Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 2





  1. On a certain occasion, my Real Inner Being, my Immortal Monad, took me out of the physical body

to give me instructions about a certain disciple. Finished these I had no problem

in addressing the Intimate Lord with the following words:

-I'm tired of having a body, what I would like is to disincarnate. In those moments the Lord of

Perfections, my Inner God answered with a solemn voice:

-Why are you protesting? I have given you bread, clothing and shelter, and you still protest? Do you remember the

last days of your past existence? You walked through the streets of Mexico barefoot, with the suit

broken, old, sick and in the most appalling misery. And how did you come to die? In a filthy shack

 So I was absent.

In such moments the face of the Lord shone, in his blue eyes the infinite sky was reflected,

his white robe of glory reached to his feet, everything in him was perfection. -Lord, I told him, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your blessing. The Adorable blessed me and

I kissed his right hand.

I then returned to the physical body and went into meditation. Certainly, my dear brothers, when

the son goes badly the father is absent and then he falls into disgrace.

  1. In these moments, memories of something unusual come to mind. About some several years ago, finding myself in a market in the Federal Colony with my priestess wife Litelantes,

at a time when we claimed a watch that she had sent to a watchmaker to repaired it,

we were suddenly shaken by a violent explosion of dynamite.

Horrified, Litelantes asked me to return home immediately. It's obvious that my

answer was frankly negative; in no way did I want to expose our lives to a

second explosion that I knew would happen. Useless were their pleas... at such moments

The sirens and bells of the "smoke swallowers" or firefighters resounded.

Those humble and martyr servants of humanity rushed to the place of

explosion... "Of all these firefighters who have just entered the theater of events

none will be saved, they will die." Such were my words. Litelantes, horrified, kept

silence. Moments later a second explosion terribly shook the city of

Mexico. The result was the death of all those humble servants; they disintegrated

In the moment, since not even the corpses were found; only the boot of a


Frankly, I was amazed at the degree of unconsciousness in which such

Firemen they found themselves; if they have been awake, they would by no means have perished.

I still remember the tears of the women who fled from that market and of the children who

horrified they clung to the skirts of their mothers.

If I had not been awake, I would obviously have perished because in the place where I was supposed to

taking the bus, so essential to return home, lot of people died. I still have not been able to forget so many corpses, lying on the shore of the

sidewalk on the street lay covered with newspapers.

Unquestionably, those victims were due to curiosity; it was about curious, people

unconscious, asleep, who after the first explosion had happened to contemplate the spectacle. If such people had been awake, they would never

 have attended the scene of the events as curious. Unfortunately they slept

deeply, that was how they met death.

When we returned home, our neighbors were alarmed;

they assumed we were dead. They were certainly amazed that despite being so close to the

place of the catastrophe, we could still return alive. I have seen the advantage of being


We have to wake up, friends, and learn to live alert from moment to moment, from instant to


  1. At this moment a very special case comes to mind that I am going to relate: A

night of so many I entered through the doors of a wonderful mansion; silently I went through a

beautiful garden until reaching a lavish room. Moved by an inner impulse, I spent a little

further and boldly entered a lawyer's office. In front of the office I found sitting a

a lady, gray hair, pale face, thin lips and a blunt nose. Was that

lady of respectable appearance and medium height. His body was not very thin, but

not too fat either, his gaze rather seemed melancholic and serene.

In a sweet and calm voice the lady invited me to take a seat at the desk. in such moments

something unusual happens, I see two glass butterflies on the buffet and they had their own life, they moved

their wings, they breathed, they looked, etc., etc., etc. The case certainly seemed too exotic to me and

rare. Two butterflies of glass and with their own life?

Accustomed as I was to dividing attention into three parts, first I did not forget myself; second, I did not identify with those glass butterflies; third, I observed

the place carefully. Seeing such glass animals, I thought to myself: "This cannot be a phenomenon of the

physical world, because in the three-dimensional region of Euclid I have never known butterflies of

glass with a life of its own. Unquestionably this may be a phenomenon of the astral world.

I looked around me and asked myself the following questions: Why am I in this place? Why

I came here? What am I doing here?

Turning then to the lady, I spoke to her as follows: "Ma'am, let me go out for a bit.

moment to the garden and then I will return”. The lady nodded with a movement of her head and

I left that office for a moment. Outside, in the garden, I took a little long jump with the

intention to float in the surrounding environment; great was my astonishment when I verified for myself that

I was really outside the physical body. Then I realized that I was in

Astral plane.

At such moments I remembered that it had been a long time, several hours, that I had abandoned my

physical body and that it was unquestionably now resting in his bed.

Having made the singular verification, I returned to the office where the lady was waiting for me. Then

I wanted to convince her that she was outside the physical body. "Ma'am, I told you, you and I are

outside the physical body; I want you to remember that a few hours ago you went to sleep in the

bed and now you are talking to me outside the physical body; Well, it is known that

when the body sleeps, the conscience, the essence unfortunately stuck between the ego, walks

outside the corporeal vehicle.

Having said all these words, the lady looked at me with the eyes of a sleepwalker, but she did not understand me

I understood that that lady's conscience was asleep... Not wanting to insist any more,

I said goodbye to her and left the place.

Years passed, many, maybe thirty years, forty, 

Later I had to go personally to a town very rich in silver mines,

I had to meet there with a certain gentleman, to whom I was in those days

helping him to heal from a hemiplegia that had given him and that had paralyzed half of his side. I went there with that intention to help him, and I helped him; I think he was even fine, he was healed; 

I made him walk, by the way, with magnetic treatments and he managed to walk without a cane after

having half a side paralyzed; I gave him directions, but I advised him to move around a lot, because 

he spent his time sitting down and that impaired his healing.

In order not to make the story so long, I tell that I crossed the garden of a very beautiful house, then

I crossed a room and recognized it immediately: it was the place I had gone to so many years ago!

and finally I entered an office.

A lady was waiting for me in the room, I recognized her immediately, it was the same one I had seen in the

Astral plane years ago, and she said, "Go on, sir," and I went inside where the office of

lawyers; the only difference was that this time I did not find her at the desk, but her

husband. .

He stood up to welcome me, sat me down at his desk, introduced me to the

patient who had to heal, we talked about magnetism, because of course, there I was going to use the

magnetism to heal that patient, and of course, around the subject of magnetism, of the

Prana, of psychic cures, there was also talk about astral departures, unfolding,

distance healing, etc.

The talk was very interesting. That gentleman had a certain disposition for that kind of psychic studies

 and some information, although very incipient, but enough so that

understood something about astral unfolding.

I told him:

-A few years ago I came here in the astral body. Total that the man was amazed, stunned,

perplexed. I told him: I also know your wife -and I narrated the case, the talk we had,

etc. Then I told him:

-Look, on that desk there were two glass butterflies, what's going on? Where are those butterflies?

Then he quickly replied:

-Here are the butterflies, right here, you can see them. He picked up some newspapers that had

on top of the desk and certainly there were two very beautiful glass butterflies. Sure, he was surprised that I knew about those butterflies. Then I told him:

-But something else is missing, I am seeing a candelabrum with seven branches, but there are two, where is the

another?, what was done?

"Here's the other one, see it here," the man from the office replied; took some papers and

newspapers that were there and certainly took out the other candlestick, appeared to confirm yet

more my statement. Sure, the man came to amazement. Then I told him:

-You know that I know your wife, but when I came here, your wife was in the

desk. Well.... the man was amazed.

When it was time for dinner, all seated around the round table in the room,

then the lady in front of him tells me:

-I know you, sir, I've known you for a long time, I know you but I don't remember the exact place.

where I met you, but that I know you, I know him. You are not unknown to me.

Total I told the gentleman:

-Are you already convinced? Have you convinced? And I said:

-To the satiety, totally convinced.

That man had enough evidence because the tests for him were definitive.

I narrate this so that you realize the procedure to awaken consciousness, and it is explained to them

with living stories.

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