1. The nemesis of life had to put me back in touch with those values that were once reincorporated in the personality of Brutus... I allowed a certain gentleman, return of such values, do some work in the temple... Many people listened to him and he even seemed very full of sincerity; He talked about gnosis and the people applauded him... But suddenly something unusual happens, one day he enters the Sanctuary with aggressive attitudes... It sounds! Thunder! He flashes! He becomes an insulter; I then limit myself to forgiving and blessing; then he withdraws threatening... That ego had returned to its old adventures; once again his usual calumnies and threats... Such nonsense in defamatory falsehoods had as a background certain dreams without rhyme or reason in which I saw myself along very dark paths, committing unfounded crimes... It is obvious and manifest that that perverse spirit that he saw in his absurd dreams was an ego created by himself since ancient Rome... Such an ego of Brutus assumed under his infra-conscious impulses my own form and figure. It is not superfluous to comment that one of those other selves, assuming a certain Jesus-Christian form, entrusted him with the mission of assassinating me; This is what he stated in the public square... To get rid of such an ancient enemy, it was necessary to put the case in the hands of Anubis, the Chief of the Lords of Karma... Since then Brutus has moved away from me, it's been a long time since I see not him in this physical world. From what has been said about Brutus and his dreamlike visions, it follows that no one can truly become a competent investigator of life in the higher worlds until he has dissolved the psychological self and all the subjective elements that condition perceptions... Ungrateful to his benefactors, with a lot of work as a gentleman, however Brutus accepted the gnosis and the sahaja maithuna... Without inhibiting himself in the knowledge of a cause, but turning his back on the Guru (master), he worked in the Forge of Vulcan uselessly because Devi Kundalini never rewards traitors, murderers, adulterers, rapists and perverts.
  2. One starry night, while talking in the superior worlds with my great friend, the resplendent Angel Adonai, who now has a physical body, I had to receive extraordinary news... "So and so (Brutus) -said the Angel- has awakened in evil and for evil". I verified this a few days later when I met him in the superior worlds...
  3. I once asked my guru the following question: - Is there any difference between your divine monad and mine? The Master replied: -None, because you and I and each one of us, is nothing more than a bad snail in the bosom of the Father.
  4. In one of those many corridors of an ancient palace, no matter the date or time, drinking lemon water in delicious glasses of fine baccarat, together with a very select group of Elohim, I said: "I need to rest for a while between happiness; I have been helping humanity for several Mahanvantaras and I am already tired". "The greatest happiness is to have God within", replied a very friendly Archangel. Those words left me perplexed, confused; I thought in the Nirvana, in the Maha-Paranirvana, etc. Living in regions of such intense happiness, could any creature not be Happy? How? Why? Because I didn't have the monad inside? Filled with so many doubts, I decided to consult the old sage "Jano", the living God of science "Jinas". Before entering his abode I made a secret greeting to the guardian; I advanced before the vigilants and greeted them with another greeting and finally I had the joy of finding myself in front of the God Jano. "There is another greeting missing", said the venerable one. "There is no better greeting than that of a calm heart", thus I answered, while devoutly putting my hands on the cardia. "All right," said the sage. When I wanted to ask him questions that would dispel my usual doubts, the old man, without speaking a single word, deposited the answer in the depths of my consciousness. We can summarize such a response as follows: "Even if a man dwells in Nirvana or in any other region of infinite bliss, if he does not have God within, he will not be happy; however, if I lived in the infernal worlds or in the filthiest prison on earth, having God inside I would be happy".
  5. A long time ago something unusual happened to me on the path of life. Of my very interesting esoteric works outside the physical body, I had to approach the gigantic city of London with the eidolon. I remember with complete meridian clarity that when passing through a certain place in that city I could perceive with mystical astonishment the resplendent yellow aura of a certain intelligent young man I entered a very elegant cafe in that metropolis and sitting at a table I discussed the aforementioned case with a person of a certain age who was slowly savoring the delicious content of that arabesque drink in a cup. Suddenly something unusual happened , a character approaches us and sits next to us; observing him carefully I was able to verify with great astonishment that it was the same young one with a resplendent yellow aura who had amazed me so much before. After the usual presentations I came to know that such a subject was nothing less than the one who wrote Faust in life; I want to refer to Goethe. In the astral world marvels, extraordinary facts, prodigies happen; it is not uncommon to find one there with already disembodied men; with characters like Victor Hugo, Plato, Socrates, Danton, Molliere etc. etc. etc. So, dressed in the eidolon I wanted to talk with Goethe outside of London and on the shore of the immense sea; I invited him and it is obvious that he in no way declined such an invitation. Talking together on the shores of that great British island where the English capital is located, we could see some blood-red mental waves floating on the stormy ocean coming towards us. I had to explain to that young man with a radiant aura that these mental forms came from a certain lady in Latin America who desired me sexually. This did not fail to cause us some sadness... The stars shone in infinite space and the angry waves, terrifyingly roaring, incessantly hit the sandy beach. Talking about the cliffs of Pontus, he and I, exchanging ideas, decided to ask him questions point-blank: Do you now have a physical body again? The answer was yes. Is your current vehicle male or female? Then he replied: "My current body is female. In what country are you reincarnated? "In Holland". Do you love someone? "Yes," he said. "I love a Dutch prince and I plan to marry him on a certain date" (excuse the reader I didn't mention the latter.) I thought your love was strictly universal: loving the rocks, I said, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, the bird that flies and the fish that glides in the deep waters. Is human love perhaps a spark of divine love?". This type of answer by way of a question pronounced by the one who in his past reincarnation was called Goethe, certainly left me stunned, perplexed, amazed. Undoubtedly the distinguished poet had told me something irrefutable , introvertible, exact.
  6. . When it comes to transcendental metaphysical experiments, it is not superfluous to affirm solemnly that I have been fully satisfied with the intelligent use of the Eidolon. Without boasting in any way with certain discoveries of an esoteric order, simply I am going to humbly tell you about a certain remarkable intimate event: It happened on any given night, the Master Litelantes and I we decided to contact the Temple of the Zodiac.. It is notorious and evident - and anyone can understand it - that finding such a sanctuary here in the three-dimensional world of Euclid would be more than impossible... It is not, therefore, something strange, unusual and, the fact that for this type of investigation experimentally we used the Eidolon. In no way do I want to boast of being wise, I only propose now to clarify that such contact was wonderful... The Sancta Santorum Zodiacal, virginal, shines gloriously among the fiery rhythms of the Mahavan and Chotavan that hold the Universe steady in its march. Cosmic Temple, basilica of zodiacal light with twelve shrines, sidereal house of the divine... Sublime circular church of irresistible charms: opposite "Sanctas" that complement each other placed face to face. Projecting us into the future, beyond our present reincarnation, Litelantes resolutely penetrated into the "Sancta" of the bright constellation of Libra. On the threshold of that shrine was an effigy with the likeness of an angel; with one hand he held the scales of cosmic justice and with the other he wielded the sword. Litelantes, advancing a few steps inside the enclosure, finally stopped, placing herself on a venerated stone. -Are you going to continue with Libra? -Yes! -But notice that the stone of that constellation is very cold!... -It doesn't matter! So answered the initiate. Since this adept lady is currently preparing to fulfill a very special mission with a masculine body, it is obvious that the constellation of Libra will be very favorable to her, especially when her work will have to be in the field of law. For my part, full of profound recollection and tremendous veneration, I resolutely got into the sublime "Sancta" of the Leo constellation. The threshold of that shrine shone adorned with a pair of brilliant lions of pure gold... Ecstatic I had to lie down silently in supine position on a delicious divan whose tawny arms shone. My intention was to wait within that sanctuary for the sublime Lords of destiny. It is ostensible that they manipulate the Antakarana (the thread of life) connecting it to the fertilizing zoosperm. When every living being dies, the seed atom of their physical body is carried beyond death. The Lords of Karma deposit such an atom in the fertilizing zoosperm so that we can reincorporate ourselves. At death, the angels of death cut that silver thread and then it is obvious that we can no longer return to the physical body. I, advancing in time, was not unaware of any of this and patiently awaited the lords of the law, longing to reincarnate under the constellation of Leo. But reflecting a little, I said to myself: “What am I doing here? I must await orders from my Father; furthermore, I have been told that during this Mahanvantara I will no longer have a physical body.” Reflecting thus I got up and left that sacred place. It is ostensible that the masters can choose at will the zodiacal sign under which they are going to reincarnate. There is no injustice in this matter of return; Karma masters choose the zodiacal sign of those who sleep.
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