1. One night, I decided to investigate the disembodied Rasputin directly. As I thoroughly know all the functions of the Eidolon (astral body) of the authentic man, it was not difficult for me to perform a magical unfolding. Dressed then, with that sidereal body that Felipe Teofastro Bombasto de Honheneim (Aureola Paracelsus) talked about so much, I abandoned my physical body to move freely in the fifth dimension of nature, the astral world. What I saw with the spatial sense (with the eye of Horus) was terrible. It is not superfluous to affirm emphatically that I had to enter a frightful tavern where only barrels full of wine could be seen, through which slithered here, there and yonder, multitudes of horrifying creatures in the likeness of men. I was looking for Rasputin, the Sacred Devil, I wanted to talk with that strange monk before whom so many princes, counts, dukes and marquises of the Russian nobility trembled. But instead of one I saw many selves and all of them constituted the same ego of the monk Gregory Rasputin. So I had before my spiritual sight in all the presence of my cosmic being a bunch of Devils, a pluralized I within which there was only one worthy element; I want to refer to the essence. Not finding a responsible subject, I went to one of those abominable grotesque creatures that passed near me. -This is the place where you came to end up, Rasputin. This was the result of your messy life and of so many orgies and vices. -You're wrong, Samael -answered the monstrous figure, as if defending or justifying his sensual life, and then added- You need the line of intuition. -You can't fool me, Rasputin; were my last words; then I withdrew from that gloomy den located in Limbus, in the Orc of the classics, in the vestibule of the submerged mineral kingdom. If Rasputin hadn't done so many charitable deeds in life, at this hour he would be regressing in time within the submerged worlds, under the earth's crust, in the abode of Pluto.
  2. A long time ago, when I had not yet reduced the ego to cosmic dust, I made a formidable magical invocation. I called out to a certain great Master, saying, “Come! Come! Come! Prophet of Ra... Jor... Ku. Come to me! Want to fulfill it! want to fulfill it!  want to fulfill it! AUM... AUM...AUM... (Intoning this last word properly by opening the mouth on the "A" rounding it with the "U" and closing it with the "M"). It is worth clarifying that the environment was saturated with infinite harmony, charged with "OD"... The result of this invocation was immediate and the great prophet came towards me. The kabir assumed a symbolic figure, formidable, that I could see, hear and feel in all the presence of my cosmic being. The venerable one seemed divided into two halves: From the waist up he shone gloriously, his forehead was high as the invincible walls of the Celestial Jerusalem, his hair like white wool falling on his immaculate shoulders, his nose straight as that of a God, his deep and penetrating eyes, his precious beard like that of the Ancient of Days, his hands like gold rings set with hyacinths, his lips like lilies that distill fragrant myrrh... But in the lower part of his body, from the waist down, I saw something unusual; horrifying: bestial forms personifying errors, red demons, devil selves, within which consciousness is bottled. -I called you to ask for enlightenment! Such was my plea (it is obvious that the answer was in its form of presentation). The old man put his right hand on my head, and told me: - Call me whenever you need me and I will give you enlightenment!... then he blessed me and left. With infinite joy I understood everything: only by throwing away these animalistic creatures that we all carry inside and among which the conscience sleeps, enlightenment comes to us.


. 167. Reviewing old chronicles of my long existence, with the tenacity of a clergyman in the cell, Eliphas Lévi emerges. One night, out of the dense form, I went everywhere invoking the soul of that deceased who in life was called Abbe Eliphas Lévi . I found him sitting at an old desk in the august hall of an ancient palace. With great courtesy he got up from his chair to respectfully attend to my greetings. -I have come to ask you for a great service -I said-, I want you to give me a key to instantly to go out in the astral body whenever I need it. "With great pleasure," replied the abbe, "but first I want you to bring me the following lesson tomorrow: "What is the most monstrous thing that exists on earth?" -Give me the key right now please... -No! Bring me the lesson and I will gladly give you the key. The problem that the abbe had posed to me turned out to be a real puzzle, since there are so many monstrous things that exist in the world, that frankly I could not find a solution. I walked through the streets of the city observing, trying to discover the most monstrous, and when I thought I had found, then something worse arose. Suddenly a ray of light illuminated my understanding. Ah! I said to myself, I understand. The most monstrous has to be, according to the law of analogies of opposites, the antipodal of the most grandiose. Well, but what is the greatest thing that exists on the painful face of this afflicted world? Then came to my translucent the mountain of skulls, the Golgotha of bitterness and the Great Kabir Jesus dying on a cross for love of all suffering humanity. Then I exclaimed: Love is the greatest thing that exists on the face of the earth! Eureka! Eureka! Eureka! Now I have discovered the secret: Hate is the antithesis of the greatest. The solution to the complex problem was obvious. Now it is indubitable that I had to contact Eliphas Lévi again. Projecting the Eidolon again was a matter of course for me, since it is clear that I was born with that precious faculty. If I was looking for a special key, I was doing it not so much for my insignificant person, but for many other people who yearn for conscious and positive unfolding. Traveling in the Eidolon or magic double, very far from the body, I traveled through various European countries looking for the abbot; this one did not appear anywhere. Suddenly, in an unusual way, I felt a telepathic call and entered a luxurious mansion; The abbot was there but... Oh surprise! Wonderful! What is this? Eliphas turned into a child and tucked into his cradle. A truly unusual case, right? With deep veneration, very softly I approached the baby saying: “Master, I bring the lesson: the most monstrous thing that exists on earth is hate. Now I want you to fulfill what you promised me. Give me the key...” But to my astonishment, that boy was silent while I despaired without understanding that silence is the eloquence of wisdom. From time to time I took him in my arms desperately, begging him, but all in vain, that creature seemed the sphinx of silence. Finally, feeling cheated, I left the little boy in his cradle and left that old manor house very sad. Days, months and years passed and I continued to feel cheated, I felt as if the abbe had not kept his word pledged with such solemnity; but one day the light came to me. Then I remembered that phrase of the Kabir Jesus: "Let the children come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven." oh! I understand, I told myself. It is urgent, it is indispensable, to reconquer childhood in the mind and in the heart: "Until you are like children you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven". That return, that return to the original starting point is not possible without first having died within oneself; the essence, the conscience, is unfortunately bottled up among all the psychic aggregates that, as a whole, make up the ego. Only by annihilating such left aggregates can the essence awaken in a state of primeval innocence. After I had thoroughly understood all these processes of the human psyche, the abbot in the superior worlds gave me the second part of the royal key.

168. Traveling here, there, everywhere through all these countries of the world, I had to dwell for some time, at the foot of the mountains of Monserrate and Guadalupe. Around those times, very close to the Second World War, I was introduced to a very unique friend in that city, and traveling he had also come in search of university knowledge from a certain Atlantic port to the Andean summit. With this friend from other times, everything was very curious, even an unusual presentation. By the way, the meeting place was not very beautiful: a seedy shop with a small room. And after all the formalities of presentation we enter into matters of discussion. He claimed to be the founder of some theosophical lodge and frequently quoted HPB, Leadbeter, Anie Besant, etc. In the exchange of ideas, it is undeniable that he shone making pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult expositions. If it hadn't been for his fondness for hypnotism and exhibitionist desire, that meeting of friends would have ended peacefully, but behold, the Devil sticks his tail wherever he wants. It so happened that this friend took to making demonstrations of his hypnotic power and, approaching an older man who was sitting near another table, he very politely begged him to serve as a passive subject for his experiment. When dealing with issues related to hypnology, it is worth emphasizing the idea that not all subjects are likely to fall into a trance. That friend, with his exhibitionist self, clearly did not want to look ridiculous, he needed to demonstrate his power and therefore he made superhuman efforts to plunge the gentleman into a hypnotic sleep. But everything was useless; While such subject was fighting and even suffering, that good gentleman in his heart thought the worst. And suddenly, like a bolt of lightning on a dark night, what had to happen happened; the passive gentleman jumped from his place, scolding such friend, treating him as a thief, swindler, bandit, etc. etc. But our well-known friend, who was not a meek sheep either, thundered and flashed. And tables flew into the air, and chairs and cups and plates, and the owner of the business cried out among that great mess asking for the bill to be paid. Fortunately, the police intervened and everything was calm; poor man had to pawn his luggage to pay the debt. One day, after many years, the aforementioned friend invited me to eat and after dinner there was a conversation about hidden treasures; Then it occurred to me to narrate the following case: "I was sleeping in my bedroom," I told him, "when I was suddenly awakened by a strange underground noise that ran or circulated mysteriously from the Northwest to the Southeast." "I felt somewhat startled by such an unusual sound to see what was happening from my bed." "Then with great surprise I saw that in a corner of my bedroom the earth opened up." "And the ghost of an unknown woman arose as if by enchantment, who in a very delicate voice told me: I have been dead for many years; here in this place I buried a great treasure; you take it out, it is for you." When such friend heard my after-dinner story, he vehemently begged me to take him to the scene of the events, and it is clear that I did not want to deny him this service. Another afternoon he came to tell me that he had contacted the owner of that house -a very famous doctor from the city- and he begged me to investigate if that character was really the owner of said property, because he had his doubts. I confess plainly and with the most complete frankness that it was not difficult for me to carry out the astral unfolding; I simply took advantage of the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. In moments of beginning to doze I delicately got up from my bed and went out into the street. It is ostensible that the physical body fell asleep in bed. Thus the unfolding of the Eidolon was carried out with complete success; I still vividly remember that remarkable psychic experiment. Flying, floating in the astral environment of planet Earth, I walked through several streets looking for the doctor's medical office... I begged my elemental intercessor to take me to that office and it is obvious that I was assisted. Arriving at a certain house I understood; three steps led to the sumptuous portal of a mansion... I entered those doors and found myself in a waiting room; I went a little further and resolutely entered the consulting room... I examined in detail the interior of the latter; I saw a table and on it a typewriter and some other things; a window allowed to see a patio of the residence; the doctor was seated and in his aura I could see the usual property... I returned to my physical body very satisfied with the experiment. The Eidolon is certainly extraordinary... Very early in the morning my friend came to learn the result of my psychic experiment. I narrated to him in detail all that I had seen and heard; then I saw my friend's face with astonishment, he knew such an office, and the information he gave him was exact... What happened next is easy to guess; Sucre the friend  not only managed to get that doctor to rent the house, but also -and this is the most curious thing- he made him his partner. In those days I decided to get away from that city despite the pleas of that friend, who insisted that I cancel my trip... When I returned later, after a few years, to that place, everything had already changed, that house had missing. Then I found myself in arid, horrible, rocky, terribly boring terrain. And I saw high-voltage electrical installations and double-pump motors and machines of all kinds and well-paid workers, etc. etc. etc. That friend of narrates, living right there in a room that looked more like a trench on a battlefield, would go in, out, give prevailing orders to the workers, etc. etc. etc. This room was protected with gigantic rocks and in its walls you could see here, there and many small windows that could be opened or closed at will. Through those shutters such friend watched what was happening around him. Such peepholes were "supposedly" very useful to him. From time to time at the slightest noise from outside he would take out his pistol or his rifle and then those openings could be seen from the outside already opening or closing or the muzzles of rifles or pistols peeping through them. This is how things were when I came back; then my friend explained to me that that treasure was highly coveted; that it was the famous golden calf that had so disturbed many people in the region and that therefore it was surrounded by greedy mortal enemies who had tried to assassinate it. Good God and Holy Mary!, I said to myself... At a bad time I went to tell this friend about this vision of the treasure... it would have been better to have kept my mouth shut... Another day, full of optimism He confessed to me that certainly at a depth of twelve meters he had found a baked clay doll and that inside the hollow head of the whipper he found a parchment on which the entire map of the treasure was traced. In the doctor's laboratory, such parchment was carefully removed from between the head of the puppet, since it is obvious that with time and humidity it had stuck too much... According to the plan there were four deposits located one to the other at a depth of twelve meters. East, another to the West, a third in the North and the last one to the South... Such plan gave precise signs and data and at the end it had a sentence signed with initials of name and surname: "Whoever finds my treasure that I buried in deep wells will be persecuted by the patron saint's church and before twenty days they do not know who got the profits that I buried for myself". By those days the Second World War was already well advanced, Hitler had invaded many European countries and was preparing to attack Russia. My friend was a hundred percent Germanophile and believed very seriously in the triumph of Hitler. It is clear then that influenced by the tactics of Hitler who today signed a peace treaty with any country and the next day attacked it, he did not want to work according to the indications of the plan. Sucre said to himself: "Such indications are a  mislead"... "The treasure is many meters under the doll; the aforementioned four deposits do not interest me..." So, he left the facilities and went deep; when I looked into that hole, I only saw a precipice, black, deep, frightening... -Friend Sucre, I told him, you have made a very serious mistake, you have left the treasure above, in the four deposits- and have gone at the bottom. Nobody buries a treasure so deep... It is obvious that such words pronounced by me carried the fragrance of sincerity and the perfume of courtesy... However, we must speak bluntly to emphasize the self of greed. Unquestionably the latter stood out exorbitantly in my friend, combining with cunning, mistrust and violence. In no way was it unusual for me that such friend then thundered, flashed lightning, yelling and even indorse on me things that I had never thought of. Poor Sucre!... He threatened me with death, he believed for an instant that I "said" was very much in agreement with his well-known enemies, perhaps with the purpose of stealing his treasure... After all, and seeing my frightful serenity he invited me to his "trench shelter" for coffee... Before leaving definitively that Hispanic city once known as Nueva Granada, that friend made another request of me: he begged me wholeheartedly to study his underground work with the Eidolon. It is evident that I also wanted to do an astral exploration in that depth and for that reason I agreed to his request... And it happened that on an exquisite full moon night I lay down very calmly in supine position (face up) and with my body very relaxed. .. Without any concern I set out to watch, spy on my own dream... I wanted to use that transitional state between wakefulness and lethargy for my astral exit... When the dreaming process began, when the images of the dream began to emerge , delicately and feeling spirit, I made an effort to eliminate laziness and then I got out of bed... I left my bedroom as if I were a ghost, walking delicately and then I left the house... Through the streets of the city I floated deliciously full of an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness... It wasn't difficult for me to orient myself, soon I was in the place of events, in the field of facts... Before that black and horrible hole that already had  more than seventy meters deep an old dwarf, a pygmy, a gnome with a respectable white beard looked at me innocently... Floating in the atmosphere I descended gently to the watery bottom of the disastrous hole of greed... Touching with my sidereal feet slime of the moist and gloomy earth, I gladly made one more effort and penetrated into it under the very bottom of the well... How gently I descended with the Eidolon under the black seat of such a den from which much water flowed ...! Examining carefully each granite rock submerged under the chaotic waters, I entered very deeply under that subsoil... It is clear that my friend of the past had left the fabulous treasure up there, as we have already said in previous paragraphs... Now and in these abysmal regions I only saw before me stone, mud, water... But suddenly something unusual happens, I am in front of a horizontal channel that leaves the land that goes towards the street... What a surprise! Sucre the friend nothing He had talked about this, he never told me that he was thinking of drilling horizontally at such depths. Once the astral exploration was over, I returned to my physical body; the investigation was obviously wonderful... Later when I communicated all this to my friend, I saw him very sad (this man suffered unspeakably, he wanted gold, emeralds, riches, greed was swallowing him alive) When I left that city I took the resolution never to intervene again in those motives of greed...

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