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Personality Test: Find Your Eye Color in the Picture

 - Read below what each color represent.
"The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul." – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As each of us is different, so is the color of our eyes. An eye color depends on the amount and type of pigments in the eye’s iris. It is an inherited trait influenced by more than one gene. Eye colors can vary from the least common, green, to the most common color, brown. Unusual eye colors: red, black, or the appearance of violet is from rare genetic mutations. Others say that the color of the eyes could give you a hint of that person’s personality as some had associated it with meanings. Let’s now get to know what each color represent.

1. Blue Eyes

Those with blue eyes may indicate a person that is forceful and direct; has an enormous energy, and a gift for insight and observation.

2. Green Eyes

Those with green eyes can indicate a compassionate person that’s full of energy, and has enormous creativity as well as the gift of healing.

3. Gray Eyes

Those with gray eyes may indicate a sensitive and restrained person who is attuned to the unseen and whose ability puts them several steps ahead of the crowd.

4. Brown Eyes

Those with brown eyes may indicate a strong and independent person.

5. Hazel Eyes

Hazel is a combination of the compassion and healing qualities of green, the fluidity and sensitivity of gray, the inner strength and independence of brown, and the intense vitality of blue.  Hazel eyes indicate a person who can represent all of these qualities.

6. Black Eyes

Those with black eyes may indicate a clever, sensual, and secretive person.

7. Violet Eyes

Those with violet eyes can indicate a noble and refined person who is both a natural leader and seeker of spiritual truth.

Science of course has a different explanation about the eyes. It may vary in color and strength, but it has always been our best asset for it is the gemstone of the body, and the window of our emotions.


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wow... the top blue eye is amazingly beautiful. Too bad the make up is ruining it.

My eye is so-called Black. Actually there is no black eye, it is just very dark Brown. You can see the real color when you look at the mirror with the rays of the sun illuminating it. They say Black is very rare, but in fact it is a very dark brown eyes that are pretty common in Asian people.

Brown is the most common eye color in the world, with almost half of the world population having them. Source Wikipedia.
My eyes are brown.

What about eyes that change colour?
My daughter has blue eyes, but she will go for weeks with her eyes being grey or a greeny colour.

My son has brown eyes now, but he had Blue eyes for the first 6 month of his life, then hazel, then a weird gold kind of shade, then finally brown
natural color changing eyes, that's awesome!
Yeh it IS awesome.

I'll try to take some pics of Lilith's eyes to show you the colour change. It depends on her mood I think

I was actually a little sad when Tarquin's eyes turned brown, they were the most amazing slate blue for such a long time.... :(
I went to high school with a girl who had the most amazingly clear blue eyes, they really stood out. She was noticed by all by the color of her eyes, and she was a very pretty girl besides.

My eyes started out a very dark brown (our Cherokee heritage) and have now become more of a hazel with a lot of gold in them if you look closely. But, since I have rather small eyes (another Cherokee characteristic) it's hard to tell exactly what color they are.

Very interesting article. Thank you Yukon Jack.
Mine are hazel. hmmm
I'm a hazel. You can see for urself. hah!
Like this
My eyes look blue an they just pop outside the side of my head like a had an overdose of somekind of Botox injection im thinkin about getting some brow dye an maybe bleach my eyes brown maybe that will help shrink my eyes back to normal?

I rarely say go to a doctor - but that can indicate hyper or hypo-thyroid problems.


  I have been told I have amazing eyes--Blue with a ring of darker Blue around the edges. Also extremely long eyelashes---if that means anything.<3


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