Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 1


                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VIII

  1. On a certain occasion, while I was in meditation, I was able to clearly verify the meaning

intelligent of the language of birds. I clearly remember a certain bird that perched on the

 tree top argued with another; the first one was very quiet when it was suddenly interrupted

by the arrival of the second; the latter perched threateningly on the top of the tree, making

many recriminations at first.

I was alert listening in meditation to what was happening; I clearly remember the insults

of the threatening bird: "You hurt my leg a few days ago and I have to punish you for that


The threatened creature apologized saying: "I'm not to blame for what happened, leave me in.

peace"... Unfortunately the aggressor bird did not want to understand reasons and biting hard at

his victim incessantly reminded him of his injured leg


  1. On another occasion, finding myself in deep interior meditation, I could hear the barking

of two neighboring dogs; the first told the second everything that happened to him in his house.

He said:

-My master treats me very badly, here in this house they constantly beat me with sticks and whips, and the

food is lousy; everyone in general insults me and I live a very unhappy life.

The second answered with his barks saying:

-I'm doing much better, they give me good food and treat me very well.

The people who came and went down the street only heard the barking of two dogs, not

they understood the language of animals; for me such language has always been very clear.

  1. On one occasion a neighbor dog warned me that a great failure would await me if 

I was making a certain trip, the aforementioned animal shouted saying to me: “A

failure! a failure!”, and I didn't want to listen to him.

In those days, when I arrived at a certain town very close to the Sonoran desert, I told the driver

of the vehicle in which we were traveling that it was essential to look for a hotel, because in no way

I wanted to continue the journey that night.

However, that good man, with his conscience asleep, did not want to listen to me, 

I warned in the following way: “You will be responsible for what is going to happen, warned

You are..."

Hours later the car overturned in the desert and there were injuries, there were no deaths; Then 

I reminded that gentleman of the mistake he had made in not listening me... There is no doubt that

that man recognized his crime and asked for forgiveness; but it was all too late, the fact had happened.

Unfortunately, this is how people with an asleep conscience are, this is how they have been around the world since

They are born until they die.

  1. I remember a very interesting case. I once warned a lady of the abyss

the following:

-For the involutionary path that you are following, you will have to disintegrate in the ninth sphere, become

cosmic dust, this is the second death"

That lady replied:

-I do not ignore it, we know it and that is precisely what we want. The demon that accompanied her, enraged attacked me with his infernal psychic powers and

I had to defend myself with the flaming sword.

Jahvé has made a mystique, a religion, of this entire wheel of Samsara, and his henchmen are

Faithful to him.

When one talks with Jahvé, one can verify that this fallen angel has a sparkling

intellectuality with which he can totally seduce anyone. All the talks of Jahvé

they begin speaking against the cosmic Christ; this demon is terribly wicked and hates

mortally to the Solar Logos.

  1. It happened that one night, no matter the date or day or time, finding myself

outside the physical body, in a completely conscious and positive way, my Real Inner Being, the Intimate came to me. Smiling, the Blessed One told me:

-You have to die! These phrases from the Intimate left me perplexed, confused, stunned.

With a little fear I questioned my Inner Being (Atman) saying:

-Why do I have to die!?, Let me live a little more; I am working for humanity.

I still remember that moment when the Blessed One, smiling, repeated to me for the second time:

-You have to die.

Later, the Adorable One showed me in the astral light that which had to die in myself. Then

I saw the pluralized ego formed by a multitude of dark entities, a veritable swarm of subjects

perverse, psychic aggregates of different kinds, living demons personifying errors.

So it was, my friends, how I came to know that the ego is not something individual, but a sum of

psychic aggregates, a total of multiple quarrelsome and screaming egos.

  1. Another day, being in deep meditation in accordance with all the rules that the

Jnana-Yoga, I entered into something known as Nirvi-Kalpa Shamadí; so i abandoned all

Supra-sensible bodies and entered the world of the Solar Logos converted into a Dragon of


In such logoic moments, beyond the body, the effects and the mind, I wanted to know something

about the life of the Great Kabir Jesus. It was precisely at that moment that I saw myself

become Jesus of Nazareth, doing miracles and wonders in the Holy Land. Yet

I remember that moment when I was baptized by John in the Jordan, I saw myself inside a temple

on the banks of that river. The forerunner was dressed in such a beautiful robe and as I approached him

staring at me, he exclaimed: "Take off, Jesus, your garment because I am going to baptize you." I went to

inside the sanctuary, and pouring on my head the anointing oil and then a little

water, prayed and I felt transformed.

What happened next was wonderful. Sitting in a room I saw three divine suns, the first

it was the blue of the Father, the second -the yellow- of the Son and the third -the red- of the Holy Spirit.

Here are the three Logos: Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva.

Coming out of that static state, returning to my physical body, my confusion was tremendous. Me

Jesus of Nazareth? I the Christ? God help me and Holy Mary! A wretched sinner, a

worm of the mud of the earth that is not even worthy to untie the sandals of the Master,

Became Jesus of Nazareth just like that?

Quite worried about all this, I decided to go back into meditation and repeat the mystic experience.

 changing only the reason for it: now, instead of wanting to know something about life

of Jesus, I became interested in John the Baptism of the Nazarene.

Then came the previous mystical state, I abandoned all supersensible bodies and stay again in the logoic state. Once I returned to such a state, I fixed my attention more

intensity in John the Baptist, and behold, I then saw myself converted into John doing the

Precursor stuff, baptizing Jesus, etc., etc., etc.

Losing the ecstasy upon returning to the physical body, then I understood that in the world of the Logos,

in the world of the Christ, there is no kind of Higher Self or Lower Self. It is urgent that

everyone understand that in the Christ we are all one and that the heresy of separateness is the

worst of heresies.

  1. I want to tell everyone that I have a bet with the devil and this can

surprise you a bit...

On a certain occasion, no matter the date or time, the two of them sitting facing each other at a table,

I heard from the lips of my own Intimate Lucifer the following affirmations.

-I will defeat you in chastity, and I will show you; you can't with me

Do you want to make a bet with me?

"Yes," answered Satan, "I am willing to hunt the wager."

-For how much do we hunt the bet?

-Therefore, it's done.

I distanced myself from that character who is nothing more than the reflection of my own Intimate Logos,

I really treatied him a little badly...

In the name of truth, I want to tell you, my friends, that until now

I am winning the bet, because the devil has not been able to with me; has in no way succeeded

make me fall into temptation, although I have had to wage tremendous battles with him.

  1. Something very interesting comes to mind. It happened that one night I was called

telepathically by a group of masters of the Venerable Great White Lodge. I abandoned the

physical body, and all the parts of my intimate being integrate and covered with the existential bodies

 elements of the Being had to attend the call.

Floating in space I landed gently on the roof of a large building, I was received by the

Adepts of the Occult Fraternity with exclamations of joy saying: "The

Archangel Samael! he has come”, and after the usual hugs and greetings I was questioned in the

following form:

-You, as Avatar of the New Aquarian Age, must answer us about the convenience or

inconvenience of delivering the cosmic ships to terrestrial humanity. is of great

responsibility for your response. Down on my knees, I then saw with my spatial sense the use to which earthlings could make

in the future with such ships. Dhajma's eye then allowed me to see inside such ships the

immediate future: merchants, prostitutes, dictators, etc., traveling to other planets of the system

solar, bringing discord to other corners of the universe, etc., etc., etc.

Feeling in those moments the responsibility that weighed on my shoulders, I addressed to my

Father who is in secret saying: "My Father, if it is possible, take this chalice from me, but not my will but yours be done" Those words vibrated in the nine heavens, from sphere to sphere., from world to world.

Years passed and everything was resolved. My Father who is in secret gave the proper answer.

Selection of the human personnel, giving those ships to certain very select groups of the

humanity. It is worth telling our friends that certain isolated human groups

They have that kind of space vehicles.

In an inaccessible region of the Himalayas, where the communist invaders will never be able to reach,

there is a community of lamas who received a number of such cosmic ships, with the

which travel to other worlds in space

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