8108555670?profile=original8108556060?profile=original8108555879?profile=original8108555896?profile=originalI put this group here to share music that makes you feel good. Music spreads love and light too. I love music and the many messages songs have in them. Are most of the singers I listen to lightworkers ? I think they are. Please feel free to post music videos here to touch and enlighten people. Lets bring some beautiful music to this site and show it for all to see and feel.

Also feel free to create a group

(spot) to post the music you love

and share with all of us.

We're all here to express ourselves through the music we love and share the music we love with the ones we love.


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  • 😀Groovin'.....That's what we're doin'....!! 🎶

  • 😗 Selamat ja....! Strutt my thang....!!!👏🏻😎

  • How about we freshen your soul, with some funky musical inspiration...?

  • 👏🏻😎I wonder why the Raelian movement's little rep, cannot match GFL Ground Crew, in contributing cool music, to this group....?? LOL.. They lack style, they lack taste...

  • Real music 💕💖💕💗....Cette époque reste éternel ❤❤ Someone on YT said: "I wish somebody would build a time machine so I can go back in time to hear real music like this on the radio." hehe...!! It has been done, already....Time travel is real...and many "UFOs" in the 60s/70s/80s are us.

  • 👏🏻😎The words to this song could easily apply to all those dreamers and schemers, in the so-called, "green movement for net zero." Especially the chorus:

    "When all your dreams are gone
    And you're still holding on
    You waited far too long
    Don't say I know, you know it's over"

  • Let the music play.........😗 Selamat ja....!!

  • ❤️Mellow, mellow, right on...!! Sweet as candy baby, sugar coated lady...!!

  • Some ace♠️ (asso) Italian jazz funk.....Nice...Good stuff...Bella musica.....!! Don't stop...👏🏻😎

  • Hello everyone! Don't pay attention to any of Drekx's claims about what Raelians like or don't like he is not a expert from his close minded one sided perspective he enjoy's picking on us and his ET contacts aren't real! I'm sure some of his information is valid however when it comes to the Raelian movement another side of his personality comes out that isn't constructive open minded or neutral in nature.If you want to know more about Raelians their message and the prophet Rael! I'll be happy to give you more information that will allow you to make up your own mind for yourself either way and please pay no attention to Drekx's anti-Raelian propaganda he's not all knowing in regards to all things Raelian! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my response comments here have a good time on this site and see you later! May the force of unconditional love be with you all goodbye signed,RichRaelian!
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Were singing and making music together telepathically speaking.
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The song of unconditional love.
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In regards to how much it is appreciated not to hear the noise pollution coming from the automobile…
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To my online photo collection here with many songs from are underwater relatives to you!
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