Hi everyone!

I hope I am not "beating a dead horse" with this discussion, only because I have seen previous posts on this and it didn't seem like it got far in regards to any answers on positive blood, rather more on the RH negative ones.  So, I am very curious...


I am a 4'11" Caucasian American female with brown hair and very big brown eyes.  My heritage is mostly Irish/German and English descent.  I would love to know if there is a Starseed origin for my blood type, which is B+ ....I understand I hae a rare blood typ and I would love to know if anyone know anything about this.  Thank you s much! :)


Much love and light,

Lady Aine

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  • Hi Lady Aine,

    The fun thing is; we are all starseeds! :D

    If you want to know from which star your high self or soul is casted; ask to the big bear (ursa major) in the sky, he points you the way.

    Likely the first star your attention falls upon thereafter is your Star.

    A nice tool to identify stars is http://www.stellarium.org/

    Love & Blessings

    • No, not everyone are starseeds LoL. Being a starseed means you are actually an alien who is very much alive right now, simply projecting your consciousness into a human body through simulation, very much like the Matrix. It would be weird if all of us were aliens, whatever happened to all the humans? Hehe... You should feel honored if you are truly from this place, it would be your true home, you would be Earth Mother's real children, you could be her protector, guardian. Earth is a beautiful place. I realize there are a lot of people who hate being here because it's choatic right now, but look around you and see all the beauty. I can tell you in certainty, that even ET's find it an honour to come to an amazing infant planet like Earth. We love it here. 

      People get confused about soul identity,  your soul is simply just your soul and we all have expansive equal souls beyond all that is. Even normal humans can have expansive souls and can be fargmented, for example you could right now be incarnated as a human, a rock, the wind, another human, a celebrity, etc.

      If you are having a spiritual identity crisis you can bet that you are not wondering about the origination of your soul, you are wondering about who you currently are physically. Beings that are not human and that are just in human bodies will feel like they are not human. You wouldn't feel this way towards your soul, because your soul loves being human. The only reason people feel not human is because they are living two lives at once, they feel torn apart from their actual existence. 

      You never incarnated to get here like most people have. You wouldn't feel like you have a full soul, you would feel fragmented and like your actual physical home is elsewhere.

      Just think about it, why do you think starseeds talk about having current star family on some other planet? They talk telepathically to their star family, are abducted on a regular basis to visit them - doesn't this explain to you that starseeds originate from the stars LITERALLY, as in that is where they are from NOW. 

      They would not have current physical family member on another planet if they had died to get here. 

      ET's have advanced technology. We do not have to die in order to simulate ourselves into other bodies, and the lives we live through simulation are much like dreams in the sense that you can be hooked up to stasis machines and live many human years and in your real reality only a few minutes have gone by. The time difference between these two realities is very different.

      Your soul is not the same thing as your physical life on another planet. Your soul is much more than that.

      There are many people normal humans on earth who are simply here to live their lives, they are not from other planets. But there are also many other types of beings here that are from other dimensions, other realms. Normally earth would be full of people with normal souls, and the reason why so many other beings are here on earth right now in human bodies is because of the exciting times we are in, there is a lot of intervention going on.

      Understand that the people who resonate with being a starseed usually get the sense that they are not meant to be here, especially not for longterm. They may even be told the message that they are only here to carry out a mission, then they are going back home. Furthermore, some of them even become attatched to earth during their stay and wish to stay permanently. It's not like you don't have free will, although your purpose here on earth greatly differs from that of someone who is just here to live and enjoy life. You will have many responsibilities and missions which often interfere with your ability to just live and enjoy your life - you literally have jobs to carry out.

      I've known starseeds to cut cords with that, to simply quit their jobs and want to become human.

  • Also sweet one always always remember you are amazeing just the way you are. You were born for this journey because you have something special to add to it. Dear don't let things bring you down you are a radiant soul. One of love light and joy. You help make the world a much kinder place to be in.

    We are all linked and people you don't even know can feel you your true intentions. You are a big part in this cosmic whirlpool we call life. Not one better than another. We are a jumbled mess at the moment. But our higher self calls from a distance saying hold on a bit longer. You are loved for all your perfect imperfections. They make you the beautiful being you are.
    Love light and peace
    lisa marie
    • Lisa Marie, you make my heart happy.  I completely understand and get exactly what you are saying.  Yes, I agree, I do not believe nor ever thought in my life I am better than another person, we are all interlinked.  I love being able to step out of my own boundaries to understand not my limitations, but what I can exceed.  Spiritually, this resonates with me more than any other thing in the world.  To be able to connect with Spirit, whether it's through other Starseeds, or that God presence, or Ascended Master teachings, all I know is that there is this fire within me that has been burning for 20 of my 40 years on this Earth.  And I want so much to be able to give it back to those who need it. <3

      • And darling you just did it with your sincere words. God controls the sun moon and stars and everything in the heavens. But our hearts and minds they're ours to do with what we please. Only we can control that. He waits for us to come to him he wants to talk to us all its our decision on what we do with our heart and mind and your loving soul is on a right path. Remember you can't change the world all at once but you can change it one soul at a time
  • The Caucasian gene aka white skin, comes from the Lyran race. They are the white skinned humanoid aliens where white skin DNA originates from. 

    I really doubt that anyone is really full blooded anymore, so you could also be mixed race, this will end up giving you mixed genes...

    The most common blood type for Starseeds would be the oldest and most familiar blood type known... because it goes back a really long time in history, so that would be O Positive.

    I've also seen these threads countless of times and the majority of people who respond are always O Positive.


    It just does not make sense that people with new, rare blood types would be common starseeds or walk in ET's. We can only project our consciousness into bodies that are similar to ours, bodies that have the exact same genetic makeup and DNA sequences... 

    And since ET's are basically our ancestors, the people with the oldest and purest dna and blood would be the easiest candidates for the starseeded process because they still carry the ancient genes and bloodlines.


    But then again, maybe your dominant genes come from a type of ET that is not white, black, brown or yellow, that and you are coming from a unique origination that is unknown to everyone else, maybe the new blood types that are recently coming into existence are also somehow related to some kind of ET's, making some kind of new humans in the world, and new races might be coming into existence in evolution. That could be it, because obviously there are many more ET races out there than what we see reflected in our races here. Some people incarnated here know they are Cat People or Dog People or Reptilian, all races that we do not have in our world today, but perhaps some of the unique blood types are these kinds of ET's. 

    O Positive would be more of a Sirian bloodtype because the sirians are ancient humanoids, carrying the brown skinned gene. 

    • Amazing!  Love learning new things!  What's funny is that most of my experiences, symbols I've come across, ailments I've dealt within this existence, well, many of these traits show something of more of an angelic presence.  I never thought about it that way, mainly because I'm thinking of the physical matter property, rather than the etherical/energetic beings we all truly are.  But after doing much research, I've resonated with the fact that I feel most of my traits lean towards more angelic. Which could explain why I have no O Positive?  Who knows?  I love learning, though... :)

  • Barry is it your goal to everyone's posts to antagonize and discredit them. She had a legitimate question so what's the deal your intelligent. Do you want someone to forever down you. The golden rule do u.to others as you would have done unto you.
  • Perhaps this will give you some info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoSa0iSbzec

  • Are you talking to me? I do not nor want to be better than anyone else. I dont care what my blood type is and if its different, I was asking for clarification. Sorry but I am a little hurt by the tone of your response
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