Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 9




  1. On some occasion they told me about a mountain where unusual things happened.

Whoever dared to climb to the top of that mountain fell, let's say they fall into a kind of shock, because someone

apperar, that they saw a dead person at midnight, etc.; so, that no inhabitant dared to go up there. I said to myself, "Okay, this is with me, I'm going to see what's going on."

I resolved to go up at midnight.

When I got to the mountain I said to myself: "Why do people fall here  into such a state and they find them here as dead, that they have to pour water on them, and so other things, etc? We are going to

see what happens. Well, I'll go see what's up."

So I found such character. He looked, he was standing, he had gray pants, a white shirt, he was pale,

completely pale, and he looked at me, he wasn't breathing, his eyes were like those of a sleepwalker, his feet

slightly suspended above the ground, it was not perched entirely on the ground, but

slightly suspended above it. I said: "No way, what happens is that this man is dead,

this is a deceased materialized here physically", he looked at me but did not attack me; well. I prayed to him

everything I knew, I prayed the Conjuration of the Seven, the Conjuration of the Four, I blessed him and a thousand things

more, but he remained the same, his eyes were like those of sleepwalkers: "This is the deceased who

It scares people so much, wow, wow, wow".

I went on my way, he didn't mess with me, I didn't mess with him either, but I did see that status

somnambulistic in the eyes. This is how the deceased are after death, they walk like sleepwalkers;

as in life it never occurred to them to work on themselves, they never awakened their conscience,

they were always one hundred percent mechanical creatures; after death they remain

sleepwalkers as always.

245 245. Something very important comes to my memory. One day, being on the shore of the

sea, it occurred to me to investigate something about sex in Lemuria. I asked my Father who is in

secret to give me permission to do the research and he granted me permission.

I entered what is called the Akashic Archives of Nature; already in those it was not difficult for me

invoke a guru great friend of Lemuria.

"Let that family of lemurs come here," I said. Such a family showed up, a group of

giants, their bodies were so tall that their size would not fit in a common room, their

head through the roof and something else. Dressed in the Lemurian style, dressed in their robes of that

period and its cloaks and its strange metallic hats, etc., etc.

Said giants at my command sat down; I asked one of them, or all: -Who is the boss here of all? One of them, the head of the family, said:

-It's me.

-Very well. You are going to answer me how they reproduced in Lemuria in your time,

Did they spill or did they not spill the Cup of Hermes Trismegistus?

Yes, they spilled it.

-But that's a crime, gentlemen, ..

-We did it with a lot of respect, and we only had sex when we wanted

beget a son and nothing else and with deep reverence.

-But you were in a bad way because you spilled the Cup of Hermes. You are from the seventh

Lemurian sub-race and therefore they are already fallen or stained; your ancestors, those of

the third Lemurian sub-race, reproduced by the power of Kriyashakti, and I am going to demonstrate it to you.

I made a big call and a venerable old lemur about four meters tall arrived, a

full giant. He had on his head not only a cloak, but a multitude of hats.

of different nationalities. I told:

- Why do you have those hats on your head? Those are thought forms, you come

asleep, you are seen to be fallen, dissolve those thought forms. Aren't you sorry to load that?

He concentrated for a few moments and dissolved them instantly, in milliseconds. 

I looked at his eyes and he was in a kind slightly state, indicating that he currently has

body somewhere on planet Earth, but it is fallen in these times; not at that time

was down.

I tell him:

Well, how did people reproduce in your time during the Third Lemurian Sub-Race, when

people had not left Eden? How did they reproduce?

-We never spilled the Cup of Hermes, the reproduction was by Kriyashakti and the

copulation was carried out exclusively inside the temples.

"Are you willing to testify to that?" I said. Answered:

-I am willing. -You already see the two sexual acts: the one of the fallen and the one who is not fallen.

-We understand, they said.

I left that great hall, we saw a  five-story building, representing the five races

that have existed in the worlds, that is, the Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan races.

Observing the fifth race I saw that it was the most degenerate of all. The fallen of the Lemurian, or

be those fallen Dhyanys, or fallen Elohim, or fallen bodhisattvas, of the seventh sub-race who

they were then degenerate; however his degeneration did not reach the point where

they only had sexual intercourse, they made the mistake of spilling the sacred sperm, but

they only did it when they wanted to father a child and were already considered degenerates by

such reason. The lemurs of the seventh sub-race were already degenerated.

  1. About thirty years ago, on a certain occasion I was talking in the superior worlds with the

angel Anael about a certain quality that I thought I possessed and that I still did not possess.

Anael, with just reason, after a certain observation made me see my mistake, but I was

still used to earthling-style discussion and so I made a bit of objection,

I appealed to all the dialectic there was and for having,. Anael

He listened to me without saying a single word. When I finished my speech, when my

"Ciceronian catilinaria" had concluded, prostrated himself reverently, turned his back and withdrew. Did not say

single word.

He had said what he had to say and left me to say what I wanted; I talked everything

Which I liked, of course. How many things did I tell him? Many. But he respectfully

he kept silent, listened to me decently, turned his back and left.

  1. Right now a certain instruction received at last nights comes to mind

 There in the Astral World I had to live a very interesting scene, it made me feel like a

pursued, although I was conscious, but some Venerable ones caused a chase scene. Suddenly, shut up in a certain house, I was visited, and all of them, the venerable ones of the

Occult Fraternity, singing they instructed me deliciously. They told me to chase

of the Law, not referring to earthly laws but to the laws of Karma, only comes to

happen when one is not well dressed and in a nice car.

Well, if you are well dressed, with a magnificent car and with good money in your pocket, you know

the persecutions ended. I am speaking in a language that can be understood. To

What chariot do the venerable ones refer to? To the chariot composed of the four bodies: Physical, Astral,

Mental and Causal; this is the car.

When in Kabbalah one hears of the Chariot of Mercabah, it refers to the four bodies. Good

dress. What is meant by a well-dressed character? In a rich chariot in Kabbalah? That one

that has manufactured the superior existential bodies of the Being, and even more, has christified it, that is

the well-dressed subject.

And if you have money in the pocket, in your wallet you are affirming that you have Cosmic Capital; such capital is achieved

doing good deeds, working for humanity.

It is obvious that to one Count Saint Germain, Jesus of Nazareth who is going to persecute them. The lords

of Karma persecute the unfortunate man who is poorly dressed, on foot, who is badly dressed and without money,

beggar, who has not manufactured the Superior Bodies of the Being, that is, everyone. Go

from here to there, always in disgrace, they are born without knowing how and die without knowing why. 

they marry, they are filled with children, they live in the most unfortunate poverty, always unhappy, always


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