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kate.44.single mum to six children.fibromyalgia sufferer.Had physical ascension symptoms for 8months and at first I was really frightened I thought I was posessed.I have had so much negativity in my life that it was almost taking my body over.The anxiety was dreadful.I am know in a better place as alot of this dark energy has left me and the light in my heart is growing stronger by the day.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Firstly I have taught myself...Also my Six son's who I have brought up on my own,which was a very hard job but we have all learnt along the way.Also James Gilliland,Delores Cannon,David Wilcock,Sylvia Brown to name a few.

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kateclan7 replied to katrine's discussion Shutter Island -
"I really enjoyed the film, but it was a good example of how we can all be cheated into believing something.And what people in authority can make us believe, if a couple of them tell us the same thing. We feel out numbered and just fall into the…"
Oct 19, 2010
kateclan7 replied to Diwata's discussion Blossom Makes a Prediction
"Im sorry to say this is disinformation, I have already read a blog the real Blossom has written on this subject. Someone made a false Facebook account in her name.But she has not made any predictions you can check the original message on…"
Oct 18, 2010
kateclan7 replied to Amelia's discussion Destructive Thoughts
"Neg thoughts are like a stream running over rocks they eventually make a pathway for the water to run by,your job is too make different pathways in your mind. You are aware of what is happening and you will eventually make head way. A year ago due…"
Oct 2, 2010
kateclan7 posted a blog post
Channeler:Lena StevensBy Lena Stevenswww.thepowerpath.comThe main theme for October is INTENSITY.Everything this month is amplified, paving the way for stronger reactions and increased sensitivity. It's as if the 100 watt light you are used to…
Oct 2, 2010

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Coralie posted a blog post
Hello Galactic Brothers & Sisters! Join us next weekend for all the latest Ashtar Command news & update ‘Achilles Heel’…www.lightquest-intl.com…go to the Classes page…Have a great day, Bryan 
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AlternateEarth commented on Malcolm's blog post BASIC ASTROLOGY TRANSIT ANALYSIS: did German ice skating star Monika Dannemann participate in a probable murder of Jimi Hendrix? An astrology investigation and perspective.
"There is also a story about Hendix's manager being broke and would make money from insurance and, with Hendrix dead, more money from record sales"
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth liked Malcolm's blog post BASIC ASTROLOGY TRANSIT ANALYSIS: did German ice skating star Monika Dannemann participate in a probable murder of Jimi Hendrix? An astrology investigation and perspective.
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth posted a discussion
 Red Heifer Prophecy-Coast to Coast AM https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2024-01-08-show/Byron Stinson was asked by Jewish rabbis and friends to help find a pure, spotless red cow in Texas and send it to Israel, in order to help fulfill prophecy.…
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth posted a discussion
The land where the original sacrificial temple was has been purchased.  It still has a spring for water where the new temple is being built.  During the slaughter some type of 'prayers' are repeated then the cow is slaughtered, burned, and the ashes…
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth posted a discussion
Chemtrail conspiracies have become reality, as corporate media sells geoengineering as the solution for climate change04/11/2024 // Lance D Johnson // 3.6K Views Tags: badpollution, California, chemtrails, clean air, climate change narrative,…
4 hours ago
AlternateEarth replied to AlternateEarth's discussion Conspiracy theories can be entertaining. Especially when they are based on facts;Americans to be replaced by MIGRANTS, then migrants to be EXTERMINATED by 'Terminator' AI robots
"Ok -you are free to disagree"
4 hours ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Keep an eye on the W.H.O. they are definitely planning something with their little pandemic prevention meeting coming up in May. Disease X perhaps? My advice if they do this is to say no to these tyrants. They are the very definition of what liars…"
10 hours ago