one

of those parties I was taken to the third horrific Dante`s circle: Absolutely conscious, dressed in my

astral body, I sat at the head of the fatal table at the demon party. Crude reality of a frightening materiality, whose mere memory moves the most

intimate of my soul. The table was full of bottles of liquor and very dirty food.

special for gluttons. In the center of that table was a large tray on which

a pig's head stood out. Horrified by this macabre, horrifying feast, I looked with

pain the place of the orgy.

Suddenly everything changed, my individual Real Being, the Intimate, that Angel of the Apocalypse of St.

John who has in his hands the key to the abyss, holding me tightly by one arm

took me out of that room as if by magic and throwing me on a white mortuary sheet that

there it was on the filthy muddy floor, with a big chain he whipped me just in time

He said:

-You are my bodhisattva, my human soul and I need you to deliver the message of the New

 Aquarius era to humanity. Are you going to serve me or what? So I, brokenhearted

I replied:

-Yes sir, I will serve you, I am sorry, forgive me then.

That's how it was, friends, how I came to hate liquors, feasts, gluttonies, drunkenness, etc., etc. Of

all that filth, the only thing that results are the tears symbolized by the rain of that

horrible region; those pestilent waters of bitterness and the horrible mud of misery.

  1. I still remember a very curious case. One of those many nights,  in my 

astral body stuck within that tenebrous region of Tartarus, before the counter of a luxurious store (mere

thought form of a submerged merchant), I had to call Bael. That terrible magician of the

darkness dressed in a blood-colored tunic and a red oriental turban, came towards me sitting

in a car. Behind, his henchmen brought him pushing his carriage; the left character, fallen angel, light of the firmament in former times, looking at me with hatred, he threw himself on me

biting my right hand.

It is clear that I conjured him and finally that ghost was lost in the darkness of the horrible

Pluto's abode Oh friends! One is amazed in those regions to see so many

exploiters of bodies and souls. There lottery and card players, there many

priests and hierarchs, mystics who insatiably covet the goods of others.

  1. In the fifth Dante`s circle, the ironic, furious people unquestionably stand out,

the arrogant, haughty and proud. I saw in those submerged regions a lot of mud,

stagnant waters and supreme pain. I still remember with horror a certain desperate creature

who, submerged in that silt of bitterness, desperately tried to hide from the sinister gaze

 of certain horrifying monsters, who in the very depths of their own psyche were

selves personifying violence, parts of herself.

Fleeing from themselves? The self fleeing from the self? Awful! Awful!

Consciousness before itself confronted with the Machiavellian torment, impossible to describe with


  1. Moving in the astral body in a conscious and positive way in the region of the seventh horrific

Dante`s circle, I was able to evidence the violence reigning in such a frightening zone of bitterness.

I still remember two very notable demons whom I approached diplomatically, with

the purpose of not hurting susceptibilities and provoking unnecessary psychological reactions. They

pronounced  against the Cosmic Christ, emphatically denied him feeling

perversely satisfied with their miserable satanic condition.

Everywhere violence reigned among the submerged bloody atmosphere. Look here, there and

beyond unnecessary destruction, frightening blows against things, against people, against

all. I felt as if the Saturnian influence with its definitely centrifugal forces was

proposed in this region to disintegrate everything, reduce to cosmic dust people, furniture,

doors, etc., etc., etc.

I was very amazed to find there a very respectable creature, whose eyes still hurt the

soft daylight. It was about a very famous doctor, a true Samaritan who in life

He has only proposed to cure the sick with true love and without any exploitation.

What I am saying would cause astonishment, many could object by saying: How is

that possible that being a good one will end up in the region of the bad guys? It could also be argued

on the question of life and death. That good gentleman of yore obviously still

lives, still breathes under the sun. So why does he dwell in the seventh Dantean circle? If we think about the multiplicity of the ego, it is not strange that any of these psychic aggregates

 related to the crime of violence against nature is living in the

corresponding submerged region, although the personality still lives on the face of the earth.

Obviously, if this doctor does not dissolve the pluralized self, he will have to descend with the involutionary wave

 among the entrails of the world, to stand out very especially in the seventh circle.

  1. Come to my mind in this moments a meeting in the submerged worlds with

Karl Marx. I found it in those dark regions; that subject had woken up in evil and for evil and

For the worse, however, he was a fallen bodhisattva.

Lenin followed him like an ominous shadow, unconscious, deeply asleep.

I questioned Marx in the following words:

-Many years ago you disincarnated, your body turned to dust in the grave, and yet, I find you alive in these regions. So what was your materialist dialectic?

That subject, looking at the wristwatch he wore on his wrist, did not dare to give me an answer

 turned his back and walked away, but a few meters away he gave a horrifying sarcastic laughter. Through intuition I managed to capture the living essence of such laughter; in it was

the answer that we could summarize with the following sentence: "That dialectic was nothing more than a

farce, a dish to deceive the unwary".

It is curious to know that when Karl Marx disincarnated,he received religious funeral honors from Great


In the First Communist International submit, Karl Marx stood up saying: "Gentlemen,

I am not a Marxist". There was then astonishment among the attendees, shouts, screams and

many political sects from that meeting born, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc., etc.

So it is interesting to know that the first enemy of Marxism was Karl Marx. In an older Paris magazine we can read the following: "Through the triumph of the world proletariat,

we will create the Universal Socialist Republic, with its capital in Jerusalem, and we will take over

all the riches of the nations so that the prophecies of our holy prophets may be fulfilled

of the Talmud."

Certainly these cannot be phrases of a materialist, of any atheist; Marx was a fanatic

Jewish religious.

  1. I remember with complete meridian clarity something unusual that happened to me in my present

existence. After having concluded all the esoteric-initiatic processes, I was subjected to

many tests, but there was one in which I failed unfortunately. I want to refer to

emphatically to the sexual problem.

At that time, many years ago, the inevitable always happened to me: I failed in the

decisive moments and unfortunately I swallowed the apples of the garden of the Hesperides.

In the physical world I kept the most absolute chastity; disaster always happened to me outside the

body, in the superior worlds; in the presence of many ineffable ladies I failed.

My case was truly unfortunate and in all those erotic scenes under the tree of the

science of good and evil was not master of myself, a demon got into my mind,

it took possession of my senses, it controlled my will and thus it unfortunately failed. I suffered it

unspeakable, Anfortas's wound bled in my side and the remorse was horrible.

It happened to me that finally one day, mortally wounded in the depths of my soul, I cried out to my Divine

Mother Kundalini requesting help and this one did not wait...

One night, my adorable Mother took me out of the physical body and took me to court.

of objective justice. Great was my terror when I found myself in the presence of the judges in the

Court of Karma. Many people filled the room and there was fear on all faces and anguish

in all hearts. I advanced a few steps in the room of Truth-Justice and the judge opened the book and read,

crimes against the Moon goddess, adventures of don Juan Tenorio, Casanova, the time of the medieval troubadours

and knight errant of the feudal cities. Then with a tremendous voice

pronounced the sentence of death and commanded the cosmic executioner in an imperative way that

 will execute immediately.

I still remember the unspeakable terror of those moments, my legs trembled at the precise

moment when the executioner unsheathed his flaming sword, directed it threateningly against my

defenseless person.

In those seconds that seemed like centuries of torture, all the sacrifices went through my mind.

for humanity, my struggles for the Gnostic Movement, the books I had written, etc., etc.,

etc., and I said to myself, and this is the fate that now awaits me? So much so that I suffered for the

humanity? Is this the payment that the Gods give me? Oh! Oh! Oh!

Suddenly I feel that inside me something moves and shakes violently, while the

executioner pointed the point of his sword at me. Then I see with mystic wonder a demon

terribly perverse lustful, which exiting my body through the spine takes the form of

a neighing horse. The executioner now directs his sword towards the evil beast and it

plunges headfirst into the bottom of the black precipice, its legs and tail sticking up and .

finally the whole body of that frightful abomination penetrates completely under the epidermis

of the planetary globe to get lost in the dark entrails of hell.

This is how it was, my friends, how I was freed from that lustful ego that in the Middle Ages I created it

when I walked as a fallen bodhisattva, on a regal horse on the cobbled roads

who took me from castle to castle through the lands of the feudal lords.

Already free of that abomination of nature, I felt happy; I did not fail the sexual tests again,

I was master of myself and was able to continue along the Path of the Razor's Edge.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the great good that the cosmic executioner did me...

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