Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 10



  1. There is a very intelligent principle that says: "A Man can fight long and

to transform until reaching union with God; up to there it progresses, but after God

manifests there is no more advancement, progress, it has already reached God".

If you want to progress you have to go backwards, throw the stone into the water, and when it comes back to life

that stone, then, is more powerful, more penetrating, extraordinary.

There are men who have done it up to seven times, but more than that it is dangerous, you can fall into a curse.

I have done it three times, no more; it is too painful, it takes centuries to get up through painful karmas and terrible bitterness; after much suffering is that the Philosophal Stone

 is about to be reborn again.

In 1978 it will be up again, but at what price? It cost all races to get it back up again.

get up; it is a very dangerous process.

There are adepts who intentionally "come down" to take a wife when it is already forbidden. Without

ejaculate the seminal liquor and under the direction of a guru they work with all the rules of the Arcanum

AZF. They lose the stone because they had prohibited the sexual act, but after a while, under

the direction of the same guru they give life again to the stone and do a Great Work,

It is more powerful than before.

You have to differentiate between a fall and a descent. Important: My three cases were falls, not

downs. The first, as I said on a previous occasion, was in the lemur race. the second was

on the Moon of some planet, and on the same Moon I got up. The third was in the Central Asian Plateau; I committed

the same mistake as count Zanoni, I put love to a beautiful ineffable lady, I took her for wife

even though I had been banned and that led to a fall.

But after the experience of centuries I am about to finish a Great Work.

  1. I know such simple phenomena... anyone can see them... they are physical, material,

they are in view of the whole world, and yet the people seeing them do not see them.

They could tell me - and rightly so - or they could demand that I speak more clearly: "If that is so

Why don't you even mention one to us?"

Reasons: If I mentioned any of these phenomena to you, you would see them immediately.

They are visible to the naked eye. But you would die because it turns out that all these phenomena

currently correspond to forces and wonders and are jealously guarded by certain

very strong elementals, which, feeling discovered, would cause the death of the curious.

Since I don't feel like creating a pantheon on my own, I feel the need to keep quiet. Thus, it is necessary to wake up, if you want to perceive the great realities of the

life. But it is only possible to wake up knowing how to live.

  1. I'm going to tell you something else. I am talking about phenomena that happen to us

around and not noticeable.

If you enter the churches, sometimes you find women or men in , such a way,

many times one finds a sanctimonious woman who is praying. And that one has resembled someone

holy one of those that are made of marble, stick or whatever; very similar, so similar that it amazes; that what

he may have observed anyone entering the church. I have observed it; you see one

person there praying suddenly dressed in a habit of the Virgin of Carmen, but it does not look like a

statue that should be in a church.

Well, one comes to believe that that person there in the temple is flesh and blood; but not

is, because there is a well-known phenomenon since the Middle Ages and since ancient times: it is

that of the living statues, because in reality the statues are loaded with vital fluids

of the devotees, of the fanatics, and they are charged so much that they become impregnated with the vital power of

the devotees; They even manage to acquire mobility and even physically escape from the place where they are.

 and can occupy a place, for example among the devotees sitting and kneeling and praying and

All those things. And then return the statue, return that figure again to take its place, and the

people who see that person there crying and all that stuff, it turns out that it is not a person of

true, it is a statue.

What I am saying is common, that is why there are many traditions that say that the Virgin of

Lourdes constantly runs away; Well, there are times when it slips away.

The Jews of Prague knew how to do this at will, they made a stone statuette, they

magically prepared and even came to handle it or order it to do such or such

things to other places, they even sent her to steal. This is the phenomenon of the Prague statuettes

in the Jewish neighborhoods.

The statue is loaded with vital fluids, it acquires mobility and there are magic moments

 in which he escapes and takes his place among the faithful, and they say: "That person has a resemblance

to a statue, to a saint." Yes, sir, it is the statue of the saint, but it does not occur to anyone to think that

it is the statue of the saint, no one thinks of it. Why don't they think of it? Because they are

deeply asleep in their consciousness. I have discovered them, they don't hurt me, but it is true that all the members of the

church before one of those statues, kneeling, and the place of the statue has been left empty, and no one

of the members of that church have realized that.

I am not talking about a phenomenon from another dimension, but about something physical. If I had in

At that time, a photographic machine could have photographed the event;

. That class

of germs has elemental guardians and if they realize that one is giving away that secret,

they can strike down one, I couldn't deliver that.

It has happened to me that being in the church there is a person similar to the statue, praying,

 it was the same statue that had escaped for a moment and was there.

It normally happens in the third dimension. I am afraid I have said too much, because suddenly

you are going to discover one of those things in a church, and when you discover them well...

These phenomena are only perceived in a millionth part of the physical phenomena that

happen around you.

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