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 A group of former US Air Force officers plan to break their silence over Top Secret Alien close encounters and reveal how UFO'S attacked nuclear missile sites.

An incident  at RAF Bentwaters in suffolk,UK 30years ago were a UFO directed beams of light down into the base, at one point near the nuclear weapons storage area, says Charles Halt, the deputy base commander.The weapons malfunctioned and they were shut down.


Halt will join five other senior US military officers at a press conference tomorrow to break the silence over the presence of the UFO'S during the cold war era. The conference will be in Washington Dc. There have been many other instances throughout history of weapons malfunctioning, due to our Space Friends, as you might have seen in recent videos posted on this site.


Halt told us,(Daily Express), The security services of both the US and the UK have attempted both then and now, to subvert the signiicance of what occured at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practised methods of disinformation.


On show will be many declassified Goverment documents to support the mens claims.


      It looks like information is eventually coming out and with it being the Press, surely it will drive Obama etc, to start the process of disclosure, and also taking place in Washington its time to gather facts. We can only hope, Love,light and TRUTH

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yes we do and im ready we need some sort of intervention or assistance to rid ourselves of the darkside and the problem with the x files and alien such movies is the depiction of the aliens are usually negative like the new movie skyline thats coming out we all need to boycott this one this is bs we have no evedince truly 100 percent yet if they exist and if they are good but hollywood likes to make them all evil because they think thats what we all want well i for one would like to say "Lets give peace a chance and the the light outshine the darkness"
I believe the bottom line of a world disclosure and "alien" ships landing is a wake up call for all of us, leaving now on the Planet. It is not only to state to our civilization " You are not the Only Ones" but " You are One of Us". We, Earth people, need the knowledge and explanation what is going on with the planet and it's enhibitance. Of course, there a lot of people, and the number is growing that have a sense of something very important happening with us and Planet- us evolving into something of a higher frequency being. But there so many that do not have a clue. I can not talk to anyone that I know about things like that. People either are not interested, think I am a "stange" or they are openly expresing their animosity to the idea that something is happening. The truth must come out in a open not only about other civilizations being here for the open contact but also why they are here- to assist us in moving forward...
Their idiots to think that!?....people think UFO and little green men are just imagination and entertainment, aren't they in for a shcok when the ships come down and land on thier lawn!?
I know a few people who will have minor heart attacks when disclosure comes...its a good thing many of us will be their to help them understand. ;-)
We have all waited so long, it has been really difficult at times. I am sure we are going to start seeing a bit of action,lets hope.:)
I forsee an increase in this....but I'm cautious not to call it a movement!? It's excelent none-the-less!!
Keep on the good words.
salut pierre :)
je suis fier de voir des quebecois sur se site
Bonjour Jean François, tu es de quel région ?
Bienvenu en notre monde en mouvement........
I can't wait for disclosure; Information about what these military personnel will be discussing has been available for several years, I actually thought it was common knowledge, but maybe only for those who have spent the last 30+ years searching for answers after seeing unexplainable things.
Well, at least thousands of people who know me through another forum are going to declare "Maybe Leo isn't an idiot who hallucinates!
My problem is I have openly discussed UFO's and some personal experiences with what I have seen with anyone and everyone over the years, without really caring whether people thought I was nuts or not, and have done so for many years.

As I tell people, you are really going to struggle to find your place in life when the truth is finally revealed!
I never witnessed anything personal but I do feel that we, humans on this planet, are like a person that never left a small, dark room without windows and doors. That person belives that all the World is- is that room that he/she is in. No Light, no flowers, no waterfalls, no rainbows- nothing else exists but a small dark room. That is how peple on Earth persive themselves. Nothing else exists. But it does. I have a feeling there are beatifull wolds out there, we just have to open up ourselves to them and recongnize its existance.



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