1. Infinity and I are face to face. And it was like a herd of reports, dogs chasing a cloud of titans, the divine clouds of the west. In the background of scarlet purple ineffable things occurred... Suddenly the dark frieze was illuminated by the sun, and the internal and delicate gold, sidereal and pure, broke into exquisite dazzles with the mysterious paleness of the moon and very slowly slipped into a peaceful vision of opal and silver... Then I left the dense body and dressed in the Wedding suit of the Soul I entered the superior worlds; what happened in those one thousand and One Nights regions the gods know well... I saw myself lying deliciously in a regal nuptial chamber; it was time for love; all the waves of the rivers, of the fountains and the seas, an ineffable choir preluded a rhythm of the Song of Songs. The blessed incense of the perfume exhaled from all the flowers, floated like a charm radiating in the zephyrs that the love of their wings rehearsed a concert of kisses and sighs... it was the nuptial hour. Nature coming out of the chaos still dazzled, inebriate by youth and beauty, virginal and sacred, veiled in a mysterious smile... “Kiss me, my love”, the Eve of Hebrew mythology, Kundrigia, Herodias, the woman of the symbol, told me ... “I will kiss you with a sacred kiss, like a sister; I abhor animal passion, you know it”. The dense forest sensing the day populated its grove of rumors, the happy and playful water fled between trembling reeds and reeds, the angel of mist shook the miraculous drops of his wings on the flowers... It was the nuptial hour. The Land of the Thousand and One Nights slept, like a delicious virgin under the chaste veil, and the divine sun, surprising it lover, lit up the sky to kiss her saintly... Bathed in splendor, full of dawn, I left the royal nuptial chamber and I went out with her... We walked slowly... slowly... to the edge of an old precipice... “Be careful!” exclaimed the maiden-wife. “Fear not!” I answered, “the danger is not here; he already passed and was there inside, in the Nuptial Chamber”. "It is not the end that you should fear, but the beginning, the result of which is this abyss." Saying these words in a voice that astonished myself, the maiden-lover of the delicious taste disappeared by enchantment. And then the Beloved One (Atman), my Real Being, the Intimate, the Secret Master, came to me. The Blessed One happily advanced towards me as if to teach me and congratulate me at the same time. The venerable one came dressed in the sacred dress of the principalities, his steps were preceded by (Buddhi), my Spiritual Soul, which was also dressed in the same dress... I, the poor Human Soul (the Causal or Superior Manas of Theosophy), I happily embraced my twin sister (the Buddhi). The Blessed One looked at us and smiled. Ah! I said to myself, I must eliminate from my inner nature the frightening demon of Bad Will, the horrifying Nebt of the Egyptian mysteries; only in this way will I be able to earn the right to wear the sacred garment that I see in my sister and in my Beloved. What shall we say of the horrendous Caiaphas? I saw mine one climb from step to step up the steps of my dwelling; it is unquestionable that he had a caesarean appearance, imposing, terrible. Only with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, is it possible to reduce the perverse demon of ill will to cosmic dust. It is indubitable that it was necessary for me to carefully study all these hidden concomitants. It is ostensible that it was urgent for me to penetrate many times to the region of natural causes -in the World of Conscious Will-, with the evident purpose of investigating mysteries and I navigated through the deep chaotic waters of infinite space; and I saw and heard extraordinary things that the poor rational animals it is not possible to understand. It is clear that in a state of perfect lucidity I received direct information about the work. I fully understood the displeasure of many people, they are angry with me unjustly, it is said, because I do not accept their theories, poor creatures! In very deep Samadhi I saw many boats with many sails adorned with multiple diamond symbols, crosses, rocks, diamond stars adorning the mystical ships of the deep ocean. Solar boats, Mahatmas, Diamond-Souls, Givamukta, Mahatmas, navigate through the waters of chaos. "When one is very close to God, one must be very prudent." Whoever eliminates the third traitor of the Hiram Abif becomes Soul-Diamond.
  2. It is pathetic, clear and manifest that the pluralized self (Seth) can resurrect as a Phoenix from its own ashes... Those theogony that paint us as punished those Divine Logoi who made the mistake of falling into sexual degeneration after the Lemur race separated into opposite sexes are not mistaken in any way. That they sacrificed themselves, like Prometheus, to endow man with a conscious spirit of the infantile primitive paradise? Lie, ignorance, absurd! I was a spectator and actor at the same time of the genesis of life, and in the name of truth I tell you that there was no such sacrifice. We Lemurians liked sexual intercourse, we fell for pleasure into bestial degeneration. For the knowledge of our readers, I say: In some secret places of the world many immortal lemurs still live. My Holy Guru, whose sacred name I must not mention, still retains the same physical body that he had in Lemuria. I myself, after the fall in Lemuria, it is obvious that I repented and returned to the mysteries of that old continent; then I received the elixir of long life. In the name of that which is the Real, the Tao, the Divine, I tell you that I lived with an immortal physical body for thousand of years.
  3. In these instants such interesting reminiscences come to my memory... One certain delicious night, no matter which one, in that Zen state, known as Satori or Samadhi (ecstasy), I entered the doors of the temple joyfully on the wings of longing. ... And as other adepts sat, I sat, and listened to such delightful chants... What those golden voices said, deeply moved even the most intimate fibers of the soul. All of us then praise the Emperor, that Divine Monad of each one that before the Dawn of the Mahanvantara moved among the chaotic waters of infinite space. A spiral staircase, spiral, led to the top floor of the temple. It is ostensible that this stairway ended exactly at the foot of the sacred altar of the Emperor. The tabernacle shone gloriously on the sacred altar and the fire burned between its lamp... some vases wonderfully complemented that precious charm. It is obvious that the flowers put an exquisiteness wherever they are. However, there was something else, something unusual, a strange set of figures skillfully carved in wood. Such figures placed exactly before the altar, on the mysterious divine stairway, represented in fact a serious inconvenience, a tremendous obstacle to reach the Inner Lord. I, then fighting against the third traitor of Hiram Abif, had to deeply study the symbolism of those hieratic figures of mystery. Variegated and picturesque set of strange wooden beings on the polished steps of the holy ladder... It was essential to focus my attention on such artistic representations. The royal art of nature is not something dead, it has life and it has it in abundance. In no way should the attentive reader be surprised if I told him that by concentrating my attention on those exotic figures so finely carved, they came to life. And although it seems incredible, everything is possible in the unknown dimension. I looked and saw something unusual. In a certainly unusual way, one of those figures suddenly appears, it has the appearance of an old man dressed in an exotic way; the voice of silence informs me that it is the Lord of Time; I am told that I must eliminate the useless rubbish of the past. I understand everything and the old man walks carrying in his right hand a strange container full of rubbish... I fully understand the profound significance of such an allegory; the dirty reminiscences of the past, the rubbish of many yesterdays must be forgotten... The Elder digs a grave in the vault of the dead and then buries those useless remains there. Once his symbolic work is done, the old man returns to his place. Then another figure emerges from the strange set, I am taught that Lucifer works in time; I am told that through memories it is possible to resurrect the dead egos... and Lucifer walks among the tombs of time, looking for the segos buried in the dust of centuries, he wants to bring them back to life, I, absorbed, contemplate him ... How cunning is Lucifer! He awakens lustful, sinful memories in one so that the dead egos can resurrect. Then I fully understand the need to live from moment to moment, from instant to instant... Oh, my God, the Ego is time. Yes! However, the Being is timeless, that is always new... Finished its illustration, the luciferic figure returns to its mysterious place... Then I concentrate my attention more intensively and I see something that stands out; a fatal flame; it is clear that such sinister fire assumes a terrible masculine form; the voice of silence tells me that Lucifer controls the three traitors of the Hiram Abif and the remnants of the ego after its final disintegration; That's how I understand it, I approach Lucifer, I tell him that I'm his friend, he laughs at me and then speaking to me makes him understand that I'm his enemy; It is obvious that he has not made a mistake in this, that diabolical fire... Amazing! Even after the ego is dead, Lucifer continues to control even the seeds of the ego!... What horror! Remember, dear reader, that the self can also rise like the Phoenix from its own ashes.
  4. In these moments that I write these ardent lines, a certain transcendental memory comes to my memory. Once, during a incorporeal journey, in a state of ecstasy or Samadhi, I dared to question my Divine Mother Kundalini in the following way: - Is it possible that someone in the physical world can self-realize without the need for sexual magic? The answer was tremendous: -Impossible, my son! That is not possible. And she said it so vehemently... that frankly I was moved.

158. One day, no matter the date or the day or the hour, I was visited by the Kether of the Hebrew Kabbalah, the "Ancient of Days", my "Father who is in Secret", the hidden of the hidden, the goodness of goodness, mercy of mercies. He said: -As you are working, you are doing very well, you must continue with your work... Time passed and I died from moment to moment... ... to understand and eliminate was my task... It is written with burning coals in the Great Book of Splendors, that those who have died in themselves will be received in the world of the deceased... My case was not an exception to the funerary rule. Dressed in those funeral clothes that I always used to wear after each disincarnation, I then lived happily in the hidden abode. 159. It is ostensible that we, the brothers of the Secret Order, were quite dead, however we wanted to enter a superior work. We suffered full of intimate yearnings, we wanted reduce   to cosmic dust those three classical furies that Dante saw in the infernal abysses. We were told in the temple that we should wait with infinite patience for the Abbot of the Monastery, but it is obvious that the hours seemed long, boring... the venerable certainly did not seem to be in any hurry. It is unusual and unusual to see those adepts of the White Lodge quite tired, annoyed and grumpy. Some very respectable brothers moved everywhere, here, there and everywhere protesting the singular delay of the Superior. There are cases that surprise in life, and one of them was the surprise entry of the abbot in the Temple. All the brothers of our order were stunned, dumbfounded, since they had already given up hope of seeing the master. In front of the sacred brotherhood the venerable spoke saying: -You, brothers, need two virtues that this brother has. He said this, pointing to me with an index finger... Then, in a sweet and imperative way at the same time, he told me: Tell them, brother, what are those two virtues! -You have to know how to be patient, you have to know how to be serene. So I spoke in a slow and clear voice. –You see? Are you convinced? Exclaimed the abbot. All frightened and amazed at the same time, they chose to keep a tremendous silence.... It is indubitable that all the brothers had to be postponed for the superior work, since only my insignificant person emerged victorious in the tes














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