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  • Thank you dear Susanna...I appreciate your words...and most definitely, being humble is of an inner knowing greatness for we need not say it in words who or what we are...We simply acknowledge within our hearts that We Are One...Simplicity, humbleness purity are qualities that accelerate our Ascension...Blessings and thank you for connecting...PS The next quarantine is something that must happen so humanity wakes up en masse...I know you are aware of this...Much Love to you and yours... 

  • Thank you for your friendship...I cherish it too...


  • Dear Susanna...Not only I noticed I also cherish those that are humble and actually I cherish all, yet I resonate so much with humble, simple and graceful people...Blessings and always be Your beautiful True Self..

    Menorca, Spain.


  • Welcome Susanna...I did not see you until you posted a blog...I wish you a beautiful stay and sharing with us in the Love and Wisdom...We Are One...


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    I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command.

    Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enightenment, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You, Steve

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May 9

About Yourself

I have always felt myself different but never knew why and how. I´ve been running through life unconsciously, without spirituality. When I got cancer in 2013, everything changed and spirituality fell over me totally. I believe that I´ve got spiritual surgery from the planet Iarga (where I have lived several lifes). I humbly thank the Universe, both in my meditations and through the whole day, for this wonderful life we all have here on planet Earth.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Extraterrestrial life is my main interest and I am "eating" all kinds of sources about this. As I wrote before, I have had a special contact with the planet Iarga. Recently I got personnal contact with commander Ashtar and he invited me to his ship. During the nights, commander Ashtar and me join forces and do lightwork out there but I do not remember that (got this information during regression). MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THE WHOLE UNIVERSE - ALWAYS!

Susanna Antonyi commented on amparo alvarez's blog post The 9D Arcturian Council: The Changes You Have in Front of You
19 hours ago
Susanna Antonyi commented on Krishna Kalki's blog post Anonymous Classified! "Someone Finally Comes Forward, Only a Few People On Earth Know"
"Yes, the slavery of mankind is here and now. People must choose if they want to remain robots or if they want to be free. And we hope that our friends out in the Universe can help us."
Susanna Antonyi commented on amparo alvarez's blog post MIKE QUINSEY - CHANNELING HIS HIGHER SELF -
"Thank you Mike!!! Wonderful message from your Higher Self which is regarding all of us!  Especially the sentence: Understand that in the bigger picture there had to be an opposition to the Light to help test your ability to stand up to it. 
Nov 8
Susanna Antonyi commented on amparo alvarez's blog post THE GREAT SAMHAIN GATEWAY 2020 through MAGENTA PIXIE & ACTION PLUS INTENTION EQUALS COHESION
"Fantastic message, thank you very much! We will have a little ceremony here in Malmö, Sweden, and celebrate the new world. That new world which our lightworker (who will win the election) will help to create. He is definitely sent from above. Thank…"
Oct 31

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