1. Later in time, I had to appear before the brotherhood of another monastery of the White Lodge, to receive certain instructions and sign some important documents. I was going to work intensively in the lunar atomic infernos disintegrating the three daughters of Mara, and it is ostensible that for this reason I had to be first instructed and admonished. I was warned and advised with the following words: -You must take good care of the lunar cold -as if telling me "don't abandon sexual magic"-. You have the ego quite dead, but if you make the mistake of falling back into the animal generation, then the ego will be resurrected little by little. In a state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi I was taken by my Divine Augoides to the lunar world; then I was wisely advised. My soul was moved to its innermost depths to find there the old man from the temple of the Twice-Born; our dear principal The sacred old man seems to have all the psychological characteristics of the lemon, but it is ostensible that he radiates infinite love... I understood that in order to have the right to ascend to the lunar sky, I had first to go down to the selenite hells and courageously face the three furies. When I wanted to climb the symbolic ladder of Jacob, the sacred old man of the temple plucked a delicious branch from the tree of knowledge and made me smell it; that fragrance was nirvanic, paradisiacal. "Always smell this branch so you can climb up." Such were the words of the adept. We must nourish ourselves with the delicious fragrance of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but not eat it... that is the law. In the abysses of Selene my work with Judas, the demon of desire, the theosophical Kama-Rupa; It is unfortunate that many ignorant people confuse this first traitor with the sidereal astral body that the twice-born manufactured in the Fiery Forge of Vulcan. The Goddess with the Head of a Scorpion -the third cosmic aspect of my Divine Mother Kundalini-, walking inside the passionate monster disguised as a mysterious scorpion, rained down her cup of destruction on him... Behold, the gods who helped me tore the chest of the first fury. The hideously divine lion-headed goddess immobilized his limbs and stripped him of all bestial strength he possessed. Thanks to the help of my Divine Mother, the horrifying demon of desire, the evil Judas, was reduced to ashes. A little later I had to continue my work with the demon of the mind that brings us so much bitterness, the abominable Pilate of all time. And I cried out with a great voice like when a lion roars, calling my Divine Mother Kundalini with all the strength of my soul, and seven thunders repeated my voices. "The gods of the vast earth are leashed. Go, disgusting Pilate, the, Lord of the region of the dead, detests you! This sinister fury in its terrifying decline came to take the presence of a child... Vain shadow reducing slowly his figure, a monster that embellishes itself, loses its original size, is reduced to a point and disappears forever. That was the end of the fatal Pilate that tormented me. Then I continued my work attacking Caiaphas, the third traitor, the most detestable of all the furies. I saw the demon of ill will go up the stairs of my dwelling, it had a caesarean aspect. Unfortunately, the unfortunate one was not to blame, I myself had created him and to make matters worse I even made the mistake of fortifying him with tyrannical atoms when in Rome I was called Julius Caesar. Glorious ages of the Roman eagle. In that age I set the stage for the people of the fourth Aryan sub-race and was killed by the evil Brutus and his minions. What deep meditations!... my God...! oh! -I said to myself- I must eliminate from my intimate nature this perverse rebel who has never wanted to obey the Father... "The gods grant me your throne! Oh Ra!, as well as your glorious body. " I travel your route, and at dawn I reject the demon of ill will that arrives concealed behind a curtain of passionate flames, and in the narrow and long corridor of esoteric tests it attacks me unexpectedly". Oh! What would have become of me without the cosmic help of my Divine Mother Kundalini? Venus, Adonía, Isoberta, Rhea, Isis, wielding the lance of Eros in her right hand, fought against the horrible beast... The third fury died after of receiving several lances in the body..., none matched her horrible appearance; none had so many snakes in her hair; her own sisters feared her, the unfortunate woman carried in her hands all the gorgonian poisons of hell. I was able to verify with complete clarity that amazed, the whole process of death in the three furies... Those shadows have died distilling in my insides the fragrance of life, a certain percentage of my conscience that was bottled up among them...
  2. Blessed is the knight who, after the hard struggle, celebrates his betrothal with the Queen of the Jinas...... Accept me in graceful honor as a servant and slave that I am of you. I know, my beloved, that I am not worthy of you... But noble divine lady, I dare not ask you but to allow my surrendered service.... See... surrendered to you, with all my eagerness and zeal I give myself entirely to your will...! The few wise men who have been in the world are not unaware that you are my adored one and that I am your adorer... I am not going to seek any remedy for your trials. Your subject I am... and you my queen. I proclaim it out loud and I glory in it. In truth, dying for you must be the greatest joy. One night of indisputable delight I had the good fortune to find my beloved in the secret spot of a mountain. My fiancée's carriage slowly advanced along the lonely path. The triumphal chariot of my beloved stops in front of a shining porphyry castle, of the wealth and splendor of the East, the walls and coffered ceilings shine. The splendid vehicle parks in front of the gleaming bronze doors that frighten with such majesty. The carriage is soon seen there surrounded by gracious choir, distinguished gentlemen, noble princes, beautiful ladies, and dainty children. Someone gives a signal and I obey, I advance towards the chariot of love, I see my Valkyrie through the crystals of happiness... Dressed in her bridal gown, the wedding garment of the soul, my fiancée has arrived in her resplendent car for the betrothal. Marry before the Holy Ara with my Twin Soul, the theosophical Buddhi! What joy, my God!... However, I was told that I should wait a little longer... The virile supplier of strength from above postponed me and I suffered with infinite patience... I had to plunge deeply into the sacred mysteries. I worked intensely in the super-darkness of silence and the august secret of the wise... I had to wait for a time and times and a half... however I sighed for Guinevere, the Queen of the Jinas... One night... the stars shining in the all-encompassing space, seemed to have a new aspect... Far from the madding crowd I was in samadhi; the door of my bedroom remained hermetically closed... Then I was able to celebrate the Alchemical Weddings; she entered me and I lost myself in her... In those moments of bliss the Solar Logos shone intensely at midnight... Then I saw myself converted into a Messenger of the New Aquarian Age, teaching humanity a doctrine new and so revolutionary... (yet so old). It goes without saying that after this great cosmic event the wedding ceremony had to take place in the temple... Many people attended this great festival of love...
  3. I thought that after the alchemical wedding with my beloved, I would enter fully in the paradisiacal honeymoon. Not even remotely suspected that among the submerged lairs of the subconscious hide the left and tenebrous Mara, the Father of the Three Classical Furies, was hiding among the submerged lairs of the subconscious, a gigantic monster with seven subhuman heads, bitterly personifying the seven capital sins. I of the I, horrifying spawn of the abyss within which a good percentage of my conscience was bottled up. Fight the Dragon after the Wedding? What a surprise, my God! Strange is what happens to me. And the great beast roared terrifyingly as when a lion roars and the powers of darkness shuddered with horror. The Dragon of Darkness and my longing soul, ran against each other protecting themselves with their shields and the abyss was filled with noise... The monster wielded the fearsome spear of Longinus with his sinister hand. Three times he tries to hurt me in vain; Desperate, he throws the Holy Antler against me; I elude the blow of the hard pike; My Divine Mother Kundalini intervenes in those precise moments; seizes the singular relic and with it mortally wounds the abominable spawn of hell. Little by little the Red Dragon loses its gigantic stature, it shrinks frighteningly, it is reduced to a mathematical point and it disappears forever in the gloomy den... Terrible are the secrets of the old abyss, gloomy ocean without limits, where the first-born night and chaos, grandparents of nature, maintain a perpetual anarchy in the midst of the rumor of eternal wars, sustaining themselves with the help of confusion. Then something unusual, wonderful, extraordinary happens. That fraction of my consciousness, previously embedded within the enormous body of the abominable monster, returned to the depths of my soul...

163. The day was ending slowly, the delicious night air invited the living beings that populate the face of the earth and I only cared about sustaining the battles along the way and about the things worthy of compassion that my memory will write without fail. My deep sleep was interrupted by a thunder so loud that I shuddered like a man who is violently awakened; I got up and, directing a look around me, fixed my eyes to recognize the place where I was; I saw myself in a lonely house by the dark road. Sitting in a rough chair by the window from which the steep path could well be seen, I then evoked past times... Certainly in other ages I had been there, in the mansion of the abyss and facing the same road... Nothing of this seemed new to me; I understood that I was recapitulating mysteries, Rising from my chair, I opened the old door of that dwelling and walked slowly... slowly... down the lonely road... With a single glance, and traversing with my gaze a space so far away as is possible to the penetration of spiritual sight, I saw that sad, devastated and gloomy place... The floor was damp and I had to stop unexpectedly in front of a certain electric cable that lay stretched out on the ground... A copper cable? loaded with high voltage? What horror!... and I was about to step on it... "It is preferable to die being free, than to live being imprisoned". This is how the voice of silence cried out in the night of mystery... And I, who was alarmed and tried at those precise moments to go back, felt comforted. I advanced resolutely through those sublunary places along the tortuous abysmal path... Horrendous path between the terrifying bowels of the pale Moon; mysterious path of the past great cosmic day... Deep reflections terribly moved the most intimate fibers of my soul while I silently walked along that submerged path... Meanwhile, my planetary body, here on earth, lay in deep rest. The steep lunar path, veering unexpectedly to the left, penetrated into some very picturesque hills. In them I saw something like a national park on a Sunday; a motley array of human creatures seemed to delightfully enjoy the prairie... To the amusement of many, some street vendors came and went here, there and there selling colored balloons... Living symbol of profane life, that is how I understood it; however, it is ostensible that I wanted to live all that with intensity... I was very absorbed in all that, contemplating the usual crowds, when suddenly, behold, something unusual  happens; It seemed to me as if time really stopped for a moment... In those moments of terror a bloodthirsty wolf emerges from the undergrowth, ferocious and with a wicked look trying in vain to grab its prey; before him, some cackling hens flee from the merciless Grim Reaper... Extraordinary occult Symbology: Poultry, pusillanimous, cowardly, timid. Bloodthirsty wolf, cruel, ruthless... Dread! Terror! Terrible!... human subconscious states of the human infra-consciousness, and I, who had died within myself, was unaware of the existence of those animals within my own atomic hells. Fortunately, never in the hard fight did I throw my Holy Pica; Thanks to my Divine Mother Kundalini I have been able to exceed many in strength and skill with the spear. Having already fallen the main abysmal demons, vile representations of my infrahuman defects, they epically concluded my lunar labors killing many other infernal beasts with the holy pole. Needless to say, I had to collect very rich spoils of war after many bloody battles... I want to refer with great emphasis to those multiple precious gems of my own consciousness embedded among the deformed abysmal bodies. One night of glory I had the greatest honor that can be given to a human being: I was visited by the Cosmic Christ. The adorable one was carrying a large book in his right hand as if telling me: "Now you are going to enter the sphere of Mercury." Seeing the Master I could not help but exclaim saying: -Lord!, you have arrived sooner than I thought. I was not waiting for you yet." The Living Christ replied sweetly: -Sometimes I take time to arrive when I have to come in the month of March. You still have to die. How can I still die? -Yes! - the Adorable replied, you have to continue dying, he repeated... What happened next was prodigious. The Master rose slowly towards the midnight sun, later detaching himself a little from the star King as if to bless me and forgive my old mistakes

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