1. In the sunny country of Kem, during the Khafre dynasty, I understood the need to return to the right path, to shape my own heavenly path. Recapitulating the mysteries of the sacred land of the mighty Nile, I was able to recall dire difficulties. The path of the razor's edge is full of dangers, inside and out. The path of the revolution of consciousness turns away from the paths of evolution and involution. I, an old Tibetan lama, entered the Egyptian mysteries after much suffering. oh! How much pain the death of my brother caused me; that was something decisive for me... My poor little boat, broken between rocks, without sails and without direction and alone between the waves! Fortunately I was helped and studied hard. I entered the Priestly College like any neophyte, and after successive exaltations I was a hierophant. That I was a doctor and a priest at the same time? That is something I can never deny! Daily I traveled on my camel carrying many remedies for my sick; doctor's noble mission... Impossible to forget my abode in that Sacred Land of Hermes. Old manor house surrounded by ancient walls... Litelantes, as always, was my priestess wife, she is not unaware of that, she still remembers it. I have the high honor of having been the educator of Pharaoh Khafre. I was that boy's tutor and it doesn't bother me because later he became a great sovereign. I remember terrible things... Those who violated the vow of silence and divulged the Great Arcanum were sentenced to death, their heads were cut off, their hearts were ripped out and their ashes were thrown to the four winds. The execution was carried out in a paved courtyard surrounded by terrible walls, on which crocodile skins and mysterious hieroglyphs were seen. In the deep night of all ages, the words of the Priest of Sais still resound: - Solon, Solon! Oh, my son, the day will come when men will laugh at our sacred hieroglyphics and say that we ancients worshiped idols!
  2. When the mind is still and silent, the soul escapes to sink into the great Alaya of the Universe. Many years ago I experienced this truth during meditation; unfortunately, at that time I had not yet dissolved the pluralized self and terror damaged the experiment. I felt definitively lost in the void of Buddhist annihilation, infinite ocean of incomprehensible light beyond the body, the effects and the mind, radical forgetfulness of myself. Freed consciousness of its egoic condition, it was lost like a drop in the sea... the void seemed to become deeper... frightening abyss... I ceased to exist... I felt be worlds, flowers, birds, fish, radiant suns, humble plant and gigantic tree, insignificant insect that only lasts one summer afternoon and rebellious eagle... That ocean of my being was still expanding; the impersonalization seemed to be more and more profound... of my human form not even the memory remained; It was everything and nothing at the same time. One more step and what would become of me? Oh, what terror!... and that ocean of my being continued to spread terrifyingly... And then my dear individuality what?... It is ostensible that I was also condemned to death... Dread, fright, panic! , fear! Suddenly I felt myself withdrawing into myself, I lost my ecstasy, I went back to the bottle like Aladdin's genie! I entered time; I was trapped between the ego. Poor Mephistopheles, the wretch was trembling cowardly! So is Satan.
  3. Relatively recently, while in deep meditation, I witnessed something unusual. Certainly and with mystical astonishment I saw two adepts, who after having achieved a full identification with Para-nirvana, reached the final liberation. Dressed in their white linen tunics and their heads covered with the immaculate white cloak that reached down to their feet, these brothers entered the Absolute Abstract Space. Frankly, I still haven't lost my sense of wonder; I felt amazed, stupefied, surprised; I accompanied them to " the ring it not be pass "... (the porter`s lodge of the Universe). I saw them penetrate into the uncreated light of the Absolute, full of infinite humility and veneration. They passed beyond gods and men and became Paramarthasatyas; however, they immersed themselves in it as simple apprentices... It is that in the Absolute there are also successive mystical exaltations that are beyond comprehension for us.
  4. A long time ago, in an old palace I found a dungeon, inside was a venerable old man. His haloed beard had thirteen strands; his white hair had thirty-three ringlets. This was the Ancient of the Days, the goodness of goodness, the hidden of the hidden, the mercy of mercies. His neck was like a tower of ivory; his eyes, like the pools of Jeshbon by the gate of Bat-rabim, his nose, like the tower of Lebanon, always looking towards Damascus. I fell on my knees biting the dust of the earth! I cried out in anguish and with the dagger in my hand I exclaimed saying with all the strength of my soul: I killed him! I killed him! Strange vision... the years passed, the days of crazy youth were gone and I finally understood. It is written with letters of fire in the book of the law, that the fallen Bodhisattvas enter the cycle of terrible necessity accused of three crimes: First, having murdered Buddha, second, having dishonored the Gods, third, many others, various common and current crimes. I was a fallen Bodhisattva, yes, yes! It is unquestionable that if I had not repented I would have had to enter the submerged Involution of the Mineral Kingdom. Have you heard of Count Zanoni? I also had an immortal physical body. In the old continent Mu after leaving Eden, I re-entered the mysteries with a contrite heart... I swallowed earth!... Yes! Yes! My body was buried, the Gods know that. After three days the initiatory resurrection came; I used the fourth dimension to escape from the grave... The holy women treated my Lemurian body with many drugs and aromatic ointments. Through more than ten thousand years of incessant earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, the old continent of Mu was submerged in the stormy waters of the Pacific. I continued to exist with my immortal body on the Atlantis continent; I led many pilgrimages that sometimes went to Yucatán or Tehotihuacán, etc. I confess that at that time I especially liked to live in a beautiful valley now covered by the stormy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is unquestionable that it was precisely in the Eastern world during that brilliant Aryan-Atlantis age that I made a mistake very similar to Count Zanoni's. There is no doubt that said count fell in love with a beautiful Neapolitan artist; the result was hideous; He was guillotined during the French Revolution. Count Zanoni was a Chaldean immortal; He received the elixir of long life in ancient times and it is clear to understand that sex was already forbidden to him. My case was similar; I, an ancient lemur, with an immortal body, also fell into the arms of Kundri, the Eve of Hebrew mythology, the woman by antonomasia, and the result was the fatal loss of my precious lemur vehicle. It is evident that my capital error was to have accepted Cupid's gift in full youth. I tell men and gods to avoid immortalizing the young body. When the civilization of the first Aryan sub-race flourished on the central plateau of Asia, I tried to revive it; So I very humbly entered the Holy Order of Tibet and became a true lama. It is unquestionable that I had to recreate the solar bodies through the Sahaja Maithuna. It is written in the Akashic Archives of Nature that I then conquered the Second Birth. Unfortunately, I made some serious mistakes when I wanted to help the queen of my country with the Sacred Key . Because of that I was expelled from the revered order and continued to be in Samsara. During the dynasty of Pharaoh Khafre I returned to Egypt and achieved much, but not everything. Today, after having suffered a lot, I have returned to the right path; Now Today, after having suffered a lot, I have returned to the right path; Now I'm on my feet again. I thoroughly know the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness and because of that I am the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age. All intellectual homunculi mistakenly called men, only want to get rid of death; but they do not know how to get rid of life.
  5. One night, my own Intimate God, placing a crucible full of liquid mercury on the ground, tried to verify an alchemical transmutation, but since there was no fire under the crucible, it is obvious that he failed in his attempt. He then gave me to understand that I needed to carry out such an alchemical operation in order to crystallize a new too subtle organism. I thought that it could possibly be about creating the famous Sambogakaya, which according to some high initiates is said to have three more perfections than the ineffable vehicle of the Nirvanakayas. Well, I am a Nirvanakaya... and it is clear that getting to possess the precious vehicle of the Sambogakayas was something too tempting for me. "I have failed due to lack of fire", my Real Being told me; then he added, “lend me a match” (spark match or candle). I understood that I had to do a work of sexual magic. It is unquestionable that this left me perplexed, confused, astonished. But is it perchance lawful for a twice-born to return to the Forge of Vulcan? What is this? What? It is clear that I did not fall into the test; some fell, others did not... That the Internal God himself submits one to tests is certainly rare and amazing. It clearly stands out that the Beloved wants to be sure of what he has; He needs Diamond Soul (Vajrasattwa). The reception at the temple was formidable; The Venerable ancient of the Days (my monad) and I, poor suffering soul, each one of us wields with the right hand, he the scepter and I the cross. We both entered the sanctuary dressed in our sacred garments. I knew that I had murdered the old man, but he had resurrected in me: "The King is dead, long live the King!" And yet, it was not I soul of pain who had murdered the Ancient of Days. The three traitors, Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas, killed him, yes. Yet it is obvious that Pilate always washes his hands. How horrible is Hai, the demon of the Mind! Inside the temple and before the altar the old man of all ages and I prayed. The old man put out a Buddhist bowl full of coins. These in themselves are the capital of good deeds. It is clear that my good deeds were enough to pay the old man and achieve forgiveness. The host was a glorious master of the White Brotherhood. Some trees within that beautiful enclosure were crowned with laurels. Those little bushes looked very pretty in their pots; they looked in the room. The guests all arrived dressed in mourning and with great respect; it is obvious that they had to celebrate the feast of the deceased... the horrible demon Hai had died and this deserved a celebration; soon the room was filled with people. I received many guests... the host Master welcomed many others. The delicious music and the tables full of people gave the place a very special note of cosmic joy. I felt happy talking with the great hierophant. Now I no longer have the lunar mind, however I can think; I use my solar mind, the one I made in the Forge of the Cyclops (sex).


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