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  • The role of GFL Ground Crew Global, is to co-ordinate sector commands, in support of internationally placed members of the EARTH ALLIANCE, as interlocutors, linking the GFL "flight crew" operations, with Earth Alliance agents..

    Earth Alliance comprises talented people, internationally....and in all spheres of endeavours, possessing a great variety of specialist skillsets, working in unison, in support of ridding Earth of the dark cabal and it's evil minions and expediting a transition, which will lead humanity to freedom and abundance and finally, ASCENSION...This is known as "the Plan" and is a microcosmic version of the DIVINE PLAN.....the macrocosmic...

    My immediate Ground Crew superior, is a Major General, who is the SGO, or Senior Global Officer, for GFL Ground Crew operations...He is a Russian telepath and Plejaren starseed, but views his role through the lens of co-operating nations, working in harmony, even if in practice, that might not always seem to be the case...The vanities that motivate politicans and central bankers, abound...

    Nevertheless, beyond governments, international organisations and NGOs, are the people of the world, which is of salient importance to us, as we encourage the great awakening in all lands...

    👏🏻How far the people of the world have come, with regards to the great awakening process, over these past years...Soon those on the left of politics, will also realise that the so-called DNC leftwing in America and the various "labour" and "liberal" movements of the west, are not truly with the people, but rather enemies of the PEOPLE....

    Decadent and dark elites, vs the People.....The elites using the pretence of humanitarianism, liberalism, socialism and internationalism, to hoodwink many.. but the many are awakening to this falsehood and rebelling against it, now, in greater and greater numbers.....Now concluding that national and individual sovereignty, not top-down control, is the better way forward, to liberation and prosperity, in a new world free of our true enemies, in central banking....The debtor system, of endless debt slavery..The left must and will, now join the right, in political matters and beat the real enemies of humanity, the dark cabal...We are the army of the People.....We are GFL Ground Crew...👏🏻🎖️🎖️🎖️

  • And a merry Christmas to you, dear friend.....!! 😉And, my gratitude for these amazing energy upgrades, is boundless.....I FEEL IT.....!! It is happening, beyond all doubts..2024 will be both exciting, thrilling, dangerous and a white knuckle ride, leading to victory for the light..

    🎄🎅🏻 A Drekxmas gift of music for you.....

  • Thank you for sending such a kind message. Love and Light to you always.
  • Thank you ❣️
  • Thank you for your message, absolutely delighted happy and beyond words. Looking forward to connect with you all.
    Have a fantastic day 💐🤗💕🙏🏼
  • Hi. Have you ever heard of Comet Love Joy?
    comet lovejoy - Google Search
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...The Fire of Transformation - clearing and burning away all that is no longer alignment with your higher vibrational truth and your original Divine Soul templates. A lot of the programs running in our systems right now are not our pure divine soul…

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With the general turmoil in the world and threat of world war, the tone of the messages has changed and I have thought for some time that it was the appropriate time to cease sending them out. The end times are so near that I believe events are now…
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| SourceWe all enter into altered states of consciousness every day. Whenever you are absorbed by a screen (phone, television) or sleep at night, you enter an altered state of consciousness.At some point in our lives, most of us will have a bizarre…
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  ...Open Your Heart By Melanie Beckler Within your open heart center, infinite possibility resides. All of existence, the expansiveness of creation, the higher dimensions, and the Divine are all present within heart center....Let's tune into this…
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There were no photos of the families (from the Sandy Hook tragedy) present at the trial. News of the June 14th trial from Houston was big and widespread around 1:00 pm CST; I selected 1:00 pm for the transit time. The 12:00 pm natal chart of Alex…
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The CIA will do whatever it takes to undermine the United States and it’s citizens. JFK was butchered in Dallas for a reason. He wanted to end the treasonous organization. https://banned.video/watch?id=666b777caf45946e58800d20
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