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January 13

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Single dad with teenage son, I have seen numerous unexplained things in the night skies over the years, and I am interested in the concept of first contact.

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  • Hello, How have you been friend? I hope that all is well! :)
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    Happy neew year Leo.. I am alone here in Europe aswell for the new year.. I guess many of us Ascending ones are.. but we are never alone really.. :o) ..

    Love and Light and peace to you brother.. and heres to 2011 filled with UFOs :o)





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    See you around my friend. :)
  • Nice to meet you! Breathe Deep, Seek Peace
  • Hey Leo,it's an honor,and a pleasure to have you as a freind and brother.G'Day Mate!
  • Thanks for your friend request. I am honoured to meet you!
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  • Great to see you here Leo ....... RJK
  • Sailing through the cosmic ocean of enlightenment with great friends like you.

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Leo left a comment on The Cat Clan Focus Group
"I had a major heart attack on the 27th of November last year (2012). I had been rather ill for a few days but ignored the symptoms, as I usually do, I'm bullet proof.
My son and I were sitting in my loungeroom (sitting room) and I told him I really…"
Jan 5, 2013
Leo commented on Jeevan Kalyan's blog post 1000 Foot Tsunami Waves on 15th June... How far it is True..?
"As for Piss, I neither drink nor take drugs so go F**K yourself ass hole!"
Jun 11, 2011
Leo commented on Zanando's blog post 17 Memos From Your Child
"Unfortunately, martial arts is no good to my son. He has an imbalance due to his hearing impairment. So far he has gotten through life with me letting people that abused him know that I know martial arts. I studied karate for 5 years. My son is very…"
Jun 11, 2011
Leo commented on Jeevan Kalyan's blog post 1000 Foot Tsunami Waves on 15th June... How far it is True..?
"Grow up Captain Crunch!
You attack everyone here, insult everyone with your foul insults, yet call yourself a captain on a spiritual forum?
Take yer bat and ball and p*ss off home, no one wants you as captain of the team, you're an idiot without…"
Jun 11, 2011

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"Whenever I hear this song I think about doing sports. Sport is kind of like self-destruction. However, with a rather positive side effect.
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