8108555670?profile=original8108556060?profile=original8108555879?profile=original8108555896?profile=originalI put this group here to share music that makes you feel good. Music spreads love and light too. I love music and the many messages songs have in them. Are most of the singers I listen to lightworkers ? I think they are. Please feel free to post music videos here to touch and enlighten people. Lets bring some beautiful music to this site and show it for all to see and feel.

Also feel free to create a group

(spot) to post the music you love

and share with all of us.

We're all here to express ourselves through the music we love and share the music we love with the ones we love.


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  • https://music.curawaka.com/album/call-of-the-wild
    Call of the Wild, by Curawaka
    10 track album
  • The first time I felt this truth was in NYC when I was walking on Fulton Street (Brooklyn) and heard Indian music play...I froze and could not keep on walking...I wanted to dance to its rhythm...My heart was beating faster, and I was like in a trance...
  • All indian music interest me since I had two lives in the eastern Canada/US border as a shaman woman...
    • The Ghost Dance was forbidden by the Government agency back then and took away many sacred artifacts and stored them in museums and displayed indigenous people in zoos and circles etc.. then they force their children into residential school and many were adopted homes and great many died in fighting wars that they didn't create .North America was already an empire occupied by the indigenous tribes of North America.
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