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I just finished writing a e-book called 2012-new-earth-survival.com. I also write blogs for; federationoflight.com and facebook& Tweeter.2011 poems e-book

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  • The role of GFL Ground Crew Global, is to co-ordinate sector commands, in support of internationally placed members of the EARTH ALLIANCE, as interlocutors, linking the GFL "flight crew" operations, with Earth Alliance agents..

    Earth Alliance comprises talented people, internationally....and in all spheres of endeavours, possessing a great variety of specialist skillsets, working in unison, in support of ridding Earth of the dark cabal and it's evil minions and expediting a transition, which will lead humanity to freedom and abundance and finally, ASCENSION...This is known as "the Plan" and is a microcosmic version of the DIVINE PLAN.....the macrocosmic...

    My immediate Ground Crew superior, is a Major General, who is the SGO, or Senior Global Officer, for GFL Ground Crew operations...He is a Russian telepath and Plejaren starseed, but views his role through the lens of co-operating nations, working in harmony, even if in practice, that might not always seem to be the case...The vanities that motivate politicans and central bankers, abound...

    Nevertheless, beyond governments, international organisations and NGOs, are the people of the world, which is of salient importance to us, as we encourage the great awakening in all lands...

    👏🏻How far the people of the world have come, with regards to the great awakening process, over these past years...Soon those on the left of politics, will also realise that the so-called DNC leftwing in America and the various "labour" and "liberal" movements of the west, are not truly with the people, but rather enemies of the PEOPLE....

    Decadent and dark elites, vs the People.....The elites using the pretence of humanitarianism, liberalism, socialism and internationalism, to hoodwink many.. but the many are awakening to this falsehood and rebelling against it, now, in greater and greater numbers.....Now concluding that national and individual sovereignty, not top-down control, is the better way forward, to liberation and prosperity, in a new world free of our true enemies, in central banking....The debtor system, of endless debt slavery..The left must and will, now join the right, in political matters and beat the real enemies of humanity, the dark cabal...We are the army of the People.....We are GFL Ground Crew...👏🏻🎖️🎖️🎖️

  • rev.joshua skirvin November 10, 2023 at 1:36pm

    Now I know what it is, my memory is returning. Its Planet-x, Nibiru, I am pretty sure of that because I seen it up close back in 2013,May 10,2pm, crossing over Belize. It was a red dead star very close to earth with many points sticking up into the air. Its supposed to be our 2nd or binary sun, a twin sun but much smaller than our 1st sun.
    At the time there was much talk about it, I put up posters about it around town and on my truck. One of them is still there from 2012..Also I wrote about it in my last E~Book x-mas 2010.The story goes that it was hit when the planet Meldick blew up and sent it ~ Nibiru~into an elliptical route in and out of our solar system. Its a dead star now and has negative effects on nearby planets when it comes close. It is said to cause Wars and weather havoc and mental problems, it causes a electrical short in our natural order of things.

    It is also said to be the home of the evil Annunaki ,[who live inside of it,] the cone heads who come to earth whenever it gets close enough and it is these beings and most of them are negative entities who set up the NWO and the org. D.Cabal that we have today and are fighting against and winning.
    They are also the ones who tampered with and changed our DNA strands back down to 3D or 3.0 so they could control us and keep us as slaves to work there mines for they needed gold and gold dust to keep there planet Nibiru alive.

    I only saw the planet for a few minutes on that day for I had to ck on my dog who just had pups a few days before,when I got back it was slowly moving away. I did ask people around if they saw it, 1 out of 10 said yes, Most people where inside.Anyway I did not get any pics of it, but I found many on the net and posted a blog about it before and after here on ACC~ May 2013 blog talks about my encounter, if you want to ck.out.
    I studied your info red pics and saw the rough surface and the imperfect roundness of the planet [pic #5]. There in your pic it looks grayish but in the daylight it is red.The info I found back then on it says it will do a number of near earth cycles once it starts and then return every 10 yrs which would make it correct being here now after 10 yrs. 2013~2023.
    Plus all the negative things happening on the Earth plane as we speak. If anyone has recent close up pics of it Please post them so we can compare them with these and whatever we find on the net. I hope this helps to clear things up.This also means it will probably get close again or already has and we missed it. And many thanks Ara for posting these pics and jogging my memory . There also a lot positive energy coming down both from Source and our ET allies. Lets concentrate on them starting this wk-end 11-11-2023.When things are said to really kick off the Event..We are one. Adonai rev. Joshua
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  • Hi Ara, Thanks for the birthday wish,sorry to get back late, I forgot to ck my inbox.You are the only one who remembered my birthday and I have posed 5000 blogs here over the last 15 yrs. for free. Something is very wrong with this site when they only fight each other and have no respect for one another. We are here to help each other and the world to Ascend but from what I see they are in big trouble unless they change there ways ASAP. I have decided to cut back on the number of blogs I post daily for several reasons. They do not give positive feed back only negative ones and my hands hurt from my arthritis. I am now wearing a brace on my right hand,so its hard to use the PC mouse and type. It takes me a very long time to type, so why should I go through all this pain and trouble for people who do not care. They don't seem to be very spiritual as they claim themselves to be and as you can see I am very disappointed in them and Ben who ruins this site. Ben has offered to sell it to me several times, I told him no one would buy it the way it is running now and he would have to get rid of a lot of people who are bringing it down ! Most of the good people have already left and the other positive ones are just hanging out waiting for something positive to happen I guess.

    As for the UB and ACIM i'll give a brief comment on them and see what you think.I was introduced to the UB back in college the end of my 3rd yr.. I fell in love with it and did not finish my last yr. for I had found what I was looking for. I left and went back to Europe and the commune that I helped to start. I studied the UB whenever I had time and to my surprise I could remember much of what I read except for the heavy stuff about the Universal Father and related material.I read the part about Jesus several times and the part about the TA also several times. The UB is very strong about the TA but its very hard to relate to something you cannot connect with easily.I found the whole book to be a encyclopedia of the Grand master universe. [see my blog on the Grand Master Universe with drawings that I made of it on this site and Goggle] Any way I was introduced to the ACIM also in Australia back in 1990 but I refused to study it for I was to much into the UB and that took up most of my reading time.But in 2002 when I came back to Belize I bought a copy of the ACIM and the new UB indexed version along with 100 other books that I needed to start my mission here in 2005 which was New Age and did not fair well here. Iwas robed and closed it down mid 2006. That's when I took up the ACIM and studied it every day sense then
    The biggest thing I noticed about the 2 books was that the UB was an encyclopedia of the Grand Master universe and over 900 pg.s on or about Jesus. The ACIM was from Jesus but not so much about him but how to be like him and it required daily lessons and study, which made it very personal. He exposed the evil of the Ego and how to transcend him, our lower self. Mostly he talked about the Holy Spirit our guide back to the Father and how to Ascend.He called the HS our other self and the ego our lower self and our true I AM nature or God self the higher self also known as the Divine Self. As for the TA he only said they is one more entity in us, that's all and aia have read the whole book several times but nowhere else is the TA mentioned. I did find a reference to the TA in the UB That said he was our possible future self but he chances of fusion are very slim at best til you get to the 9D.and beyond.
    But with the HS we can bond quickly for this life time if we comment ourselves to following his guidance and he will stay with us even when we die the body, all the way back to the Manson worlds and once we have received our real body the Ministerial spirit body he will depart back to the father with the records of our life to share with the father . To become one with him and never to leave again. New HS will be sent instead, to all who request a HS guide.
    The TA on the other hand inhabits the back part of our minds and uses symbols to communicate and adjust our thought system.He is mostly along for the ride and experience. When we die the body he goes along for awhile to see if we are ok, then when we bond with our new spirit body he leaves and goes back to Paradise to go back to school there and have a better chance of fusion in the future. We could go deeper into where we go and what happens to us on our trip back not only to our Father but to his Father and finally back to the Universal Father.I will stop here for now and we can discuss it. Also I think I will post most of this comment if you don't mind. Let me know what you think. We are all one, Blessing to you. Adonai rev.Joshua
  • Hi Joshua,
    I call it revelation because it is the fifth epochal spiritual revelation, it is more than just a book, well to me anyway.

    As a kid I had many visions and dreams, that didn’t make any sense for a very long time, and born in Russia (non - religion country at that time) I was kind of an ‘empty cup’, so when I got Urantia 25 years ago, suddenly everything made sense. That was IT for me. The connection was made and since then it is getting stronger.

    I am not familiar with the ‘course in miracles’ so I can’t say anything, I try to be respectful to ‘many ways of the path’ in finding individual/personal faith and Universal Father. However too much information will only bring confusion, more questions and so little answers. I do study history and legends and mythology worldwide, as for my Faith – I have found it.
    In regards too Thought Adjuster and mortal to be fused, it is a life time journey, to fuse with TA during the life time, would take extraordinary human being and very experience TA (it did happen before a few times here on Urantia)- who knows maybe it is happening now as well, but we wouldn’t know about it (it is a personal journey). For the rest of us (we die and we are reborn) and we continue our journey together (mortal and TA) – that is a long journey, like any evolution.

    Jesus - at the present moment is The Supreme Ruler of our Universe, so there is no way that he (personally) is stuck with the Holy Spirit. Don’t know about dimension (so many talks about it) I do know about frequency (like the radio), you can always tune in but that requires lots of work, and discipline to attune to it, and inner knowledge which one is yours.
    Ego is created by each individual on a base of comparison, and etc., so personally I don’t give much anything to the ego, it is just a ‘passing cloud’ - ‘out of sight out of mind’.

    Hope you are truly ok. Your experience didn’t sound very good at all. You are the second person that I've know here on AC who got attacked by some form of ‘entity’. Stay safe and Happy Big Day Birthday coming soon ..:))
  • Ara, Thanks for the merry Christmas. Sorry to get back to you so late. I have been very busy posting and researching blogs in these end times. How are you? and how are things going? Adonai
  • Hi Joshua, hope you are doing ok.
    Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas. May you always remain strong and be blessed.
  • Thanks Joshua, and i hope you are doing ok.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome. I do like spiritual books. I have read some of the Urantia Book but not much.
  • THANKS for the uplifting post, its good to have people like you on our side. Many think we lost after biden cheated greatly and got away with it, and now sits in the WH. you have good energy, keep up the good work.We are all one! Adonai
  •        I will forward to reading your ebook Rev.Skirvin .Stay safe and take care .

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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 In today’s news, there was a significant earthquake in China, right around “that” depth, and a most unnatural sky along with it. WTH? It’s non-stop murder and intrigue on the political trail. Trump voters are cleaning up across the nation. There is…
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"Good speech by Nigel. He knows what's going on just like the rest of us and I think he might know what is coming soon to."
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"And here is another fine speech at CPAC, recently, by the indefatigable Nigel Farage, who has been going to that conservative conference for the past 10 years and makes pertainent comments, about how it's international appeal is growing...

And a…"
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Some people are of the opinion, that the so-called "elites" have special access to exotic healing…"
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